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Thirty-seven Internet Marketing Podcast Oct. 30th 2009.  Third page of Transcription

Paul: Oh, and that’s another thing. If you just have to use a splash page there’s some kind of coding you can put in it where it only shows, a cookie, where it only shows once. So if I go on that page, the first time on that computer, it shows it to me. If I go back on that same computer it doesn’t show it to me. Do that if you just have to have a splash page. And there’s people who like them.

Chris: And also, you know, there’s a lot of value in the index page, if you will, the first page of your website. Google can give that a lot of value so don’t, even if you’re going to do a flash, make sure it’s actually a flash that’s on top of your page right, so that when it goes away then the text is there. I wouldn’t even recommend that because we just don’t recommend splash pages.

Paul: They’re pointless.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: To me it’s just pointless.

Chris: The only kind, the only kind of page that you might think it’d be valuable is a really artistic page right?

Paul: Ok, yeah.

Chris: But even then you’ve gotta, you know, what’s your goal? Is your goal just to send potential clients there by business card or by phone call or by some advertisement somewhere and then they go there? Or is your goal to actually take that website and start using it to passively generate ROI, generate visitors and traffic and customers? And if it’s the former, great, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s just another kind of, brochure type medium. If it’s something that you want to actively create customers with then, you know, you need to be mindful of what do the search engines, what are the search engines interested? And that’s the point that Charles is making here is that if you’ve got too much graphics, you’ve got too much animation then there’s no text and Google doesn’t know the difference between a picture of a pregnant woman and a picture of a Ferrari. It doesn’t know the difference. So, you know, you could have all these great pictures and actually there’s a guy I met who’s a photographer, has a phenomenal website and it’s all flash. And I just told him look, you’re entirely flash website is beautiful and will get you absolutely no traffic.

Paul: And if you’re gonna use flash, make sure you can have an HTML version of it.

Chris: Yup.

Paul: ‘Cuz I bumped into a guy the other day, the same thing, and I was like, you know, that can’t be indexed. He was like actually, we have an HTML version of it. I’m like ok, that’s a smart idea. If no one ever sees that that’s fine but the search engine has to see that, has to see the HTML, who cares about the flash.

Chris: Well, and understand that if they do search for it and it does come up in the search results, it’s the HTML websites that do come up and Google will link to those HTML pages, they’re not going to link to the flash. So, also be mindful because maybe you make your flash one dimensional, one directional if you will, so people come in and they see a splash page and then they go to your products page or whatever and if you’re bringing them in on HTML then when they go back into the flash do they have to start over from scratch? Because that would be very frustrating; that’s one of the things I don’t like about flash is sometimes, you know, if you want to go back you end up resetting the whole flash presentation or the whole flash interface. Now this is probably bad programming of the flash tool, poor utilization of the flash tool, but you know, just be mindful of again, that goes back to navigation.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: We haven’t even gone off the first paragraph yet.

Paul: Well, we just finished the first, the first one.

Chris: Verse? Maybe. It’s not a paragraph it’s a verse.

Paul: There we go, the first verse. All right, I’ll go over the next couple lines. It says, “Display the logo of all the associations, highlight your content, therefore that’s an obligation. Create clear design, you use some decoration but try to prevent any client hesitation.” So, if you’re a member of the Better Business Bureau, if you’re a member of the European National Association for Auto Dealers or whatever, California Catering Association, you need to put that on your, on your website.

Chris: And that goes to credibility, right?

Paul: It makes people feel comfortable. And, there are, ok, oh, and here’s another thing, people use a, I’m going to use the Better Business Bureau, people like to use that logo, a lot, in print advertising because they don’t necessarily need permission. You can’t really use that, to my understanding, you can’t get that logo without their permission. Oh wait, people can just copy it I guess. But to get it on a website, it’s not as easy to steal that because you have to have their permission to use it and to my understanding I think like if you copy it off of somebody else’s website it doesn’t copy correctly or whatever. So, that adds…

Chris: Do you know what you’re talking about?

