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Fifty-seven SEO Podcast April 23th 2010. Third page of Transcription

Chris:…their spiders so that as they’re going through they are also testing how long is this webpage going to take to download in addition ‘cause it doesn’t need to download the picture ‘cause it can’t do anything.

Paul:It can’t read.

Chris:It needs the O tag.It likes the O tag off of the picture and it’s not going to download the picture so that’s interesting.

Paul:I say this is probably like a user experience metric that they are tracking ‘cause you know everybody knows you go to a webpage that takes a long time to load, you’re going to leave.And actually on the article, on the Webmaster Central blog, it says, “Pages that take a long time to load or sites that take a long time to load, people don’t stay there as long.”So, this is another reason why you want to really work on that.And here are some free tools given from the Google Webmaster Central blog where you can test how quickly your pages load.Well one, there’s the Google Webmaster tools that has its own little page speed or…


Paul:Okay.You go to Google Webmaster tools, go to labs and then go to site performance and it will tell you about how long your pages will take to load.All right, here’s another tool called the Webpage test, another tool called the Page Speed.All these, they’re just tools.Page Speed, which is on an open source add-on to your Firefox browser, YSlow, which is a free tool from Yahoo as well Webpage Test.So, you can Google all those and they’ll all give you information about your webpage load times, yeah, blah, blah, blah.

Chris:Yeah.Cool.We have provided a great experience.

Paul:Yes, that was pretty cool.One other thing I saw in the news, Google is actually introducing on the Webmaster tools a click-through rate.So I printed this out.It’s in black and white ‘cause I’m fighting with the colored printer today.


Paul:I don’t know what its problem is.Okay, hopefully you can see that and if you can see it over to the right you’ll see click-through percentage.And basically what this says is, if you’ve seen Analytics, you know what this page looks like.You’ve got your graph that says, you know, your traffic.You have the queries.Okay, what word actually did they query to get to your page, the impressions, and then there’s the click-through rate and the click-through percentage.Here’s another tool that you could use and say, okay, maybe if no one is clicking through to this particular page, you can do some more investigation. Why aren’t they clicking through this page?

Chris:Maybe it’s the description, yeah.

Paul:Yeah, it could be.Okay, what if it’s your homepage?Well, maybe that’s a problem, you know?Maybe it’s the contact form that you’re hoping people to do or the page where people can buy something, that’s a problem.So, this is just another tool that Google has added to the repertoire that’ll keep you in Google Analytics all day pretty much.And now you can just stay on this piece of software all day and not really get anything done.But I thought it was an awesome tool, just something for you to do some more research on and figure out, hey what’s going on with my website.So take a look at that.What else?And that’s pretty much it.

Chris:All right, so let’s get to Darren Booy ‘cause our teaser earlier and then our…


Chris:That wasn’t all the commercial.I don’t know where the commercial stopped and we got back into the podcast.Now, we’re getting back to that teaser information.Darren Booy, first off he starts off saying, “Great podcast today” ‑ this was last Friday – “concentrating on the basics” which I remember what we did last podcast.

Paul:The basics.

Chris:Yeah, we were concentrating on the basics apparently.“Find it quite amusing that Paul was laughing throughout and Chris was simultaneously drinking Coke and coffee.” You know, that’s just how it is.That’s just what’s up.

Paul:That’s just what’s up.[Laughs]

Chris:“A quick question, keywords, is there a default language for keywords with Google?”I’m going to read this kind of quick.“So for example if you sold blue one-armed widgets…” I wonder where he got that from?


Chris:“…in Paris, would you have to include the French translation in your keywords, which would be bleu widgets un an…”


Chris:“Is Google intelligent enough to automatically translate English to French and that your business is in Paris or would your other shop down the road that had the French translation of keywords, would they be getting more business?”The short answer is absolutely yes, they would be getting more business.Google does not – at least to my knowledge – does not actually do translations.Otherwise, as you typed in English, you would actually end up, you know, with French terms in there sometimes and vice versa.So, I can’t imagine that they do that so you definitely want to have a translation if you’re targeting – well certainly if you’re in Paris, your website should probably be in Parisian French, which is probably very similar to regular French.

Paul:[Laughs].What’s a regular French?


Paul:I thought it was just French.

Chris:Yes, you’re right.


Chris:So, it should be in French and that’s how you’re going to get traffic to your website. Because French people are going to search in French and they’re going to get French results and then you’ll be doing well. An interesting point that I did a little research in this, this is what we do around here. And a very good point was made is that you really should have a website with the proper designation.So, if you’re going to do a German website, I believe the extension is dot de for Deutschland.


Chris:So if you’re going to have a German website, you’re going to be marketing to German folk then you actually want to have a domain that ends in the dot de.You can still do okay with the dot com but you know people tend to want to buy from people close by or people similar or whatever.

Paul:At least in this country, I could say that.I could definitely believe that.I don’t know how other people in other countries search.

Chris:Yeah.And again, if you think you’re doing business with somebody down the block – you’re right, there could be a difference between here and there.At least here, you want to know that you’re close by so we kind of maybe…


Chris:You’re right. This is a guy who wrote in English so he’s probably just extrapolating our own thought processes.Anybody in another country and we know we have listeners in other countries ‘cause right here is a map of our listeners around the world.

Paul:From last week.

