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This is a transcript from our 116th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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SEO Podcast Microphone
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SEO Podcast Microphone

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck: Yeah. You got the words that time.

Chris: Welcome back to another fun — I think I did. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist here. How are you doing?

Chris: Word, man, we’ve got a lot of information to cover. We’ve got an exciting show. As usual, we wanna talk about what we talked about last time. We have a tip from last time. That tip is “Include videos in your pages and posts.”

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Why? It has the highest impact on Universal Search. And if you’re wondering what Universal Search is then you need to go back and listen to podcast 115 ’cause we talked about Universal Search there and in a bunch of other places, actually. We love it when you guys stalk us. You can stalk us at, —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: You can send us an e-mail at podcast@ —

Chuck: Yeah. —

Chris: With the dash between E and W.

Chuck: Yeah, e-webstyle.

Chris: Let’s see what do we got? We got reviews, we got news, what are we gonna do first?

Chuck: Well, dig in with some reviews. Let’s do the twit first and then the reviews.

Chris: Yeah, we’ll do this twit. So I found this twit. I don’t remember how old that is. It’s pretty cool though. It says, “Just found you guys and I’ve been trying to catch up on old podcasts. Remember when you used to say, send a twit and bling.”

Chuck: Wow.

Chris: Forget the bling. I remember being, woo, that was always good. And then our — then our review, this is on iTunes. We love it when you got to iTunes, create an account. In fact, the last review said, “Hey, look, if you’re listening and you’re getting any information from these guys, you know, at least do what they’re asking.” Go to iTunes, create an account, post a review, and then let us know so that we can give you a punch in the face.

Chuck: Yeah, four steps, less than two minutes. Go ahead.

Chris: A great title is “Great podcast, could be longer.” Four stars again, you know, yeah. We’d like to get five. “I enjoyed the podcast. I’m trying to get a job in SEO and social media marketing. I have a good time listening to everyone having a good time. I would like some interviews with other experts in the industry not undermining your authority in the subject.” Yeah, I don’t know, man. I don’t know why you think we’re not good enough. But a different voice would be nice. I’m just gonna pause right there. We are reactive.

Chuck: I can change my voice. What kind of voice you’d like —

Chris: We are reactive to all of the needs of our clients so we would do an old lady voice for the rest of the show.

Chuck: That was old lady?

Chris: Does that sound like a hip teenage girl?

Chuck: Yeah, it sounds like that.

Chris: The old man?

Chuck: I’ll keep that to myself out of the time.

Chris: We actually are gonna interview somebody on our next podcast so make sure you tune in for that. Continuing with the review. “Also on the technical side, some sort of compressor, limiter on the microphone would be great. Some of you are really quite, others are louder. When I turn up the headphones to hear the quite ones, someone will laugh really loud and kill my ears.” We are sorry. We’re glad that we’re having a good time in laughing. We’re sorry that it’s killing your ears. We have kind of in process. We’re gonna work on getting some better mikes.

Chuck: Yeah, 1-800, our bad.

Chris: Our bad, 1-800, donate some mikes. “Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to more punches in the face and blank stares.” So yeah. That was good. That was from a Kevin Norrin. And he didn’t give us any further information. Maybe he’ll go to Give us his website. I thought he says he was looking for a job.

Chuck: Yeah, we’ll send him some link love. Yeah, hit us up, Kevin man. We’d like to, you know, show you some link love and follow you on Twitter and I’ll get there to share the review too.

Chris: All right. So a little bit on news. We’ve got, hey, don’t forget I have to write this down because sometimes I forget. We’ll, you can’t forget. We are your friendly —

Chuck: I think you should write it down.

Chris: Yeah, you write it down. That’s how you don’t forget. We are your friendly local top position snatchers where our mantra is —

Chuck: Don’t be a deuce.

Chris: Don’t be a deuce. I want to mention this time we are doing another podcast. It’s actually a video podcast also. Although this podcast that you’re listening to right now is primarily audio. The video is available. You can get the video at our YouTube page. You can get the video at —

Chuck: — .com/ewebstyle.

Chris: Exactly — you’re all over that.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And on our USTREAM page. We have another podcast on our USTREAM page. It is our SEVO Unknown Secrets to SEVO. I’m in like motor mode.

Chuck: Search Engine Visitor Optimization. Basically, what your people do when they land to your site. Do they bounce or do they take action? Do they convert? And so the whole purpose of that podcast is they help you figure out which you can do to your site to turn traffic into paying clients.

