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This is a transcript from our 118th Internet Marketing Podcast(3rd page).

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SEO, Social Media, Facebook

Christina: Thanksgiving feast, its like, “Yes. It’s clean, it’s fast. There are no tables. There’s no extraneous code. Javascript has been pulling to one file, you know and repeat it to the site. The style sheets are clean, even style sheets, you know, you can bloat stuff.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: So, you compact that… you compact your HTML as much and I has, it does make a difference.

Chuck: Yeah, a difference.

Christina: Is it the end that’ll be all. No.

Chris: You know, just – just you know.

Chuck: The small factor in that…

Christina: All these come together, yes.

Chris: Just to give a little credibility, you know, why people should be listening to you about SEO, also Google Web, what is it? “Houston Web Developer or Designer”?

Christina: Oh, Houston Web Designer.

Chris: Houston Web Designer and then Houston Web Designing, I think.

Christina: And web developer.

Chris: Yeah, and web developer.

Christina: Houston Web Design and…

Chris: Position number one.

Chuck: Yes, good job on that.

Christina: Yeah.

Chris: Without our help.

Christina: Yes, I know.

Chuck: Did it by herself.

Chris: Well, she did say she listened to all our podcast.

Christina: Yes.

Chris: So and we’re going to believe that.

Christina: Yeah. And so it raises traffic.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: You know, but it’s up to me. Just like I tell my clients…

Chris: Right.

Christina: It’s up to me to take that traffic and do something.

Chris: Yeah, the people that fill out the newsletter or you know whatever and pick up the phone.

Christina: In SEO, I tell people that to don’t forget Social Media.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Christina: How much traffic is coming from Facebook, it’s almost equal from Google now.

Chris: Probably half of our podcast now are about social or at least includes some…

Chuck: Social makes its way into the conversation.

Chris: All the time.

Christina: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Chuck: I had a meeting yesterday. Anytime we’re talking web, class called in all the time. And social will, before [29:26:2][Inaudible].


Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Either do, you know, using Facebook.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: You know, I’ve been getting a lot of LinkedIn and Youtube top lately.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Twitters has been kind of the plateau on defeat world, I don’t think they’re growing as fast as they were.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: You know, could be with the – you know Google plus coming in things, but yeah, social will be just as important as headings.

Christina: Absolutely. And I was talking to a financial guy this morning and I said, you know, SEO might not work for you but you’ve got to be – you’ve got to be on LinkedIn.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: I mean, Facebook might be not your thing, but you are a professional talking to other professionals. So you’ve got to get on LinkedIn. And, he’s like, I have an account.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: No, I’m talking about every single day…

Chris: Yeah, start connecting.

Christina: Get on there. Try getting to discussions. Getting to our website…

Chris: Well, it’s – it’s, and we did a podcast about what, who uses which social media and industrial, all of them, almost all of them use, right. If – if, you know, if you’re debating you should be doing any social at least, you should be doing LinkedIn. It may not – it’s not, you know, Facebook may not be right for some widget manufacturer, right? It’s just may not be, especially if it’s like car parts that dealers work with.

We had a candle manufacturer called the other day, they should be doing social, candles are very, like personal…

Christina: Absolutely.

Chris: Experience…

Christina: Yeah, if they’re retail. But, if they’re the manufacturer then, you know, there’s…

Chris: Well and he has the right to go on to a retail market.

Christina: Okay. There you go.

Chris: So, they are distributing and they want a retail market. So…

Christina: They need to be out there.

Chris: Yeah. One thing that you, I know you’re doing newsletter. And if something that we – we need to do here, if you’d actually castigated us on that…

Christina: Do as I say. Not as I do.

Chris: What so… it seems like, you know, we talk about newsletters to a lot of our clients and – and often don’t get to him ‘cause we’re expanding other campaigns and we’ll get to them eventually. We say that newsletters are great touch point with the client and how – like compare contrast Facebook ‘cause that’s a touch point and – and the newsletter. Any experiences that you’ve have…

Christina: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Between the difference between the two.

