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Thirty-six SEO Podcast Oct. 23rd 2009.  First page of Transcription [text1] [image1]

Chris: Hi, welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO Podcast, podcast number 35 actually 36th.

Paul: Yeah, welcome back thanks. Welcome to the fun-filled edition of the SEO podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres the owner of e-webstyle.

Paul: This is Paul Hanson sales manager e-webstyle.

Chris: Paul, you sound a little under the weather there.

Paul: Yes, I woke up this morning just my body wouldn’t—my body had other plans for me today. It’s all good I’m still here ready to talk SEO. __ this Friday morning.

Chris: You’re certainly not going to miss today we got a celebrity in here with us.

Paul: Yes, we have a celebrity. I thought I had–he bailed out us for a bit. I was like, “Oh come on man,” we caught, he’d bail out, I thought he was going to dish us for a second, not come out.

Mo: I wouldn’t do that, man, I wouldn’t do that.

Chris: All right, that’s Charles Lewis’ voice you hear there. He’s also known as Mo Serious, the SEO Rapper. Say, hello, Charles.

Charles: How are you all doing?

Chris: All right, I’m excited. I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you finally made it, got it all coordinated.

Paul: If you don’t know who this is, some of you might–if you’ve skipped a podcast or two, I’d say about–

Chris: Shame on you first.

Paul: Yeah. What’s your problem? About three or four podcasts ago, we brought up a video of a guy rapping about SEO. That’s about four podcasts ago. And we called him and emailed him. We said, “Hey, we’re going to get this guy on the show.” So go back and listen to that podcast if you missed it. But he is here. He’s in the studio with us today.

Charles: In the building

Paul: In the building.

Chris: All right. Yeah. Couple of the videos are social media is one, design coding is the one we first saw. And page rank. But before we get into that, we want to cover a little bit about last time. Make sure you go back and listen to our previous podcast. We talked about hidden texts, we talked about duplicate texts. We actually talked about natural wood watches, I’m sure you’re thinking, “What does that mean?” It’s a client we’ve been pursuing. So go back and listen to that podcast. That podcast is actually podcast number 35. Uh-oh, this one’s actually 36. This is going to be really confusing.

Paul: Wow. It comes before 37 and after 35.

Chris: All right. The math is not working today. Apparently, you body had other plans. My mind had other plans.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: We also want to talk a little bit about news. You know, the only thing we could come up with that really kind of sparks some debate in here? Was Michael Jordan’s son and Adidas and so somebody give me the low down, what’s going on there.

Paul: What I heard was that he was refusing to wear Adidas and who sponsors the University of Central Florida basketball team.

Chris: And so I heard this on TalkRadio and I was like they made a really good point. So when you go to a school, you know what shoes they wear.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: So how is it that Michael Jordan’s son didn’t know that the school he was about to go to wore Adidas.

Charles: Well, he knew they wore Adidas. He put on Adidas jersey, Adidas shorts, Adidas headband. He just wanted to respect his father or wear the shoes.

Paul: Oh, I didn’t think about it. They sponsored the whole–.

Charles: Yeah, he wore the whole uniform.

Paul: The whole unit.

Charles: He just wanted to wear his shoes. He said it was family pride.

Chris: And that, you know, I can feel that if my dad was to—I don’t know, he probably has never worn anything but Jordan.

Paul: I’d say was funny is usually, in that scenario, the university will have a talk with the student.

Chris: And say, “Bye-bye!”

Paul: Yeah. What I read was that when they signed Jordan, the university had a talk with Adidas. And I was like, ‘Wow! That is big, man!” So he—I guess he’s carrying some weight on that campus.

Charles: I mean this Jordan, you know, I look at it, let’s be real. The school knows that if Adidas drops out and they have the son, they make it a junkman endorsement.

Paul: Oh, man, quickly, like that.

Charles: I mean. Yeah.

Paul: Yeah.

Charles: You know, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal either way, they’ll work it out.

Paul: Yeah, they’re going to get there as either ways. That’s pretty interesting. You know, here’s something else I saw the news. This is random. A Georgetown University college student put an ad on their university website for a personal assistant. A sophomore at Georgetown University put an ad for a personal assistant. I was like, “What?!”

Chris: That’s pretty cool.

Paul: It was serious.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: It was legit. Like it was like, “I really need some help. I’m really busy.”

Chris: So what I need somebody to do my homework for me?

Paul: Yeah, laundry, gas in his car, you know.

Chris: That’s the step.

Paul: Drive—yeah.

Chris: He’s, you know, you just take care of my schoolwork, I’ll make sure I’ll take care of the rest.

Paul: I wasn’t worried about that when I was in college.

Charles: We wash clothes in college.

Paul: Yeah! Like it just didn’t get done when I was in college. Like the laundry just didn’t get picked up.

Chris: Maybe that kind of explains the whole not-dating-so-much thing when you were in school?

Paul: You weren’t chasing.

Chris: Here comes the smelly guy. Everybody didn’t know his room was cleared out when you walked into them.

Paul: You know what I actually did that was my roommate. That’s for another podcast. I have a hilarious story about my roommate from college.

Chris: All right. So we’ve got a—I’ve got a couple of announcements. We’ve got a new Power Point Presentation where, we don’t have it up yet. That’s going to be coming up soon. Paul has done a great job on kind of summarizing Search Engine Optimization, the process and everything. So we’ll have that up soon, you guys can see that. Our podcast are available at We’re actually going to move all of our podcasts over to podomatic. So you can find us there at e.podomatic, excuse me,

Paul: Pod being to (05:51) listen on a pod beam.