Paul: Uh.

Chris: I’m just asking.

Paul: No, not really.

Chris: Ok.

Paul: One time, you know, if you take, if you try to copy like Yahoo’s logo you can’t exactly copy it, it’ll come up different in the photo shop. And I was told, this is what I was told in Better Business Bureau, if you copy their logo it’ll come up like black. I haven’t tried that. So…

Chris: We’ll ask our graphic designer.

Paul: That’s just happened to me, it happened to me when I tried to copy a Yahoo logo, the whole thing came up black. And I was like that sucks.

Chris: Huh, that’s weird.

Paul: Yeah, and it, and it, I think it was done so people wouldn’t copy it.

Chris: Interesting. So, you already have asked the graphic designers.

Paul: Well, for that one. I haven’t tried for Better Business Bureau.

Chris: So this is, this is the area that I don’t know.

Paul: It happened to me on Yahoo and it happened to me on Bing. This is when I tried to copy their logo directly from the search engine, it comes up a little, a little differently so people can’t copy it but you can still find it. So use your logos, highlight your content, it’s an obligation, you have to do that. Use clean design, you can use some decoration, flash and all that stuff but some and you want to try to prevent any hesitation. You don’t want any decoration that distracts someone from your content.

Chris: Or detour it especially from your cause to action. That would be like if it caused a seizure. That would be a deterrent to further progression through your website.

Paul: Exactly! Ok, every page that they click should provide an explanation, should be easy to understand, like having a conversation, create a site style you can use your imagination but make sure you use correct color combinations.

Chris: That’s good flow. What he’s talking about here and we talked about that, should be easy to understand, like having a conversation. We talked about this in the last couple of podcasts and I don’t remember exactly where I read this and I think it’s incredibly salient which is you know, it’s not about the information that you’re gonna show, it’s about how you show the information. Right?

Paul: Yeah, like not what you say it’s how you say it.

Chris: Exactly. So, that’s exactly right. So…

Paul: I’ve had women tell me that in relations, it’s not what you say it’s how you say it! I’m sorry! I hope any woman I’ve ever dated is not listening to this.

Chris: Don’t worry, your family can pass the information on to them. So, we talk about a lot about bullet points here right? You know, we’ve got a good combination here at the office ‘cuz I like to read. If you have tons of information on your website I will read every word if I’m interested in your product.

Paul: I can’t read so I’m not going to read it. That’s just me, you know? I’m going to look for a bullet point and I still can’t read it but I’m still going to look for a bullet point.

Chris: You’re doing pretty good for not being able to read.

Paul: Yeah, you know, hooked on phonics. I’m getting there, I’m getting there.

Chris: And our graphic artist here, he’s, you know, he’s totally, as you’d expect, totally visual, if it’s more than a half a paragraph he won’t read it. So we’re always talking about how do you present the information? And you present the information in bullet points and then with lots of extras, you know, lots of details to follow up on those bullet points. So if somebody comes to your website or a particular page on your website, you’ve got ten seconds to grab their attention. Boom, you’ve got five points. Boom, the top five points why you should use EWebResults for your SEO. Boom! There’s no question, you don’t have to like hunt around, you’re not, you know, and if you want to know about our history, you want to know about what we do, you want to know about our expertise, you want to know about our podcast, whatever it is, it’s all on that information, it’s all, all that information is on the page but those bullet points really hit home.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So, it is about making it easy, a conversation.

Paul: Making it easier for people to understand. All right, next book, “Make sure you use color.” I’ve already done that.

Chris: Good color combinations. That’s a good one too ‘cuz that’s what we bump into when people make their own websites.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Or you get your uncle’s brother’s cousin to make the website for you. I’m like ok, so, you know, maybe he’s a programmer and programmers including myself can make web pages and that’s the last thing you want.

