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Seventy-Seventh Internet Marketing Podcast September 24th 2010. First page of Show Notes

Show others Wall posts on your FaceBook Business page

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the Internet Marketing Unknown Secrets of SEO.

Chris: Good job.

Paul: That’s right.

Chris: I have to go back to that.

Paul: Hey, where’s the video, man? I can’t —

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Paul: Somebody let us know if we’re getting cut out. [Laughs]

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: We know we can’t see our —

Chris: Basically, I’ve got one of those tablet laptops that’s the kind of broadcast device we use here that the screen rotates.

Paul: Okay. Okay.

Chris: You didn’t know that? That’s the universal symbol for tablets.

Paul: Right. Reversible screen.

Chris: Yeah, I’m just waving my hand and rotating it on the axis. And every now and then it freaks out and when you maximize a screen it only shows — what is that up? That’s not even a quarter — about a quarter probably. So now it’s maximized to a quarter. So for me to log in today, we — we’ve got to get out of here right on time today, so I had to just broadcast that or anyway. Anyway, you’re listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. This is podcast number 77. We are really excited. We’ve got so much like super awesome cool stuff to go through. I didn’t write a tip from the last one. Let’s see. So last one was podcast number 76. We’ll talk a little bit about that. We were finishing up Pay Per Click. Were we? I think we’re finishing up Pay Per Click.

Paul: It sounds about right.

Chris: Yeah, and —

Paul: You know, I’d agree to anything that you say.

Chris: Here’s the tip: remember Google is the king.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And I’ll write that down later because I don’t know where it went. How about a little bit of news. And by the way, apparently there are two people who — it’s not just the Gino time limit. There’s also a time limit associated with, I think — oh, it’s not Terry Crosby. It’s the one under that. Do you have that?

Paul: Oh, I don’t have that one, for some reason.

Chris: You don’t have that one? Yeah. There’s another lady who apparently agrees with Gino and we should actually start the podcast sooner.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: But then that’s the news, then you wouldn’t like be up-to — well, kind of up-to-date ’cause the podcast is running a little behind but — anyway. I’m excited for a number of reasons. I’m holding up three fingers. It just went to four. I’m just going to — we’ll just stop at five.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: First off, shout-out to Santiago, Chile.

Paul: That’s what’s up, man.

Chris: We got a listener in Santiago, Chile. Buenas dias. Como estas?

Paul: That’s all I got.

Chris: Yeah, that’s all I got. I have always dreamed that in the middle of summer going skiing in Chile.

Paul: Okay. Because you’re from down there, right?

Chris: Right ’cause it’s on the other side so… yeah. And Santiago, Chile is the capital, I believe. If you go due west and hit the coast, the largest pool on the planet is there. You can see it in Google maps.

Paul: Wow! [Laughs]

Chris: I mean it’s pretty cool. So shout-out, cheers.

Paul: Y’all, highlight us on our Facebook page. Let us know your name, company, and stuff like that.

Chris: Hey, give us some sort of like, you know, colloquial Spanish shout-out thing that we can do on air and hit us up and give us a review. Damn it. Speaking of reviews, we’ve got two reviews and I’m — here’s — this is awesome. One of them is from Big Cat Rescue. Now, it turns out that apparently Big Cat Rescue gave us a review in June on Facebook which is going to be one of our first tips of the day. We’re going to be talking about social media, but we’ll get to that here in a second. As a CEO of Big Cat Rescue, a large sanctuary for big cats, “Awesome,” he’s saying. Yeah, they do lions, tigers, leopards, and bobcats. No bears, apparently. And he has to be on the leading edge of SEO. He says this. This is the line I like. “Our site gets 1.6 million visitors a year and this podcast, the one you’re listening to, can take a lot of credit for that great exposure.”

Paul: That’s what’s up, Big Cat.

Chris: That is. That’s awesome. And really, all I’ve got to say is just send us a check.

Paul: Yeah, hey, that will work. In fact, it is posted.

Chris: It’s not for-profit so we’re happy to support it. On Facebook, we had given — there was an iTunes review by Daniel Street and you’re probably wondering like why were they coming with all these Facebook reviews? We’ll explain that in a second. But he just says, “Give these guys a 10-star rating. Put those outdated books away. Learn more in just an hour of your time. Thanks, guys, for pushing your passion and knowledge out to all us eager geeks.” Eager geeks.

Paul: That’s what’s up, man. I like that term, “eager geeks.”

Chris: You know, Lady Gaga calls her like followers monsters, “my little monsters.” We can call ours our eager geeks.

Paul: I wish to steal to monsters. I like just monsters.

Chris: [Laughs] You just like that?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: What if Lady Gaga had listened to our podcast and found out?

