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Seventy-Eighth Internet Marketing Podcast October 1st 2010. Third page of Show Notes

Social Media and Internet Marketing

Paul: But that’s cool. I think it’s possibly a way to attract a Facebook like, a follower, and even possibly a customer. If somebody is tweeting about you or your company, hey, let me take this guy up real quick.

Chuck: Good or bad. If they say something bad, that gives you an opportunity to find them and provide customer service to solve their problem.

Chris: There you go.

Chuck: If it’s something good, it gives you an opportunity to thank them and you know.

Chris: Tell them to share it with five of their friends.

Paul: There you go. So that’s a way to manage your reputation online.

Chris: And I mentioned TweetDeck already, and it was one of the ways that I was able to find that people were actually tweeting and referencing us. So it’s definitely at least one tool in your arsenal that you can use.

Paul: Oh, is that how you were listening while I was trending on Eddie Long’s hairpiece yesterday?

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, there was a rope of it. TweetDeck, a shout-out to TweetDeck. Man, they gave me a sponsorship. I mentioned too in a new rap.

Chris: Oh, cool. Yeah, yeah.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: We’ll manage the fee, and by manage, I mean, just take a small portion of it. It’s really next to nothing.


All right. This, number 13, which some people think is unlucky, yeah, screw them. We think it’s awesome and probably the most important one on this, which is don’t drop search in favor of social.

Chuck: Yeah, don’t do that.

Chris: Yeah, no.

Paul: Yeah. I mean, social media is going to bring you likes and fans and followers and friends and all this good stuff, but as of right now and I’d say even though that Facebook still gets more visits than Google right now, people still go to a search engine to find products and services.

Chris: When you look for a plumber, you don’t go to Facebook and type plumber.

Paul: Yeah. Now, if I’m on Facebook and I know I got a problem and there’s an ad, hey, great. But I spend way more time on ‑ me personally, I spend more time on a search engine searching for products and services and I like to think that most people still do that. So keep your SEO and PPC and internet marketing strong on your search.

Chris: Absolutely. Do you have any comments on that?

Chuck: Well, one thing with social, social helps you manage customers, provide customer service, and even bring in new customers if you can.

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: Search helps you find business. I mean, so you need search to put your business out there so people can find you, and use social to kind of manage what you’re doing, manage your brand, manage your customers and improvise service.

Paul: Is that ever going to change?

Chuck: Possibly. I mean, I think so.

Chris: Right now, I would say no. I would say no just because search is so ‑ but if Facebook comes out with some tools to make searching a little more ‑ Facebook came out with Places and…

Paul: There you go.

Chuck: I think it would. That’s why Google is really trying to infiltrate the social premises.

Paul: Yeah, they tried.

Chuck: Only if they can take care of it, you know.

Paul: Buzz?

Chuck: Wave.

Chris: Epic fail.

Chuck: Buzz didn’t really buzz, you know.

Paul: I’d say if Facebook gets a search engine, there will be problems for Google.

Chris: Yeah, that’s true.

Paul: I think so. I think it’s probably a few years away.

Chris: And then we’ll be literally like Bing who?

Paul: Yeah, really. Yeah. Google who? Yeah, mine was bad.


Chuck: Yeah, I don’t think that will happen.


Chris: Next one is don’t try to do too much too fast.

Paul: So you got to do search. You got to do your internet marketing, your PPC, your SEO, your social media, your online reputation management, and that’s just doing all of it. I think the article was probably ‑ I think I took that in the wrong direction. The article was probably talking about don’t try to do too much social too fast.

Chris: But it was good. It was good.

Paul: Yeah. As I was bringing this up, I was like I’m talking about the wrong thing. What’s our topic for today? Oh, yeah. Wait, that topic is over here.


Chris: Let me bring it back.

Paul: I couldn’t get through. I tried to. It can get tough, you know, ’cause I’m thinking you got a lot, and then you got to run your business.

Chris: It’s a valuable point because if you’re not even doing search yet or you’re just thinking about searching, do you really want to tackle social right away? Probably not. Get some processes and policies and procedures that you do on a regular basis in place and then kind of engage probably Facebook I would recommend would be first, and then Twitter because Twitter requires a little more proactiveness and more stuff. And I think what this is saying is like don’t get a Twitter account and then tweet like ten times a day when you have like no plan of action and you’re not actually providing.

Paul: Hello!

Chuck: No value.

Paul: No brilliant philosophy.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Well, I think one of the keys is make sure you use the available tools, right?

Paul: Like?

Chuck: Like my Twitter is synced with Facebook, Selective Tweets, and so it saves me time to tag my tweet to send it to Facebook. I don’t have to go to Facebook and spend time doing stuff that I just really don’t have time for. So you know, take advantage of the available tools.

Chris: And I like this point. I think this is probably the key and it really is the kind of philosophy that’s turned out to be a philosophy in E-Webstyle which is we just don’t bad mouth people.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Yeah, that’s like beyond ‑ I don’t even know what’s beyond satanic douchiness.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: But that’s there.

Chuck: That’s hater douchiness.

Paul: That hater, yeah.

Chris: Satanic hater douchiness.

Paul: And it happens. It definitely happens. We have a client that worries about that. Hey, I’ve got people going out there saying other businesses doing that. And I’m like that’s just wrong and I’m a firm believer in you reap what you sow, what comes around goes around. And he is worried about people going out there and saying bad things about me that’s not true. And I’m like you suck. I didn’t say it to the client. That’s what I’m thinking about people that do that.

