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Fifty-nine SEO Podcast May 7th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the unknown secrets of SEO. We’ve got a great podcast for you today.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres owner of EWebResults.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager at EWebResults.

Chris: And I’m pointing my fingers right now because there are some people who may be watching the show ‘cause you can watch the show live at 9:15 Central Standard Time. That’s Houston time if you’re…

Paul: That’s Houston time…

Chris: …if you’re paying attention.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: This is podcast 59. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. As usual we like to cover a little bit about what we did last time. By the way, I have an announcement to make. There was a reason we missed our last podcast.

Paul: [Laughs] ‘Cause I was going to say, we didn’t do anything.


Paul: Quick and easy, nothing. All right.

Chris: Yeah. Nothing. Yeah. I was actually at the hospital taking care of my wife who just had twins!

Paul: Oh, congratulations.

Chris: Yay. Thank you. One boy and one girl.

Paul: Burres babies…

Chris: Yeah the Burres babies. It’s funny ‘cause when we go visit – they’re still in the hospital, they were a little early. They’re doing fine. When you go see them, you got to pick up…

Paul: Did you take a picture?

Chris: I thought about it. Here. [Laughs]

Chris: [Laughs] So, you pick up the phone like I’m here to see the Burres babies. So, they’re doing great. Look, see I even have my little arm bands here…

Paul: That’s sweet.

Chris: … that I can go see them. I’ve got two of these arms bands. We were in the elevator leaving – I know you’re a little paranoid about lights breaking.

Paul: [Laughs] That light is going to bust again.

Chris: So, we’re in the elevator and we see this couple and I’m looking down at their wrist and they’ve got – I see 3 bands…

Paul: God.

Chris: I’m like, “Oh, you got triplets?” He just looks at me and raises four fingers.

Paul: Wow. [Laughs]. I was like, “Don’t even talk to me man.”

Chris: He’s got four.

Paul: Like…

Chris: He does have a good balance; two boys and two girls.

Paul: Okay. That’s cool.

Chris: So you know we’re done, he’s doner [Laughs]

Paul: I mean really donest.

Chris: He is the most donest.

Paul: Gosh.

Chris: So, that’s why we missed the last podcast and hopefully, we’ll be continuing on from here. This is podcast 59. Last podcast, we talked about – ‘cause it was so long ago, I had to actually go back and look at it. Our notes didn’t have that much information in it. But we talked about Quantcast.

Paul: Oh, Quantcast, CompScore…

Chris: Alexa ranking, Google rank, and what you should pay attention. I think it was kind of fired off by a question, a listener question probably.

Paul: Yeah. Hey my main man sent that question in saying, “Hey what should we really pay attention to? There’s all these different numbers.” Well, check out that podcast.

Chris: So, again we appreciate you guys listening. I’ve got other really good news…

Paul: What’s happening in the news man?

Chris: I found my cheat sheet.

Paul: Oh there? Okay. That’s what’s up. This is how little I keep up. Lately, I’ve been watching the news, I found out there was a flood in Tennessee so… Hey my heart goes out to everyone in Tennessee and that was like two weeks ago.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I just found that out.

Chris: It started two weeks ago [Laughs]

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chris: I think it’s still going.

Paul: Oh, for real?

Chris: Yeah. It’s pretty severe.

Paul: See, I have a sister who lives in Nashville. We had a funeral this past weekend so the whole family got together and she’s all mad because I didn’t call her. I was like, “For what?”

Chris: For what?

Paul: She says, “There’s a flood going on in my town.” I’m like, “Oh, you’re all right, right?” [Laughs]

Paul: [Laughs]. I was like, “Sorry, My bad.”

Chris: Maybe I should take you off…

Paul: Yeah [Laughs]

Chris: News responsibility [Laughs]

Paul: ‘Cause I didn’t know and mom was like, “You didn’t know that?” “I’m sorry…”

Chris: It’s a national event.

Paul: She’s obviously fine. She made it there.

Chris: She made it to the funeral. She’s okay. That’s when you’re like, “Yeah, I was keeping in touch with the other siblings…”

Paul: I know.

Chris: “…making sure you’re okay.”

Paul: I know. Oh, gosh.

Chris: Somebody back me up.

Paul: No one called actually. She was pissed. None of us called.

Chris: [Laughs]. So it wasn’t just you…

Paul: Yeah, my mom was like, “You’re on the internet all day and you can’t look at the news?” Oops. Sorry.

Chris: Well ‘cause you don’t have time for news. We’re busy here busting our butts at EWebResults. If you want to figure out how to find us, stalk us, pursue us, send us a question. You can send us a question at You can follow us on Twitter at You can follow us on Facebook at USTREAM‑ the easiest way to get to our USTREAM page is go to e‑ and we also have a YouTube account, you can get there also and that breaks up these videos. You can actually find an archive of these videos at the USTREAM page. I don’t know which I had mentioned was at And there was one other thing I was going to announce. And I’ve drawn a complete and total blank so we’ll go on to the next thing. I’m excited about – hey we got some news.

Paul: The news.