Chris: Pod beam. Okay, excellent. And we actually pulled a on my—I’ve got a PPC, power whatever, personal computer phone. It’s a touch scroll. It’s running the Microsoft software. And we could actually hear the podcast on that so that was kind of cool. So if you want to hear the podcast on your phone directly from the website, you can actually do that. So that’s pretty cool.

All right, so we do have Chuck in the house, also known as Mo Serious, right?

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Mo Serious Entertainment. You are doing a lot of stuff. Apparently, you’ve been in the Search Engine Optimization business since before there was a Search Engine Optimization business. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got your start and we’ll go from there.

Charles: All right. Well, basically, I’ll say in late 2001, early 2002, I joined a web design firm and we began putting out thousands and hundreds of thousands of (06:52) websites at 50 bucks a month. Then basically we figured we need to get these sites listed in the search engines.

Chris: And that was with the company called “Excites” at that time, right?

Charles: Webxite. It’s pronounced website.

Paul: Well, that’s webxites, yeah, with the ‘x.’

Charles: Yeah, spelled with an ‘x’. Then the owner, Gene McCubbin, he’d pretty much had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And was like, “Let’s go after search engines.”

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Let’s get these sites listed. He, you know, bought out some owners, changed the entire company name, changed the focus, changed the direction, and you know, that move forward.

Chris: Well, you know, that makes sense ‘cause you know, the day we finish a website or I always say this, or 30 days after we finish a website, our client ask us the day we give it to them or 30 days later. Like, “So, hey, this is a beautiful website, I love it.” So how about getting on the first page of Google, so it makes a lot of sense. So he started, kind of spun off and started a new company.

Charles: Yeah, we spun off, started something totally new with the whole focus on doing just that. Getting these people listed on the first page of Google. And, you know, obviously, the quickest way to do that was to buy ads.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so we obviously began managing ppc. And then, you know, alternatively, we began doing SEO as well.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so that’s kind of where we at now. That’s where they’re at now, actually.

Chris: And so you were—so that was early on so you worked Pop Labs, was that the company?

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: And that was from their inception actually until a while later. And you did your first rap video, your SEO rap video while you were still at Pop Labs?

Charles: Yeah, I was with Pop Labs and the funny story we had a little inter-company seminar, if you will. And, you know, everyone was presenting on different topics. And a partner of mine Brad, shout out the Brad, we had to do a presentation on link building.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And I was tired of singing this boring, you know, Power Point Presentations.

Chris: Hey, hey, hey, are you talking about the Power Point Presentation Paul just put together?

Charles: So I told Brad I said, “Man, I’m going to write a rap about link building.” Brad challenged me and, you know, being the ultimate sports fan, I was up to the challenge.

Chris: Right.

Charles: So I wrote a rap about link building. My vice president at that time, Kelsey Ruger recorded it. He would—had the bright idea, “Chuck, you should put this on YouTube page.”

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: So I uploaded it and that was the start. That was Link Building 101. That was the first video.

Chris: About how long ago was that?

Charles: Oh, God, that was probably ’06.

Chris: ‘O6? Wow!

Charles: Maybe, ’06.

Chris: So three years ago. You know, it just goes to show that the value of—

Charles: ’07.

Chris: Yeah. ’07. It goes to show the value of, you know, that kind of quality material. You know we always talk about content is king when you’re doing Search Engine Optimization, keywords are actually more important than content—

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: ‘Cause you got to get the keywords right. But when you put together good content like, you know, yours it’s, you know, it’s clear, it’s easy to understand, it’s relevant and accurate and entertaining, you put something like that together and it’s going to be around three years later, and even if that’s in an article, even if that’s in just, you know, hey, high quality podcast, kind of like ours, that information is going to be around, it’s going to be around for years and it’s going to be promoting, you know, your company or you and in this case, you ‘cause I know you’ve mentioned that you’ve moved on from Pop Labs since then and maybe you can talk a little bit about that but, you know, anybody out there listening, you know, spends some time, puts some effort into some high quality information, some high quality articles that other people will link to, some high quality videos or viral videos, you know, those efforts that you spend, aside from being fun, right? We did a viral video here, it was just fun to do. And aside from being fun and educational, it’s also going to be highly valuable. So—

Paul: Before we go, where can somebody watch these videos?

Charles: You know, all over the Internet. It’s like I’ve given a one URL ago to I would go to

Chris: Oh, okay, so you picked up that domain?

Charles: Yeah, you go there. All the videos are there. You know, shout out the word press what’s going on at Automatic, the whole Automatic people, that’s a WordPress blog so, you know,

Paul: Which—how many videos you have? You have link building—

Charles: We have Link Building 101 was the first one. Then I did Social Media Addiction. Then we moved on. Social Media got a little buzz and I got a request to do one on PPC.

Paul: Okay.

Charles: So then we released Paid Search 101. That one went crazy and that’s when a lot of people started hearing the name Pop Labs and SEO rapper and so then I did Design Coding. We did debut that with an SES New York.

Paul: Oh, you did?

Charles: Yes. That’s in 2007.

Paul: That’s actually my—that’s my personal favorite.

Charles: Okay.

Paul: It’s no joke, dude. I sing that line, “Don’t use bold, please use strong. If you use bold, it’s old and long.” I do that all the time. I was here the other day at my desk like, “Don’t use bold.”

Chris: That’s the first video we saw. We did a pod—that very next podcast, we started talking about you and try to get in contact with you to get you here for an interview. And that was one of the things that I, you know, I would just use bold ‘cause it still works.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And I was like, “Yeah, nobody ever told me in 2004.” ‘Cause that’s—it’s not old, it’s way old.

Paul: It’s old, it’s old. I am wrong.

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