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Thirty-One E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast Sept. 18th 2009. First page of Transcription


Chris: Hi and welcome to Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast.

Paul: Welcome back. Thank you for joining us for another fun-filled edition of the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of e-webstyle.

Paul: This is Paul Hanson, sales manager at e-webstyle.

Chris: And we are here in our studio office with Joe Orsak. How are you doing, Joe?

Joe: Yo, peeps, what’s up?

Chris: Yeah, I like your ‘peeps!’ This is fourth podcast. We’re so happy to have you again. We’re happy to be working with your website here on the podcast. And thanks for coming, this is awesome. Things are going really well.

Joe: Enjoying it.

Chris: We don’t have any new news items ‘cause we’re actually doing this the same day as the last podcast.

Paul: As the last one.

Chris: So go back and listen to us rag on Kanye West and Raymond Clark, the body stuffer and–

Joe: We need to have Kanye actually call in and interrupt the podcast.

Chris: Beyonce’s podcast is much better!

Joe: That’d be awesome. I actually had somebody on YouTube do that. They had like a Photoshop tutorial that’s like their normal little routine. They had their videos on Photoshop and that sort of thing. And his deal was like, “Okay, I couldn’t resist.” He was doing the his Photoshop tutorial and Kanye busts in just to say that his Photoshop tutorial is not as good and all that sort of thing. It was pretty awesome. I had a laugh.

Chris: There are all sorts of yeah, videos of cutting in on politicians talking.

Paul: On the President.

Joe: Oh, yeah.

Paul: I saw that one.

Joe: He’s like, “Sorry, guys, I couldn’t resist.”

Chris: That’s hilarious, that’s awesome.

Joe: How to make a fool of yourself in one easy step.

Paul: Tell me about it.

Chris: In one bottle of brandy.

Joe: Yes.

Chris: Or less.

Joe: Go to a highly public outing. I.e. an MTV award or similar. Step 2.

Paul: Get drunk.

Joe: Get wasted.

Chris: Step 3. Find it appropriate to get on stage.

Paul: Uninvited.

Chris: And take the phone away from a 19-year-old super star. As she’s accepting her first VMA or (02:19)

Paul: And then probably apologize and disappear.

Chris: Yeah.

Joe: Yes. There you have it.

Chris: I don’t know if I did read like it’s plastered all over the web and I read some of the comments and their–

Paul: Oh, man, they just ripped him

Chris: They hate him.

Paul: Yeah, he got a lot.

Chris: He is like if we were lynching days, I don’t mean in the black – white way–

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I mean just like in the old days somebody did something wrong.

Joe: Yeah.

Chris: He’d have pitchforks–

Joe: Yeah.

Chris: And–

Joe: Burning torches–

Chris: Torches and they would–

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Joe: Get a rope.

Paul: Yeah. But now, he just has all the Twitter press he can possibly stand.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: His name is all over.

Joe: Oh, yeah.

Paul: Now is the perfect time to drop another album.

Joe: Exactly. It’s an old saying. All press is good press.

Chris: Title of the Album: Apology.

Paul: There you go. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Taylor.

Joe: I was just going to say he does a remake of that song, you know. I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

Paul: That would be like the best career move for him.

Joe: Wouldn’t it?

Chris: Yeah. It’s insane.

Paul: It’s funny, I still remember that.

Joe: Yeah, yeah.

Paul: The next commercial–

Joe: Here’s the newest track from Kanye West. (singing) I’m sorry. So sorry…

Paul: What was that commercial? The Kleenex or it’s the paper towel or something. It was something it was like a little kid doing why are we even doing this?

Joe: Come on, man, I’m filled!

Chris: He would sneeze, I’m sorry.

Joe: Uh, uh, so sorry! Uh!

Chris: Brought to you live by the rap artist, Joe Orsak at e-webstyle.com. Well, since we’re mentioning, e-webstyle, let’s go and talk about how to communicate with us. We are on Twitter so you can find us at twitter.com/ewebstyle. You can also get a hold of us, we do have a Facebook page. So you can become a fan of e-webstyle. Please do that. Help us out. You can do that. The easiest way to get there, I’ll be honest I don’t know exactly how to get there directly from Facebook but you can go to our website, e-webstyle.com/facebook and that will take you immediately to our Facebook page and you can become a friend

And we’re also enjoying all the emails, we’re getting all the comments. In fact, we’ll be answering one email that we just recently received in the next podcast.

Paul: Yes, from Sebastian.

Chris: That’s going to be our 32nd podcast. This is 31. This is awesome. We’re just accumulating–

Paul: Podcasts.

Chris: One after another.

Joe: Craziness.

Chris: Amazing how that works. Keep sending–

Joe: 31 follows 30. Funk.

Chris: It’s the credit guy who figured it out for us.

Joe: I’m giving numbers like that.

Chris: So please keep sending emails. You can send those emails to podcast@e-webstyle.com. We do have a “viral video” on our Facebook page. So make sure you go there and check it out. We’d love to hear your comments on that. We think it’s pretty funny. Some of the surveys, market surveys that we’ve done with the two guys that stopped by the office and looked at it, they laughed so we’d love to get your opinion on that. Again, that’s e-webstyle.com/facebook and we are interviewing Joe Orsak, his website is improvemycreditusa.com and it’s so confusing. What do you do again? I’m just kidding.

Joe: I don’t know. I think it’s something to do with improving credit in the U.S.

Chris: In the U.S. Okay, I got it. Again, putting the numbers together, we got it. Excellent. On the last podcast, we kind of ended and you had a question. So we wanted to let you go ahead and ask that question and we’ll go from there.

