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Thirty-ninth Internet Marketing Podcast Nov. 13th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Hey, guys. Welcome back to unknown secrets of SEO podcast. Welcome back and we’re going to have a good time today.

Chris: This is podcast number 39. For those of you guys watching us on USTREAM, hi out there. Say hello, Paul.

Paul: What’s up, internet TV land?

Chris: So for those of you who are just listening to our podcast every Friday at approximately 9:15, you can actually watch the recording of our SEO Video podcast live on USTREAM. I’m going to make a link for, you know, like — well, since we’re talking about links, you can actually find us on Twitter, You can also find us on Facebook and this is the only kind I’m talking about. The easiest way to find our Facebook page is to go to And that will automatically take you to our Facebook page.

Paul: Our SEO Facebook page.

Chris: We’re going to do the same thing with USTREAM. We haven’t done it yet. By the time you hear this if this is a podcast and if you’re watching on USTREAM, you actually know where the link is so you’re okay.

Paul: I say a majority of our listeners does that. They are going to be like, “Oh, wow, that’s been up for two or three weeks.”

Chris: Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. So if you’re listening to this already every Friday at 9:15, you can logon to your computer and you will be able to go to and that is the letter “U” stream as in streaming audio, we are streaming — not streaming out, streaming video.

Paul: Video and audio.

Chris: We are streaming our podcast live as you can see if you’re watching.

Paul: We moved around. We want to show you all the office, more of the office. It’s the front part.

Chris: Right here in the front reception area of e-webstyle here in Houston, Texas. As always, we want to talk a little bit about what we discussed last time. Do you remember at all?

Paul: No, not even close. We talked about having a podcast and we probably said something about Facebook and Twitter. That’s about it, man. I don’t know.

Chris: All right. All right. I’m going to give you a hint. Think rap.

Paul: We talked about 2:15 new album? I don’t know. He had an album about to come out.

Chris: There’s only one rapper that we can talk about here at e-webstyle. You know that.

Paul: Most serious. Most serious.

Chris: Most serious.

Paul: What’s up, Chuck?

Chris: We are sorry you’re not here. Hopefully, you’ll join us next time. We were talking — actually, remember we went through the — all the lyrics of his —

Chris: Oh, yes, right we went through — we finished the …

Chris: Design coding

Paul: … design coding, yeah. Awesome rap. You all got to go check that out.

Chris: Go back and check out that last thing. Again, it’s an S — I know it sounds funny. It’s an SEO rapper.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: So, literally, he raps about SEO.

Paul: Technical topic and does it very well.

Chris: Yeah. And if you just follow the information in that rap, you’ll be in good shape.

Paul: I think you’ll be in great shape. I think he’s got some really good information on there.

Chris: So, how about news? You don’t have your phones so we don’t have any of your wacky news today.

Paul: I got, you know what? There is something odd in the news today — or not odd but stupid. I’ve read it on my Facebook showed me this last night. Okay. Late Wednesday night, in the United — in Tennessee, three football players in the University of Tennessee got arrested for — not aggravate or something — for armed robbery. They also happened to be three of the top recruits in the country. So, how are you going to be one of the top ball players in the country and you are going to go rob somebody, and you are going to expect no one in your own community not to notice you? And one of the idiots had his University of Tennessee like sweat pants on. I was like, okay.

Chris: So, this goes, you know, the first thing, thinking was, “I know the answer. It’s logged 3:51, right? But this is just stupidity.

Paul: This is like, I think, come on, man. You’re a big time ball player. You’re going to rob somebody —

Chris: You’re probably a big guy. You’re probably a huge guy. So most people can actually recognize you just from your frame and the neighborhood.

Paul: Exactly.

Chris: And where was it? Where in Tennessee?

Paul: Somewhere — they play ball for University of Tennessee. So they had their Tennessee gear on. It’s like, why don’t you just write your name across the chest.

Chris: You know what? Well, I have a solution for them ’cause the news item that I pulled up, Facebook was used as an alibi.

Paul: Really? For what?

Chris: So there is a guy, I don’t remember where — what state he was — what city he was, there was a guy who was accused of a crime. He heard that the police were looking for him. Apparently, has a record of some — I don’t know. How do you hear that the police are looking for you?

Paul: I don’t know.

