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Seventy-Ninth Internet Marketing Podcast October 8th 2010. First page of Show Notes

SEO Podcast, Chile

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday. So, we’re going to have a great podcast for you today.

Chris: This is podcast #79. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Thanks to you. Thank you guys very much. I’ve got some exciting news. We’ve got a review. We’ve got stuff going. We’ve got a great photo here. We’ve got — this is exciting. I’m thrilled. You seem underthrilled. Underthrilled, that’s a new word.

Paul: That’s what’s up.


Chris: As always, we want to start off with a little bit of information about what we did last time. Remember, we’re doing a tip of the podcast of our last podcast. You guys are going to love this and well you regular listeners are going to love this, don’t be a social media douche.

Paul: Don’t be a social media satanic douche.

Chris: Satanic douche.


You guys — you just took it to another level, you know? That’s always —

Paul: That was —

Chris: — happening here.

Paul: That’s what I remember from Chuck last week.

Chris: That was — yeah, that was wrong. SD watch out. We also like to cover a little news. I’m going to mix in some news and some listener feedback. Dean Calhoun was asking if we’re heading over to Sotheby, Southwest. He wants to get a couple of four square badges while he’s over there. What was pretty cool he’s actually put four and then like the carrot and two —

Paul: Oh… [Laughs]

Chris: — square, right? And it took me awhile like four —

Paul: Oh, I still didn’t get it.

Chris: — four to the two?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: What? Is he going to get a lot of them?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: I was like… I just didn’t get that. That’s what’s up. [Laughs]

Chris: Yeah. That’s the four square badges. So thanks Dean. Yeah, our plan is to go. This will be the first conference that we go to. We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do. We’re going to broadcast a podcast from which will be just —

Paul: Cool?

Chris: — off chain cool really. Is it off the chain now? ‘Cause it used to be off the hook.

Paul: I still say the same.

Chris: Okay.

Paul: ‘Cause I’m off the chain.

Chris: ‘Cause you are off the chain.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: That’s what’s up. And Jay Roulay [0:01:59] [Phonetic], thank you so much. Charles spent about two hours on the phone with him talking about his internet marketing campaign here in Houston. Jay frankly is one of the most educated clients we have. He came in and basically he provided to us all of those things that we would normally give a client in a proposal. And we’re like, “Thanks, give us money?”

Paul: That will be a check —

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: — please.

Chris: [Laughs] No. We’re going to do some great work for Jay. He’s going to coming in on Monday so we’re excited about forming that partnership. He’s very serious about growing his business in a very serious and organized way. And it’s awesome to work with that.

Man, I’ve got — Darren Booy. He called me a zombie.

Paul: Yeah, that’s what’s up.

Chris: Right? You know, I was going to wear the thing, I forgot. I was going to wear my jacket ‘cause zombies don’t wear jackets and that way, you can’t do that shit ever again.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: ‘Cause that was – [Laughs]


Paul: I was like, that’s a perfect still shot right there.

Chris: Like, I got to know did he — was he watching it? He was like, “Oh, I’ve got to get that shot.”

Paul: Get a screen capture in.

Chris: “’Cause that’s going to like a zombie or” — I don’t know.

Paul: That was pretty cool.

Chris: Thanks Darren. That’s awesome. He also did analysis. We’re going to – you know, we’re going to make our own comments on your analysis a little bit later today.

I wanted to talk about this. We got three more likes on Facebook. I didn’t write down the number, 72 people following us on Twitter. By the way, you can stalk us along with 72 other people and you can do that by going to On Facebook, you can go to — and there’s no dash in that ewebstyle. You can also hit us up with an email, do have a free analysis. We’re still marketing — I mean we’re still offering this. Excuse me. We’ll look at your website, give you analysis from kind of a web perspective — you know, aesthetics and navigation and also from SEO, which frankly we believe are all together. But we’ll give you that analysis for free and there’s no obligation just hit us up. The easiest way to do that is now go to our website, which is new as of last week. That’s why Darren made his comments. On the right, apparently, there is a garish form —

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: — that you can fill out. But you know what garish means?

Paul: I have no idea.

Chris: You just know it’s not good, right? That’s — I was the same way.

Paul: I just like — that he said it that was pretty corny.