Chris: This is pretty cool. This is the 50-year anniversary of the invention of the laser.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: Like often do you use a laser on a daily, like as you’re going throughout your life?

Paul: Probably more than I know.

Chris: Daily?

Paul: Yeah, okay.

Chris: Your CD burner is laser based…

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chris: Your DVD burner is laser based. There are really cool things. There’s a YouTube video where you can take a Maglite, which is those little small flashlights…

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: You can take the blue laser out of your DVD player, stick it in a Maglite and you can pop balloons with the laser.

Paul: Oh, for real?

Chris: Yes, so it’s…

Paul: You’ll probably like blind somebody while you’re at it or something.

Chris: Yeah. You always got to go there. [Laughs]

Paul: …Cancer giving everybody some UV.

Chris: Now, we’re probably liable for any damage…

Paul: I know.

Chris: If you’re going to do that, watch the YouTube video and blame…

Paul: Blame them.

Chris: …those guys.

Paul: Yes. Thank you.

Chris: Not us. And do you know what laser stands for? There’s no…

Paul: I don’t know…

Chris: I’m not even…

Paul: I didn’t even know it was an acronym.

Chris: Yeah, it’s an acronym. Yeah. That’s good acronym. This is…

Paul: Lights and sound and…

Chris: Well you got the first one. It’s singular…

Paul: I don’t know.

Chris: It’s Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – Laser.

Paul: That’s cool.

Chris: That’s worth repeating; Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. So, memorize that or, you know, rewind and listen to it again so that you can win at Trivial Pursuit.

Paul: There you go and picking up chicks at the bar.

Chris: Yeah. That would be Trivial Pursuit geek edition.

Paul: Yeah. [Laughs] There you go. Do you know what laser stands for?

Chris: Really? You do? You don’t have to Google it? All right and there was another announcement. I thought this is pretty interesting ‘cause we talk so much about Google. The first Chrome OS product was introduced by Acer. It’s a netbook…

Paul: Really?

Chris: Yeah, it was introduced at an event recently. Although, they released their OS I think a year ago, now it’s coming out on some products so…

Paul: Really?

Chris: That’s – yeah.

Paul: Really? Can you like go download it?

Chris: You probably could. I can’t imagine that you couldn’t.

Paul: I heard it was coming, but I didn’t know it was here.

Chris: Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know anybody who’s even played with – hey if you’ve played with the Chrome OS, which by the way, Google says eventually Chrome OS and Android will merge, Android being the…

Paul: Okay.

Chris: …software on the phone that you have and you’re enjoying, right?

Paul: Yes, I am very much. Haha! Eat your heart out Bill Gates.

Chris: Man, I’m so frustrated with my Windows phone. I wake up in the morning, it’s off.

Paul: [Laughs]. Oh, yeah that’s happened to me.

Chris: I mean it’s just off. I’m like really? My phone is off?

Paul: Come on.

Chris: It’s charged, but off. Anyway, that’s ridiculous. What’s the brand of the phone you have?

Paul: HTC.

Chris: It is HTC so you’re happy…

Paul: Yes.

Chris: ‘Cause mine’s HTC and my business partner…

Paul: I am.

Chris: …one of my business partners was like, “Hey, it’s the same equipment. Are we having equipment issues or is it OS issues?”

Paul: I’d probably say OS.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: ‘Cause that used to happen to me. And it’s my third or fourth HTC device and I like it.

Chris: Okay. Cool.

Paul: Good quality.

Chris: I’m waiting. They have a big evo with 4G and all that. I’m waiting for that one to come out. So, that’s cool; Chrome OS coming out. Now, one of the things that’s interesting about Chrome OS and Android merging is it’s kind of like almost the reverse of what Microsoft – although their software always sucked.

Paul: Yeah. [Laughs]

Chris: So, they merged their sucky software into a phone. Google, we’ll see how they do. Their Android’s doing good so…

Paul: I like it a lot. Windows Mobile and Android; Android hands down.

Chris: Dude, Africa’s in the house.

Paul: Africa is in the house. That’s…

Chris: We were…

Paul: …what’s up.

Chris: That is what’s up.

Paul: Yes sir.

Chris: We were talking about – I don’t know four podcasts ago, we showed you guys a map of where we have listeners around the world. We are a worldwide recognized expert at SEO and I noticed on our map Botswana.

Paul: Botswana [Laughs]

Chris: How about that man?

Paul: Wow! We couldn’t get anybody…

Chris: What’s up with the… Come on guys. Let’s get [Indiscernible] [0:09:09] in the action.

Paul: What’s up to anyone out there in Africa, especially South Africa ‘cause the World Cup is coming?

Chris: Yup and it’s close. I don’t if you know where Botswana is. It’s kind of in the southern part of Africa and the city is Gaborone.

Paul: What? That’s cool.

Chris: So, dudes, dudette whatever, if you’re in Gaborone, Africa, which is the continent and I mean Botswana… [Laughs]

Chris: [Laughs] Send us an email. We’d like to give you a shoutout.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: What are you working on? I mean what’s the website there? You know who knows? You’ve got all these stereotypes that we could throw out and we won’t.

Paul: Yeah. [Laughs]

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