Chris: Anyway, he turned himself in ’cause he was sure that he would, you know, be acquitted that, you know, it wasn’t him, and he got nailed in the lineup. And when his father realized that he had updated his status from his father’s house, like four minutes before the crime has been committed across — on the other side of town —

Paul: There’s no way. There’s no way. Thanks Facebook.

Chris: Actually, there is.

Paul: Oh, how?

Chris: All he had to do — we are going to give you a little technical — is RDP ’cause you know, I just lock in to you all the time.

Paul: I couldn’t have done that. I was at the house.

Chris: Yeah. So —

Paul: When I was RDPing while I was committing this crime from my telephone.

Chris: Which I can’t do on the phone. So I probably now one of the only people on the planet who cannot use Facebook status updates as an alibi. But that’s what they are good at then. They could have, you know, used their phones.

Paul: What kind of crime? What did he do?

Chris: It was burglar — it was, no, it was a mugging. It was a mugging.

Paul: Okay, I think that somebody that’s that intelligent and who can — is intelligent enough to use RDP —

Chris: No, he wasn’t using RDP. Oh, I’m saying that he — they used it as an alibi.

Paul: Oh.

Chris: So — but it is possible for him to appear to be on his dad’s computer.

Paul: Oh, so, he had his dad update his Facebook status? His dad was about to rob the status. I’m going to update my Facebook status right quick.

Chris: It’s a family business.

Paul: Yeah. I guess so.

Chris: And we all know that lineups are 100 percent accurate.

Paul: Every time. Every time. That’s why I stay out of them. Oh, and then balloon boy we talked about, they got in trouble. Also, the balloon boy people there. His folks got arrested, I think, or something like that.

Chris: They just admitted it, right? They just kind of, “Yeah, we did it, yeah.”

Paul: So, that’s –yeah.

Chris: Come on. There are you know, fame. Fame in itself is actually not that valuable.

Paul: Oh, yeah, really.

Chris: Right? Fame is not that valuable. You know, it’s the things that you do, you know, to build up the fame. Football fame, valuable. Throwing a balloon across the country and having the entire world follow you, not so valuable.

Paul: Not so valuable unless you can sell some t-shirts which are probably confiscated by the governments …

Chris: That’s where other people are making money.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: People are selling…

Paul: I thought it was the family.

Chris: No, it’s the other people.

Paul: It’s like, like on the interview they have a t-shirt like, “Hey, now you can buy this t-shirt.”

Chris: No, we didn’t do this for marketing but if you want it, too, you can buy this t-shirt right now. Yeah, run falcon run or go falcon go.

Paul: Hide falcon hide. Yeah.

Chris: Crazy. The other piece little piece of news and it is technicals that we call this relatively related, Microsoft banned one million Xbox players from their live servers.

Paul: That sucks if you — I don’t play Xbox live but that sucks. What do they get banned for? I know it’s a big time gaming platform.

Chris: Yeah, so the Xbox 360 is a huge gaming platform. You can actually sign in and play against people around the world. And in this Xbox live service. And basically, what Microsoft — apparently a big new game was released recently. There are actually people …

Paul: Some war game…

Chris: Yeah, some war game, and people were playing the game on Xbox live before it was released.

Paul: Oh, that’s a sign that somebody, something was done illegally.

Chris: Yes, and so what is, is you can actually modify your Xbox to play those games to play illegally copied games and Microsoft tagged those people and shut down their live account.

Paul: But I knew that, like, I had an old, my old Xbox was modded but I knew, like, hey, if I ever got on …

Chris: Ssshh.

Paul: Oh, yeah, my homeboy had one that was modded. I knew if you ever get online you were going to ban you so it’s your fault.

Chris: Well, apparently people have been playing, you know, with modded Xboxes this whole time, right?

Paul: I thought they’d catch you instantly when they …

Chris: Well, probably, they had capability but, you know, think about it, they just closed down a million accounts. I don’t know what the cost of Xbox. Is it — I think it’s like ten bucks a month, five bucks — I don’t know where the cost …

Paul: Well, it’s got some significant revenue.

Chris: Well, they have 20 million users so they ended up losing one million. But it’s still huge and so, you know.

Paul: I mean, it’s five percent of your customer, it’s five percent, right?

Chris: Good enough, I can’t calculate it but five percent. So if you have an Xbox and it’s modded, really you shouldn’t get on live right now ’cause …

Paul: And that one’s free. That’s free advice right there.

Author: eweb-admin