Chris: Garish. I’ve got to look it up, right? What it means is clothed in vivid color or distressingly bright or tastelessly showy.

Paul: Okay. [Laughs]

Chris: So… You know, we’re proud of our garish form here at E-Webstyle so watch out.

Paul: That’s what’s —

Chris: We’ll punch you in the face and garrify your website.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: I don’t know if that’s — garrify is even a word?

Paul: It is now.

Chris: It is now. It’s in the Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast dictionary.

We have another listener in Chile.

Paul: Oh, that’s what’s up, Chile.

Chris: Either that or our one listener in Santiago went and visited Antofagasta which is, you know, up the coastal ways Chile. And it’s actually pretty cool. By the way, this is how cool this place is. Check this out Paul.


Paul: Oh, he sent us a picture?

Chris: No, I looked it up.

Paul: Oh, that’s hot.

Chris: That’s off the coast of Antofagasta. So look at that.

Paul: That’s hot.

Chris: That’s like–

Paul: That’s very cool.

Chris: That’s like when you play Wii and you’re flying around and you’ve got to like go under that — they stole it from there.

Paul: I’ve never played Wii so… [Laughs]

Chris: It’s like when I play Wii —


Paul: I played Wii Fit once. It was awesome though.

Chris: Yeah, Wii Fit. Yeah, that’s good. I don’t know how that would fit into Wii Fit. You know, you’ve got to swim around — swim through the loop and not die.

Paul: That would be more like Wii Vacation.

Chris: Wii Vacation.

Paul: We sit on the beach and chill and —

Chris: With a Corona. [Laughs]

Paul: — drink a beer. Yeah. There you go.

Chris: And watch the chicks go by.

Okay. So a little bit of news. FireFox has an android beta. So, we know Charles is going to be all excited about this ‘cause he’s the only FireFox guy here. We all use it, but he’s like — you know, when we have our browser wars, which by the way I think would make a great reality TV show —

Paul: I think so.

Chris: — I don’t know how, but the title alone would draw tens of people.

Paul: Yeah.


Chris: This is interesting. We’re always — you know, whenever Apple has got some stuff going on against them. The Apple iPhone on the back, there’s glass. I didn’t realize this, but apparently, when you put a case on the iPhone and then, you know, it’s in your pocket and you get a little dirt, it starts scratching the glass and then those scratches propagate into full-on cracks and now you have a cracked back of your iPhone.

Paul: That sucks.

Chris: I did a whole big project on crack propagation so…

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: It sounded like I know what I was talking about. I almost do. And then, you know, we never really talk about Microsoft and things that are going on with Microsoft. But, apparently, in their latest patch they’re fixing 49 holes.

Paul: Oh, yeah, 49 holes in the first release.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: I mean maybe that’s a lot. Maybe we can do like Beavis and Butthead –that’s not much.

Paul: Yeah, really. [Laughs]

Chris: When they’re at the dam.

Paul: No 49–

Chris: Is this a god dam.

Paul: The 49 is probably not a lot for Microsoft. [Laughs]

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: It used to be way more than that.

Chris: Yeah, it was 49 and it was really — it was patch #356.

Paul: Oh, yeah.


Chris: We got a review on iTunes. Woo-hoo.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: And it is a long one. I don’t know if this is going to do any more interoffice stuff. Auburn Football?

Paul: Oh, that’s what’s up. SCC Football. I’m a big time college football fan. Get you some.

Chris: All right. So, I love this line. This is Auburn Football says that he’s been playing in the internet since before Al Gore went off and invented it.

Paul: Wow.

Chris: You’ve got to love that.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: ‘Cause he is the inventor.

Paul: Of the —

Chris: His website is Blue sheepdog. So, I don’t know — I wonder if he needs and Blue One-Armed Widgets to…

Paul: We can match you up. We could —

Chris: To handle —

Paul: — coordinate that for you.

Chris: — blue sheepdogs. He says it’s amazing how — he’s listened to a lot of old podcasts. “It’s amazing how much things have changed over the course of a few months.” His only criticism is audio quality, better mic. I think we only had about two or three podcasts. I think these podcasts now, like this one is actually good enough, but please give us feedback —

Paul: Well let us —

Chris: — because if —

Paul: Yeah let us know.

