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This is a transcript from our 138th Internet Marketing Podcast(3rd page).

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SEO Expert Houston

Charles: Definitely. The fifth one would be the expert.

Whether you have a blog or some – or you’re selling something, the expert is going to scan your content first to determine if you even have a clue. I like experts and then I hate experts. Because she’s absolutely right. I’m an SEO expert in Houston, right? So anytime, I get a post or I see content, or I see whatever. Yeah, I definitely scan it to see if they knew what they’re talking about.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And so, you’re absolutely right. Frankly, I don’t think we market to the Houston SEO expert because she’s an expert and don’t need our service.

Chris: Unless she’s just tuning in for our, you know, time limit and…

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: …for entertainment.

Charles: Well, he’s using our expertise to become an expert.

Chris: Yup. So that’s why he…

Charles: I would deep right there.

Chris: I mean, there’s a hundred and what – a 138 podcast now for someone to become an expert?

Charles: That was deep to – and I say some right there.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Let’s see – the uninformed assistant. I like this guy. The assistant has to be told to collect that on the subject there is a part of – it has no idea about it and he just researched it. And so this is the guy who – he knows buzz words but didn’t know what they mean.

Chris: It’s kind of the very similar to the newbie.

Charles: Kind of, yeah.

Chris: Except he has no interest in the subject other than getting it paycheck…

Charles: Exactly so he knows, he needs SEO, he has no clue what SEO is, how it works or what it does, but he’s looking for it. So, this is the guy who you need to educate him real quick which are content and make sure that he feels comfortable enough to collect that data and give it to the – whatever decision maker he has to report.

Chris: And I would say that, again, as an example – we’re just using SEO as an example.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: This would apply to anything…

Charles: To any industry.

Chris: Any industry. As an example, you know, our Podcast can do – can do that, for that person who’s researching, you know, they could connect, you know, connect to it on iTunes, add it to their Podcast, a couple of rides into the work. Now, they know a lot more about SEO than they did prior.

Charles: Uh-hmm. Let’s see here. The boss. This audience has either been provided information by the assistant or they researched in sales. They compare data, extremely informative and, analytical thinker. And so with this person, your content has to be on point. I’m like, you can’t…

Chris: An ROI focus. Okay.

Charles: Yeah, you definitely have to highlight the benefits of using it, why they should use it, the features of using it and make sure – that it makes sense to them. And then they’ll, at end of the day, make the decision. This is who you want, this is the decision maker. This is the person who will – who will pay for your services whatever your services may be.

The pessimist, and we’re almost done here, the pessimist – don’t trust anything easy, they quick to find problems. Is that the easiest way – the easiest way to satisfy the pessimist is to – don’t make a mistake. Don’t have any misspellings, right?

Chris: Right.

Charles: Make sure your information is correct. Make sure it’s easy to find, make sure that you do all the right things, like credit your sources when we’re posting this, you know.

Chris: Right.

Charles: So that way, they can’t say – you can’t give them anything to create a fuss about. The pessimist is the one who will go give you a bad review for no reason, right?

Chris: Yeah, for a misspelling.

Charles: Exactly.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Let’s see, now last but not the least, the hippie. The hippie is often the hippie…

Chris: To — yeah. Dude.

Charles: They’re pretty happy, life is good, people are good. The grass, and the grass is a blessing.

Chris: You know you said the time I saw it, I…

Charles: Because they believe everything is good. They all – they trust too easily so it’s important to point out to this audience how to avoid typical and potential problems. Good way to deal with the hippie, let’s say you are a granite countertop installer, right? One thing you need to point out to the hippie because they are probably be looking at price frankly is to point out some of the things that could go wrong when you hire the wrong, sort of installer.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Right, you know…

Chris: The top five things to look out for in a granite top installer – Installation Company. Yeah.

Charles: Yeah, give them some things that they may not be aware of, that they should look out for it. Unfortunately, with the hippie is usually the one who get screwed.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: I mean, because they just didn’t know better or they placed too much trust up front.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so, you definitely want to, you know, keep them in mind. Now, that the oh — and the last one. The hardest part of all this is addressing all of these different people in your content, that’s probably only 250 – 300 words. And so, you have to play it safe. I think you really determine who your audience is. If you’re, you know, who your target is, who—what type of clients are you looking to get? Who do you want to come to your site? And then, you know, figure out which sort of person that is? Are they audio, are they visual? You know, if it’s an entertainment industry, then it’s probably audio and visual.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Right? If it’s something that’s more analytical or medical even then it’s probably somebody who’s reading a lot.




Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Or you want a lot of research. And so, determine whose coming to your site and then, you know, create your content accordingly.

Chris: Yeah. So this article is “Nine Audiences, Your Content Marketing Should Address” and is by Melissa Fach, F-A-C-H. That’s fine.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: And it’s on search engine journal. So go check that article out, we will add that to our Facebook page…

Charles: Definitely.

Chris: …to give a proper credit where credit is due. That’s a great article, great concept.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: And a great way to break out what a hippie is all about.

Charles: Yeah. The grass is a blessing.

Chris: Any blanks there today?

Charles: Oh, we got some blanks there.

Chris: I got a little blanks there. You know…

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: There’s a sort of things.

Charles: Yeah. That was super sore, I hit the weights yesterday. I got crazy blanks there, Netflix.

Chris: Again? Okay.

Charles: Yeah, Netflix again, so…

Chris: Okay. They just change your whole pricing structure again?

Charles: No. Well, kind of. They’re about [0:25:58] [Inaudible]. Maybe at first, they tried to merge DVD in all our streaming. That’s what cause the price increase…

Chris: And they split it.

Charles: Then they split it but they didn’t change the prices. So now, they’ve let DVD go back to its original pricing. And they lower the price for DVD and they’re keeping it separate. Then are forcing you to try the online stream…

Chris: Oh, okay.

Charles: And, you know, my blanks there to you guys is, because you should known it. You should – there are two types of people. People who watch DVDs probably don’t live stream.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: I mean…

Chris: The cross over is probably pretty tight…

Charles: Yeah, exactly.

Chris: …in a market, yeah.

Charles: And so, you know, that – I could have prevented this mistake.

Chris: With – and there’s a thing called market search, right? And you’re not, you know, a smaller companies tend not to do market research because they don’t have the budget. You guys have the budget. How hard would have it been to…

Charles: Realize.

Chris: …to do some market research on this? And the other thing is, you know, were – there is one challenge with market research and that, I was reading this in that book “Four Hour Work Week”. Where if you get, you know, 10 people in a room and you say, all right, who would buy this product at this price. And nine of them may say yes, and you go, “Hey, I got some in my car, let’s go get it.“ Yeah right, it’s a different thing. So maybe they did do market research and maybe the market research was, “Hey, if you get DVDs, would you try this? Would it be worth $5?” “Oh, yeah, that sounds reasonable.” And then they get a bill that’s $5 higher and I’m like – I’m cancelling.

Charles: Uh-hmm.

Chris: Right. So, you know, maybe it was just a situation where their market research did not – did not.

Charles: It goes application. They forced it. I’ll spend, you have a higher price now instead of then the opt in…

Chris: Inherently, a bad plan of the higher price. Cool.

Charles: Okay. So that was it. Other than that – oh, check out mobile one-on-one, new SEO…

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Charles: …new video. I shout out to a hardly mobile council and everybody out there.

Chris: What’s the easiest way to find it?

Charles: Go to, search mobile 101. Matter of fact, it would be the first post there.

Chris: Cool. You have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. That’s because of you, guys all out there. Hey, we have like five countries in Africa now that have download of our podcast.

Charles: I almost said something. All right, I appreciate it. I didn’t know how to say it if I didn’t…

Chris: All right. So it’s pretty – it’s pretty cool all it spread out throughout Africa. So we’re hopefully, I mean, we’ve hit all of the inhabited continents already. So, now we’re going for, you know, at least one listener in each country. So, that’s cool. Thank you guys for listening. Again, go on to iTunes, especially if you’re a UK listener, Australian listener and frankly any listener outside of the U.S., when you send us an email at podcast@…


Chris: Make sure that you tell us what country you’re in because iTunes separates reviews per country, so we will never find your Mozambique review…

Charles: And we know about it.

Chris: …and unless we know it’s in Mozambique, I’ve actually got to change my iTunes setting to Mozambique and then I can actually see that review. So, thank you guys for listening. Until the very next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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