Testimonials and Google Local Places Listing

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This is a transcript from our 95th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Testimonials and Google Local Places Listing
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Testimonials and Google Local Places Listing

Chris:                           Hi and welcome to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing! Oh yeah.


Paul:                            What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Unknown Secrets of SEO. We got some great stuff here for you today on SEO and Internet Marketing.


Chris:                           My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Paul:                            I’m Upgradde, spelled with two D’s for a double-dose of this pimping.


Chris:                           Woo-hoo. Woo-hoo.


Paul:                            [Laughs] I’m Paul Hanson, sales manager. Sorry, I just saw a movie and there was pimp named “Upgradde” and it was spelled with two D’s for a double-dose of this pimping. I just cannot get enough of it.


Chris:                           Double-dose of this pimping.


Paul:                            I thought it was hilarious. Go watch “Idiocracy”. It was funny.


Chris:                           So you may notice that there’s some new lighting that we’re trying out and —


Paul:                            And I don’t have a face.


Chris:                           Really, really — yeah, Paul, where were you on the night of fifth?


Paul:                            I’m just saying, man, like wow.


Chris:                           [Laughs]


Paul:                            [Laughs] That’s what’s up. Yeah, we’re just trying out lighting. We’re trying to get to it right.


Chris:                           This is like a major theatrical can, I think they’re called, without a film in front of it and it’s clear that we’re going to need to get a film with that.


Paul:                            Yeah, because you can’t see my face.


Chris:                           We do have one film, but it’s blue.


Paul:                            It’s blue, yeah.


Chris:                           And I don’t think that would really actually help very much so… As always, we want to talk a little bit about our last podcast and we want to talk about some news. And we want to give you the tip from the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, podcast #94, and the tip was focus on Google categories, not made up categories for your Google Local Places and things.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           And if that does not make sense to you, you guys need to go back and listen to podcast #94 because that is actually a really good tip to stay focused on.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           All right, a little bit of news. Dude, Sunday, Super Bowl commercials? We do —


Paul:                            Oh yeah.


Chris:                           We do marketing. Did any commercials stand out for you?


Paul:                            A couple did, but I can’t remember them right now.


Chris:                           Apparently, one of the more popular ones is the little, mini Darth Vader.


Paul:                            Oh yeah! I remember that one.


Chris:                           Yeah, where he’s like trying to use the force and then guy —


Paul:                            And then the guy starts the car.


Chris:                           Car, yeah. And —


Paul:                            And the kid’s like “Wow…” [Laughs]


Chris:                           [Laughs] That’s pretty awesome. There are a couple of other good ones and then a whole lot of lousy ones. One that I remember was the Joan Rivers for Go Daddy.


Paul:                            Hmmm…


Chris:                           That’s crazy.


Paul:                            Oh, that was just uncalled for.


Chris:                           [Laughs]


Paul:                            I was like — I mean, yes Joan Rivers is holding for age, but I don’t want to see Joan Rivers in some booty shorts.


Chris:                           Yeah. I don’t think that was her.


Paul:                            Oh, okay.


Chris:                           It was only her head.


Paul:                            Oh, okay.


Chris:                           You actually turned away?


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           [Laughs]


Paul:                            I was like, “Oh, God, no!”


Chris:                           [Laughs] I will not a look at that.


Paul:                            I’m not trying to look at that.




Chris:                           That’s awesome. Here’s a little bit of news. I thought this was pretty interesting. Smart phones are now shipping more or smart phone shipping has surpassed PC shipping.


Paul:                            PC? That sounds about right ’cause everybody — I know people that don’t own computers that got —


Chris:                           They have a smart phone.


Paul:                            They got two burned out phones. [Laughs]


Chris:                           I’m just amazed, you know, of people who don’t have computers. [Laughs]


Paul:                            True.


Chris:                           Certainly at work they do. Yeah. So some of the talk was, oh, are smart phones going to replace the PCs?


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           I just don’t think that’s going to happen. You’re not going to roll up to work and sit in the car because you do need to get out of the car and do work for eight hours and then leave.


