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Social Media Marketing

Chris: Yeah. Just for fun.   All right. So, in the last two podcasts, we’ve actually covered PPC, marketing and actually we’re cutting out video segments in our podcast. So we’re creating the video segments that we’re gonna put on our web page, our pay per click page, the last one was actually our SEO page. And this one, we’re gonna do our social media page. So then, again, for our regular listeners, this is a behind the scene. It’s gonna cover some basics about how we approach social media marketing. We’re gonna use this video, you will see it on our website shortly.   Charles: And I don’t know what shortly means but this summer. By the time we finished design and finish rewriting content and go to production.   Chris: Yeah. It will be that long. So, we’ll take a very brief break so that we’ll have a good place to cut. And then we’ll start off with that segment that is gonna be the video for social media marketing page. So, thank you guys and bear with us.   Hi. And welcome to our social media marketing page. My name is Chris Burres. I’m the owner of the EWebResults.   Charles: I am Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.   Chris: Today, we’re gonna talk about social media marketing. First, welcome to our social media marketing page. You’re probably wondering or maybe you’re not since you’re here, we’re gonna cover it anyway. What is social media marketing and why should you be doing it? Fundamentally, social media marketing is a number of products that are available on the web. The most predominant are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.   Charles: There’s Youtube, Google Plus.   Chris: Tumbler. There’s a ton of them out there. We really tend to focus on the handful. Charles is gonna talk about that in a second. Social media marketing is a way for you to interact and engage your customers regularly again in a more interactive way.   It’s about customer retention. It’s also about word of mouth. Taking advantage of word of mouth marketing except in this case, it’s word of internet marketing, if you will.   Charles: To me, social media is really digital word of mouth, if you will. It’s the same concept, that people giving referrals and sharing news face to face. Instead, they do it click to click.   Chris: Why should you be doing social media marketing? Well, one of the reasons is you’ll end up with a Twitter page, you end with a LinkedIn account. And those are all ways that Google can find you. And the reality is the more ways Google can find you, the more likely people are gonna find you. So that’s the very first reason you should be doing it.   The next are there’s some interesting statistics out there. It says about 71% of the current web audience actually has a Facebook account. That’s 71% of the audience. It also says that people spend about 33 minutes a day on Facebook and about 10 minutes a day on Google. So, Facebook as a lead example is a great place to actually start your social media marketing.   Those are the reasons you really should be doing social media marketing. Charles is gonna talk about a little bit about how we do social media marketing here at EWebResults.   Charles: Our social media marketing campaigns are created, first off, unique to each client. What we wanna do is make sure we understand what you offer, how you offer it and really how you make money and what your goal is.   For example, if you’re selling products, then maybe your goal to get as much product exposure as you can. Figure out ways for people to share those products. Figure out ways that those products can be featured on in other places.   Or maybe you’re a new company and you’re focusing on branding. And then products may not be what you’re focusing on. Instead you need your name out there. You need people to see your name. You need people to learn your name. You need people to gravitate towards your name.   Or you may provide a service. Let’s say, you’re a plumber or a carpenter, something like that. And that way, you need to – or better yet a roofer or maybe do exteriors. And so maybe you need to show pictures of the different types of work that you’ve done. And a great way to use social media to do that would be to show those pictures and associate them with the actual clients you had.   [00:15:00] And so, part of our process is to determine what you offer, what you needed to do and how social media can work for you. Once we figure that out, then we determine which profiles and platforms would work best for you.   Again, if you need a lot of pictures, then Facebook is gonna key probably for all of them frankly because [00:15:15] [inaudible] percent of people are on Facebook.   But you may need a new one, a [00:15:19] [inaudible] account, things like that. You definitely need a Twitter so you can start tweet picking stuff on the fly while you’re out and about providing services.   Let’s say, you’re selling products. And one of the things we’d like to do is maybe tie in the fact that people can share your products during the check out process. If we built that site and you’re doing the social campaign with us, then we will be sure to make the sharing [00:15:43] [inaudib