Christina: I use Facebook as a tool to get people to my newsletter…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: That is the biggest thing.

Chris: Right.

Christina: So, one I have them. It’s a push now marketing.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: So, if I…

Chris: Does Facebook still use, it’s a bit of Dave got to go check it.

Christina: Yeah. Yeah, and it depends on what I post if they’re going to see it.

Chris: Right,

Christina: ‘Cause imagine you got that 30 second window they’re just scrolling down, but if I’m at the bottom I did it an hour ago.

Chris: I see it. Yeah.

Christina: So, I’m gone now. So, it – you have to do it all.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: And you really do.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah.

Christina: The podcast, the video blogs, the newsletters, the social media, you got to do it. So, if newsletters I now have their name…

Chris: Right.

Christina: Their e-mail. I know their interested in what I’m saying…

Chris: Right.

Christina: In some capacity. I reached that, right I have unsubscribe, you know, I’m so far so good. I get one unsubscribe every six months, you know.

Chris: Right.

Christina: I don’t know why, but you know, I always want to e-mail them back. Can, I just ask you…

Chris: Yeah. Hey, I think…

Christina: But, I don’t.

Chris: You accidentally clicks unsubscribe.

Christina: I don’t want to be pushy, but it’s just for my own sake, not that I’m mad.

Chris: We’re taking the [32:37:06][Inaudible].

Christina: What you do? There’s a little [32:41:2][Inaudible].


Chris: Don’t be a scrub a fool, you know. That’s great. It’s like an audio event. [32:50:5][Inaudible] who enters to unsubscribe my newsletter.

Christina: Oh, God you guys. That’s exactly it. So, but – yeah the Facebook drives it in so about four or five times a month I’ve got a new subscription or, but when I’m at trade shows, when I’m at expos I’ve got my ball.

Chris: Right.

Christina: You know, win an iPod or you know little – little iPod.

Chris: Yeah, the – the Nano.

Chuck: Nano.

Christina: I take a picture of it ‘cause they come and, “Oh, I’m going to win and iPhone”. And I was like, no – no — no, this – this.

Chris: See this thing clip right here, that’s actually…

Christina: Don’t get too excited.

Chris: And it’s slightly used.

Christina: My kids don’t want it anymore.

Chuck: You got to do, you make this something, it’s preload.

Chris: Yeah. It’s preloaded.

Christina: But it’s…

Chris: And already – already been loved.

Chuck: Yeah, it’s probably, it has music on it.

Christina: Oh, great. Oh, God that’s great. But, yes so the, you know those are all kinds of e-mails, they opted in.

Chris: Right.

Christina: They agreed to be in, I never use subscription list. So, it’s growing. And only in the past year that I was really push the e-mail marketing. So, every time I sent out e-mail. I’ll get about three or four responses back, either requesting for services, more information, call me about this…

Chris: Right.

Christina: ‘Cause it’s always about what they want to hear…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: It’s not about top 10 web design tricks.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: That’s right.

Christina: They’re care less about the stuff. They want to know how to get on number one themselves…

Chuck: Right.

Christina: My feeling is if you want to do it yourself, I will give you information so that you have…

Chuck: That’s what we’re doing in podcast.

Chris: Exactly. Yeah.

Christina: Exactly, make it easy for them and once you realize…

Chris: Oh, by the way. You shouldn’t be.

Christian: Once you realize how hard it really is…

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah.

Christina: Even Paperclick, you get people on. Try Paperclick it didn’t work for me, well, you weren’t doing it right.

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: And you know, you will too cheap about it. You tried 50 bucks a months…

Chris: I mean, the simple question is, are there other people in your industry doing Paperclick? Have they been doing it for a long period of time? Do you think they’re just throwing money away.

Christina: Right.

Chris: So, they’re doing it right. So, you were doing it wrong.

Christina: Right – right. So, that’s… and with my client I tell them, “e-mail this letter and you blog”, do both. So, they are afraid of about content, I can’t do it all. So, I’ve taken my newsletter and put it on my blog.

