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Twentieth SEO Podcast June 19th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Good Morning and welcome to the “Unknown Secrets of the SEO” E- Webstyle podcast! Did I get that right?

Paul: Ha Ha, Yeah.


Paul: Hey Guys! Welcome back to the podcast. (laughter) Thanks for joining in.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, I’m the sales manager of E-Webstyle.

Chris: Usually we cover what we did on the last podcast. What did we do last podcast?

Paul: Uuuuuuuuuhh. (laughter)

Chris: Tell you what. Go back and listen to the last podcast and pop us an email and we’ll include it in this podcast.

Paul: I’m looking through my notes, and I’m like…..uhhh…..Chastity Bono, we did “shouts out” to the guys who sent us emails and then there’s a big blank.

Chris: Did we do Costa Rica last week?

Paul: I don’t know…..I can’t remember.

Chris: Anyway, we did a really nice podcast on Costa Rica awhile back, so you guys should go check that out. If you’ve got an email to send us, keep those emails coming. We’re getting some good responses…we’re getting some interesting responses. We probably told this story, but I’ve been telling it to all sorts of people. We got a call from Costa Rica wanting some search engine optimization services and we’re really excited. We haven’t done anything to target Costa Rica.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And of course, Paul was actually telling me about this, and I’m like, so Paul, how did this guy find us? And Paul said, “That’s an interesting question, let me explain it”.

Paul: I have no idea. (laughter)

Chris: And what did it turn out to be?

Paul: Through the podcast. He, a buddy of his found us through the podcast and he recommended us, and he filled out our five point SEO analysis form.

Chris: All right. I gotta butt in here.

Paul: Oh..oh!.

Chris: We always talk about yes, and, right? This time the story’s gotta be right. You asked him, “How did you find us, and his response was, “Some guys in Switzerland recommended you.”

Paul: Oh yeah.


Paul: There you go.

Chris: And we’re like, greaaaaat, cause we don’t market in Switzerland either, so we definitely were excited that we’re an international podcast. You can tell your friends, if you listen to the podcast, educate yourself on search engine optimization, you can tell them you’re learning from international teachers.

Paul: Globally known.

Chris: We are world class experts at what we do and we’re happy to give back to the community.

Paul: Did we update the form? We gotta update the form.

Chris: I think we do. I know our designer did. I don’t know if that’s live yet, so that will be live. He made the point that our form was designed for companies and individuals inside the United States, and so we need to expand our form to include different countries. So that should be up and live shortly. So, yeah, that’s pretty exciting. We also will be answering in this podcast, a note from a John Puvlakous.

Paul: That works for me.

Chris: Hopefully I’m saying that correctly. But we’ll get to that in just a minute. News for today! It’s kind of a slow newsweek.

Paul: There wasn’t much going on in the news this week.

Chris: There was an article….I was really excited about it. What are the benefits of marrying into Google? And apparently one of the co-owners is married to some….to his wife….(laughter). And she owns a company and Google is investing more and more money in her company. Yeah, not so interesting.

Paul: How about this? Who cares?

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Paul: I got a new story. I got a headache.


Chris: And I have the solution….lots of water.

Paul: Lots of water

Chris: And maybe….you know, I wasn’t going to say anything, but maybe you should take a shower.


Chris: Yeah, you know, I’ll put it out there. Guess what guys? Paul didn’t take a shower.

Paul: I’m proud of that. I’m here….They cut off the water in my neighborhood and I’m here giving you guys what you want and I’m stinky. I didn’t get to take a shower, but I’m here….I’m recording the podcast….gotta headache.

Chris: So, picture this. Paul over there stinky, Chris with the clothespin on his nose, yeah…yeah.

Paul: But we’re here, we’re dedicated to keep giving you guys what you want.

Chris: Alright Paul, so I gotta ask you…..the new iphone that’s coming out shortly….what are your thoughts?

Paul: What can they do to it this time? I mean, it’s got 3G, I mean, what else can you do? Will it do homework?


Paul: Will it drive for me? What else can this sucker do?

Chris: Well you know there are a few complaints with the iphone. One of them is that you’re unable to highlight something, copy it, take it to another application and paste it. I don’t know if they’re going to include that upgrade. You would have thought they would have included it in the second upgrade, but they’re not. I think that probably….coming from a programming background…..I think that probably has to do with not wanting applications running in the background…..multiple applications. If you imagine that clipboard, if you will, is an application that’s in the background. And so as soon as you add a clipboard, you’ve got an application that’s also running in addition to whatever you’re doing. So, some of the things that make the iphone quick are the fact that there aren’t very many applications running in the background.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: I think….this is what I’ve read….if you want to correct me on that, please do. We love to hear from you. You can reach us at Send us those notes.

Paul: Oh wait, I know what’s different. This iphone doesn’t have “baby shaker” on it.


Chris: That’s a call back. For those of you who are wondering why we’re laughing about “baby shaking”, go back and listen to a previous podcast because we cover “baby shaking”. You know it’s a tradition in apparently, both of our families, and we’re just going to keep it moving forward.


Chris: Pay it forward if you will. (laughter)

Paul: What’s on the agenda for today? Dare I ask? I know the answer….I ask every time and…like…I already know what’s on the agenda. Okay, but anyway, what are we covering today?

Chris: So, we want to start off and answer John and I’m going to try this again…Pavlakous. We’ll go with that. It sounds Greek to me.

Paul: I’m going to agree.

Chris: And he asks a question. He says, and by the way, he gives us a great compliment. “Very informative podcast, all content and no ego.” Man…you know…have you ever heard of….there’s a phrase…and like….human behavior expert which is expectation…..setting expectation. So, we just set the expectation, right?


Paul: You definitely do with that one.

Chris: We can’t have any ego anymore. We were building up…..we were figuring at the 25th podcast, we were going to bust out our egos, and it was going to be all ego and no content. Alright, John, now we can’t do that. Actually, we appreciate that. That’s a really great compliment. You know, we are doing this of course to promote our business. That’s very important, but we’re also doing this to give back. You know, the SEO community has given us a lot. There’s a lot of information out there. I’ll be covering that here in just a second, and we’re really happy to give back, so keep those comments coming and thanks again very much, John. He actually said something bad about other podcasters, so we’re not going to mention that.

Paul: Ha Ha!

Chris: If you’re really interested in it, you can go to our blog and you can look for John’s comment. His comment is going to be on….let me see what it’s going to be on….it is going to be on our fifteenth podcast. We’re now working on the nineteenth, so we’re about three or four weeks behind in getting these posted. He’s got a question regarding posting videos. They’re very capable of posting videos on servers. Do we post videos on a major video sharing site for marketing? Does it make more sense SEO to imbed the videos from YouTube or to use them from their site? John, and only because you made the “no ego” comment, I gotta tell you, I did not know the answer to this. I certainly have my opinion….I had my opinion before I did any research, and I spent my spare time this week kind of researching this. We don’t do much with videos here. It’s certainly something that we’re aware has significant value. One of the websites we’re working on, Patrick Wannes dot com, does have videos. Those are all posted on YouTube. We typically don’t imbed, but that wasn’t necessarily a decision. It was actually because we were doing videos really, before YouTube came out, so we just continued to do it the way we were doing it and then we realized the advantage of getting content onto YouTube. So, one of the first points to make is that, if you have videos, I think they should be on You Tube. Again, this is my thoughts. I don’t have any history behind this or much practice with it, other than Patrick. But, YouTube is another venue to get more traffic and if you think about it, where do you typically end up looking at a video, if you’ve got some spare time and you want to look at videos, where do you go?

Paul: You tube.

Chris: Yeah.

Author: eweb-admin