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Fifty-three SEO Podcast Mar. 26th 2010.  Third page of Transcription

Chris: Or you know what? You know what’s probably going to happen? ‘Cause this is technology, we’re going to have a bunch of dudes go out and create female Facebook accounts (laughing) and become our fans.

Paul: That’s cool as long you have pictures that looks good.

Chris: I’m cool with that.

Paul: I’m okay with that.

Chris: Okay and we really appreciate all your support out there.

Paul: And to me that’s another reason, if you have a business you need a Facebook fan page or a group or I don’t know what they call it.

Chris: I think it actually is a Facebook business page.

Paul: A business page. Hey that’s another reason you need it, so you could spend 20 hours a day doing Facebook Analytics in addition to your Google Analytics. But I thought that was really cool. Facebook Analytics is not something I’m familiar with.

Chris: Yeah and I totally wasn’t expecting it. I just got an email from them saying, “Hey, here click these links.” I’m like, “Wow! Damn more analytics I got to follow.”

Paul: Yeah more time to spend in front of this computer.

Chris: All right, so we’ve got a great listener question. Remember I think we mentioned earlier, hey send us information if you’re using Google local sponsored, send us an email and let us know. And you can send that email to We’ve got this email from Darren, apparently his brother David doesn’t like to write us (laughing). Is it David that I said?

Paul: Yeah. (laughing)

Chris: Darren and Don and David and Derrick. Anyway Darren sent us an email and he’s got some good – actually this is like his third or fourth. And he comes up with some really good questions and there are some stuff that – frankly when I kind of set some of these things up, I just did it the easiest way I thought and Darren went in and was thinking that he could get more information and did it a much more complicated way and then asked a question you know, shoot a face [Phonetic] [0:25:07] back or whatever. So, you want to read the question?

Paul: Okay, here goes. At the moment I have my website setup with Google Analytics – slightly wrong but that’s his way of explaining it. At the present, I have each page with a new different profile so Google thinks is a separate website to So each page of his site has its own analytics. In a way this does make it easy to compare visitor percentages and sources, but does not allow me to set up goals as I believe visiting my other pages would be calculated as bouncing. And that is correct. Because goal is you could say, all right I want to goal set up when they get to my thank-you page or my order-completion page and if you have each individual page set up as its own analytics, you can’t set that goal. I mean you could set up a goal as for time one site.

Chris: Right.

Paul: But you couldn’t do that particular goal. So yes that’s correct.

Chris: Or you know in sales, there is a classic funnel, a process where you make contact with people and then people get a visit and then people get a second phone call and a visit and then a contract and then it actually becomes closed business. The same kind of funnel effect works on a website so that they come in from some place or to multiple different pages and then what we’re trying to do is get them to subscribe to a newsletter or we’re trying to get them to purchase or whatever. And so, we want to track that funnel. And yes Darren you’re exactly right. The only real way to track that is to actually have them on the same site because then Google is actually following it page per page through the site. So, yeah I would recommend ‑ I know you’re going to lose some data. You’re not going to really lose it. It’s just going to be significantly more inconvenient. But I would definitely recommend that you just either chose one of them, probably your index page, the one that’s getting the most traffic in general.

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: Choose that page and use that as your Analytics account for your entire website ‘cause then you’re going to be able to do things like set up goals. I think you can actually follow – you are going to be able to compare visitor percentages and all of that just the same because in Google Analytics, you can peruse your data via content. So you’re looking at content and here are the three top pages and the most popular page got 300 hits, the second most popular page got ‑ and it’s usually drives drastically lower, got 20 hits, and the third most popular page got 10 hits. So you can actually track all of that stuff as soon as you start collecting data for that. So Darren, definitely you want to switch that to one. That’s a great question. So I think there’s one other question right?

Paul: Yes. The next question, which is something that I have always wondered the answer really to this question because some people have asked and I get three different things. I had to ask Chris on this one. It says, another question, which may also interest listeners is web forwarding. I have recently purchased some great domain names loosely related to my business but at present do not want to host them. I have instead set them up as web forwarders so when somebody visits the domain; they’re automatically forwarded to my website or to his homepage. Would Google consider this black hat? So you buy five domains, you have one website and you forward all these domains to the one website. And I have seen this – I mean I actually see this not all the time but maybe a few times a month, I’ll run into something like this where I’ll type in a domain and it forwards directly to another one. And the answer is?

Chris: Well the answer is – and here’s a good example. We’ve got one of our clients. They’re not doing SEO with us. And he decided to go out I think it’s family business and one of his sons read that the domain is very important. So they went out and bought like 20 domains and we forwarded them to his main website. And we wouldn’t have done that if it were black hat because obviously that would run the risk – even though we were not doing SEO for him, that was running the risk of him getting totally banned and that’s something that we’re not going to do. It can help you. In general, the better thing to do with those other domain names is to make other websites with content and have those other websites and create a network. If you’re going to make these websites and you’re going to have them out there, create a network of links so that you’ve got valuable information about whatever your subject matter is on one of your new websites and that’s pointing to a very particular page in your target website if you will. So having multiple websites, again never forget your goal, your job as an SEOer, as in the process of SEO, is providing a good experience to the Google user. So if you just got fluff out there, that’s not going to be providing a good product or experience for the Google user, you’re not going to do well. You’re not going to do well for a number of reasons. First off, if they get to the fluff page and they even read it and realize we sell some content this week that it was just laughable or like this is something that no one should use.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I can’t believe anyone would even suggest to use it. And if we had put that information up for one of our clients and a visitor got there, they wouldn’t stay. They would have said, “Oh these guys….”

