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Fourty-Eight SEO Podcast Feb. 25th 2010.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Hi. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our SEO podcast, a day early.

Chris: Yes, a day early actually. Yeah. It’s Thursday. Wow.

Paul: Today is Thursday.

Chris: Maybe that’s like the grogginess trying to get started. Are we supposed to be doing a podcast today? What’s going on? This is podcast number 48. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and soon to be PodOmatic.

Paul: And USTREAM and…

Chris: The world.

Paul: Yeah, there you go.

Chris: The world.

Paul: Facebook, Twitter (laughing).

Chris: We are broadcasting this live on USTREAM as we do normally on Fridays at 9:15 Central Standard Time. Today, it is Thursday, 9:15.

Paul: 9-ish.

Chris: Standard Time Central.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: And you are listening to a gold mine.

Paul: Wow. Wow.

Chris: Do you remember our song?

Paul: Oh, man.

Chris: You probably forgot the song that comes in, the lead-in song and it’s really our song. It’s Gold Mine.

Paul: That song’s generous.

Chris: From our friends Circle the Cat. I don’t even know if you could find them. I know they broke up, but a friend of mine was in the band. Okay. First I had to Google. Where I can I find this?

Paul: Where can I get my free download on?

Chris: Get that, yeah.

Paul: Where can I pirate that song?

Chris: If you want that, well, I don’t know, I’ll put you in touch directly with the Latin percussionist of the Circle of the Cat.

Paul: I thought so.

Chris: So, we have to be careful ‑ we have to be careful not to exceed our Gino time limit.

Paul: All right, sorry, yeah. Gino.

Chris: Gino time limit.

Paul: We have to make it fast.

Chris: All right. So what we want to do is say you can stalk us on Twitter. You can find us at There is no dash on that. You can also ‑ you want to take one of these?

Paul: That’s a cool little list. Facebook, you can find us on Facebook. Quickly go to That’s our Facebook page.

Chris: All right, awesome. On USTREAM, the best way to find us on…

Paul: I go ‑ I don’t even know. I Google that. I might Google USTREAM E-Webstyle. That’s on my list.

Chris: I think you just ‑ all right, hey (laughing). Somebody has to do it. I keep forgetting. It’s not just video. Somebody just threw an airplane from over a cubicle.

Yeah, on USTREAM, you can go to and that will take you to our USTREAM page. You know, we’re on YouTube.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: I just saw him walk by that way so ‑ and it was a horrible thrill (laughing).

Paul: Oh, we’re on YouTube.

Chris: Yeah, we are on YouTube. We have some videos out there. I have no idea how to find it. We’ll get that information.

Paul: You Google it.

Chris: I don’t even know what I’d tell in my cheat sheet. I can’t even cheat you there. Oh, yeah. Did I mention this already? We are the most popular…

Paul: Most popular.

Chris: SEO podcast on iTunes.

Paul: Number one. Number one.

Chris: Speaking of that, we have ‑ last time, we went over some reviews. And Paul, I believe you’re, you know, other than the fact that there is a SEO podcast named SEO Rock Stars, I think you’re becoming kind of a rock star ’cause you were mentioned in this review also.

Paul: Oh, oh that’s right. Oh, yeah. That’s right.

Chris: This is from the guys…

Paul: This has stalled us out here for a minute.

Chris: Computer Corner Hawaii. Do you happen to remember their website?

Paul: Yes, (laughing).

Chris: Oh, okay. Just in case ’cause I know you were dating with them.

Paul: I think. Yeah. I’m pretty sure (laughing).

Chris: If not, probably if you Google Computer Corner Hawaii because they’re listening to us, I’m sure you’ll find them ’cause they’re, you know, implementing fundamental principles of SEO. Guys in Hawaii, aloha!

Paul: What’s up AJ?

Chris: Listen to their review. It’s awesome. They took the time to create an account, got on iTunes. We’re going to give them some link back love. And listen to this, “We were looking for a way to improve our web presence in iTunes and I ran across this podcast. From a small business perspective, listening to this podcast is half of the best investment you can make. The second half is when you call them, leave a message, and they actually call you back.

Even though we are in Hawaii in an entirely different time zone, Paul actually called and gave us a whole new insight into improving our website. They truly epitomize world-class customer service. Thanks, Paul. Since listening, we have ‑ we took their advice and listened from the first podcast, then literally used a new improvement tip on our website from each podcast. Thanks for the great information.”

Paul: That’s what’s up, man.

Chris: You know, this is a gold mine of information. I was actually at a networking event the other day and I was able to stand up at that networking event and say, “You know, I am one of the voices on the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes,” which was of course a very nice thing to be able to say, and it’s entirely because of you guys. You know, I mean, we get up here. We share information. We are happy to share information and share a little news. We have a little bit of fun. And the reality is it’s entirely because of you guys, and we are really appreciative to you guys out there listening, enjoying, and my God, we have to be past the Gino time limit.