Chris:Of that map.Yeah that’s from last week.So, yeah it looks like there are a few people in the Germany area, in the Parisian French area.

Paul:Dude, that says Europe to me.


Paul:I mean my geography is so just lack…

Chris:Plus it’s all blocked by…

Paul:Oh, okay ‘cause I’m like…

Chris:I can’t see anything.

Paul:I’m like…

Chris:Was that the little tabs with the numbers on it.


Chris:This is the one we do know.


Chris:That’s Spain.

Paul:The reason I know is ‘cause it sticks.[Laughs]

Chris:So you guys in these other countries that are listening, let us know.Like is it typical also of your users in your local area to be interested in doing business locally.So, if you’re Germany, are you more comfortable doing business with a website that’s a dot de or just dot com.It doesn’t matter or you know maybe it depends on the type of product. If you’re looking for a good Borscht you want a dot de and not a dot com.If you’re looking for really crappy virus protection, you don’t care…

Paul:Or McAfee. doesn’t bother you.

Paul:They’re going to sue me for libel.

Chris:[Laughs]No, it’s fact.It’s all fact.And I’m not saying anything to hurt them.I’m just saying it to express our own experience, which has been unbelievably crappy.

Paul:[Laughs]Can you use that term in the court of law?Crappy?

Chris:No.Unbelievably crappy.

Paul:Unbelievably crappy.

Chris:Just the, you see, talk to the hand.All right.So, that was a great question and any chance of getting a download link for your spyware software?Spyware software, well we use a couple of different ones actually.I’ll send you something there Darren.

Paul:We’ll hook you up dawg.

Chris:Certainly last but not least, so we talked a little bit about Darren’s analysis and how Google could literally save the earth ‑ checking the time here, we’re doing good ‑ could literally save the earth.He did his own analysis.Ecosia, Ecasia, I can’t even spell it – I mean say it.Maybe I could spell it.


Chris:It’s a website that for every search their click-through profits actually go to saving rainforests.So, Darren did a really interesting analysis about how long it would take Google to actually save the entire rainforest and he’s put together a great – I mean the presentation…

Paul:Is awesome.

Chris:It’s like insanely awesome.

Paul:Man, yeah.


Paul:You know what Darren?Let me be honest, man.I was like, “This fool did a presentation on it?”How cool can that really be?And I checked it out and I was like, “Gosh!”

Chris:Dude, the rain frog.


Chris:Green rainforest frog, that was – I mean the whole thing was awesome.

Paul:Very cool.

Chris:That was very cool.

Paul:Very, very cool.

Chris:I need to check out that tool ‘cause I mean it looks like he spent a week on it, right?

Paul:Yeah.I mean it’s awesome.My hat is off to you even though I’m not wearing one, Darren.I think that was a very cool thing.And it’s cool, they’re going to save the planet.

Chris:Yeah.So, he has a Facebook page and a Twitter page.You can find the Twitter page.It’s or googlehelpsaveus.


Chris:I think it’s googlesaveus.Anyway, if you go to our Facebook page, I’ve now friended ‑ no I’m following him on Twitter.So go to that’s or googlehelpsaveus.If either of those don’t work to get you to the right place, that’s the best way to get to his link.His link is on a website called, P-R-E-Z-I dot com.And it’s actually a place where you can set up presentations.

Paul:Set up those presentations.

Chris:So, I want to check that out ‘cause that was an amazing presentation.And you know anything you do, this is really cool.We can make almost like a splashy pants…


Chris:…grassroots effort where Google – you know we can implore Google to save the rainforest.All you have to do – it was less than a year.

Paul:Yeah, it was like 327 days.

Chris:Yeah.So Google, just put your profits to the rainforest for 327 days and you know save us all.

Paul:And this will work.That’s cool man.Darren, I’m definitely going to follow you on Twitter and on Facebook.Man, I think that’s cool.And also causes like that, I think that’s awesome.And then I just like the presentation that you did.

Chris:Yeah, the presentation was awesome.

Paul:That was very cool.

Chris:I’d follow even if it was crap information.That presentation was that good.

Paul:Yeah.Dude, I’m going to steal that.I’m going to send that to people and be like, “Yeah this is what I did.”I’m just going to tell you now.

Chris:[Laughs].So if you see any links out there about Paul’s amazing presentation…

Paul:Yeah, it’s going to be on me.

Chris:You don’t even have to follow the link ‘cause it’s going to be your presentation.

Paul:Yeah.There you go.

Chris:[Laughs].I don’t know how we’re going to get rid of the – I think he has got like…

Paul:I’ll change my name.

Chris:We’ll figure something out.

Paul:It’s all good.

Chris:[Laughs].You’re going to change it to Darren Booy?


Chris:The US version of Darren Booy.


Chris:Right here next to me.

Paul:There you go.

Chris:And that’s, what’s up.

Paul:What’s up.

Chris:All right, this has been another great podcast.You’re listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.This is podcast number 57, which we may have not announced in the beginning and at the end it doesn’t matter so much.Thank you so much for listening.The only reason we are the most popular podcast on iTunes is ‘cause you guys do listen, you guys do send in information.Find us on Twitter, us on Facebook, Send us an email,, I just flew though that.That was awesome.Until next time, this has been podcast 57, the unknown secrets of SEO podcast.Until next time, my name is Chris Burres.

Paul:And I’m Paul Hanson.

Chris:Bye-bye for now.

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