SEO and switching Domain Names

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This is a transcript from our 137th Internet Marketing Podcast(2nd page).

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SEO and switching Domain Names

Chris: Figure a way for us to get you your $10 gift card. That’s what we need to do. So I think that’s a great question. It’s a big concern that people have. We have clients come here in more competitive industries and if their domain name doesn’t match and we think we’re going to have a hard time, we’ll ask them to switch their domains so we’ve got to coordinate that. Make sure we don’t lose any – I mean, they’re first question is, “If I’m going to switch my domain name…”

Charles: “Am I going to lose?…”

Chris: “Am I going to lose my good rank?” And usually our answer is, “First off, you don’t have good rank.”


There’s really nothing to worry about. Second, if you did, no. You’re not going to lose it.

Charles: I mean at the end of the day, it’s your name so you should be okay with it. I’ll see no tattoo tears?

Chris: No, oh right, we’ve overused. Quick, stall. Tell them what they’re about to see.

Charles: I got them. So yeah… content for today is about Content. I put a great article…

Chris: …Okay, that’s enough.

Charles: Which I put a good article. We’re going to talk about content so get ready. We’re going to some things that talk about good content, bad content, poor quality content, great quality content so hopefully this will be of some assistance to you guys.

Chris: Okay, I’m going to read two reviews. We’ll keep it short. First one is title, “Very enjoyable, four stars.” Boo. Kevin Gallagher, “It’s a shame this podcast hasn’t got more reviews so you, potential listeners, get a true reading of how enjoyable the podcast really is. Don’t let the seemingly light heartedness of this podcast put you off the fact that these guys know their stuff. As a SEO manager here in Scotland at movin on up in Edinburgh, shame as plug, so everyone go out right now and Google Movin on Up in Edinburgh. I really enjoy this podcast even if sometimes their time to get to the point takes a while. Keep up the good work guys and who says SEO has to be boring?”

We don’t say it has to be boring and punch in the face to you Mr. Gallagher.

Charles: That name sounds familiar.

Chris: Yeah. I don’t know.

Charles: I can’t pinpoint it but I’ve heard that name before.

Chris: Next one, title is, “Useful help,” by the way, obviously this is the UK collection of reviews from iTunes. “Useful help to small business” by Webby in the UK. “Very helpful content on all aspects of internet marketing. The host don’t take themselves too seriously.” That’s for damn sure.

“And explain the content so that us, mere mortals, can understand it. Their podcast are the main reason why we have seen huge increases in traffic to our website.” Oh yeah. I mean, pat myself on the back here. “These guys have taken a bland but very important topic and made it fun and interesting. The guy who gave one star is either a jealous competitor or a douche bag.”

Charles: Wow! Who’s that?

Chris: This is right here, Neo…

Charles: I’ll tell about the one star guy.

Chris: Oh yeah, that one star is Mjen200. That’s crazy and that was Neil Webb, UK. Excellent man.

Charles: Appreciate you Neo. Punch in the face.

Chris: That’s a over the pond punch in the face. That’s awesome.

Charles: Over the seas in the UK.

Chris: All the way over there.

Charles: Long business punch in the face, that’s what’s up. All right so let’s dig in since even now we’re four star. Well I think we beat our Geno [0:12:56] [Phonetic] time…

Chris: Today, we’re just cranking business fast.

Charles: This is a pretty long article. I put from both blog. I actually got the link on SEO [0:13:03] [Inaudible] and I read through it and it has some pretty interesting points. It’s kind of a nifty article so I went in and I wanted to highlight some things that I think would, not only help you, but also help us.

And really the whole reason for the article was how to deal with Panda. If your site has been affected by the recent Google Panda updates, like you maybe lost your rank or you probably just not showing any more contents, traffic is down, conversions are down then this article – this is going to give you some changes, some things you could do to your site to help improve that.

