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Seventy-Ninth Internet Marketing Podcast October 8th 2010. Third page of Show Notes

SEO, SEVO and Website Chat Feature

Charles: But, you know, truthfully like you mentioned this is a month-to-month thing and with that being said, it’s good to know that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Chris: Right.

Charles: At launch.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: A matter of fact, there’s some many updates that we’ll be making throughout the next, you know, weeks and months to improve our ranking.

Chris: Yup because we’re tweaking them.

Charles: Because we’re tweaking. Google likes updated content. They like changes. I mean — so I look at it like this. You know, we were already getting a great rank with Houston SEO, right?

Chris: Right.

Charles: With the flash.

Paul: Right.

Charles: Just to answer your flash question. So, I won’t say it helps, but it doesn’t hurt like it did.

Paul: Right.

Charles: And so —

Paul: What is the flash question?

Charles: Well, he questioned — it was pretty much a simple question, is flash good for SEO.

Chris: Yeah. We’ve touched on this a number of times and kind of the short answer is, no. And then the long answer is well if you use it judiciously —

Charles: If you over do it, yeah.

Chris: If you use it judiciously, you’re okay. If you overdo it and you’ve got lots of text content in flash…

Paul: I think that question has come up a lot because who was the dude? Ben?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: He said that yesterday. He was like, flash, you guys do flash? And I could tell I felt like he asked it like —

Charles: ‘Cause he wanted it.

Paul: Okay, oh–

Charles: That’s the impression I get.

Paul: Oh, okay. See, I thought he was asking, I was like, I heard flash is not so good. I [0:28:43] [Indiscernible] it. I’ve been asked that a lot lately so I guess people are kind of —

Chris: Well you know —

Paul: — catching on to the flash SEO.

Chris: When you’re not in the industry, you probably get kind of flashes of information and the flash of information is flash is bad. Right?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: It’s great for aesthetics, but flash is bad. Well, it’s not that flash is bad, it’s that an all flash website is pretty much unindexible by the Google monster.

Charles: It’s how you use it.

Paul: [Growls]

Chris: There we go. [Laughs]

Charles: He sounded more like a pirate.


Chris: Okay. The Google Pirate.

Paul: Simmer me hello.


Chris: That was pretty good. I’m impressed. I want you to do a whole podcast in pirate.

Paul: I would too. I would. I really would.

Chris: Maybe at the South —

Charles: — airport you would.

Paul: Yeah, I really would.

Chris: — Sotheby, Southwest, Paul will be dressed as a pirate, but —


Do you go as a pirate to your Renaissance Festival?

Paul: No.

Charles: Oh.

Paul: I have friends. I like to keep them.

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: You know? ‘Cause one of my homeboys would be like, dawg it’s been real…

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Don’t ever call me again.

Chris: Call me again.

Paul: Seriously the pirate thing at the re — no, no, not cool.

Chris: Does he listen to the podcast?

Charles: I had another question.

Paul: — he–

Chris: — get out. Anyway.


Charles: Well, another comment was that our contact button — contact us link looked like a PayPal button, a buy button. Interesting observation. Did you want to click it?

Paul: Oh… [Laughs]

Chris: That’s a good question.

Charles: You know? I mean, if you wanted to click it then job well done.

Chris: Yup. And here’s a great — cause we had already talked about that button a little.

Charles: Uh-hum.

Chris: And my concern was yes it looks like a button and it has a phone number. So is it — does it appear to the user that it’s a badge and they’re not going to click it ‘cause it’s a badge with a phone number in it? Or does it appear that it’s a button with a phone number in it that they’re going to click? And so, I thought about maybe the contact us being underlined so it looked like a hyperlink.

Charles: Or the objective is either one.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Call or click.

Chris: Exactly.

Charles: You know, if you click it, great, fill out the form, which we’ll be working on. I’ll tell you comments about the form, total agreement with that.

