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Unknown Secrets of SEO

Sixteen SEO Podcast May 1st 2009.  Second page of Transcription

Chris: Any kind of marketing, exactly. We do not recommend that you do that because if you don’t have an organized plan, you’re not going to come out with an organized solution, you’re not going to come out with a positive solution. If you don’t know your ROI, if you’re doing pay per click and you don’t know your ROI, you need to figure it out. You need to spend some time because you could be throwing money away or you could possibly not be spending enough money, if it’s doubling your money, if it’s tripling your money, but you’re not spending as much as possible. That gets into a very nefarious how much money could I possibly spend. Well, you could broaden your search terms and spend as much as you want, but the same as with the cold calling example that I just gave. If you’re spending $100,000 on pay per click and there are lots of companies that do that, and you’re only getting $110,000 worth of profit out of that, then again you’re getting 10% return on your money. You may, depending on what your goal is and your margins, you want a debate, is that what’s right for me. Maybe if you trim that down and you spend $50,000 and you get $100,000, then it makes whole lot more sense to stop at $50,000. So it is pretty nefarious to say, spend as much as you can on pay per click because if you broaden your terms, you could spend as much as you have.


Paul: Yeah, you could spend every dime. There’s many different ways as there are to market and many different keywords that apply to every industry. I mean, keywords that apply to just the search engine marketing industry. There’s so many different things you could go after that you would spend everything you have.


Chris: Google will take your money. They’d be happy.


Paul: They sure will. Don’t forget the other major search engines. They’ll take your money as well.


Chris: Yeah, you could spend all you have on the other search engines and that’s only, if you choose one of them, 10-15% of the market. If you’re going to spend all your money, use Google.


Paul: I’d say, if you’re going to spend all your money, call us, we’ll take it.


Chris: Yeah, we’ll help you.


Paul: Really though.


Chris: We’ll take it. We’ll put it to good use. Sometimes people ask about our pay per click campaigns. We run $400 to manage those pay per click campaigns. People are like, well my budget is $500. A properly managed pay per click campaign can get 10 times the results of an improperly managed campaign. With properly managing it, spending $400 properly managing your $500 campaign can turn it into effectively a $5,000 campaign, because you’re getting more exposure, you’re getting the right exposure, it’s optimized for cost. That’s why we charge that fee and it does not matter what your budget is. If you’ve got $1,000 budget and you don’t really have the time or expertise to be managing that budget, again throwing money at the wall, rain that back. Spend $400 in a company who is going to monitor that on a day to day basis and get significantly more value. Actually, out of the $600 that’s left over in our case, then the full $1,000 of improperly managed pay per click.


Paul: I also think that an improperly managed campaign can not only waste money but time. My time to me is my most valuable asset. If you don’t know really what you’re doing, you can spend two or three of hours more or twice the amount of time that a professional company would spend. Search engine optimization and pay per click is an hour a day. You spend an hour a day, where you’re at, what your competitor is doing and what’s the bid going and what kind of action of these particulars words getting. We spend an hour a day and you don’t what you’re doing, you could easily spend three to four hours day.


Chris: Even if you just, okay I’m going to block out this hour, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re effectively wasting an hour.


Paul: What’s your time worth.


Chris: Everyone is cognizant of using expertise where expertise needs to be used. If you’re a business owner … we’re small business owners right now, soon to be big business owners. We’re small business owners. We know that you do everything. Sometimes you’re vacuuming the carpet, sometimes you’re taking your own garbage out, sometimes you’re answering emails, sometimes you’re signing big deals. You get to the point as you want to grow your company where you need to be spending your time on the things that generate the most value. Eventually you hire a cleaning crew so you’re not vacuuming the carpet, so that you’re not putting the trash away, because that’s 10, 15, 20 minutes or whatever it is that you could spend on working another deal, making another deal happen, researching your industry, understanding how to work your industry, meeting with clients, making clients incredibly happy, providing world-class customer service. Those things are the things that you should be spending time on. I know right now, we’re using a cold calling company that is priced incredibly competitively. One of the challenges is these people say you get what you pay for. I think you get what you work for. So right now we’re in the process of Paul spending a lot of time working with that cold calling company and tweaking them so that the results that they’re providing to us are of significantly greater value. It’s an investment in Paul’s time. The pricing is right. We’ll get them to the point where their pricing is the same and Paul spending less time and all of a sudden one of the best decisions we ever made to work with that cold calling company. Wow, we got back to cold calling. That’s actually pretty cool.


