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Social Media SEO

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing Podcast. That’s was wrong. Chuck: Yeah. You left the word SEO. Chris: Oh, there’s SEO. We do SEO and we also do websites. My name is Chris Burres, owner of the E-Webstyle. Chuck: Charles Lewis, your Internet Marketing Specialist. Chris: I don’t if we ever going get like that – we should, like keep track. Chuck: We should. Chris: I’m going to put it down. Yeah. Chuck: We should write it. Chris: Right. I do write this down. We are your friendly local neighborhood Top Position Snatchers, where our mantra is, “Do not be a deuce”. Yeah. Chuck: Don’t be a deuce. Chris: Yeah, that’s not good. We – you guys may have notice the improve quality of sound today. Chuck: Yeah. We have. Chris: Hopefully, we’ve actually got lapel mics. So, we’re going to learn how use them – apparently you’re not supposed to sneeze in them and cough in them, it’s bad. Chuck: Yeah. We’ll probably do all of that. Chris: All of that, yeah. Right. Chuck: Check it out, man. If you’re watching – if you’re watching it live or if you’re going to watch it later. Hit us up on Facebook, tell us what you thought. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: If it’s too loud or if it’s too low. Would the – the sound better? Chris: I just got a thumb up – thumbs up from our sound engineer. So, if you disagree with him, let us know. Right? Chuck: Well, we have Aaron, appreciate you’re helping out with the noise. Chris: Oh, yeah. Thanks, Aaron. He’s – he’s watching right now. So, we appreciate it that. You are listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes, that is because of you guys and we really appreciate it that you guys, follow us, like us and literally got this mics because of the feed… Chuck: Obviously. Chris: Product list. Chuck: [1:32:6][Inaudible] this time, man. Chris: Could you grab – I think I sit my coffee down over there, could you – thanks. So, remember, every podcast we talked about what we did last time. The tip from last time… Chuck: Yeah. Chris: Tip from last is if you built it they will come, if does not work with Social Media you must implement a plan to be social. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: I think we’ve done that one before. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: It sounds really familiar. It may be even, it’d be word for word from a previous tip. This is Podcast 120 and you know, you guys can stalk us,… Chuck: — ewebstyle. Chris: — Chuck: — ewebstyle. Chris: You can e-mail us at podcast@ Chuck: — You almost got… Chris: I almost got you there. We changed our product placement now. Now we’re – now we’re in… Chuck: Another cold product. Chris: Another cold product. Vitamin Water, I think it’s kind of nasty. Chuck: I loved it. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: It’s all right. Chris: I really just wanted the bottle ‘cause I’m going to start drinking water more, ‘cause you know, we talked about… Chuck: Why don’t you just buy water bottle. Chris: ‘Cause this is bigger. You’re right, I could have bought a big water bottle and ‘cause this is a water bottle. This is a vitamin water bottle. Oh, it’s crazy… Chuck: Yes. Chris: Well, where someone called it the “new snake oil”. Chuck: Who called it that? Chris: I don’t – somebody was like, you know in the old days they use to sell snake oil out of the back of a wagon, so that you could, you know it would cure everything, usually grain alcohol. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: Anyway, let see. News for today, Lowes buys 42,000 iPhones. Yeah, they’re going to… Chuck: Lowes, was supplying the employees? Chris: Yeah, they’re going give them to their employees, they’re going to start creating kind of the, a lot of the experience that you get at Mac. Chuck: at the Mac store. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: If they, well, that would probably help with locating staff. So Lowes has a [3:37:6][Inaudible] if you don’t frequent it. Chris: Yeah, I was there the other day looking for a timer for my water thing. Chuck: You probably had to ask two people. Chris: I had to get away with one. And, frankly she was like, yeah, that’s all we got. I’m like look, this is a unit that attaches through another unit, either there should be an empty space with the other unit is missing or the other unit has to be somewhere else, I don’t see it and I literally, it took about three minutes for her to like, oh he’s right, ‘cause this is the unit that goes with the other one, there’s no empty slot. It turns out the way it’s, you know, right… Chuck: Yeah, probably. Chris: It was in plumbing. The timer for my water hose, so you go, where would you go? You should be at the hoses, the water hoses. Chuck: The hoses weren’t in plumbing? Chris: No, they’re in the garden, right? So, why is that timer, and I kind of get ‘cause they sell, like the whole lawn gardening water, you know, a whole — the sprinkler system, anyway… Chuck: Yeah. So, Lowes with iPhone. Chris: So, I could use that iPhone. Yeah, she might have been able to look that up. Chuck: Yes, probably [4:39:2][Inaudible]. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: You know. Chris: Here’s another news I thought this was cool. Chuck: Cool. Chris: Windows 8, they’re working on it and it’s going to start 30 the 70% faster than Window 7. Have you notice – is Window 7 that much faster than XP. Chuck: Oh, operating, yes. Start-up time, it’s about the same. Chris: It was the same, right? Chuck: Yes, this is just the same. Adjusting your settings, doing everything. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: But – but Operating itself it’s just a lot faster. Chris: Faster, it’s got nice features. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: They say – so the range, they tried a bunch of different CPU. It’s going to be 50 – from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Doesn’t it feel more like two minutes now? But, that’s just what it feels, like when I turn on – when I reboot. It’s a 5-minute process. Chuck: Oh, no ‘cause I’d turned on and go get coffee. Chris: Yeah. Right, so there’s… Chuck: And then I come back. Chris: Who, maybe it’s instantaneous now, we don’t even know ‘cause we’re off getting coffee, ‘cause we’re used to it. Chuck: Maybe that, yeah. I don’t know. Chris: Amazon stops their ballot referendum. They were trying to get – put a ballot referendum through in California. California is going to start forcing online stores to charges sales tax. Chuck: They all do that already? Chris: No. Chuck: I mean, I know in Texas if – if the stores intakes it… Chris: Yes. Chuck: And the purchaser is in Texas, you have automatically get charge of sales tax. Chris: Yes, absolutely. So, Amazon doesn’t have a store front in California. Right, and I think I know some of the argument was Amazon does have 25,000 small affiliates in California. So maybe that’s the argument that they’re using. If it’s not the argument that they are using then they’re just saying, look all this tax dollars are going out, all the sales are occurring and we’re not collecting state taxes. And you know honestly from a very small – if you’re staring up an new small e-commerce business and you’re responsible for collecting, knowing the tax code of all 50 states and collecting taxes from all 50 states and sending those taxes in to all 50 states, that’s bad. Chuck: Yes, that’s not good. Chris: That’s really bad for small business. So, I think it’s a mistake that California is even going after that money. That needs – I think there should be a sales tax on online sales. Chuck: What if it’s in in California, give example. Chris: Or there should be a federal law which is, okay it’s just a flat percentage… Chuck: So, across the board. Chris: Yes, so now you don’t have to know it’s 8.25 in Texas and, you know there’s an extra small percent if it’s Houston and in California it’s whether 10%. Chuck: Probably. Chris: You don’t have to know that, it’s just one flat tax and you – you pay it to each of those dates. Chuck: Yeah, 18% of New York. Chris: Yeah, so, which is crazy ‘cause right at New Jersey. No sales. Chuck: I know. Chris: So, I think it’s a bad decision and I think their ultimately going to drive business out of California. I’d love to see Amazon stop selling in California that would be cool. Chuck: I want it. Chris: I know, if it works. Chuck: It will be cool, but… Chris: But, if it were in Minnesota. Chuck: I think they would stop selling.

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