Chuck: Yeah.

Christina: You know, so they get interchanged.

Chris: Right.

Christina: One gets and posted it on posted on Facebook. One gets posted on LinkedIn.

Chris: By the way, how can somebody subscribe to your newsletter?

Chuck: Yeah.

Christina: Go to my website at and on the right is subscribed now and you get 30 e-mail marketing.

Chris: And that spex.

Christina: Spex as in

Chuck: And it doesn’t, it’s… I like that.

Chris: And don’t unsubscribe.

Chuck: I think what I’m going to do a whole campaign about this, Social [35:27:2][Inaudible] also Mr. Stats. Oh, follow me foul…

Chris: So, please to meet me.

Chuck: Oh, man. That’s what I’m…

Chris: Going to be at Ms. Social and Mr. T. Social. Maybe Mr. S.

Chuck: Oh, no. I’ll figure out something.

Chris: That is a – that is awesome. We, really appreciate it you coming in today.

Christina: I’m glad I came it was fun.

Chris: And joining us in our podcast. Some, good information again, you could find Christina at, she is in – here in Houston and does phenomenal stuff. We’ve actually looked at some of her work. So…


Christina: Vice-a-versa.

Chris: Well, thank you.

Christina: For sharing.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, do a little bit back and forth. Hey, this is the client that I think you guys might handle a little better than me and vice-versa. So…

Chuck: So, maybe I we’ll just like to…Oh, yeah…

Chris: You’re ready.

Christina: Okay.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That was good – that was good man.

Chuck: Blank – blank, oh I was like. If you caught him you might sit through me.

Chris: Yeah, you know that zen that moment when your mind is shut off, that’ we’re at.

Chuck: I won’t set off, but I would blame you. So, check this out, blankster@gangster. And it’s got – I used to be a gamer.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Like I should be heavy on the a game, PS3 user [36:53:2][Inaudible] xbox. Anyway, so there’s a new game came up.

Christina: I think it’s released.

Chuck: New game up – new game came up called Human Evolution.

Chris: Human Evolution.

Chuck: Yup, okay pretty… apparently they have a [37:06:2][Inaudible]. They have fun page who like the game or whatnot. And, so they did the release and inside their packing they were—they had a free $50 coupon to buy the game online with the company called online—on live gaming.

Chris: On live, right?

Chuck: People at GameStart opened up all the packages, took the coupons out and put them on the shelf.

Chris: Oh.

Chuck: Yeah, because they, “didn’t want to promote a competitor”.

Chris: Yeah, I would…

Chuck: It’s a sealed package from the manufacturer.

Chris: Yeah, that’s like pulling out – like cutting their box, like a cereal boxes with all like all the coupons off.

Chuck: Yeah, so. Yeah, game stop.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah, a pity to fool take my coupon…

Chris: Man, that’s – that’s going to go, that’s good. Look where you started.

Christina: Next thing goes.

Chris: It’s all Christian’s fault.

Chuck: So, yeah games stop till I’m in., they wouldn’t…

Chris: Yeah.

Christina: It always back fires, karma, man. Karma.

Chris: Maybe our tip will be, pity to fool who unsubscribes or like…

Chuck: [38:15:9][Inaudible].

Christina: Oh, she’s holding up.

Chuck: You got me, Oh, low blow.

Chris: All right, you guys have been listen to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes, that is because you – we really appreciate it when you go out to iTunes, create an account, it was a three set – three step.

Chuck: Three step, yeah. Go to iTunes, create an account and review us.

Chris: And then send us a note, either on Facebook or Twit us, Facebook us – make sure you like us. We’ve got G plus.

Chuck: If you’re in the mood, it’s all I’m saying, If you do really feeling good, go to Google and search SEO Podcast, we will come up first page, just want us.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I so, appreciate it.

Chris: We’re doing a little kind of stats on how many people, plus want us and what affect that has on ranking, if any so, that would be some information to get back to you.

Christina Hawkins, again, thank you very much for coming in. Until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burres.

Chuck: My name is Charles Lewis

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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