of your products through Facebook or make [00:15:48] [inaudible] through Google Plus as part of your process.   So, it really depends on, again what you’re doing. If you’re branding, let’s say you’re a new company, right? And you need to get your name out there, then we may focus on LinkedIn. So we can get you a LinkedIn account up. We can make sure that all of your key employee’s have pages and are associated with that page. So that way people who may have some sort of name recognition can be found online and be associated with your business.   We actually take things a step further, and – for the sake of branding. If you have a Twitter page of a Facebook fan page and things like that, that may require some sort of unique consistence, we definitely wanna make sure that they are consistent.   The Facebook page has the same color scheme, same logo’s as your website. Website landing pages and all of the other social platforms that you have resemble each other. So that way, there’s a consistent look and feel across the board.   It’s our goal to make sure – to be social for you. Frankly, most people create a profile and they don’t be social and so they end up with a profile and nothing more. Had nothing that doesn’t function.   Chris: Well, that’s exactly, you know one of the reasons to have a social media campaign, or actually just a social media account, it’s because it can help you get found. And then the very next thing that is supposed to happen is you’re supposed to be social. And what we’ve found is, is that a lot of owners we get – at first, we would help them set up their Facebook account, their Twitter account, maybe their LinkedIn account. And then, they’re saying, initially they’re excited and [00:17:25] [inaudible] oh yeah, I’m gonna be very social and I can [cross-talk] of a new client.   And we find business owners don’t have time. In order to take advantage of a social media campaign, you’ve got to be social. And if you’re a business owner and you don’t have time to do it, you need to find somebody else who can. You either need to hire somebody internally, which can be risky, or you need to find a company such as EWebResults to help you out with that process.   Charles: Definitely to hire someone internally could create additional cause, frankly, maybe more than our social media package.   Chris: I can guarantee it’s more than our social media package.   Charles: So, you definitely need to consider all of those things. Some of the other things we do as we understand how social media affects your SEO results. You know, we specialize in SEO as well and we tend to keep them separate because at the end of the day, they are separate things.   We can do SEO to help your site but you need social. So we really [00:18:24] [inaudible] social not for additional revenue, frankly, but because you need it.   And especially with thing like Youtube, if you provide videos and you need access to videos, videos help with your SEO. If you want Google Plus and we’re generating +1’s and people adding you to their circle, and a +1 in your page is gonna help with your SEO.   So, we tend to make sure that whatever social media marketing campaign that we’ve developed, not only is it unique to you but it also enforces and helps our SEO over all game plan.   Chris: Excellent. Well, I think that’s a good brief synopsis of what is social media? Why you need to be doing it? And kind of our general approach to social media.   So, why don’t you just pick up the phone? The phone number is right there at the top of the screen. Give us a call and we’ll help you today. Thank you.   All right. So that has been kind of a behind the scenes look. That is the video we’re gonna be putting on our website. As you guys know, we don’t believe in editing yet. As we grow as a company and as our podcast listenership expands, we might spend a little more time on that, who knows?   Charles: Probably not.   Chris: So, when we get our website live, go ahead and check it out. See, if you remember this podcast and see how it actually looks on our website.   Is that it? I think that’s it. That’s all we got today. [cross talk] It’s just blank stare. You don’t have blank stare? [laughter]   All right. Thank you, guys so much for listening. You have made us the most popular SEO podcast on the planet. That is you, you, you over there in South Africa. You over there in Australia. You over there in Peru, Chile, Columbia and Brazil. Thank you, guys for listening. Remember, go ahead and submit a review. You can actually go, if you don’t wanna do iTunes and we understand that. There are some people who are android fanatics or something nicer.   Charles: They’re against Apple.   Chris: Yeah, go to Google. Go to podcast.   Charles: On that page you will see right below the video, you’re hopefully watching right now, there’s a link to our Google places page. Click that link and give us a Google review.   Chris: Yeah. That would be great. Thank you, guys for tuning in until the next time. My name is Chris Burres.   Charles: I am Charles Lewis.   Chris: Bye-bye for now.   [00:20:52] END OF AUDIO

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