This article for promotional content but I wanted to include some CEVO stuff because they kind of go hand in hand with us. So the first thing he says, I like the first line, it says, “Shallow content provides little value to users and offers low quality based on intent of the query.” And I totally agree with that.

I hate coming across sites when I’m looking for something and the content is shallow. It may rank well, frankly, but there is no value to me and the problem that could raise is a high bone.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Because definitely if I was reading the first two or three lines and I haven’t seen inkling of what I was searching, I’m out of there.

Chris: So that’s kind of even two things, that’s relevancy where we often call our relevancy shallow like what are examples of something that would be shallow or things that you could do to make sure it’s not shallow content.

Charles: Well, I think it depends on the search so if you’re searching for a product, right, then make sure on that product page that should rank, give me a great description. Give me great pricing. Give me shipping information. Give me user reviews. [0:14:53] [Inaudible], technical information that makes this content worth it.

Chris: How about the price? [Laughter]


Charles: Yeah definitely. I think I said that.

Chris: Oh okay. Yeah because I mean you go websites every now and then, you’re just like, “What were these people thinking?” They missed some key components of either a product or if it’s an informative website. One of the things that we really stress is you got to have bullet points. People just don’t have time or patience or generation X, Y, Z can’t read or can only read – bullet points are just a great way. Got to have a good image, that’s a way – when you start seeing bullet points in an image and maybe a chart, that’s when you start knowing when you’ve hit good content.

Charles: Definitely. Last thing or worst case scenario, you search for a product and all there is is a price.

Chris: Add to cart price.

Charles: Yeah. Why should I add this to the cart? You know, that’s a pretty good example. Another thing about content, this kind of goes into if you’re publishing articles and blog post and things like that, newsletters, content authority. Who’s the author of this content? I would cite for an example.

A great way to identify that is by links. Link to your Twitter page. Link to your G plus page. Link to your Facebook page. Link to a VAIO page about yourself so that way people can see who authored this content. They could also see your background, what makes you credible, what gives you the authority to write about this particular subject, whatever that subject is.

Chris: By the way, straight up, I need to incorporate, I’ve got a template for our transcription of our podcast. We take this podcast, the audio goes out onto iTunes and then we transcribe it. The transcription goes on to our blog for content, highly recommended.

When I put in the transcription, I don’t really identify the author.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Right? I mean it’s us clearly but they’re looking for that authored by or by tag and then a link to our bio’s so that could start creating credibility. So that’s something we will be adding to the next podcast upgrade.

Charles: Yeah, frankly we should author by and tag it with hash tag SEO, podcast, 137.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: Another one they talked about I heard was the site credibility and I like the line I read on here. “Credible websites have a high percentage of [0:17:22] [Inaudible] time, are easy to use, easy to navigate and have a high pay speed. They look professional based on the purpose of the site and they make verify content easy and provide physical contact information.

This is basic CEVO stuff to me. Make sure your site is up. Don’t go with Joe Blow hosting and your site is down most of the time.

Chris: When you said that, I had that picture that commercial of the credit card service with the Russian guys and all the bones.

Charles: Don’t go with Peggy.

Chris: Yeah, don’t go with Peggy’s hosting service.

Charles: Yeah, definitely. Make sure it’s easy to use, easy navigation, easy to figure out where you need to go throughout the site. Definitely include maybe text nav and image nav if applicable. The high pay to be, this is isn’t low fas, don’t use those heavy images. Kind of one of the reasons why we don’t already like handing over the keys to a website to clients. They can, we just don’t recommend it because they’ll like to go take brand new pictures, good pictures.

Chris: Off of their 10 megapixel camera.

Charles: Yeah and so…

Chris: And upload them and compress them. Not actually compress them, they just shrink them and so now they’ve got a 1.5 megapixel image that’s got to be downloaded for their website to show properly.

Charles: Yeah and you know, it sucks. That can affect your site credibility. Another good line here, “What is credibility?” Site credibility is the sum of expertise plus trustworthiness. That was awesome.

Chris: Right.

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