Shopping Carts – Usability VS Eyecandy

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Shopping Carts – Usability VS Eyecandy


Charles Lewis:             The only people who do it, I’m going to say do it but I guess the name is big enough and they already got the [0:19:43] [Inaudible] deal with it anyway is godaddy.

Check out on process is extremely difficult. Thousand of sales are eight pages long, its four-five check boxes; it’s hard.


Chris Burres:               I just want to buy this. I just want a domain name. Okay, get it. I don’t need–

Charles Lewis:             I don’t want a –

Chris Burres:               A call center. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             Exactly. I’m going to Google apps. No, I don’t need to pay for your mail. Like I said, you got five or six domains, four five hosting accounts.

I want to keep it all there so I’m forced to go through this process.

Chris Burres:               They do have a real small text go directly to the cart very bottom the corner no one looks at the bottom left.

Charles Lewis:             That’s probably why I haven’t seen that. [Laughter] No, I have seen it. It says no thank you something.

Chris Burres:               Skip [0:20:37] [Inaudible]

Charles Lewis:             Come on. Thanks godaddy. Anyway. Make buying a product brain-dead easy add to cart.

People add to cart depending on the way your site is set up. Make it visibly known that that product is not in a cart with an option to check out.

They may not need to continue shopping. They may not need to approve of the items or make any other selections.

Add to cart and check out should be relatively close to each other so people can complete what they came to do.

Chris Burres:               I’ve seen fancy shopping carts which is really cool that you can drag the product into your cart. I wouldn’t do it.

I wouldn’t put that kind of site together for my client unless it’s two-product sales only in a unique niche where that creativity had add some value. It’s a different way of doing things.

Charles Lewis:             And I’m used to that.

Chris Burres:               People may be like “oh, look. It drags and okay how [0:21:43] [Inaudible] gone. Go somewhere else where the shopping cart says add to cart check out press–

Charles Lewis:             You cart. You have to go at what people are accustomed to see. The last one he put on here is stop your customers from driving by.

I really like this one. He told a story at the beginning of the article about a trip I’m taking. There was a guy on the side of the road.

He was fifteen to twenty feet away from the road and he had a sign and he couldn’t really see what was on it. Once he passed them he realized that the guy was selling –

No, I take the bait. He passed them up. Once at the store bought some candy cherries. On the way back, on the same route he realised the guy was selling candy cherries but he was off [0:22:33] [Inaudible] of the road.

Went down the road further approached another guy wearing loud colors [0:22:39] [Inaudible] sing standing right next to the roll the sign said ‘I need tickets’ to a concert that was down the street.

The difference was if he had tickets to the sale that was his prospect right there. The prospect made himself clear.

Stop your customers from driving by if you offer a product if you offer a service that people can use then put it in their face.

Make it known that you have this and that you have plenty of it available and make it easy to purchase. I think they way you do that is by doing some other things that you talked about.

Make sure your title right make sure you meta-description is right. Make sure you have all of the content there.

Make sure you have enough images, make sure you explain the service you’re offering so people can see it. They can see it quickly and then they can take edge.

That’s it. The SEO guide to [0:23:29] [Inaudible] service. Great article. Punch in the face to Rick and John and I’ll post it on Facebook in a minute.

Chris Burres:               Cool. I think this is me and potatoes’ done. Any place there?

Charles Lewis:             No, no great place today other than godaddy.

Chris Burres:               Yes, go on. Pin up your cart although bulk register and [0:23:50] [Inaudible] registrar does the same [0:23:52] [Inaudible].

I don’t know about register. I’ve been using for quite some time. That’s it. That is the end of the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes not the end– this is episode I fore mention podcast.

This has been number 162. Again, we are the most popular because of you guys.

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Charles Lewis:   

Chris Burres:               Yes, [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             Punch in the face to Erin. I got the gift cards. Thank you man, I appreciate it. I’m using it this weekend, take the lady out, I’m going to eat. [0:24:18]

[Inaudible] me I’m talking on the phone, I’m going to buy some ppc stuff. I gave him a few tips he watched a couple of podcast, he implemented it and it worked. Business is turning around. Punch in the face


Charles Lewis:             To you and I appreciate the gift card, man.

Chris Burres:               Like you said, we’re looking forward to working with you when you get your business to the point where you’re ready to outsource all the headache of ppc any SEO you’re doing.

We’re looking forward to that as well. Thanks for the gift card. Again, we’re done.

Charles Lewis:             Yes.

Chris Burres:               I can feel the recess went so fast. Thank you guys for tuning in. One last request; go to, scroll down and just under the video images you’ll see Google places, click that and write a review there.

Charles Lewis:             That whole process is going to be extremely easy.

Chris Burres:               It’s a driving by situation. SEO and scroll?

Charles Lewis:             We’re working on a new redesigning in making it right. We’ll simplify the whole process. Stay tuned.

Chris Burres:               Thank you, guys for tuning in. My name is Chris Burres.

Charles Lewis:             Charles Lewis.

Chris Burres:               Bye, bye.

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