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Twentieth SEO Podcast June 19th 2009.  Third page of Transcription

Chris: Inside of You Tube? Well, I wouldn’t say there’s anything more to….there isn’t….you know, that’s text. Google and Yahoo and everybody, all they can do is look at text.

Paul: Oh yeah, because they’re not going to read the video…..they can’t

Chris: So, if that’s the only text you have, you don’t have control of metatags if you will, over those particular videos. You can optimize the name of the video.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: I don’t think that has any creditability inside of You Tube though, because they usually give it a generic name. It gets….you know…a long coded name once it’s in there. So you are literally talking about….you know….I’ve got control over the title. Maybe reviews, you can have people review you.

Paul: Okay, that’s more text.

Chris: And I’m not even sure that the text of the review would help that much. It should because it’s going to get crawled by Google. But it’s the fact that it’s been reviewed and really what we start talking about now is…okay, we’ve got the right text. How do we get people to watch it?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And one of the points that Scott made was that you want to keep the video short, right? You’ve only got two minutes to watch Hammer Pants….you don’t have ten minutes. I mean, it turned into ten minutes


Paul: I watched it five times.

Chris: But you know…if you started off and like…hey, watch this ten minute video on dancing in a random store…you’d like….no, I don’t have ten minutes to do that.

Paul: No thanks.

Chris: But, two minutes, you do. So, be mindful of your audience and how long is your video, because that’s going to impact how many people actually take the time to watch the video. And then, what else is there? That’s it; those are the things that you have to control.

Paul: What about, ummmmm, transcription?

Chris: Well, yeah,yeah. So, you want to transcribe your video and post that because, just like we transcribe this podcast and post it on our blog, because that turns into a lot of content. A lot of…you know….sometimes keyword rich, sometimes irrelevant content (laughter) for our website; irrelevant content about iphones and marrying into Google. But it does turn into some good content and its dynamic content for Google.

Paul: I think that’s also a great idea. We…like you said…we transcribe our podcasts and I would even say, not so people can read it, because I don’t think people actually read through the whole transcription, but it definitely helps with adding keywords and it helps to get more traffic. It helps because at the end of the day, the search engine will read the…can read the transcription. The spider is not listening to our podcast.

Chris: Not yet. (laughter)

Paul: Good point…not yet, but when we say SEO and search engine optimization and someone transcribes that for us, the spider can read search engine optimization and podcast and all the other keywords that we throw out there. So transcription is definitely a great way to bring traffic to your particular video.

Chris: Yes, and now here’s a question, because I don’t know the answer to this. I don’t think you have very much space to put in your description. I don’t think you have very much space in the title.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So, where do you put your transcription? And transcription was a point that Scott Willowly, no, it is Willowby made on SEO MAZ, is that, okay, transcribe it, but he didn’t really say where you put that. And again, I’m not a video….we don’t post that many videos, so this is not our area of expertise. We’re just kind of sharing our thoughts on this and hopefully you can kind of glean some new information from out thoughts and so help your own thought process. And, if anybody knows the answer, go ahead and pop it in to us. But if I’ve got this three page transcription of my video…well, let’s say it’s only ten minutes.

Paul: Okay

Chris: Ours are actually pretty long, so it would be about three pages for ten minutes. Where do I post that in You Tube? And I’m not sure…I don’t know the answer…I don’t think that you can put it in the description. If you can, then you put it there, of course. Maybe there’s a place in You Tube to actually put transcriptions.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: I mean, if I were You Tube, that would make a lot of sense, because then it would make all of my videos a lot more searchable and I’d be able to get a lot more relevant content to people, for those people who actually took the time to do the transcriptions. So, that’s a great point and I don’t know exactly what to do with it. It should be very easy to figure out what, if anything, that you can do with it. Certainly if you’ve got it on your website or you’re putting it in a blog, you can do what we do which is add our transcription as we add our podcast to our blogs.

Paul: So, I think there’s value in that, you know, putting it on your blog or your website because that will still bring traffic. It will bring traffic to your website, you know, maybe not to your You Tube…your video on You Tube, but it will still bring you traffic to your website.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. Alright, so do we want to do the unknown secret now or do we want to hop to……because you were talking about a couple of analyses, analysize…….

Paul: Analyseez? (laughter)

Chris: Analysis’s that you did this week, one with an insurance company and one, interestingly enough, with an MEP company. We’ve mentioned MEP a couple of times…. And that’s Mechanical, Electrical and…..

