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Forty-first Internet Marketing Podcast Dec. 8th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Hi. Welcome back. Thanks for joining us for another fun-filled edition of our unknown secrets of SEO podcast.

Chris: We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and I have research to prove it.

Paul: That’s right. We are the best. We’re supermen.

Chris: Yes. So, we’re glad you’re tuned in. If you guys are just listening to our podcast, remember, normally you can catch our podcast live video on Fridays at 9:15 a.m. Central Standard Time.

Paul: Except that it’s snowing today so the City of Houston just freaked out. (laughing)

Chris: You would actually notice we’re in front of the window today. And the reason we’re in front of the window is ’cause we wanted to actually show you that, yes, it does snow.

Paul: A little bit. And we kind of dusted off the car so you might not be able to see it. But, yeah, it snowed in Houston.

Chris: It feels like Times Square out here. Look at this. Look at all the traffic here. It’s crazy.

Paul: Oh, wow!

Chris: Oh, yeah. (laughing) Look at e-webstyle. All right.

Paul: Oh, man. I just love this here. (laughing)

Chris: They’re out there with e-webstyle signs.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Yes, it does snow here in Houston and we have like groupie fans out there.

Paul: (laughing) Female groupie fans?

Chris: Yeah, well, we’ll work on that next time.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Again, in order to find us and watch us at 9:15 on Friday mornings, all you need to do is go to

Paul: And /twitter.

Chris: Oh, yes. And also, if you go to

Paul: Facebook.

Chris: You can get to our Facebook page and then the Twitter link is easy enough, I just said.

Paul: Oh, yes.

Chris: You know what, to get to our Twitter page,, where e-webstyle does not have a dash in it.

Paul: No dash.

Chris: That’s all the ways that you can become a groupie. We love our groupies. If you’ve been listening to our podcast, you certainly know that we answer our emails and we get answers great intel — unbelievably intelligent — well, okay, at least good answers.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: To the …

Paul: I wouldn’t let you make it without me.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: All right, unbelievably intelligent. That’s — I’m all for that.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: So send us your emails and where do they send the emails, Paul?

Paul: They can send them to

Chris: Excellent. And that actually get strapped to a number of people on our staff and the trash. (laughing)

Paul: And 00:02:25

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: And next. (laughing)

Chris: The everything. If you’re watching, we know you’re finding value and if you’re listening, we know you’re finding value in this podcast and we know that you’re the type of person who would go to iTunes, create an account and write a nice review about us. So, please do that. We actually have four reviews. We need five reviews on iTunes in order for them to make an average.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: So, like right now, it’s like too few reviews to make an average. For those of you watching, you just saw me spit as I was talking.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: So, it just says, you know, too few reviews to make an average. If you guys give us that one more review, we’ll be in good shape and then it will all, you know, say, hey — I think it’s five — we’re at four stars — four-and-a-half stars. In order to be the most popular website on iTunes in my personal estimation and I’m sure Paul will agree. (laughing)

Paul: Why not? Why not? (laughing)

Chris: He seems very quiet for today. You got to have at least four-and-a-half star rating …

Paul: Okay.

Chris: … and you have to be publishing your podcast on a regular basis. That’s us. The most …

Paul: Every week.

Chris: … the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.

Paul: That’s right.

Chris: So, thank you guys for listening. Now, we want to touch, as we usually do, on two things. One, what we did last time and two, just some recent current events. This is one of the current events.

Paul: It’s snowing. That’s right.

Chris: And here — look at that.

Paul: Oh, my gosh!

Chris: They’re coming down, wow!

Paul: And this sucks, man!

Chris: That’s crazy.

Paul: I don’t like cold weather. This really does suck. (laughing)

Chris: You know we had a conversation. You actually — the last time I was in snow, I moved to Houston from Dayton, Ohio and we had lots of snow, and I was still in high school. So, snow was like snow days and …

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: … you know, days off. We get to go play. You lived and worked in snow.

Paul: In snow.

Chris: And so, you don’t really remember the snow day be and all that.

Paul: No, there was — no, there was no — there was no snow day at my job, no.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: It was as hard as hell to get to work day.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: It was like you still need to be here at the same time and had to drive 40 miles of snow. It sucked.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Oh, gosh!

Chris: Well, it is snowing here. In the last news, we talked — actually we ended up talking about Google Analytic goals. Remember, they are amount of goals that you can have from four to 20.

Paul: Four to 20.

Chris: Yes. And I was just reading another article today. There’s some new information, nice information. Did I print that out? No, I just wrote it down here. They’re intelligence — you’ve got it there. They’re intelligence, analytic intelligence.

Paul: Analytic intelligence.

Chris: We will be — we might not get to that today because we still have a lot to talk about on goals.

Paul: On goals.

Chris: But the intelligence is really interesting. If you are interested in that and you are listening to the podcast, this is podcast number 41. If you’re really interested in just the intelligence, go to the next podcast which is 42 and we will certainly be talking about it by then unless we get interrupted by some interview or some …

Paul: Okay.

Chris: … other amazing piece of information. News for the day.

Paul: News for the day. We had some news. I tried to find some technology related news or, you know, it’s …

Chris: Enough of the wacky, stupid feeds?

Paul: … so it actually relates to what we talk about. There’s one thing I found. I thought this was very cool. Today, December the 4th, the FIFA group selections came out for the World Cup in 2010 and Sony, it will be airing the 25 games of the World Cup and 3D. So, if you live in Rome, Berlin, Paris, Rio, Mexico City, Sydney, or London, or your name Paul Hanson, you will be able to see the World Cup in three dimensions which I think is pretty cool.

Chris: That is pretty cool. Wow!

Paul: One other thing that’s in the news, Windows 7. Have we ever — we haven’t talked about 7?

Chris: We haven’t talked about 7.

Paul: Windows released a new operating system called Windows 7 and I assume they released it one, because of Snow Leopard came out from Apple and two, to fix all the problems with Vista.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: And apparently, there’s a big glitch that if — if you have Windows 7 your screen will go black.

Chris: At some point …

Paul: Yes.

Chris: … during some certain — certain kinds of …

Paul: But Microsoft says it’s not their fault. So, just keep that in mind. As a matter of fact, it’s Mac’s fault.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: I mean, I …

Chris: Do you hear what I’m saying?

Paul: Yes, if I see those commercials. It’s Mac’s fault.

Chris: That little Mac who guy has gotten into — he actually morphed like matrix into the other …

Paul: 00:06:47

Chris: — and he’s messing it all up, yeah.

Paul: So, if somebody out there is using 7, send us an email. Let us know how it is. I have not used it. I’m not really sure how it works or anything. So, let me know. I’d like to know.

Chris: Well, and the first thing you’re talking about was 3D. I actually have some cool interesting news with 3D. The reason we’re doing our — the USTREAM live video feed at 3:00, Central Standard Time today, is actually I had an appointment. My wife and I are pregnant.

Paul: Oh, that’s right. Oh, that’s right. Congratulations!

Chris: So, we had an appointment. Thank you. Thank you. We’re having twins so you can clap again there.

Paul: All right. 00:07:22 Wow! (clapping)

Chris: And so, we got these either babies on the ultrasound.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: And that’s always amazing. And they have this 3D …

Paul: Don’t tell me they know the 3D already.

Chris: They do.

Paul: What?

Chris: They have 3D, man.

Paul: I didn’t know that was even possible.

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