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This is a transcript from our 145th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing were our mantra is…

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t forget we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers. And we already covered our mantra.

Charles: Yeah. I thought you were backwards.

Chris: I was definitely backwards.

Charles: I think you need that [00:00:20][inaudible], too.

Chris: Let’s see. We’ll get there.

Charles: Yeah, it will come.

Chris: It will come up. Remember you are listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you and you over there. Bill, you over there, Tom, Frank and Harry. Actually, we have a listener in Lusaka, Zambia. That’s in Zambia, Africa. They downloaded one podcast. Hopefully they enjoyed it. Hopefully they are tuning in again.

Charles: Lusaka?

Chris: Yeah, L-U-S-A-K-A, which I’m probably mispronouncing.

Charles: Yeah, most likely.

Chris: Because Lusaka sounds Japanese. I don’t think there’s that much Japanese influence there.

Charles: You got to say it differently, Lusaka.

Chris: Yeah, Lusaka. I feel like you’re going into great rhythm music. I also noticed there were 137 downloads in Paris, which is kind of cool. I’m wondering that could be just one person because we do have 140 somewhat podcast that are out there available for download.

If you are listening to this and you’re in Paris, I checked on the French version of iTunes, you haven’t written a review yet.

Charles: Blank stare at you.

Chris: That could have been our blank stare.

Charles: Yeah, 137 from Paris? Did you get what time that was?

Chris: That was within a week.

Charles: Within a week?

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Who’s this? What’s up? I’d like to know who you are. You didn’t post a review.

Chris: Reach out to us. Get a punch in the face. Don’t make us kick you in the chin.

So, the tip from our previous podcast, maybe that’s what you thought I left out. It was good internet marketing does start with a great website. We talk here that [00:02:24][inaudible] about internet marketing, SEO, PPC, being social and really the foundation of great internet marketing is a great website.

And it can’t be explained any simpler than we had a client. They are doing PPC with another company. They wanted us to take over the PPC. We said we are not gonna do PPC until we redo your website because it’s juts a waste of money.

Charles: We didn’t wanna spend the money on that [00:02:53][inaudible] sending them to a site that we knew wouldn’t convert.

Chris: That would major in bounce. So, we re-did their website. They were still under contract with the previous company. We launched the website, their sales went up, right? Same traffic, same budget from the previous company, new websites and their sales go up. So, literally, you do need to have a great website to get started.

We’ve been working with a couple clients now where they say they don’t have the budget to redesign and we’re trying to do landing pages and I’m gonna be straight up honest, that has not been very effective for us.

Charles: Yeah, it’s not. I mean, because at the end of the day, we know that a better conversion takes more than just a landing page. You know, we’ve want thing to have a separate landing page that has the same look and feel of the existing site.

But your current is horrendous, and we designed a great looking landing page because you don’t have the budget to do a new website, then if that traffic happens to make it to your current site, then there’s your bounce.

Chris: All credibility is gone. Boom, immediately.

Charles: So, we prefer to redo that whole site and …

Chris: I probably have, frankly, one or two or more of those projects in me and because the results have been bad in previous case, we probably won’t do that again. It feels like it should work and our experience has been better, it hasn’t. So …

Charles: I think at the end of the day, it is gonna depend on the client in their industry. Because if your product or your service has a longer sales process, meaning they need to do a little bit of research, they have a few questions they need the answer, you may require them to read something else prior to contacting you, then a one page, landing page may not be sufficient.

Chris: It just won’t work.

Charles: It just won’t work. But if your product is simple, just a quick sale…

Chris: Single page close.

Charles: Yeah, then, you know, filling out a form, then not too much research involved, then it may work. We have PPC data to prove that. But moving forward…



Chris: In fact, we’ve tracked phone calls that haven’t even gotten to the website. [cross talk] the phone number is actually in the PPC ads and their unique phone numbers that we’re able to track. And we’re like, wow, we’re actually phone calls directly from the PPC ad.

And again, just for clarity, if they click the PPC ad, they go to the website and on that website is a different number. So, we’d literally know it’s the…

Charles: The ad itself.

Chris: The ad itself that’s getting the phone call.

A little bit of news. The US is gonna shut out – it’s gonna try and shut out the Megaupload got shut down. And they are about to determine what to do with the servers.

It looks like the US is gonna try and keep the Megaupload lawyers out of that hearing. And you know that seems…

Charles: Wrong.

Chris: That doesn’t seem American, frankly.

Charles: That seems wrong.

Chris: Yeah, that seems wrong. They should at least be able to go in there and say, say something.

Charles: Fight for their servers.

Chris: Yeah, fight for their servers.

Charles: Fight for all the data. Fight for everything that has been uploaded.

Chris: Yeah. It’s just kind of weird.