Paul:                            I’ll say that tablets could replace — I think they will replace PCs.


Chris:                           In certain industries.


Paul:                            In homes.


Chris:                           Absolutely.


Paul:                            It will replace your home PC. That is just a —


Chris:                           Certainly from —


Paul:                            –another Paul Hanson prediction.


Chris:                           Certainly for people who don’t work at home, right? Because —


Paul:                            Yeah, yeah. I mean it’s just —


Chris:                           But I’ve got to have like — I have almost the same setup at the house that I do here.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           So when I got to get some work done, I can actually get it done.


Great news.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           We’ve got 126 Twitter followers.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up. That’s cool.


Chris:                           Like last time it was 97 and… Yeah, really, it’s all due to the man we will bring out a little bit later, Chuck. He has — we turned him loose on our Twitter.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           He is the author of the Social Media Marketing rap.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           So, it’s not surprising that he’s doing a kickass job for us. And, you know, Gareth Copeland, I wrote a long email to him. He kind of lectured us on, hey, you shouldn’t be telling people to use Facebook instead of Twitter. You know, maybe he’s a little bit right there ’cause now we’ve go t126 Twitter followers.


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           And what I’d like all you Twitter followers to do is go “like” us on Facebook.




We’ve got 85 who liked us on Facebook and I’m going to talk about a few of them. Did you have any notes?


Paul:                            Yes. I actually went through the Facebook page. Go ahead and I’ll scratch mine out.


Chris:                           Okay. This is great. We posted that our live video broadcast, this broadcast, which is actually being brought to you at noon Central Standard Time from Houston, Texas on a Thursday. Normally, it’s 9:15 Central Standard Time on Fridays. We had to adjust because of some scheduling conflicts. And I posted it and I put — Darren Booy, he made a logo for us.



Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           A podcast logo for us. And Darren Booy actually commented, “Wow. That truly is a great logo.” And we agree, otherwise we wouldn’t have used it.


Paul:                            Yeah. I think it was awesome. Thanks again, Darren. That’s something Darren put together for us months ago. It was awesome though.


Chris:                           That and the South Park image.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           And you’ve got to go check out the South Park image.


Paul:                            Darren is just a super creative guy.


Chris:                           Yeah, he’s awesome. And he hasn’t been doing much producing because usually he produces this show —


Paul:                            Yeah. [Laughs]


Chris:                           — by telling us what content to talk about.


Paul:                            Dean has been doing a lot of production lately —


Chris:                           That’s —


Paul:                            — ’cause we got some great stuff from Dean.


Chris:                           Another shout-out to GlobalSpex Web and Graphics, this is Christine. And she actually taught me something ’cause she put something on our web as her business. And I was like, “How did she do that?”


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           Because if I go type on a business wall, it’s going to show up as me ’cause I’m signed in as me.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           So I learned if you want to post something on another business’ wall as your own business, go to your business wall, put the @ symbol — your personal account must have liked the business you’re trying to post on.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           And then as you start to type that business, it will actually open up and will actually post that on their wall.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           So that’s pretty cool.


Paul:                            That is awesome.


Chris:                           So thanks, Christina, for the shout-out.


Paul:                            Leo.


Chris:                           And hey, how’s it going Leo?


Paul:                            How’s it going?


Chris:                           And thanks for putting me on blast so I can figure out how to do that and make it happen.


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           Now, we were talking about jokes and how just right before the podcast, how it can be hard to write an SEO joke. We got this from Cara Mirabella, and she wrote that she just started stalking us — that’s cool. That is really cool for a whole number of reasons, one ’cause she is a chick.


Paul:                            Definitely.


Chris:                           “You’re podcast rocks. Conversation” — so she’s describing a conversation she had with her husband while listening to her iPod. “Him: What’s so funny? Her: I’m listening to an SEO podcast. Him: SEO is funny?”


Paul:                            Yeah. [Laughs]


Chris:                           “Her: It is with these guys.”


