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This is a transcript from our 128th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO Podcast with Great Reviews

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck: You got it right at that time; you got it right at the time.

Chris: I did. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Welcome to an exciting edition of the Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast or also known as Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing Podcast. This is a Thursday. Normally, we broadcast on Friday. I will be out of town tomorrow so we’re getting it in early.

Chuck: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. This is Podcast 128.

Chris: Wooh.

Chuck: If you’re tuning in, you should know that if you’ve been following us. If you haven’t, this is 128 and go check 127, 126, 125, 124 —

Chris: And we go on to 123.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And [00:00:45] [Inaudible] into podcast.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Do not forget, we are your friendly local neighborhood top position —

Chuck: — snatchers.

Chris: Snatchers. Where our mantra is —

Chuck: — don’t be a douche.

Chris: And remember if you’re listening to this from a computer or you have the ability to do some sort of social media something right now at this moment, go ahead, tweet, Facebook, something. Say, hey, right now, I’m listening to —

Chuck: — hashtag SEO Podcast 128.

Chris: Excellent.

Chuck: And tag us at @ewebstyle.

Chris: That way we’ll know that you guys are following us and we really appreciate it. Hey, the tip from the last podcast. It’s the new ziplock algorithm — by the way, that’s the phrase we gave it.

Chuck: Yeah. They’re calling it Google Freshness but before they titled it, we would call it ziplock.

Chris: Yeah. And I think ziplock is a whole lot better. Algorithm — so the new ziplock algorithm update should remind you to keep producing fresh content —

Chuck: Yes, sir.

Chris: — because it is about fresh content. Hey, man. I’m excited. I’m disappointed. You know, normally, if there’s no review, product placement — normally if there’s no review, what do I do?

Chuck: Get a teardrop tattoo.

Chris: Get a tear — so I didn’t even know what to do when we got a bad review. Like, I just —

Chuck: Probably upside down —

Chris: Upside down.

Chuck: Upside down tattoo.

Chris: Here it is. You know, this is just to show we’re really about openness. We read our bad reviews on the air. The guy’s name is Danny Thompson [00:02:16] [Phonetic]. “I’m not giving them another try, one star.” That’s the title. “I’ve tried to like this podcast and the descriptions looked like they have great content to deliver. However, they waste an insane amount of time with other stuff before they ever get to the content. When it’s a business-related podcast, I don’t think publishers should start thinking they’re radio DJs. Get to the point and deliver content, please.” You know, that’s been one of the criticisms that we have and, you know, I certainly appreciate your taking the time to listen.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: By the way, it’s not DJs, it’s radio personalities. There are no discs anymore. And what I did was I actually clicked his link and he recommended another podcast. I’m gonna do something probably no other podcast is out there doing. It was Internet Marketing: Insider Tips and Advice for Online Marketing. Go check it up. It’s a pretty good podcast.

Chuck: Then come back and tell us what you think. As a matter of fact, compare it.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I’d like to see where we’re falling at, where we’re better at or what you think we could do to improve. And what’s my guy’s name? Danny?

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Punch in the face for the feedback.

Chris: Yeah, thank you.

Chuck: You know, it is what it is. I think to be blunt we have majority of our people appreciate the news, the updates, and things that we’re trying to give along with the content.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: If you happen to [00:03:36] [Inaudible] that don’t and that’s okay.

Chris: That’s okay. Hope you do well. So we follow this with a great positive review that just came in — I don’t know yesterday or something. This — I love the title. “Super awesome — five stars.”

Chuck: Five stars.

Chris: This is by Lazak. “Thanks for all the SEO tip, guys. You’re entertaining and informative. Don’t let anyone tell you that your witty banter is annoying. It adds to the subject matter even if loosely.” I like that.

Chuck: Danny?

Chris: By the way, we didn’t pay this guy. We didn’t —

Chuck: Well, his came two days after that one?

Chris: Yeah, two days later. So he had a chance to see it. “I won’t give you a punch in the face because that’s your thing but I would like to give you a kick in the shins for my company.”

Chuck: Ouch.

Chris: Oh, oh. That was a good kick.

Chuck: Ouch. I’m gonna say ouch because we got new bearing set. Bearing set comes with a footboard.

Chris: You’re not used to footboard?

Chuck: Man, turning in the corner too fast and my shin on the footboard.

Chris: Oh, look, that’ll lay you out like —

Chuck: Done. I’m not going to wear [00:04:41] [Inaudible] on my way to laying down right here.

Chris: Comfortably.

Chuck: Comfortably.

Chris: And crying.

Chuck: Yeah. So kick in the shin, ouchy, appreciate it.

Chris: Their company is Kicking Lizard Salsa and I went to the website. It’s It’s pretty cool. They have some salsas on there. So, hey, send us a free sample. We’ll taste it on air and give you guys some info — yeah, I’ll let you know because we are in Texas. We know salsa.

Chuck: Yeah. We know salsa.

Chris: I’ll never forgiven —

Chuck: Even if I’ll be in New York City.

Chris: New York City. With Kicking Lizard — it could be like —

Chuck: Arizona, maybe. Yeah.

Chris: [00:05:18] [Inaudible] or something, yeah. Well, you know, we can get [00:05:21] [Inaudible] to that. We also got another review actually on Facebook. This is from MovieBoozer which is — I went to their Facebook page. So their kind of concept is “We rate movies with beer bottles.” So it’s like —

Chuck: MovieBoozer, okay.

Chris: It’s a five-beer bottle movie. It’s, you know, one-beer bottle. Now, what I don’t know is if it’s bad, do you need more beers to stomach it? Like how does it —

Chuck: Boom.

Chris: — because, normally, you think five-beer bottles, oh, that’s good unless you need five-beer bottles — five bottles of beer to actually get through the movie.

Chuck: They should even add types of beer. This is really bad. This is a three-bottle OE.

Chris: OE.

Chuck: Oh, this is great. This is a five-bottle Corona, you know.

Chris: Yeah, and he —

Chuck: That’s awesome.

Chris: And he says “I have been listening to your podcast for a couple of months. I like listening to you, guys. Thanks for the tips. I still have a lot of work to do but our hits are going up. Cheers, Salvador from MovieBoozer.”

Chuck: So it’s going up. So you implement the changes, Salvador. Punch in the face to you.

Chris: Punch in the face.

Chuck: Thanks for tuning in and then you give us a link to the site.

Chris: He didn’t but you can find it — actually go our page, go to our Facebook page which, by the way, you can stalk us on —

Chuck: Yeah. — ewebstyle.

Chris: —

Chuck: –ewebstyle.

Chris: —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Podcast@ —

Chuck: — One way too cool [00:06:46] [Inaudible].

Chris: Yeah, you’re not — I tried. I just threw it in real quick. Yeah, seriously, hit us up. Send us an e-mail. Hit us up on Facebook. Go to iTunes — three steps.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Go to iTunes, create an account, write a review and if you want, send us a notice that you — that you wrote the review or in the case of Kicking Lizard, you know, it’s enough information for us to give you a shoutout.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: So excuse me, a punch in the face.

Chuck: A punch in the face.

Chris: A punch in the face. Let’s see. Let’s go on to this. A little bit of news. Hey, Adobe access Flash for mobile and TV. So they never really got it to work on all the devices; obviously, never the iPhone although that’s not exactly true because you can jailbreak your iPad. I saw it and get Flash on it. It was never running stable. That was always Steve Job’s complaint. And now, they’re making decision to pull it. They’re not going to develop Adobe Flash for mobile devices or TVs like Google TV.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.


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