Joe: And delve into that question. Yes, I had a question about conversion on the website. And I don’t know how much we can get into this but whether it’s just my industry, with credit repair and credit repair kind of having a certain image out there in the professional world of con artists and scams and all that sort of thing, there’s certainly plenty of that. Or if it’s just the amount of web traffic that we’ve gotten, I don’t get a huge amount of traffic to our site–

Chris: Yet.

Joe: Yet. Got to work on that with you guys.

Chris: Alright.

Joe: You know that we just don’t convert on our website. I have some people go to our website and sign up without me doing anything, without me talking to them or whatever. And so, I’m wondering is there some way we can improve that. We’ve tried really hard to show the credibility and that type of thing on our website. We have our license, our bond, a click away. Some people can see that. And actually, the girl who the company that we’re bonded through like freaked out yesterday and called us and said, “Oh, you have to delete the second page has my signature on it because I don’t want people to be able to forge my signature!”

Chris: Oh, wow!

Joe: Yeah, because a very–to get a bond, you have to go through all kind of trouble and everything else. And so she was protecting–

Chris: Her company.

Joe: Exactly.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Joe: Which is cool. I was like, “And you know what? That’s protecting the credibility of our bond.”

Chris: Yeah, absolutely.

Joe: And so I had to quickly jump on getting rid of that signature page. So that’s cool.

Chris: Okay, well, so what I would say you’ve actually–a lot of our customers come to us and they’re like, “Okay. How do I get on the first page of Google?” ‘Cause they understand that being on the first page of Google’s going to give them traffic. And in our podcast, if you go through it, you would hear us talk repeatedly okay, that’s what we do, we’re good at that and we are also going to help you kind of structure your website so that you actually convert that traffic. So your question is very relevant to us in what we like to talk about. It’s not a particular service we offer. It’s just kind of an auxiliary service that most of our customers get. So what we want–what we would do is look at your website and we are looking at your website, it’s improvemycreditusa.com. And hopefully, our listeners are sitting in front of the computer looking but if they’re on an iPod or whatever, we’ll do our best to kind of describe what we’ve seen.

And we do see calls to action. One of them on the left, you’ve got $79 per month, $149 set up, click here to get started. The thinking that I would do there is maybe to talk about what that service does, right, so you’re asking them to click their attendant for service and you’ve given the pricing but you don’t say what it’s going to do.

Paul: What do I get for that at this point.

Chris: So that would be one thing there. You do get–and I know you get some other responses. So some people you actually have a chat, you know, a girl with the–one of the earpiece microphones–

Joe: Which nobody uses anymore.

Chris: Or telecom thing.

Joe: But it gets the point across.

Chris: Exactly. So that’s the way that people could chat with you instantly.

Joe: Yes.

Chris: I know you get some people doing that, right?

Joe: Yes, I do.

Chris: Yeah. You actually have pretty sophisticated technology I think you outlined in pod–the second interview that we did with you.

Joe: I think so.

Chris: Podcast 29 maybe?

Joe: Yes.

Chris: Maybe it’s 28. Go listen to both. And in fact, if somebody clicks that, it’ll actually text you and you can interact with them from iPhone.

Joe: Yeah. Yes.

Chris: So that’s good so I would consider that–I would tend to consider that an action. Regarding your specific question why aren’t people just signing up from the website. I think you’re kind of right and we kind of had a panel discussion, if you will, before this podcast, your service and the industry you’re in, you’re kind of bringing credibility in the industry that you’re in. And so, people are a little bit leery about you know, how are you going to adjust my credit and credit has this nefarious kind of black hat–

Joe: Yeah.

Chris: Feel to it so. I am going to tend to want to somebody. At least that’s how Paul and I are.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So I think that probably has something to do with it. And of course, traffic is incredibly important. If you’ve got calls to action on your website and you’re just not getting that much traffic, then–

Joe: Right.

Chris: You know, that’s going to kill you. You’re not going to get people clicking.

Joe: I also had kind of a side question off of that as well. Which, if you guys get emails from this, I would love to, you know, hey, anybody out there that hears this, feel free to shoot an email to these guys ‘cause I’m definitely interested or curious or what the public’s view of this is. One on the question we just had.

But secondly, also, I had another person say if you’re not the cheapest person out there, advertising that price may not be the best idea. We are the cheapest, we don’t try to be the cheapest. We just try to be the best. And so I don’t know which direction to go on that. Do I take the prices off of the website and motivate them to call or, you know, that type of thing?

Chris: What’s your first stop?

Paul: I think I would say yes, you could, I think this might be an SEO thing where I’d say try it with the prices, try it without the prices. See which one converts better.

Chris: That’s certainly something that you can do. We polled–we used to have all of our prices on our website and at the recommendation of somebody else, we pulled it all off ‘cause and I think and this would be my tendency. I love the idea of trying both, alright, so we can actually do that. We can arrange campaigns and see if anything happens. If you’re not getting much now, then let’s just work on getting them to call and you’re right. You’re not about price. You’re talking about 100% communication guarantee and that kind of inherently is brings credibility to what you’re doing, right? ‘Cause it’s those people, you know, in the last podcast, we talked about your process, kind of has 45 days of downtime where you’ve done something for the client. And there’s no particular reason other than for customer service to stay in (12:29) with them and you do where I’m assuming most other credit companies just wait for them. And what happens is a customer calls them and says, “What are you guys doing?”

Joe: Yes.

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