Chris: Don’t have a high school education. That’s what I would have thought when I read it. Like, what’s this guy’s problem?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So yeah. So make them valuable pieces of information and maybe gear them and set kind of a whole structure that you can create and point that in. For now, just pointing it there, what happens is your main website, in the case of Darren as and that’s D-A-R-R-E-N-B-O-O-Y.EU. So I’m assuming that’s his main site. So his main site as he points out, his main site has already been indexed by Google. So as he is pointing these other ones, Google will eventually find those ‑ even if you don’t submit them, Google will eventually find those other domain names and then it’ll just say, “Oh this particular domain name has duplicate content” and that is going to go into the supplemental. And in the supplemental, it’s highly unlikely that that page will come up, although it can. We know that. We know that there are pages in the supplemental with the right collection of key words will show up on the first page, first position even. But in general, it’s going to be thrown in the supplemental and it’s not going to bring that much value.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So don’t worry about it and don’t expect it to do anything magical.

Paul: It is kind of a segway or dovetail or whatever you want to call it. I’m going to add on to that. ‘Cause I know somebody out there is thinking that ‑ ‘cause I get asked this question by a buddy. I’ve been asked this question a few times by two buddies of mine. Can I take my website ‑ you know basically just copy it and throw it on to the new domain? And all of you can answer this question but the answer is no. I mean if you’re a new listener you probably can’t. No. Don’t do it. ‘Cause a buddy of mine asked me that a few months ago, “Can I just take this website, copy all the files, and put it under a new domain?” No. Yeah, you can if you copy all the files, change all of the content.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: Okay.

Chris: That’s sounds like more work.

Paul: Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly, man. And this I guess would go back to show that in SEO, you know, there really are no shortcuts or if there are, I’d love to hear them.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Paul: You know?

Chris: Send them to

Paul: Yes. You know there are no shortcuts. You’ve got to put in the time. You’ve got to put in the work and it’s time consuming. That’s why people will call a company like us ‘cause they’re like, “I don’t want to do this. I want to run my…”

Chris: If they were to call us, how would they call?

Paul: You would call us at country code – a-ha.

Chris: Ah, yes.

Paul: 001 area code (713) 592-6724 even though I have been writing the wrong phone number on my order forms.

Chris: On your order for ‑ oh yeah (laughing). I had a client today who was finalizing contract and she goes, “I dialed the number on the contract and was like why isn’t this working?” And I told her, I was like, “Oh my god, they’re already out of business…”

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: You know ‘cause people are worried whenever they’re signing a contract with somebody, like we’re already out of business, cancel everything.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: It’s hilarious. All right well we’ve actually come to our not Gino time limit but to our podcast time limit. So we really appreciate it. You have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. This is or was – we are completing podcast 53.

Paul: 53.

Chris: And I’m running a little bit late, I’m getting the last podcast up. We’ll give that back up in…

Paul: Hey before we go, I want to say thanks to Darrren again…

Chris: Yes.

Paul: …and to everyone that listens. Darren did something that I didn’t ask, but I’ve always wanted. Darren sent a couple of pictures of the city…

Chris: Oh yeah.

Paul: …that he lives in…

Chris: Eindhoven.

Paul: Eindhoven, really? Eindhoven? E-I-N-D-H-O-V-E-N? ‘Cause I was going to be like Eindhoven? I don’t pronounce European cities very often so…

Chris: No. You’re right. Eindhoven. I wasn’t reading it.

Paul: But you know what dude? It might be. I don’t know. Because like…

Chris: Eindhoven.

Paul: I pronounce things phonetically the way I was learned in American English class that I barely passed so ‑ but thank you Darren…

Chris: So not only is it an American education, but was a marginal (laughing) American education…

Chris: (laughing) Seriously though…

Paul: I got like a B- in English and I grew up here. But thanks Darren. Man, I thought it was very cool. And if you listen to this in another part of the world, you know send some pictures. Let us know where you’re at, maybe we’ll put them up sometime.

Chris: Yeah. We may end up putting up some…

Paul: I thought it was very, very cool man. I know I didn’t ask but now I’m asking. Thank you Darren. I appreciate it. It was very cool. I’d like to see where our listeners are coming from. And if you’re China, don’t ‘cause they’re probably knocking on your door.

Chris: (laughing) or in Eindhoven.

Paul: Yeah. And don’t even dial up this in China..

Chris: Yeah. Stop listening.

Paul: Because I don’t want to be arrested you know.

Chris: We do actually have listeners in China.

Paul: That’s what I was told. It’s probably the government.

Chris: (laughing) Speaking [Indiscernible] [0:35:55] and redirected, misdirection.

Paul: You know I’d love for someone in China to send us an email. Let us know what’s going on over there.

Chris: Yeah. That’d be awesome. All right. That is podcast number 53. Again, the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. That’s is because of you. We really appreciate you. Until the next podcast – my name is Chris Burres.

Paul: And I’m Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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