Paul: Okay, garish [0:30:57] [Indiscernible]

Charles: You know, but yo
u don’t have to take it.

Chris: Yeah, they’re comments.


Charles: You can call. So I understand totally.

Chris: Yeah. So, we’ll definitely be tweaking that. In fact, we even have — there are a couple of things on the form that we’re probably going to do some A and B variant testing on just to see what’s more effective. What gets more form submittals you know and we’ll throw this out there. You know, one of the concepts was should the website be the first thing you filled out? ‘Cause if you start filling out a form, we know that people are apprehensive about filling out forms. What they’re apprehensive about is giving out their personal information. And so it might be easier for them to say, “Oh, yeah, I’ll give my website. Oh, I’ve already given my website so I’ll go ahead and fill in my name.”

Charles: Uh-hum.

Chris: As opposed to, “Man, I don’t want to give my name,” you know? So they don’t even get started on the form. So, there’s probably some value in that. In fact, we may even need to change it so that the website is the only thing they put and then they go to a second form where they fill out the rest of the information. That’s an AB variant test for sure, right? ‘Cause–

Charles: Yeah, we can test it.

Chris: That’s an interesting concept.

Charles: Just from what I’ve learned though, you know, a lot of times sending people that extra click, that extra —

Chris: You lose them anyway.

Charles: Yeah, the double opt-in type deal…

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Yeah. I hardly ever double opt-in. Like, you don’t trust me. I filled it out–

Paul: [Laughs]

Charles: — I sent my email address, now you want me to click on this link?

Chris: Right. And the last word is social now.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: [Laughs] And some credit card information, just throw it in there. We’ll call it card numbers, not credit card information.

Paul: To go back to what you all said, maybe I’m just having — I need to go this site a little bit more. So, then we have a button —

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: — with a badge. I do. I just need to — I thought I’d look at it.

Chris: You know what, you were laughing but it’s so true. Like, how many people know what’s on their current website and you know–

Charles: The guy who’s been working on it.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: It’s right.


Paul: And you did a great job and Javier.

Charles: Yeah, Javier rocks.

Paul: I’m glad you said that.

Charles: Javier rock.

Paul: A great job. Somebody told me that. I meant to tell you both. Like, you’ve got, like original design, it was great, the content and everything you did was awesome, both of you.

So, we have a badge with our website in it and it’s —

Charles: Well not really a badge.

Paul: Okay.

Charles: It’s more of a button.

Paul: A button.

Charles: Yeah.

Paul: So there’s a question about whether or not people can click on it and call us directly? Is that kind of where…?

Chris: Well…

Charles: Well, I think Darren’s question was, the contact-us button looks like a PayPal button, buy now graphic.

Chris: So, so —

Charles: It was more of a comment.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So — I mean Charles is going for — it’s got our phone number. It’s like contact us now and then it’s got the phone number. You can click it, it takes you to the contact-us form. And so my concern was, okay, does it look like a badge?

Paul: Okay.

Chris: And they’re not going to click it ‘cause it’s a badge that has the phone number in it. Or, does it look like a button and I think it looks like both.

Charles: Yeah —

Chris: You know, so…

Charles: And the reason for it is we redid the navigation.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: There is no contact link on the navigation.

Chris: To keep it simple.

Paul: Oh…

Charles: So I need to give them a contact place that’s, you know, in a sense–

Chris: Prominent.

Charles: Throughout the entire site that’s prominent that’ll take them to the contact page.

Paul: Okay. That makes sense.

Charles: And so, that’s why it’s there.

Chris: And that’s about simplifying content. You know, when we talk about SEVO, Search Engine Visitor Optimization, one of our key things is it’s got to be simple.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You know the more simple, the less you’re going to confuse. You’re not going to overwhelm them with too much information and then that’ll just leave them, you know, paralyzed to inaction or — there’s probably some brilliant phrase.

Paul: You know something I just thought of and this is probably a conversation off camera, what if we did a Skype thing?