Paul:                            Oh, I didn’t even see that line. That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Yeah, it is with these guys.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           And then I kind of wrote some comment. “Thanks for the compliment. Great compliment,” I said. I also said, “It sounds like he needs a punch in the face.” And she wrote back and said, “I often think that about him.”




Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           That’s awesome.


Paul:                            That is awesome.


Chris:                           Thanks Cara. Send us some company details ’cause I don’t know where you’re at. We’ll give you a shout-out. And we’ve got a couple of reviews to do. I’m go through —


Paul:                            Go ahead.


Chris:                           — reviews on this. Brian Morgan — I don’t think we’ve read this one last — maybe we did — no. He wrote on our wall, we read it. It was microtissues.com and we figured out what he does. It was kind of cool. He said he downloaded another SEO podcast, I’m not going to say which one, just check it out. You can go to our Facebook page and get on our reviews link and he’ll tell you which one it was. “It was absolutely terrible. It literally did not even make sense. E-Webstyle is the only SEO podcast needed on iTunes.”


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           You know, we’ve been trying to tell iTunes that for a while.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           And they still don’t — you know, when you go into your iTunes and you search for SEO, for some reason, we’re not of the first two that show up in the list. I don’t know what–


Paul:                            I don’t know what Apple’s problem is.


Chris:                           I don’t know what — yeah. We’ve got to get a hold of the dude who just stepped down ’cause he really sick.


Paul:                            Yeah, for real.


Chris:                           Well maybe we shouldn’t get a hold of him because he just stepped down.


Paul:                            Yeah. [0:08:17] [Indiscernible] problem.


Chris:                           Yeah. [Laughs] And finally, Kevin Humphreys. “Hi guys. I’ve been listening to your podcast for two months and enjoyed the information given and found the one today about Google Places. How handy,” as now his Google Places was only 80% complete. With our tips, he’s going to be able to get it to 100%, which by the way is one of our tips.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Get your Google Local Places listings.


Paul:                            And, Kevin, you listen today. We’ve got a lot of stuff for you today you want to listen to.


Chris:                           And he — let’s see. He’s a Twitter — you can follow him or find him facebook.com/ServiceRoutes, twitter.com/ServiceRoutes, or Tradeyouraccounts.com. And I glanced at that and by a glance at it, I mean, I think I read half a paragraph.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           I don’t know what he does. So go check it out. It looked kind of interesting. It looked like there were — like say, I’ve got a route of services that I am providing and I can trade that with somebody else because it’s maybe it’s not close to me —


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           — and I’ll trade it. I don’t know.


Paul:                            That makes sense.


Chris:                           That’s my theory.


Paul:                            Okay. I’m going to run through a couple more people on Facebook real quick so we can get to it. David Defoe shouted out to us on our Facebook wall. Darren Booy always chimes in. He had something. Go to our Facebook wall and look for PageLeaver. It’s a creative way to get people to like you, but not just with the regular old Facebook like stuff. He left one our wall that he uses for one of his Twitter accounts, I believe for his GoogleSavetheWorld. Take a look at that.


Nathan Bonilla-Warford. He asked a question about ubl.org. I’m not going to get to it, but I am going to answer that Darren, excuse me, Nathan.


Stephen Dukelow, I think that’s our buddy in Ireland at flyfishingarena.ie. I just want to say what’s up because he’s in Ireland, he has an .ie extension.


And my man, Eugene, I’m not even going to try to do your last name, Eugene P.



Chris:                           [Laughs]


Paul:                            He said something that was cool. It was like SEO, “The definition of SEO, trying to stay one step ahead of Google while wearing a blindfold.” I thought that was pretty awesome.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Apropo.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            I don’t know what that mean so…




Chris:                           I think it’s appropriate.


Paul:                            So yeah. Okay. And then, lastly, Dean, I want to say a shout-out to Dean.


