Should I Create a Facebook Fan Page?

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Seventy-First Internet Marketing Podcast July 29nd  2010. Second page of Show Notes

Should I Create a Facebook Fanpage?

Chris: Dude, I’m so, so excited, thrilled. Unbelievable. The last time I was going whining. I’m sorry if you guys…

Paul: Where are our results?

Chris: I’ve been whining about there was no reviews and it’s been so long and no one loves us anymore.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Boom!

Paul: Bam!

Chris: Boom!

Paul: That’s it, man.

Chris: We’ve got a review from Soul Mates Photography.

Paul: Wow.

Chris: Check this out. The title — you got to love the title. Hands down, the best SEO podcast on the net regarding SEO. It’s not iTunes. It’s not PodOmatic. It’s not any of the others that I don’t know. It’s on the net.

Paul: On the net. Wow.

Chris: I just wish I would rate E-Webstyle a 10-star rating. There’s only 5 on iTunes. If you guys haven’t bothered to go do it yet, you don’t know yet. When you go there it’s 5. These guys are very informative, comical, and pack their show with more information packed into one podcast than any outdated books. I have used the techniques used on this podcast to enable my website to be placed on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing also known as Binghoo. Thanks, guys. Keep up the great job.

Paul: Wow, Soul Mates Photography.

Chris: Now, unfortunately, I Googled Soul Mates Photography ’cause they didn’t give a specific website and there’s a lot of them. So hit us back and let us know which one you are and we’ll give you a little link love.

Paul: Yeah, that’s what up, Soul Mates Photography.

Chris: Yeah, sweet.

Paul: That’s awesome, man. My mom doesn’t like high me up like that. I feel great.

Chris: All right. I know a therapist. I’ll get you in touch.

Paul: Wow! I need a hug from these guys.

Chris: This is hilarious. I don’t know if you remember one time in our little pieces of news. We talked about a dude like broke the record for Bejeweled and spent like 400 hours or something, a full-time job for ten weeks. It was insane, right? So when I saw this post on our — it was a comment on our blog, I was like, “Hey, this is kind of cool.” I know it’s cheesy. I know it’s just a blog post to try and get traffic. But it said, “Last year I was so addicted with the Bejeweled game I played all night.” And that was it. And I was going to approve it ’cause at least he listened or read or had done the search or whatever. He submitted another one about another post with the exact same thing. I was like eghh.

Paul: Last night I was so excited about Google I stayed up on it all night. Click on my website.

Chris: Please click through to my website. And speaking of comment submits, we were actually — there’s another website. This wasn’t on ours but it was another one that we’re kind of in charge of. This is hilarious. One time — okay, it’s in response to stress, the link between life changes and illness injury, and the comment was “One time, I got diarrhea attack while arriving on a long bus trip. It really sucked.”

Paul: Link to my website. [Laughter]

Chris: Do you think I approve or send that straight to spam hell?

Paul: Oh, man. Come on, people. I’m not even going to comment on that.

Chris: You printed this one out, right? I think.

Paul: I did. Oh, we have a new YouTube listener. terrycrosby11 has subscribed to us on YouTube, terrycrosby11. Say what’s up, man. Send us an email.

Chris: Since we’re throwing out stuff, you can follow us on Twitter, You can follow us on Facebook, You can also find — you can listen — actually, you can watch this podcast, the video of this podcast live at 9:15 Central Standard Time on Friday mornings and you get there by going to e-webstyle/USTREAM, the letter U STREAM. So tune in. Say hello.

Paul: Say that’s what’s up.

Chris: That is what’s up.

Paul: ‘Cause that’s what’s up.

Chris: All right. Man, this has taken a little while but we are now at the news part, and this is, you know, anytime Google is in the news we got to mention it just basically because they’re always in the news. But Oracle sues Google over some of the code that’s in Android. Apparently, Google has been aware of this code that belongs to Oracle. Apparently, the guy in charge of Android worked at Oracle. So yeah, they’re suing. That’s just another. I don’t even know much more about that.

