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Eighty-Fourth Internet Marketing Podcast November 12th 2010. Second page of Show Notes

SEO my Video

Chris:                          Search Engine Visitor Optimization begins at the SERP. Make sure your description, your meta description is there so that SEVO — that’s where SEVO begins, so that when your SERP is displaying that meta description you’ve got the right content in there, that make you — you know, to drive those people to actually click. And now you’ve got to make sure that you don’t have this flash there so that people, you know — your website actually looks like your website in that Google Preview.

Paul:                            And I would say — no, sorry. ‘Cause that’s going back to basics and I don’t want to keep going into that. But I want to say it anyway. All right, if you don’t have the description tag, Google will just pull random text from that page and I wouldn’t want to take the chance on Google pulling something that I didn’t want people to see.

Chris:                          Exactly.

Paul:                            All right.

Chris:                          Yeah, that’s true. Do you know what time we — I don’t know what time we started. We’ll be done when we’re done.

Paul:                            Videos!

Chris:                          Videos. So everybody knows videos have a lot of value, they have a lot of value to search engines. They have a lot of value to clients. There is some debate, should you have a video automatically come on when you come on to a page? We have opted in some cases to actually have the video played right away. But we’ve also opted to make sure that a cookie is stored so that video never plays automatically again, that the user actually has to hit play. With this new issue of the Google Preview, I was looking at a couple of websites and there was a website with a big screen and a play button. And I was like “Well, why is that one showing up, you know, how was Google able to parse that one? Maybe you can parse videos or something.” It turns out they had an image, and when you click the image, that image was replaced with the video that played. So that’s one way that you can, you know, if you’ve got an image as a background behind your flash maybe that will work, I don’t know how. I don’t know but try an image. So videos are very important they’re important, we believe, for actually your search engine placement and Google gives some — you know, users give value to videos so as Google, is going to give value. By the way, I did see this twit, and it just popped on my mind. It’s only 1% of searches are even affected by Google’s download time factor.

Paul:                            Oh, the — like your —

Chris:                          The load time.

Paul:                            Yeah, the load time.

Chris:                          Load time. So that’s just an interesting stat.

Paul:                            But, okay, 1% is a very small number but it probably equates to I don’t know, a few hundred million.

Chris:                          Yes.

Paul:                            It could be a hundred million searches.

Chris:                          And think of this though, if it’s — it’s affected, so that may mean you went from 1 to 2.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                          You know, you went from 2 to 3 or something. So, you know that’s — the statistic is only 1% are being affected. There’s, you know, what’s the effect? Obviously, if you’re in position 10 and it bumps you to 11, that’s a huge effect.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                          But, you know — anyway, keep that in mind. And I just — I like numbers, and that’s an actual number, the number one. So how do you optimize your videos? How do you get your videos so that they show up readily in search engines so that maybe more importantly that — lots of people view them.

Paul:                            All right. And step number one, create a video.

Chris:                          That’s good, I like that.

Paul:                            ‘Cause I say that most people — I’m going to go out in the lemon and say most people, even people listening probably don’t have a video on their website. You guys have been listening, you know you need a video — wait before I say it, do we have videos on our website?

Chris:                          We do.

Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                          We don’t. But we have access to USTREAM and we have links to YouTube.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                          And yes, we — you’re right.

Paul:                            I thought Chuck — we put one of Chuck’s videos on there.

Chris:                          No.

Paul:                            Oh.

Chris:                          Not yet. So that will be done this afternoon.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                          Hey, we’re not saying that we optimize our own videos. We’re kind of like the mechanic who drives a really crappy car because he doesn’t get paid to fix his car so —

Paul:                            Don’t do as we do, do as we say.

Chris:                          Do as we say. Yes, thank you dad.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                          So the first thing that you want to do — second thing, ‘cause you want to have a video. And by the way, if you don’t have a video, we have a listener who can help you out ‘cause he’s put together a really nice video for us. It is Darren Booy so give him a shout, follow him on Facebook and hit him up, and he can put together a nice little video for you or he might even give you some advice on, you know, just how to do it yourself if you’re really low on budget. So the second thing you want to do is you want to optimize your keywords.

Paul:                            So here’s my question, every time — whenever — we used read this ‘cause I’ve read this a few times before. Okay, how am I going to do that? Because you know you can’t put text on videos or you can’t put text in a video that Google’s going to be able to read. So how are you going to put a keyword — give me a good place to put a keyword.

Chris:                          Well, here’s an interesting thing is, you know, that question comes from if I just throw the video on YouTube, right? What control do I have? Of course, there’s a description of the video that should have keywords in it.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                          And there’s probably some keyword titles for YouTube video. We’ve got the guys doing it for us so I don’t — I haven’t looked at it in a while.

Paul:                            So you can like — so let’s say there’s like a description tag.

Chris:                          Not in YouTube.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                          So with this article — by the way, this article is by Michelle B. And I got this article from a website, just Google 5 basic —

Paul:                            On the internet.

Chris:                          Yeah, 5 basic tips for video optimization. I want to make sure that she gives credit. She has a nice smile there.

Paul:                            Uh-hmm. That’s what’s up.

Chris:                          It’s so nice. Yeah.

Paul:                            But she’s not a listener so.

Chris:                          Yeah. Yes, so maybe we could convince her and then we’d have, you know, 26%.

Paul:                            28, yeah.


Chris:                          So what she’s talking about is now you embed that video actually in a website. And then frankly once you put it in that website it really becomes standard SEO processes. So, you know, when they say title tag they mean title tag. When they say —

Paul:                            Put it, yeah.