Chris: No, he punched the client in the face.

Paul: But really, I’m like, “Get yourself, fool.”

Chris: [Laughter] We don’t insult them.

Chuck: Really?

Chris: That’s rude. How can you do business like that? And we just punched him in the face.

Paul: Yeah. I mean, people like a nice little slap around every time, man.

Chris: That’s going in the wrong direction. [Laughter] And this is last one is don’t engage in social climbing. And I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand it.

Chuck: Well, think about Twitter. When people came on, everybody followed celebs, right?

Paul: Right.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And so celebs don’t respond to you on Twitter, on Facebook, or any social media.

Chris: They do me. I think I mean, maybe not you but me, they’re hitting me all the time.

Chuck: This is my song. This is like my new album is coming up. Go get it.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chuck: And so…

Paul: Hey, Ashton. It’s Paul. What’s up? Do you remember me?

Chris: We haven’t met yet.

Chuck: Like I have a new movie coming out. Go see that. You know what I’m saying?


Chris: Ashton, I hit you 50 times today.

Chuck: I have a new movie coming out. I mean, that’s auto generated. But no, don’t engage in social climbing, you know. Work on your level. It’s cool to go after the big wings, the SEO rock stars and celebs and everybody else, but you really want to have a value within your followers, people who actually respond to what you tweet. Then get people on your level.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: And if you think your social climbing has any value, ask the one guy that Kanye West followed what he thought about having that value. Like everybody wanted to interview him. He is like some guy from the country in England and he was like, “Just leave me alone. He has never actually spoken to me. He didn’t take away the microphone away from me once though.”

Paul: Yeah, really.

Chris: That’s what we have for do’s and don’ts of social media. So we have an announcement and Charles “Chuck, Mo Serious” is here to give that announcement. I know he has been working really hard on this.

Chuck: Very hard.

Chris: Very, very hard. So he’s got a great announcement. So take it away.

Chuck: Okay. So last week if you tuned in, last week, my man right here, my man right here, he put me on Blast about the E-Webstyle website, right? So I’ve been full-time grounding on this site, optimizing content, working on layout, working on CTAs, and now it’s available. Go check it out, Check it out. Get your free analysis. Hit us on Facebook. Give me your thoughts about it, likes, dislikes. I’m open to your suggestions, and of course, we just launched so the site that we tweaked may look a little different when you look at it next time. But for the most part, it’s up. Check it out and give me your thoughts.

Chris: And you know, kind of our regular listeners, anytime you release a new website, there’s always a couple of things that aren’t working. If you catch anything, hey, please pop us an email so that we can get if fixed so we can have that perfect perception.

Chuck: Can I bring up epic fail, please?

Paul: Sure.

Chuck: You brought up Yahoo’s fail earlier?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yelp, epic fail.

Chris: Really? What happened?

Paul: ‘Cause I got them on my phone.

Chris: Are you talking about Yelp?

Chuck: I am. Google tried to buy Yelp.

Paul: And they said no?

Chuck: $550 million. They were working the paper work. They’re about to close the deal. Yahoo counteroffers $750 million. So Yelp backs away from the Google deal. Now, the directors and the head honchos wanted to go for Yahoo, $200 million more money.

Chris: Absolutely.

Chuck: Managers and employees want to work for Google. They don’t want to work for Yahoo so…

Paul: They’ll get fired.

Chuck: …they can’t come to an agreement. The deal crashes. They get nobody.

Chris: Oh, they don’t sell at all.

Paul: Boo! Epic fail. Gosh!

Chuck: Wow!

Paul: Man, I’ll be mad. I’ll be mad ’cause I’m like the CEO, I’m like, “Man, this is it. I’m done. I’m going to take my $10 million and I’m gone. I’m going to sail around the world. That’s it.”

Chuck: Yeah. So epic fail, Yelp.

< /span>

Chris: Now, I got to hit that alarm clock and keep going to work.


Paul: And keep going to work. There you go. I mean, it was good for their employees ’cause they were all going to get fired.

Chris: Wait, I’m sorry. She doesn’t actually work apparently. She just…

Chuck: I am getting fired with the severance. Just imagine $50 million.

Paul: There you go.

Chuck: Fire me.

Paul: Gosh!

Chuck: I’ll just walk out and go sail around the world.

Paul: So that’s the tip for the day. If Google tries to buy you, take the first offer and run.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Get going.

Chris: Don’t answer the phone when Yahoo calls ’cause it’s a train wreck. It’s taken shit with it now.


Paul: Gosh!

Chuck: Yeah, get the money.

Chris: All right. This has been podcast number 77. You have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We’re actually the ‑ I got to run the numbers, but I think we’re also the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes. So if you search internet marketing, boom! We’re right there on that front page of iTunes.

We didn’t have any reviews this week so we’re, you know, a little sad. We’d like to get reviews form you guys. All you need to do is go to iTunes, create an account, and submit a review. We really appreciate that. Make sure we know who you are. Also hit our Facebook page ’cause we’ve gotten a couple of reviews directly on our Facebook page, and we really appreciate that. We’re able to follow those up, give you a shout-out. We’re nothing without you guys. I mean, that’s just the fact. So we really appreciate you guys listening.

Next podcast is going to be next Friday, 9:15-ish Central Standard Time. We really appreciate you guys listening. Until the next time, my name is Chris Burres.

Paul: I’m Paul Hanson.

Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

Paul: Darren Booy, you’re going down this weekend on fantasy soccer.

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