This is kind of cool for those of you who are concerned. Twitter does now have a death policy. Now, that isn’t how they handle employees. Don’t get confused. If somebody dies, how do they — and I didn’t read the details so I don’t know. But they actually have a policy for if you die, what happens to your account? Does your estate get your account? Does your… [Laughter]

Paul: I guess some accounts are probably worth money though. Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account is probably worth a lot of money.

Chris: Yup, I would think so. Yeah, he got a lot of followers. Did you hear there was Kanye West followed one dude, right? So you know he’s probably got 100,000 followers and wasn’t following anyone. I don’t know if he chose that in random order but he chose one dude. The dude is like from the country in the UK and he was getting inundated with interview. “Hey, can we interview you?” The guy is like, you know, at first, it was like “Oh, shit. That’s awesome.” And then he is like, “Damn, this sucks.”

Paul: Like I actually have to be interesting now.

Chris: He is a nerd and he doesn’t want any attention, and Kanye West is just like horded on him. Oh, man. That wasn’t in the news. I was just — I wrote a tidbit.

Net neutrality. Google apparently has teamed up with Verizon. Net neutrality is going to be a big thing and we were just talking about it the other day. So educate yourself on net neutrality and then tell me what it is.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I mean, I’ve done some research and I do kind of know the general premises but make sure you’re up to date on that ’cause that’s going to be really important. If you’re here in the US, stay in contact with your congressman because he’s going to have some far-reaching implications. And we’re not getting political.

Paul: That’s cool.

Chris: But we are.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And for those of you concerned about the Google Street View dead body, apparently there was some concern on the internet about the appearance of a dead body. It was just a girl playing a trick on her friend.

Paul: Oh! Wow, I didn’t know that, like dang! That’s got to suck.

Chris: Yup. And that’s all I got for news and reviews and stupid submittals on our blog. And so what do we got, Paul?

Paul: Let’s get to the meat. We’re going to talk about Google. Duh. Duh again. Google. Chris found this great article, I love it, from WebProNews. Google looks at why people follow brands on Facebook. Why would Google be watching Facebook?

Chris: I got to tell you, the first time I saw the article, it was like why people follow brands on Facebook. Literally, this week I liked, you know, the thumb up, liked Rush Limbaugh and then filled out a form because he is giving away iPads. And so when I saw that, I was like “Well, ’cause they give away stuff.” That’s why I like brands on the Facebook. So yeah.

Paul: That’s like I can’t or should. What else am I supposed to say now? That’s the whole point of the article? Like…

Chris: Are we done now? [Laughter]

Paul: [Laughter] But it talks about…

Chris: Did I really just you know.


Paul: Yeah. No. But that’s awesome though. I first read this article and I’m like okay, why does Google bother with Facebook? Well, you know, Facebook has been a serious competitor. Well, I feel not in search but in terms of traffic. Facebook is a serious competitor of Google and I feel like Google feels a little threatened.

Chris: Didn’t we say that Facebook actually just exceeded traffic?

Paul: Just became maybe a month ago, exceeded Google in traffic, and this has been the first time — the first website in years that has surpassed Google. So Google is definitely watching Facebook. If there is anything out of this article, it’s why you should create whatever kind of page.

Chris: Facebook page, right, a webpage.

Paul: Yeah. No, no. A page on Facebook, what are they called for business?

Chris: A profile, business profile.

Paul: A business profile.

Chris: We’ll call it a business profile.

Paul: Yeah, I don’t know. A Facebook page.

Chris: You’re listening to Unknown Secrets of SEO, not unknown Secrets of Facebook.

Paul: Yeah. So this is why you should create a fan page if you’re a small business owner. This article talks exactly about so Google is watching Facebook. You can go on Facebook and you can like something. But it was like why? Why do people do that? And that’s what this article talks about and Chris pretty much told the whole thing. But let’s go over it.

Chris: My bad.

Paul: Go ahead.

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