Paul: To answer his question, should an SEO company do cold calling? If it works, you be. Of course. Why not. I mean, there are a lot of different ways to go after business. Cold calling is one of them. If it works, do it. Go at it. Absolutely do it.


Chris: Whether or not you should do cold calling begs the question, should I be doing newspaper advertising, should I be doing Craigslist advertising depending on the size or product or service that you’re selling, should I be doing radio ads, should I be doing TV. Google has now the ability to take your radio ads and syndicate them, market them to different radio stations with different profiles.


Paul: I did not know that. What doesn’t Google do? I mean, one day it’s going to be like, you know what, you need a new oven, Google has got this new conventional oven and it’s just phenomenal.


Chris: You can control it from home.


Paul: Yeah, log on in your computer at home.


Chris: It’ll grab the turkey out of the fridge.


Paul: Google, I mean they’re in everything. That’s awesome.


Chris: And they’re good at it.


Paul: That is phenomenal. I really didn’t know that Google was doing that.


Chris: Basically, they’re a marketing company. They’re really kind of a tools marketing company, if you will. They’ve just provided this tool where you can upload, put your ad out there. We’ll do that at some point because I think there’s a lot of value. At some point, your company gets to a place where you’re not just working on marketing, you’re also working on branding. You know, what is the company brand. We have this understanding that branding is as much internal as it is external. Internally, it is kind of about culture. It is kind of about generating. All of your literature has a cohesive coherent message and it’s the same message. Anytime you’re interacting with the outside world outside of the company, that interaction is predicated on this brand. You know, this is what E-Webstyle. E-Webstyle is world-class customer service. We are world-class experts in what we do. That’s what our brand is going to involve into. Then as we go out into the world and want to brand on a bigger basis, then we’ll end up needing to use radio ads. We need to use TV ads. We need to use every marketing venue that we can. We’ll be at conventions. Maybe we’ll even be at local fairs with our logo and provide the internet kiosk for a local fair. Even though it’s not the exact target market, it’s about branding and it’s about people recognizing and bumping into us and doing, wow, that’s E-Webstyle.


Paul: Yeah, that’s it. I mean, why does Macy’s run a full page ad. I think, is it Thanksgiving Day or something … every year I read this. They run like a full page ad in the New York Times, like every major newspaper at New York, LA, Houston. It cost them ridiculous amount of money. It’s got like their name, their logo and like happy thanksgiving. It’s nothing but that helps them brand. It keeps Macy’s on your mind.


Chris: Well they also have that parade thing.


Paul: Oh, yeah. How can I forget about that.


Chris: I think that probably cost them a little money.


Paul: Oh, yeah. I don’t know how much money. Do they even make any money off of that. But everybody knows…


Chris: Macy’s thanksgiving parade.


Paul: Everybody knows that.


Chris: In your PJ’s drinking your eggnog. Well, maybe that was the night before, I don’t know, recovering from your eggnog.


Paul: I talked to a guy who … this was very eye-opening to me. He was a company that invests in newspaper advertising. I felt like newspaper is a dying media but he invested. He told me, last year I invested $100,000 in a local newspaper in Dallas, Texas which apparently has some pretty high rates, he told me. I was like, what, $100,000 in a newspaper. Apparently, he’s a real estate agent and he says, in this particular market you have to be here because that’s what brings ROI. Before I talked to him, I would have said, man why would you do newspaper, and he answered that questioned, because it works. I was like, okay, that’s pretty eye-opening. I learned something new today. For his particular industry, it works. Now, will it always work? I guess that remains to be seen.


Chris: As technologies change.


Paul: Exactly. And that’s was why we were talking because he needed SEO and I recommended that he maybe start transferring some of that to his online marketing because he did not market his website at all, period. I’m a young guy. When I search for houses, I would search online. I still pick up the paper every so often but I search online.


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