Paul: Yeah. And not to knock, I’ve seen some people who’ve made their own website and they were actually really good. And I thought about it, I said hey, I’d do business with this. And here’s a quick, if you’re going to be, create your own website which I typically don’t recommend as I don’t recommend you cut your own hair, I don’t recommend you do your own dental work or do your own auto work, trust a professional, think about it and say would you do business with this website? Show it to your friends and family and say be honest. Would you do business with this? If they say no you need to scratch it and find someone to do it. All right, so make sure you use color combinations, do some investigation, look at other organizations but don’t duplicate, you might face a litigation. You’re done. Congratulations. Start construction. Ahh, that line should probably be over here. But, duplication. Did we talk…

Chris: Now that’s, this actually brings up a point that we haven’t even talked about which is duplication, litigation. Right? So, if you end up duplicating somebody’s content, you know, you can actually face litigation. Remember, it’s plagiarism, it’s not yours, it’s copyrighted material. You don’t have a right to use it so you shouldn’t go out there copying it and using it.

Paul: Now what, let’s talk about this week.

Chris: We’re almost done so make this one point and we’re about finished.

Paul: We found someone that, I’m not going to say who, we found, we were looking for unknown secrets of SEO and we found someone that…

Chris: You think they could figure it out? If they searched unknown secrets of SEO they could probably figure out who it is.

Paul: They duplicated, I’m doing that with air quotes, they duplicated our content. And I mean like…

Chris: Just our titles, all of our titles and no links back to us. It’s just…

Paul: I mean everything. I’m like come on man! Like, you can’t just, why don’t use put just my name on the top of your test paper. I mean, you just stole everything. Like, so, don’t do it. We contacted them, we talked to them, they’re going to change it, blah, blah, blah but.

Chris: There won’t be any litigation there but yeah, you know, that’s the concern. You don’t wanna just duplicate content and two reasons; one, litigation and because it’s wrong, flat out and the other is because Google doesn’t like duplicate content and we’ve talked about that in a number of our podcasts. You know, whatever you do if you sell a product and you’re copying the descriptions of the product from the manufacturer of the product make sure you rewrite it otherwise Google isn’t going to care that you even have that information ‘cuz Google’s going to say it’s duplicate content, here’s the original owner of it and if anybody’s looking for anything in that content I’m going to show them, I’m not going to show you, the new guy who copied the content so.

Paul: Exactly! So, if you’re the second person to display that same information, you get screwed.

Chris: Yup. All right, well, that is the end of podcast number 37 and our first…

Paul: Videocast.

Chris: Videocast, you stream.

Paul: Thanks for all the viewers, mom and dad.

Chris: Thank you Hanson’s! Thanks for joining us.

Paul: Everybody, Louis is here.

Chris: What’s up Louis? Until the next podcast, it’s going to be another great one. I think Charles is going to join us for that one.

Paul: All you people that are here, that are on this piece of paper, that I’m showing the camera, thank you for listening. We appreciate you guys tuning in from all over the world. We appreciate it. Keep the emails coming.

Chris: Yep.

Paul: Thank you stalk on.

Chris: At and you can go to and that’ll get you to our Facebook page. Until next…

Paul: …process. The video we talked, the Power Point presentation, we talked about last week is up. Are we going to put it on Twitter?

Chris: Uh, yeah, I’ll tweet it, you can find it at We don’t have it linked into anything yet, we will do that shortly.

Paul: It’s about a 15 minute video that explains SEO very quickly. So if you’re just new listening to this, watch it, it’s about 19 slides, it says hey, this is what SEO is, this is what it isn’t, this is how it can help your business. So go watch it, it’s a, it’s cool, it took me a while to put it together but watch it, take a look, let me know what you think.

Chris: Yeah, if you’re not getting enough of Paul’s voice on our podcast and now our you stream videocast…

Paul: My melodious voice is on that…

Chris: No, you did a good job, a good job.

Paul: Is on that PowerPoint presentation so check it out.

Chris: All right guys, until next time, this is the end of podcast 37. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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