Charles: Well, that was his next.

Chris: Yeah, he did say that.

Charles: He talked about Skype and the only reason–

Paul: For real?

Charles: Yeah, he brought it up.

Chris: If you would pay attention to —

Paul: Oh…



Charles: You know, he has a Skype pop-up link. I thought about the Skype.

Chris: Now this is good.

Charles: The only reason, I hadn’t recommended it yet is because we need to determine who’s going to log in.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Oh.

Charles: Right? Somebody needs to be logged on in Skype. Yeah, they can call but Skype kind of gives them the opportunity to communicate with us on a different media.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And you know–

Chris: And we —

Charles: — people are logged in.

Chris: We’re afraid we don’t use Skype much here so, you know, something that we’d have to pick up. There’s another thing, is we use an interoffice chat feature and it has the ability to put a live chat and the
n you could chat on the website, and then they could chat with the person that they choose that happens to be logged in and live. So, I was playing around with that. We’ll get that implemented. I don’t know where we’re going to squeeze it on the website.


Paul: [Laughs]

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: But that goes back to the website is always changing. ‘Cause, you know, we know that you can close more deals from having a chat feature. You know, we’ve got technical partners that are doing it they’ve got good statistics on it. And so we know it’s something that we should have on our website. It’s not something that we felt — you know, it’s not — there’s one thing that I think is a really kind of important rule in business.

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: I’m going all over the place here.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: This will be my last stop, all right? Everybody on the train.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: And the rule is, you know, there’s a lot of people in business who say… It goes this way, ready and they’re aiming and then they’re aiming and then they’re aiming and then they’re aiming and then they’re still aiming and they never fire.

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: And the way we released our website is the opposite. It was like, ready, fire? Okay, where did that go, let’s aim, right? ‘Cause in business it’s often just about getting something out there, right, and then perfecting it.

Charles: Fine tuning.

Chris: ‘Cause if we waited for this website to be done, done, done, it would probably never get done because, especially ‘cause we’re in internet marketing and —

Paul: Where things change.

Chris: — things are changing every day.

Charles: Uh-huh.

Chris: You know we’re like, “Oh, we can’t release this week ‘cause we have to add Skype. Oh, we can’t release this week ‘cause we need another type of chat,” you know. So get on there —

Charles: Well not just there–

Chris: — and fire.

Charles: And not just that, you know, I think it goes towards what we were talking about earlier, our target. You know, our target demographic — you know, for people who use our business aren’t very tech savvy. I mean, truthfully, they probably won’t be using Skype.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Right? They probably won’t click contact.

Chris: Right.

Charles: They will call. You know the form, they will put their website first.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And so, you know, our website is built in a fashion that targets who we service best.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Not necessarily you know…

Paul: Everybody?

Chris: Our peers.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Not necessarily peers, they’re the listeners of this podcast; most of the listeners of this podcast.

Speaking of which, we’re a little bit over time. It was great information. I mean this is really awesome. Thanks to Darren for providing us this critical analysis. We’ll get right on top of that… sometime?


Charles: Yeah. Working on it.

Chris: Paul is actually going to check out our website. [Laughs]

Paul: Apparently, it’s new —

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: — or something.

Chris: He was so busy working on his haiku he didn’t have a chance to look at the new —

Paul: Five, seven, five —


It would have been whacked anyway. It would have been just terrible. [Laughs]

Chris: Thank you guys. You guys have made us the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. You know 3000 downloads a week is phenomenal.

Paul: Awesome. Wow.

Chris: I mean it’s just phenomenal. Thank you guys.

Again,, Hit us up in an email, Call us, (713) 592-6724. Somebody will answer the phone and we’ll be happy to help you if you’ve got any questions. We do, do websites. We’ve got to make sure we mention that. And this has been podcast #79. Thank you guys for listening. My Chris Burres.

Paul: I’m Paul Hanson.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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