Charles: Fight for the users who were using it legally.

Chris: Right, all three of them. [laughter] To hire a lawyer, too, customer ratio. Apple, a couple ads out, article – Apple is going to unveil a revolutionary product in 8 months. And I’ve been theorizing, I’ve finished Steve Jobs’ biography and I kind of had the feeling because of the way or the length of time he was involved in all of his other projects that he certainly had time to be working on one more before he passed. And so, maybe that one more is about to come out in the next 8 months. [cross talk]

Charles: Are there any clues or…?

Chris: None.

Charles: Like, yes.

Chris: They were working on it really good. He even said for the last 7 years, I’ve been going monthly to visit Steve Jobs and since he passed, I’ve been going to visit his wife. So, that just makes it even more compounding, right? So, I think…

Charles: What could it be? Like, you know.

Chris: So there were some theories that it could be a remote control. Although I don’t know how you could make a remote control revolutionary.

Charles: Yeah, that was…

Chris: Because Harmony, their remotes are awesome, right? Like you connect them to the internet, you add your devices and you program them. They’re just phenomenal.

The other thing they were talking about is potentially like an integrated Apple T.V. And that’s where I would kind of lean. I think there’s a lot of room for the kind of ecosphere integration that came with iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod and then now…

Charles: In to games…

Chris: Well, and then iTV. I think maybe it’s taking negotiating and getting a better deal across the board for those. You know, that would be pretty revolutionary because Apple T.V. just hasn’t taken off. It does some nice tricks, but really would.

I might even kind of looking for a way to totally get rid of cable. And you’ve got Hulu out there, you’ve got [00:08:27][inaudible]. If I had an Apple T.V., I brought one time, if I had one, I could project my iPad onto the Apple T.V. or you can use Apple T.V. to buy shows and everything. It’s just they’re a little delayed and you know, it wasn’t comprehensive. Like I might be able to get some shows here but I couldn’t get them there and so…

Charles: I think I’m too big of a sports fan to get rid of cable right now.

Chris: Although you know, I was reading an interesting article in our library on the E-mail Bee and they have an insane amount of technology behind their broadcast and everything. So, you subscribe to E-mail Bee and you can get every game on every device you have. So, that is another option, you know, depending on your sport of choice.

Charles: Yeah, because you know cable is that, and then of course our cable providers are also our ISP’s.

Chris: Internet providers, yeah.

Charles: So, you know I don’t think cable is going anywhere in no time.

Chris: I tell you sometimes though I like just to sit down on the couch and see what’s on. I don’t wanna like, you know what I need to get caught up on XYZ Series, New Girl or Big Bang Theory, whatever. I just wanna sit down and kind of click through and if something catches my attention, I wanna watch it. There’s a big difference between going to blockbuster and choosing a movie that you’ve seen ten times, and then which I would almost never do. But if it happens to be on…

Charles: I might watch it.

Chris: I might watch it, right. That’s a totally different kind way of interacting. Last piece of news, this is interesting. Virus found in a fake Angry Bird Space for Android.


This is the first time I have actually heard of an Android virus. How about you?

Charles: First time ever. Virus found in a fake Android Space.

Chris: Angry Bird Space.

Charles: Angry Bird Space, the game.

Chris: So, if you get it from the market or which is now called Play.

Charles: Yeah, Google Play.

Chris: It’s that Google Play Space or something, I forgot what the icon says. It’s Play or something, right? Look that up.

Charles: I think it’s just Play. Yeah, Play Store.

Chris: Play Store. You’ll be fine. If you go – there’s a lot of other websites that have different apps and whatever and some of those websites have an Angry Bird Space which you don’t have to worry about when you’re on Windows. [laughter]

All right, we’ve got a couple of reviews. This is another one from, I think it was the Netherlands – World class for a reason. By the way, apparently people on the Netherlands write really long reviews.

“This podcast is world class for the simple reason they know what they’re talking about. Chris Burres and Paul Hanson,” so he’s a long time listener, “have a long track record with podcast which started in 2009. And admit when they don’t know something but they get back to it. With adding Charles Lewis, a.k.a. Chuck, a.k.a. the SEO Rapper, the show improved even more. The podcast is informative, mixed with fun and they keep their eyes on new developments in the field of SEO and internet marketing. “

“They have around 3,000 downloads a week.” We’re at seven now. “Including other sources and that means a lot. Start with the first one and let them take you through a journey, avoid the common peepholes of SEO. They answer questions from listeners and adapt to suggestions. Like the [00:11:54][inaudible] time limit, they also develop a great community on Facebook with their listeners. I think this podcast is world class and they have listeners from different countries to prove it.”

That was Juiced Coke. And I think we’ve read…

Charles: The name sounds familiar. [cross talk] Punch in the face, Mr. Coke.

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