Paul: That’s what’s up. Where did she get your phone number?


Chris: I think I’d be afraid.

Paul: My mind, my mind, it’s just like oh, yeah, all right. [Laughs]

Chris: Frankly, I think I’d be afraid to just give me her phone number. What are you going to do to me? Are we going to have three costume changes in the middle of this tryst? [Laughs] All right. We got a shout-out to Scott Bonner. He put together a great document. We should get his permission to make it available. He’s talking about — his business focuses on moving business. This document is the 10 most inefficient practices of the moving industry and frankly for — at least 90% of this, I think you could take out the moving industry and insert —

Paul: Insert your business here.

Chris: Or just industry, you know, of “the industry.” I don’t know what “the industry.” How about “a industry”? ’cause there are really key things about where are you wasting your time? You shouldn’t be using paper or you’re doing multiple data entries. And most important at the very back of it, for those of you watching you can kind of see this and if I could see how it looked on my computer screen, I might be able to center it and bring it closer. I won’t even try. Right here, he says, “, Search Engine Optimization Company with a free podcast.”

Paul: So I guess doing this podcast was worth it.

Chris: Worth it. Two years and we got one line in an article that’s going to movers.

Paul: That’s what’s up, Scott Bonner. It’s very cool, man. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. And I will only be nice to you for about three more weeks, and you know why.

Chris: And you will be very happy. I am drinking the Diet Pepsi and the coffee this morning. All right.

Paul: So what’s up today?

Chris: Hold on one second.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Before we talk about the subject of today, social media, first we have to talk about Facebook.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Oh, wait, I didn’t even do any news.

Paul: Yeah, oh, okay.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: All right.

Chris: Okay. Facebook, biggest outage in four years. That’s the news.

Paul: Oh, that’s right. Chuck told me about that.

Chris: Yeah. Okay, that’s our news. You guys can go Google that and read it ’cause honestly that’s where we get our news.


Chris: Okay. So before we talk about social media, we have to talk about Facebook. I am holding up the front page of our Facebook page. You will notice the partner who got shot and there’s his hand there. So if you’re listening to this podcast, make sure you go to our Facebook page.

Paul: Rob got shot, y’all. Rob got shot, basically. And Corey Malczewski. I think I pronounced that correct. Yes, those white holes are bullet holes. And Dean Calhoun, yes, I punched him in the face and he liked it. Yes, it’s awesome.

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: Well, this is a perfect segue into what we’re going to talk about because it’s social media. We’re going to talk about social media. We’re going to talk about the Dos and Don’ts, and we do some of the Dos, we have done some of the Don’ts. We’re getting better at it. I think it’s a perfect example of what we’re going to go through.

Chris: So the key thing here that we wanted up to bring up before we start to talk about social media was there are apparently some settings on Facebook.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And actually, I think there’s a lot of settings. In general or specifically on your — it’s either a product page or a business page that people can like. We’ve been talking about likes and making sure that people are liking you or whatever. Right under where you can add to the wall of that product or business page, right under where it says “Share,” there’s a little button named “Settings.” If you haven’t tried clicking that yet, we did this week and something pretty cool happened. You’ve got options. In our case, one of the options was plus others, just, or just others.

Paul: And this is our newsfeed. So we’ve been looking at a newsfeed like —

Chris: Actually, our wall.

Paul: — our wall.

Chris: Yeah, ’cause I don’t think there’s a newsfeed for businesses.

Paul: Oh.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: So we’re like, man, would somebody comment on this pod like anybody — somebody?

Chris: And we did start getting like — we had Dean Calhoun and Scott Bonner were punching each other and one little back and forth, and we saw that because it was a comment of something we posted. But apparently the default setting is —

Paul: Just E-Webstyle.

Chris: — just E-Webstyle.

Paul: So we’re thinking, why — like I mean we’d like to think we’re somewhat cool and somebody would say something on our Facebook page. And apparently, people have.

Chris: Hey, look, back in June, Carole Baskin, “Your podcast helps us keep Big Cat Rescue at the top of Google and at the top of YouTube. Thanks, guys.” Hey, we’re really sorry it’s taken us this long to get — to mention —

Paul: To figure this out.

Chris: To figure that you’ve actually submitted a review. We really appreciate the review. Actually, we really appreciate both reviews. That was one example. I think Paul has got a couple more.

Paul: Curt Martin just this Tuesday gave us a shout-out. “Hey, guys, keep up the great web gospel.” Curt, that’s what’s up, man. Let us know. What company you’re working with? What are you doing? How we helped? Thanks. We appreciate this ’cause we put this out there for y’all.

Chris: Terry Crosby, “I love your podcast.”

Paul: That’s what’s up, Terry. It’s our YouTube friend.

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