Chris:                          I don’t know what tags is. When they say URL or link text, they’re talking about the URL should be relevant to the information in the video and so should link text coming back to it.

Paul:                            Yeah. And she also says you could put it on your filename, you can put keywords in the filename itself. This video is about — well, Chuck’s Social Media Marketing video is called —

Chris:                          Social Media Marketing?

Paul:                            Okay, never mind. I just gave the name. Yeah, Social Media Marketing.

Chris:                          It’s a good one.

Paul:                            What is this video about? Social Media Marketing. So it’s in his filename.

Chris:                          By the way, it’s a wrap. You guys need to go listen to it. Well, you can find it on our Facebook page and you can also just go to YouTube and look up the SEO most serious and the SEO rapper and I’m sure you’ll find — come up with the latest video. Also —

Paul:                            Yeah, go ahead.

Chris:                          It was actually filmed here in E-webstyle. We’re really proud of that.

Paul:                            I was the videographer. And I mean I pushed butt.


Chris:                          ‘Cause you are — you are the main camera man.

Paul:                            That’s right. I was like “Hey, man, go push play,” and like —

Chris:                          [Laughs]

Paul:                            I’m all over that.

Chris:                          You don’t have to tell me. I’ll figure it out. I got it, play. Except it should have been recorded I think.

Paul:                            Yeah, I have that.


Paul:                            You know, technology. [Laughs]

Chris:                          We know you weren’t supposed to push the red button but that doesn’t even make sense.


Paul:                            You could also put keywords in your link text. And link text, I think she means anchor texts.

Chris:                          Yeah. Well, yeah. I think — yeah. Well, no. I think links — so links like on the rest of your website coming back to that video, you know.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                          And really it’s standard SEO stuff.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                          I think the video is throwing you off.

Paul:                            Yeah, I’m just —

Chris:                          Yeah.

Paul:                            Like what?

Chris:                          Distribute videos on video sharing sites. Of course, that’s just kind of, you know, a way to get your video out there, TubeMogul is one where you can do that apparently. Implement a linking strategy, so that if you want to cross link your videos — really this is all standard SEO. As soon as you embed that video inside of a webpage, now you’re really optimizing the webpage, you know, so keep that in mind. Encourage viewers to share your videos. So if they’re embedded in the video — by the way, you know, our USTREAM video for those — or probably some who are actually watching this on USTREAM, maybe some of you are actually watching it on our embedded page on E-webstyle. We’re threatening long enough and it’s now there. And so if you go to it actually forwards you to our page that has the USTREAM video embedded in it.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up. Here’s one thing that I want to kind of backtrack but distribute videos on video sharing sites. I — here’s what I would say, you know, put them on as many place as you can, put them on TubeMogul on video or I don’t even know what that is. But here’s what I would say, Google has a relationship with YouTube. That would probably be the very first place I would put my video.

Chris:                          Without a doubt.

Paul:                            Just because they — I mean, not in relationship where they own each other. I mean the video — Google owns YouTube so that’s what I would say, make that your number one place to put that video, just because of that relationship. I can’t even tell you exactly how that relationship will affect your search engine placement for that particular video.

Chris:                          But we can say it won’t be bad.

Paul:                            Yeah, there you go. Just, you know, play it safe and put it on YouTube.

Chris:                          And in fact the videos that we put in Google Places, we always put YouTube videos in Google Places ads that’s part of getting us to the 100% —

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                          — which we mentioned earlier today.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                          And so encourage video — share — if you are to share a video what that really means is “Hey, right under — you know, we need to add under — our USTREAM video, “Hey, share this with people.” We have our Facebook link and Twitter link on almost every page. I don’t recall exactly if it’s on our USTREAM page. It also needs to have, you know, a separate Facebook link just right under it so people can share it and chat, and all that good stuff. In fact some of you watching maybe even looking at the page going how come he doesn’t know this? It’s clearly not here or right there, one or the other [Laughs] and then repurpose your videos. One of the thing — the thing that I take away from this is — I don’t know if you guys know, our process for this podcast is we do the video 9:15 Central Standard Time on Fridays and out of the video we pull out the audio, that audio gets sent off and gets transcribed, that transcription goes on to our blog, the audio then goes on to iTunes so I think that’s what she means by repurposing.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                          It has gone like 5 different directions by the time it gets on to iTunes.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                          Which is actually at PodOmatic and I think that’s it. I think —

Paul:                            Well, let’s bring in our video guy because — well, we have a video to do, it’s pretty much Chuck’s responsibility to do it.


Paul:                            So, let’s talk to the video expert about how he promotes his videos when he does — what’s the — I don’t know.

Chris:                          Video promotion.

Paul:                            Yeah, there you go. Yeah, what is the strategy for, you know, what we’re talking about in today’s podcast?

Chris:                          Bring in the third top position snatcher, Charles Lewis, also known as the SEO rapper. Thank you for joining us again. So there’s some people chatting with us over there.

Chuck:                         Yeah, we got some people chatting, a lot people watching online.

Chris:                          Good.

Chuck:                         So it’s been good. It’s been good. You all are funny. People are laughing about you. A shout-out to Darren and a shout-out to Anna ‘cause see, she’s watching —

Chris:                          Oh, cool.

Chuck:                         She had a couple of questions so —

Chris:                          Is she a Facebook listener, Facebook friend?

Paul:                            I think we have an Anna Facebook friend.

Chuck:                         Well, right now me and her we’re twittering each other.

Paul:                            Oh.

Chuck:                         So she may be on Facebook. I’ll check in a minute.

Chris:                          And if you’re not just like us and then the answer will be “yes.

Chuck:                         Yes.


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