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SEO Writer in Houston

Chris: Yeah. So, if we’re going to get nitpicky about tactics and strategies, you better call it great SEO writer in Houston not just a great writer.

Charles: Yeah. An SEO writer doesn’t mean a person who writes strictly for the search engines because that’s a no, no because then you’ll have content that mixes the word keyword and then it mixes the word keyword and then it mixes the word keyword and after that it mixes the word keyword and it won’t make any sense. And so, you become a great SEO writer, that’s a great point.


So, speaking of tactics, some of the tactics enlisted and we’re trying to [0:20:23] [Inaudible] through these. Number one, was collective share content. You can accomplish this by creating a site that there’s nothing but aggravate content.

Frankly I think it’s a little — I won’t say too late for that but the examples you gave were like [0:20:37] [Inaudible] post or matchable and things like that and no sites are out there.

And so we’re going to create those sites. I would say use those sites, participate on those sites, comment on those sites, share those sites and then that way you can kind of reap from, you know, some of those benefits.

Number two was a business institutional links. It’s a little investment of time, you can get links from businesses like in local chamber commerce, library, colleges, government. This is huge. These are more kind of link-building tactics and any links you can get from, you know, .gov, .edu, or your library. These are great links

Chris: Core plus PR places, yeah.

Charles: Yeah. Plus, yeah, get a higher page rank. These – these are great for link building and it’s a great pat on the back as Google sees it.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. It’s harder to get. It takes more, you know, there’s a lot more effort involved in that, so.

Charles: Number three, testimonials or opinions for an article. You can get links to your site plus spreading up testimonials. Hopefully the people will link to them would created inbound link to you to show off their testimonial. Maybe. Interview big bloggers. Interview me, I’ll interview for you.

Chris: Actually, yeah. It reminded me — that reminded me that we need to — that should be one of our goals this year for our podcast is to start doing some – some interviews.

Charles: Yeah. Convincing big bloggers to interview you is not hard. Most of them don’t mind and they’ll – they’ll link to it, right? So, it is always good to kind of have a guest.

Number five, we’ll see assist design for your website. This worked for me, personally. If you have a beautiful design, start use a CSS, you submit it to us a CSS gallery. If you get accepted you will get a link back to your site with the first SEO wrapper design layout.

WordPress liked it so much, they featured my — it was a custom theme, they featured it and they got the link back to my site which was like a PR and eight link, you know?

Chris: Wow.

Charles: And so, that – that boosted my rank to six. And so – so, I conquer with that submit to places that judge…

Chris: Was it a PR six stud, is that what you said in your – in your video, in your rap? [0:22:57] [Inaudible] PPCMC?

Charles: Uh-hmm. Listen here. Contents, creative contents that encourages competition based on entering information. They have a chance to win something, where they have to produce something.

For instance, you could give away seats to a conference for winning essay on some sort of topic. That’s really a tactic to generate some – create on user-generated content that not only people would generate and submit on your site that they’ll probably link to to show other people what they did.

Chris: From their site, yeah.

Charles: So , it’s kind of a…

Chris: Win, win, win, win ,win.

Charles: Definitely. The trick is creating a contents that people want to win.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Want to work hard and put together good content to win, yeah.

Charles: Exactly. Number seven, competitor link data, one of the most common tactics and good SEO who’s making a list of the all the links come to your competition.

Like I said earlier, using site explorer is a great tool. Just if we got who’s making to them, what – what phrases are they using to link with pages are they making to. And so that way, you can, you know, if it works with them, you should probably target those same links.

Moving on with number eight, the social media. There are, I think I’m almost getting it. There are so many segments coming from Google that they suggest – that they’re using social media to rank content. So, go and links to your contact to social media is critical.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: As a matter of fact, yeah, taking out on Pantries. I got that account.

Chris: What? Pantries? Okay.

Charles: Yes, sir. The one there today, [0:24:28] [Phonetic] So, I’m new to it but I’m there.

Chris: Cool.

Charles: Put me in the gang coach.

Number nine, repurposing your content which is something we do here.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Build means back to your site can be done with new trying to get in with other products. So, one of the things we do here, this exact podcast will go up as video…

Chris: Hey Robert.

Charles: …on a new stream…

Robert: Hey.

Charles: It will go in to a YouTube video, it will get a transcript and put out as a blog post. And soon, it will come to your inbox in a form of newsletter.

Chris: Yeah. Around the corner, yeah.

Charles: Yes. That’s four different ways. We’re using this exact content we’re creating right now.


Chris: Yeah, so…

Charles: So, and then, of course, it will get shared and hopefully you’ll share it. And so, definitely, repurpose your content if you can.

And then lastly, number 10, he says social bookmarking, a worthy post. So, use sites like Techmeme or Google Trends. See what’s trending and then, you know, you have to – if you create a post right that’s worth. You can’t just create any, you know, post and think people will share it but create a post that people will actually find beneficial…

Chris: Right.

Charles: …submit it and then encourage others to dig it or scramble it plus want it, like it. Pantries did, you know, it seems like that in way that will those social signals will bring back maybe indirect link back to your site.

Chris: Yeah. That trust factor. Right.

Charles: That’s it from there.

Chris: It’s a good article.

Charles: Yeah. I’ll post this article – I’ll tweet it in a minute and I will post it on a Facebook page too and comment on it. There’s no two things.

Chris: By the way, you can actually follow us on…

Charles: …ewebstyle…

Chris: ……

Charles: …ewebtsyle…


Charles: …ewebstyle…

Chris: …podcast@…

Charles: …e-, that’s a hyphen,

Chris: I think that’s it.

Charles: That’s it.

Chris: That’s all the ways to follow us. Would you going to need any blank stare today?

Charles: No blank stare.

Chris: No blank stare.

Charles: I mean, I was going to in to the IPO on Facebook but, you know, I think it wasn’t surprising that the 16 billion…

Chris: The $16 billion dollar man, that’s pretty blank stare. And I guess pretty impressive.

All right. So, you have been listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you…

Charles: You, you, you over there.

Chris: Something that you can do if you’re in Australia, U.K., any place around the world because we know we have international listeners, go to iTunes, create an account, submit a review and then let us know. And if you’re in a different country, let us know what country you’re in so that I – that I can actually pull up that review.

Charles: Well, just say this, if you’re having a problem with iTunes, hit us up and post a Google review. Frankly, I will read — I love to get to Google reviews. Everybody know who views, help replaces the agent. Help us up.

Chris: Yeah. All right. Thank you very much. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.


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