Paul: Yes, we are (laughing). So thank you. I try that every person that I talked to, I try to sincerely thank them. We appreciate every single listener that we get. We remember when it was just us listening, and sometimes I won’t even listen.

Chris: What?

Paul: So, thank to everyone that listens.

Chris: You weren’t even listening to your own podcast? Oh, my God.

Paul: So, everyone that listens and watches. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. Everyone that emails, sends love in, thanks a lot. We appreciate it.

Chris: And now, you mentioned a little bit of news today that…

Paul: This kind of threw me off a little bit. Yelp, the ever so popular online directory, kind of like a big competitor of City Search is in extortion court. I don’t even know if that’s a court. But apparently, if you have some negative reviews and you want them removed when Yelp, call Yelp and they’ll charge you $300 a month to do that. Yes.

Chris: To remove the negative review.

Paul: Their service reps, I don’t know if this is company policy, were saying you have to sign up for a ‑ you have to sign a contract with us every month to get your negative reviews removed. Ugh, that kind of sucks, but I still like Yelp and so, they give us a negative review then it’s done. Our relationship is done.

Chris: Then we’ll sue them.

Paul: Yeah. So, they’re being sued by a couple of people, man, a company out of LA, a company out of New York, and there’s a few others that I just ‑ I didn’t read on the article, but wow, I thought that was pretty interesting, man.

You know, I’m going to go ahead and say that was possibly a customer service or a sales rep error and not a company-wide policy. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Chris: Yeah, I think so, ’cause yeah, I hear stories all the time of friends who own businesses and, you know, are dealing with sales reps who, you know, cross the line if you will. So, yeah, let’s just ‑ we’ll track that one up to that. And, I had heard actually like people like City Search was doing the same thing that, you know, we had one of our customers, a jewelry store here in Houston who was trying to get some bad reviews removed. And, you know, part of the things that’s wonderful about those editorial type websites is you can’t get the bad review. You know, if I’m ‑ I don’t want to just go and hear good stuff.

Paul: That’s true.

Chris: I want to hear the bad stuff.

Paul: That’s very true.

Chris: And, you know, and it’s a shame because I think a lot of, you know ‑ wow, this is going to get real commentary, but our education system doesn’t train people to read between the lines, to use critical rhetorical analysis well enough. And so, you know, one bad review unfortunately can really do a lot of damage to a business when if you read it, you know, and you really analyze whatever that person is saying, you’re like, you know what? This guy has got some serious issues, and you know, everything he is describing doesn’t even sound like the same product, or you know.

It really is unfortunate that people don’t have that critical ‑ often don’t have that critical ’cause one bad review will not turn me away from a product. It depends on what’s in the review. So, if you really want to have an impactful bad review, take some time. Put together a good one, ’cause I tell what I do. Or you can reply to them, and you know, I’m like the last like 45 seconds just went what am I going to do? I’m like I’m stuck at critical editorial analysis, and I just sat down and after that part, I’m like ugh, what? (laughing)

Paul: I remember, I passed that class, and I promised myself never to think about it again (laughing).

Chris: I was like what?

Paul: So, that’s what’s up with Yelp and apparently City Search. So, hey, you should be Googling or searching yourself on those online directories and say, “Hey, what are people saying about me?”

Chris: And that’s part of the ‑ you know, one of the services that we do is every six months, we’d like to review our accounts and one of the things we’ll do is we’ll just kind of Google you and see what’s out there. And so, you know, when you’re purchasing our SEO purchases, you are also purchasing, you know, some sort, I mean, we don’t market it that way but it’s just kind of inherent in what we do, some sort of kind of a perception protection.

Paul: Wow. That would be an interesting…

Chris: Yeah, I like that, perception protection. I got to put that on my cheat sheet.

Paul: I like that. That’s a pretty good one.

Chris: All right, that’s good. That goes with SEVO, search engine visitor optimization.

Paul: So what’s on the menu?

Chris: I looked it up. Well, the first thing I wanted to talk about, we had a client call us today.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: We’ve had them on the first page forever, right?

Paul: Since the beginning of time.

Chris: Almost before Google existed.

Paul: Yeah, right (laughing).

Chris: They sell rattan furniture here in Houston, and she called and she said, “Look, business has been slow for two years.” And actually, when I first got this client, I told her, “We’re going to get you on the first page. You’re actually going to succeed well.” Because rattan furniture is not, you know, it’s not like bedroom furniture. It’s not like mattresses. So the competitiveness of that term isn’t going to be incredibly high. So not only are we going to do what we promised, which we did, was to get her on the first page of Google for Houston, San Antonio, rattan furniture, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma. She actually has people who drive to Houston from Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Paul: And Texas. I think she’s ordering for Texas also.

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