Chris: — because if I’m — you know, if I’m sitting in my quiet office when I’m kind of playing it and listening to it or whatever and it’s not good enough for a car, hit is in the email Because, you know, we want to make sure that you guys can actually hear the — we’re putting a lot of effort into getting information to you guys, we want to make sure that you can hear it.

And then we’ve got a subject —

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Subject of the day.

Paul: Before we get into it, I found this article that we’re probably going to talk about next week. But it’s something — I just found it this morning and it’s something that I have — I had some questions about previously in doing my keyword research and I know somebody else. Now, I wasn’t — I had questioned it, but I just didn’t have enough to really think so. And I said, there’s something going on with the Google Keyword Selector Tool and there is. I found out today. I read this article. It says, “RIP Google Keyword Tool, Long Live SEO.”

And we’ll get into it. We’ll do this next week. But if you’ve been doing some keyword research, Google has shortened the number of keywords that it will give you, right. And, basically, I was like, this thing is starting to suck.

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: You know? And here’s what — here’s a term that I want to read. Now, basically it says, “Google has decided marketers should no longer have access to the long or even mid tail data of search inventory, unless the keyword has demonstrated commercial characteristics historically.” So…

Chris: Wow, could you be more — commercial, characteristics? What is that? Like from you know —

Paul: AdWords.

Chris: — from our — oh, AdWord.

Paul: Basically, they’re limiting their keyword research to shit they can sell on AdWords. I had noticed that something was changing. I was not getting nearly the number of keywords that I was with the old tool. I found that article and I’m like, wow this makes a lot of sense.


Chris: It’s really interesting though because — I mean whether it’s long tail or what — I mean if anybody happens to search it then there happens to be a sponsored list link there and they happen to click it, I mean that should be a commercial for — I don’t get it.

Paul: I don’t get it either, but basically, the guy who wrote it was like it’s probably profit based.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah–

Paul: As a perfect —

Chris: –we know that.

Paul: — example, the guy put in. I have it in the — he put in Facebook and Google returned twelve…

Chris: Facebook terms?

Paul: That’s it. And I was like, are you joking? Twelve?

Chris: Right. ‘Cause you —

Paul: And he was like, he used another one–

Chris: — you could use Facebook —

Paul: — and it came up two — 2200 on another keyword tool.

Chris: Oh, wow.

Paul: And he was just showing how — Google how could you really think that people are only interested in 12 different versions of the term Facebook.

Chris: Yeah, 12 aspects. I mean we could probably rattle off 12 right now.

Paul: Yeah, just —

Chris: That aren’t even on the list you came up with.

Paul: Thank you.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: I thought it was really cool. I noticed it and I think that someone else who’s probably out there noticed it. And if you’re doing — if you’re using Google AdWords for the keyword research, this is going to have a significant effect on that. And I’m now looking for a new word tool or a search query tool.

Chris: So, if you guys have a favorite keyword research tool, let us know. You know, we’d like to pass that information around. You know, if you have to pay for it great. We’d love to see some review about it and know that it’s good if we’re investigate it ‘cause yeah it —

Paul: Yeah, that’s —

Chris: If you’re only getting 12 for Facebook…

Paul: That sucks.

Chris: How do we — like if we get a client in here that who says look I want to market to Facebook people and I want to market to them because, you know, I’m, let’s say, effectively competition for them, then we’re going to say okay great, you’ve got 12 keywords.

Paul: Google says that you should only be interested in 12 things.

Chris: Yeah, I know.

Paul: [Laughs] So…

Chris: So that’s not going to work for our clients.

Paul: Yeah, man, that sucks. I’m glad I read it though. It was — it opened my eyes to something that I had questioned but didn’t have proof.

Chris: All right. So, I like the title of this article. It’s called, “Retargeting is the New Black,” which…

Paul: I get it. I mean I heard —

Chris: Should that say black hat?

Paul: — like red — oh.

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: I saw something that said red is the new black the other day.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I was like–

Chris: Yeah, I was like white is the new black. I don’t know. That’s weird.

Paul: But today retargeting is the new black.

Chris: Yeah, apparently. And that’s today as of October 6th. This article is by Kelly Gillease. I think I actually said —

Paul: Kelly. [Laughs] Kelly G.

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