Chris: So how does that work? It sounds like it would be great. I’d love to have an analysis of my website. How would I do that?

Chuck: Go to, pretty simple. Right column, there’s a form, give me your name, your e-mail, your phone. Put your web address in there. Fill out the code, hit submit. I’ll get to them personally or Chris will get it and when we do our podcast, we’ll review your site.

Chris: And that’s The Unknown Secrets of Web Analysis podcast.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: It’s not an official podcast so you do need to go to the USTREAM page and find it over there. We’ve got a lot of good responses from the analysis, the analysi that we have done.

Chuck: The analysi.

Chris: I don’t even — we’re gonna look that up. Somebody Google that somewhere, someone. And we’ve got some great response. So we have a lot of fun with it. We were not like brutal. We’re not trying to hurt anybody’s opinion. If it’s a really well done website, we point out what’s actually good about it so that maybe you can even focus on that a little bit more. And we’ve got some great feedback from —

Chuck: A lot of great feedback.

Chris: — the New York Park guy wrote back.

Chuck: Central Park, Central Park guy.

Chris: 70% increase in video watches, wasn’t it?

Chuck: Yeah. So something we did. I mean, and truthfully it’s a great deal if you’re business owner, you just want some feedback on your site. Fill it out. It’s not, you know, heavily sales pitch. We’re not, you know, call us, call us, call us. Although if you do great, you know, but that’s not really the focus. Focus is to help you, really.

Chris: Exactly. We love giving back to the Web community. All right. A little bit of news. I’ll blow through this ’cause we’re time, you know, Geno time limited.

Chuck: Listening and pushing it.

Chris: Apple topples Nokia as largest smartphone provider. I thought that was an interesting thing of note.

Chuck: Apple top Nokia.

Chris: So Nokia used to be — ’cause they had so many — and especially in the foreign countries and remember Apple, you know, China has four times the population and two stores. So by the way, there’s actually three, one of them is a fake store. I was rimmed — they have fake Apple stores in China. At least one.

Chuck: It’s called Cran Apple.

Chris: Cran Apple. Who is the dude who Johnny Apple see — he’s spreading little Apple stores everywhere. That’s how the story’s gonna change, right? There is Johnny Apple seed and he realized that there were no — there is not enough ways for people to purchase apples so he’s starting — all right. This I thought was cool. Clearwire, you know the wireless internet provider. They’re gonna join up and utilize the LTE Advanced Ready technology. So they already got 4G. They’re gonna go to LTE Advanced Ready. Guess what download speeds this wireless can actually get.

Chuck: It’s not a loaded question only because — I’ll give you a guess but then I’ll tell you why I said it. My guess is probably over 100, yeah.

Chris: Good guess.

Chuck: Okay. What’s the number?

Chris: 120.

Chuck: All right. It’s not bad.

Chris: 120 Mbps download, like offices don’t have 120 Mbps downloading. You can get it on your wireless communications.

Chuck: Only thing is I know a few people with that and they all complain that it’s too slow.

Chris: Oh, really?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Well, maybe that’s related to the device they use. I mean, that’s a possibility.

Chuck: It has a strong possibility.

Chris: Yeah. And then the other news today is Google Crawl. So this is really spot-on right what we do. It’s SEO related. You know, have you ever finished a website and this is, you know, less true in our situation when we finish a website. We use the — add them to a portfolio, Google Index is our portfolio or Crawl is our portfolio again and then boom that website shows up in the index. If you just finish the website and you don’t have a portfolio, you don’t have a page that’s already been indexed, how do you get indexed?

Chuck: They’re submitted.

Chris: You submit it.

Chuck: The old way used to be able to go — and you still can. I wanna say you used to be able to. You go to Google Webmaster Tools, log in, submit your URL, right, over and over and over again. So now they’ve released several new ways to do that. We were talking about Crawl.

Chris: Yeah, in Google Webmaster Tools, you can also create a site map and submit the whole site map which has a lot of value. And now Google has come out with Google Crawl which is apparently available in Webmaster Tools somewhere. We haven’t looked to try and find it yet. Excuse me. They do recommend using site maps. There is just public request in general so, you know, I tend to use that sometimes if I don’t feel like logging in to Webmaster Tools and, you know, going to that whole process. I’m just like, ah, let me just resubmit this particular URL.


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