We’re going to wrap up this topic today and we’re going to into heavy – I want to really get into mobile. Dean and I have been changing a lot of info – well really, Dean has been giving it to me. I want to get into mobiles. So Dean, don’t worry, I’ve got some stuff coming for you and, man, I hope your little man feels better. He just sent us an email. His little man is in the hospital and it was his kid is in the hospital, but I think he’s okay. And the kid goes — he wasn’t cooperating with the doctor, whatever and the kid goes, “I’m going to punch you in the face!”


Chris:                           [Laughs] And he thought about us.


Paul:                            And Dean he goes –yeah.




And I was like that’s what up, Dude. All right so that’s it. That’s all the shout-out to everybody.


Chris:                           That is right. We are the most violent podcast on iTunes.




That is awesome.


Paul:                            That’s classic. All right.


Chris:                           Everyone needs a good punch in the face. Actually, we had a client in here this week and we —


Paul:                            Punched him the face. [Laughs]


Chris:                           –kind of showed him a couple of things. A potential client and he wrote back and he is like, “I’m waiting for a good punch in the face.”


Paul:                            [Laughs].


Chris:                           So, I think he’s saying he’s going to be our client.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           You know where we’re at.


Paul:                            Yes. We left off at 15, our traditional on-page criteria. Okay, we’ve been going through the last, like two or three podcasts, we went through factors that are important for your Google Places listings. So Kevin, I think it was Kevin Humphreys, this is for you, dawg. So…


Chris:                           Okay you’ve got the words, okay.


Paul:                            It’s towards the bag, I think.


Chris:                           I think, that’s my list, isn’t it?


Paul:                            No, that’s mine.


Chris:                           Oh, okay. I’ll just cheat. I’ll be able –


Paul:                            We could share. Okay, today —


Chris:                           And before we get started, this article by David Mihm, M-I-H-M. We want to make sure he gets all the credit ’cause he put together our good, good piece of work here.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           It’s pretty awesome.


Paul:                            Yeah, it is awesome. Today, we’re going to cover three topics. We’re going to cover traditional on-page criteria —


Chris:                           By the way, I just raised my hand showing three–


Paul:                            Three.


Chris:                           — for those people who are just listening.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           We’ve had in the past some complaints about our audio. I think we may actually get complaints about our lighting today.


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           Go check it out. Normally, we can’t see Paul ’cause of light contrast from the camera. Now, we can’t see him because —


Paul:                            They still can’t see me.


Chris:                           — he’s totally washed out.


Paul:                            Yeah.




Chris:                           Now Darren’s going to have to redo his South Park image.


Paul:                            So, traditional on-page criteria and how it affects your Places pages, off-page criteria and how they affect your Places page, and customer reviews and how they affect your Places page listing. So, lots of stuff to cover today, good stuff. All right.


Chris:                           I like reviews.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           Reviews are good. We always talk about testimonials are important. We do talk about that testimonials, often people won’t go to a separate page. Some people will, so you should have them. It’s important to include testimonials throughout a particular website just because people who actually use, you know, will be able to see those. And it’s really what we call a USP, Unique Selling Proposition, when you’ve got a testimonial that says — you know, some of the testimonials we read about our podcast, I’ve learned more on your podcasts than several books. Those kinds of things, which by the way we should add to our podcast page.


Paul:                            Yeah. We probably should.


Chris:                           We do have one testimonial on our podcast page.


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           You know, those kinds of testimonials really make people — you know, it’s a unique selling proposition. Wow, that somebody learned more in this podcast than several books. This is something that I absolutely need to be listening to. And you should and if you want to listen to it, of course, you can find us on iTunes. You can stalk us, twitter.com/ewebstyle, Facebook us, if that’s something —


Paul:                            Uh-hum.


Chris:                           I think you “like” us at facebook.com/ewebstyle. We do have YouTube videos out there, youtube.com/ewebstyle. And like I said, we do broadcast this live, usually at 9:15 Central Standard Time on Friday mornings live from H-town. So come check us out. There is a chat feature. You can actually chat back and forth for some of it. We usually have Chuck over there chatting back and forth with people. So hit him up and say, “How’s it going?” Now, I see him moving into position ready to chat. [Laughs]



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