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This is a transcript from our 141st Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO Keyword Research

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: You are watching and/or listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We’re probably the most popular podcast on Ustream as well.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: I can’t imagine [cross-talk]. Most popular SEO podcast, period. Internationally known through out the microphone. [laughter] That’s just scary, right?

This is podcast number 141. As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast which I made up this morning. And let’s see, it is when doing SEO’s, start with on page basics, only after you have identified the correct keywords.

Charles: Definitely want to make sure you do your keyword reset first. Figure out who you’re targeting with their searching and then take that data and do your on page. Maximize your on page, make sure you do all your titles, your headers, your cross linking, your content and navigation structures. And all other things that encompass SEO basics, do that first.

Chris: And in fact, we’ve been seeing lots of articles how people are saying, oh the SEO basics are useless. The SEO basics are useless, the SEO basics are a thing in the past and all these. And the reality is I still think 90% of the people out there who need to do SEO can actually accomplish what they wanna accomplish with just the SEO basics. So, do that first.

And then you can get into more complex things. We’re actually gonna talk about social media marketing today a little bit. You know, there are all sorts of everything that you can get involved in. Do the basics first.

Charles: I’ll tell you what the basics [00:01:45] [inaudible] apply. Because when you look at the search result page, the search engine results page, for the natural listings, those titles that you see are the page titles for the website. That is basics. That snippet that you see of content that comes from the [00:02:01] [inaudible] description, that’s your basics.

So, people say they have different views and stuff about doing the basics and not doing the basics, my synopsis is do the basics.

Chris: Do it. Start there. Absolutely.

Remember, we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers. That was out of tune. [laughter]

Where our mantra is do not be a douche.

Charles: Don’t be a douche. It’s not a good look.

Chris: Remember, right now. We know you guys are all techno geeks. So out there, tweet, Facebook something right now. Sitting at your computer, pull out your iPhone, iPad, android device.

Charles: Let’s talk about Google Nexus. A new droid phone, too.

Chris: I’ve got my Galaxy S II.

Charles: That’s pretty cool.

Chris: Man, its screen. Its screen is killer. I decided to go with the white. I said, you know, let’s do something a little different this time. So, I’m pretty happy with it.

And there’s a cool new app that I’ve been trying to convince people to use which has not been always easy which is Boxer. Go check it out.

Charles: So, get on your device. #SEOpodcast141 and then tag us in @ewebstyle. And you know what I’ve been doing? Even though Facebook hasn’t really incorporated hashtags and stuff like that, I carry them over in to Facebook anyway. [00:03:22] [inaudible] they’re gonna have to figure out a way to simulate things that people are talking about, that are more searchable.

Chris: You’re right.

Charles: To make them more searchable and they are related. If you’re on the other side of the globe, and you hashtag SEO podcast141 and one of our other listeners does the same thing, then it’s gonna be a great way for them to lead each other, comment about what we’re talking about and things like that. So, let’s go Facebook.

Chris: Remember, you can stalk us. You can hunt us. You can scare us.

Charles: [cross-talk] You probably can’t scare me. You can try.



Chris: All right. A little bit of news. The iPad actually launched today, they were talking about people – you can get them – going out purchasing them. The lines have been crazy. Unlike China, there have been no arrests or killings.

Another one is – I thought this was cool. First off, because I had never heard of it and now we’re signed up and we probably won’t use it. Yammer, the CEO of Yammer offers 25 k signing bonus to Yahoo employees. Right?

Charles: Hold on. Yammer offers $25,000 signing bonus to Yahoo. So, leave Yahoo and come over here, we’ll give you 25k.

Chris: You got 60 days to do it. Right?

Charles: In the next two months.



Chris: And the premises, apparently, Yahoo is now really using their becoming what’s called Patent Trolls. They have these patents and apparently like half of the patents would shut down Facebook and its entirety. And then every other social and probably blogging aspect of the web.

Charles: They just tried to sue – I was reading this the other day earlier this week – Yahoo was suing Facebook for patent …

Chris: Yeah. Being able to show ads based on who the person is, right?

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: And so, frankly, I’m kind of a big IP person. I believe if you created the intellectual property, you went to the process and acquire the intellectual property, and then you have the right to go after people for that stuff. So, I don’t know …

Charles: I feel like– use it. It’s one thing you created, put it into practice. You know, if you’re using it, and actively using it, then okay. You have a [00:05:56] [inaudible] then on. But I can create a thousand ideas.

Chris: Yeah. And then hopefully one of them I can sue Google or Facebook for.

Charles: Yeah. So, use it. Put you to work with it.

Chris: I got a little bit of news for you.

Charles: News for me.

Chris: ICS is coming to the Nexus. So you’re gonna have ice cream to the sandwich.

Charles: Fancy. And this part of the program is sponsored by Google Nexus. [laughter] [00:06:20] [inaudible] with just saying it.

Chris: All right. So, on Facebook, we’re actually running a contest. It’s not gonna be for much longer. Go out and check it. You’re supposed to fill in a blank. It’s supposed to be SEO is to [00:06:30] [inaudible] as Facebook is to [00:06::32] [inaudible].

And I got one, it’s from Lorie Duzet Alexander. And it’s – “SEO is to your website’s popularity with search engines, as Facebook is to a 13 year old girl’s popularity with the cool girls. “

Charles: That was okay. I thought that was pretty good.

Chris: I love that commercial. The guy was like, I can’t afford to [cross-talk] of popular girls.

Charles: That’s gross.

Chris: That’s gross [cross-talk]

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