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SEO versus PPC

Chris: Explosion and then you see explosion. Oh, good. I didn’t miss it. Thank you for the text. So I think it’s kind of cool and who know it’s probably won’t be too long until that something that your Google glasses you could actually subscribed to in a movie theatre and boom, all done. I also—I saw something this week, I was actually at my impromptu show on Saturday and a couple of guys started talking about Steven Cobert and in an interview that he did with Leia Degrassi and I maybe missed pronouncing that, it’s Degrassi, it’s a French and Leia—I don’t know anything about him and it’s cost — what’s the right term — cosmetologist. No?

Charles: He does make up?

Chris: No. Cosmologist then. So he’s focus on [0:0:08:29] [cross talk] Yeah and all of these is written on, tends to sit around and think about — I think he’s probably on a couple of presidential advisory board and talk about science and education. And I’ll tell you what. He, in this particular interview he gave like—to speak passionately about the big bang is sound odd, right. Like he would—one of the terms he uses as it exploded, it does enrich guts across, I mean. It was so poetic for description of the big thing. And he just unbelievably passionate about the subject matter that he’s an expert at…

Charles: Well he should be.

Chris: And there’s one thing that he said that is really funny and I have a lot of empathy for this, so we grow up in the city and he remember specifically that age 9 going to the planetarium and you know like shoot all the lights there and he’s from the city where there are only three stars and they are actually in the limo driving by. [Laughter] And he looks up and at first he was wrong, yeah right. Yeah. And then he went out in the middle of nowhere and it was like, wow!

And he admitted that now he can be on the most remove places on the planet on the highest peak, the most beautiful places you could imagine and looked up and I’ll go, yeah. It looks exactly like the planetarium. [Laughter] And I was kind of parallel for that was when I had to get glasses, the first thing when I put on glasses, I was like wow! everything looks like a painting.[Laughter] Right, because on a painting you’re close and you can see the leaves that an artist put on a painting and then you put on in for me without glasses ever since he was green boy. And then I put on like, wow! there are leaves on those bushes over there. It’s just like a painting.


Wow! That was so funny. I had this — it’s long, it’s like an hour and 20 minutes, you know I really like Steven Cobert, he’s an Israeli top notch. Steven was actually out of character. You know he plays very specific characters and he was interviewing—he’s funny and he has all the equips that he usually does. And really wasn’t that you know that, whatever ultra stereo typical conservative [0:10:57] [inaudible] studies on, yeah. And it’s good. We’re checking out so that is our news and out tip, so.

Charles: Okay, cool. Looks like you’ve got it in no time.

Chris: Look at that. Boom! So then we will talk about SEO versus PPC, right.

Charles: And this is a classic, a competition if you will that I’m pretty sure, if you’re watching this podcast, listening to this podcast that you’ve heard before. And the big question is what shall I do?

Chris: Right.

Charles: Shall I do SEO? What shall I do with PPC?

Chris: And I’ll be honest, son SEO companies are out there pitching and saying, look—

Charles: You’ve been doing much.

Chris: You’ve been spending time KMP per click. As soon as you get to the first page you can cancel that 10K. Think how much you are going to save which is this indigenous pitch, right. I would say because I mean it and it’s a nice pitch comes from a perspective of it. Really sounds good and we’re going to talk about, is it really good.

Charles: And somebody then you get the pitch from the other side, right? Take the PPC to, it’s still going to take too long, don’t do it, go ahead and invest your money right now. Get it, invest on ROI and you have more control and everything else which is some of the other pitch actually has some faith to it but…

Chris: Slightly doesn’t do it.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: It’s not taking in to account the whole picture of internet marketing.

Charles: But we believe here is that, if budget permits, do both. Especially if you are a new company, right. SEO is going to help with your branding and I got an article which we’re going into in a minute. SEO will took into branding and things like that, that’s also going to take time depending on the industry anywhere from you know two months on to six or seven months, eight months just depending on how competitive it is. Meanwhile, pay per click set it and its go. You know when you create that campaign, launch it and then its loud a couple of days later and you can immediately begin receiving traffic for your target in return.

Chris: I got it all, I got to be honest. Said it and it goes is how most people handle their account, pay per click account.

Charles: Don’t fit in, didn’t get it. Like some people will tend to do and the other would say they’re spending a ton of money and it’s not working, right.