Paul: And plumbing. They’re usually commercial contractors.

Chris: It’s a design, for what you told me, the insurance….we’re going to look….he’s in the Dallas area so we’ll end up doing a local campaign for him. And then MEP is going to start off with a regional….Texas regional…

Paul: Yes

Chris: And then go to a national campaign.

Paul: And she’s based here locally….she’s here in Houston and we recommended that she start. She works all over the world. She can take work all over the world, but we recommended….hey, let’s start locally, or not locally, regionally. Let’s focus on getting business here in Houston, you can get business in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, the major cities here in Houston, because we can…..we know we can get you great search engine placement and those….

Chris: Quickly, quickly

Paul: Very quickly. And then we can branch out, you know, after we’ve done those, to other major cities and then go nationwide, which is exactly what’s going to happen. And she was like, okay yeah, that makes perfect sense…let’s do it.

Chris: And as I recall, she’s another example of our SEO client, a person who has approached us for SEO and the first thing that we recommend is that they need to spend some time on their website.

Paul: Exactly, she definitely….and I mentioned this to her yesterday….hey, we’ll definitely take your SEO…we’d love to help you, however, there’s a few changes that we recommend you make to your website that will help your conversions and with hers…..she had a good looking site but if you click on her services page, it looks like a completely different website. It looks like notebook paper…like someone wrote the content on a sheet of notebook paper. I mean, it’s night and day, from her home page to her services page. And I said, listen, when I first clicked on this, I thought I went to a completely different website. And so, if I think it, then some of your visitors are thinking it. So let’s make some tweaks and some changes first. Whether you do it yourself or we do it…you know…whoever does it, we know that making these changes will help your conversion, so let’s try to do that first. You know, not every SEO company would have said that. They’ll say, hey give me your money and let’s go.

Chris: Move forward.

Paul: Yeah, and we don’t want to do that. I want to do what’s best for her and her business.

Chris: And again, we kind of stress this, is at the end of the day, great traffic doesn’t really buy you anything if you can’t convert it.

Paul: Exactly

Chris: So, if we can demonstrate that we’re giving you great traffic, then we can easily demonstrate that we’re doing our job and that you should continue with our service. But, from our perspective, if we’re not bringing you stuff that’s actually helping you to make money….you know…..eventually our service should be obvious that you should pay for it because it’s paying for itself.

Paul: Exactly. Yeah

Chris: And if your website is holding you back from that happening, then we like to fix that. Alright, here we go.

Paul: Is it time for the secret?

Chris: It’s time for that…..we have no drum roll and I haven’t even shared the secret with Paul….

Paul: I can do a drum roll by beating on my forehead.


Chris: Water, more water, there’s Tylenol, Aspirin, Vitamin C, beta.

Paul: That is what I need right now.

Chris: A nap. So, the unknown secret to SEO really is, as you can imagine, this might be a little anticlimactic, it’s consistency.

Paul: What? That’s It?

Chris: Yeah

Paul: Oh man! I’m leaving. I’m thinking it’s…..we’re going to have fireworks shooting out of the sky……consistency?

Chris: Consistency. That’s it. Consistently apply everything that we’ve been talking about in our podcast. Do that consistently and you will get great search engine placement. It’s not rocket science….we’ve said that before. It is about consistency. If you took a fifty thousand foot view….the reality is, if you only listen to this one podcast and you followed this one direction, for this one page that you want. Make that page about the keywords that you’re targeting, put content on it about the keywords that you’re targeting, make it relevant, make it interesting, make it readable, throw some images in it, throw some outbound links in it, and then go and get people to link to it. Does that sound like rocket science?

Paul: Anybody can do that.

Chris: It sounded kind of consistent.

Paul: Yeah, just keep plugging away.

Chris: If you do consistently good things so that people want to visit your website naturally, then the search engines are going to recognize that, give you credit for that, put you on the first page, you’re going to grow your business and if consistency, at least with regard to content and websites and everything, is not what you do, then you should give us a call. Because we’re very consistent at being consistent consistently for you.


Paul: Now where would they call us?

Chris: They would call us at….that’s a great question…713-592-6724, or you can email us at That is our podcast for today. Join us next time. We love hearing from you and we love spending time with you, these…for us its Fridays…by the time you get these….who knows when it is.

Paul: It’s early Friday.

Chris: Thank you for listening. Until next time, bye bye.

Paul: Bye

Author: eweb-admin