Chris: So here, when we’re handling pay per click accounts, we’re depending on budget and time frame, you know early on we’re in daily, right. We’re wrapping up, toning down really optimizing that campaign and then as you go on months to months at least weekly we’re looking at that campaign makes sure spending right.

Charles: I’ll login, I mean I’ll listen daily if I’m in because you know, speaking of Google, I mean Edward and my client centers if you do an original, whatever that mean daily, looking at the consul I will always check. Makes sure spending right, make sure it’s not always spending, make sure you’re not getting including for places you shouldn’t be and things in that nature. May as there’s kind of a quick over the top view to make sure everything functions. Well yes definitely before you know, the first few months we’re here every day changing statistics, A and B statistics, creating negatives and doing everything that comes with managing pay search campaign properly managing. Managing—[laughter]…

Chris: Because there’s managing and then there’s properly managing [laughter]. You know we get pay per click account from other pay per click companies and they were being managed just not properly.

Charles: Yeah listen to this. It’s not a good…

Chris: Kind of like when we do a websites, right?

Charles: Yup. It’s easier to just do stuff it, built a new one from scratch.

Chris: Refocus.


Charles: Yeah. Rather than trying to clean that…

Chris: That mess, right.

Charles: So the Oracle have installed SEO versus PPC. I got from so they listed out a few different reasons why you should do each and so I disagree with some of them and you know we like to talk about it and bring it up so we could discuss it briefly. So starting with the SEO, they said “SEO creates web wide visibility in hilt brand skirts. Check. Yeah, I concur. I definitely does create accessibility across the web and yes, it create brand skirts. The more you are right naturally the bigger, the stronger your brand seems to be it will become.

Chris: The more credibility people give to your predicament side, yeah.

Charles: Especially if you’re first page ranking you know, top to your fourth positions. The ROI from organic SEO is unbeatable when done right. That goes without saying. I think any ROIs are unbeatable. [Laughter]

Chris: You should really invest in everything that has a positive ROI. Yeah.

Charles: It’s here and says SEO is very slow when compared with PPC or at least the best SEO is. I agree. You know, SEO like I said it can be slow, it’s a tough when someone process but I think one of the things we do here is we kind of expedite it the process is when we do key words we research for example which is kinds fundamental basis of both forms of search marketing prime is we handle the keyword research for the SEO phrases and our pay per click phrases at the most. And so that way, usually we redesign site once the site is done then we begin the launching a pay ad, you know Edward’s campaign. We already have the key words focused done for our SEO.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And then I can use the PPC to kind of revamp this and see what’s working over there. See if I need to maybe start optimizing for this phrase or not. And so that way, when we do launch we can launch the campaign and nearly adapt in SEO at the same time.

Chris: Right.

Charles: So yes, there is a little bit slow but it doesn’t have to best. SEO is a waste of money when done wrong [laughter] as with most things. The thing is if we do it wrong, you’ll probably waste the money. It definitely don’t want to go up you might put a wrong phrase.

Chris: Yeah. That’s the first and biggest mistake that the phone call we give were, were maybe worth pursuing somebody and they’re like, “oh no, my website is already on the first page of Google. For what? Or Chris Burres computer repair service. Yeah, you know if you don’t show up for that [laughter] you’re or you don’t have a website. That’s really all it takes this being in the game to nail phrase like that. So yeah, unfocused, improperly focus SEO is not good.

Charles: To add to that sometimes, sometimes you have to take further this back because it is fixable. I mean especially when dealing with client and businesses. I mean we have had a client right now and they do glass replacements which replacements in one of the phrases that the client x on the phone is out of less repair and so they really want to write for that phrase. We do some research, I said I don’t know if we should go for replace, we go for replacement, no trouble if we go for repair. Okay. Repair and we ended up bringing in tons of clients who want it scratches repair and ticks repair and that’s not what they do. They do replacement.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so you know, it took them long, frankly it took them two months to find out that this is really nice.

Chris: Yeah. They needed to answer enough calls of people not interested in replacing their windshields actually interested in a $20 repair that they don’t focus on. Yeah. So okay, you’re right. Turn that off.

Charles: And this SEO can’t turn it off. I can go on and change it, reoptimized that page to change in times and then overtime hopefully you can stay on the same ranking but you know forty for fright.

Chris: Right.

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