The Value of Internal Linking text, Anchor Text

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Forty-fourth Internet Marketing Podcast Jan. 22nd 2010. Second page of Transcription

Chris: And so, we started covering that which is kind of our attempt at addressing John Reynolds’ question and we’re going to cover that next time. Now, we want to do the yearend review and we got a couple of things. This was a great year for our podcast. Our listenership is way up. We really do appreciate you guys. Please keep the emails coming in. I didn’t mention that you can email us at Send them in just like Gino. You know, you’re going to get on the air. By the way, Gino is at least the domain name with his email is which is of course an Australian domain name and it’s just coming soon page. He doesn’t have anything up yet. So, well, that will be in our blog. So, Gino, you’re going to get some backlink traffic for that. Anybody who wants to write to us, you know, we’re going to bring you up and you’re going to end up getting some backlink traffic. So, you get some backlink love from e-webstyle.

Paul: Back link love from e-webstyle.

Chris: So, you are …

Paul: Which is important.

Chris: It is very important.

Paul: It is very important.

Chris: It’s actually the most important thing.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: So, we thought — let’s cover — you know, we talk continuously, we talk about different clients, we talk about the things that you need to be doing on a regular basis and we think we do a pretty good job of stressing those things that are very important. Here in our 2009 yearend review, we wanted to just kind of reiterate, reemphasize those things and, you know, frankly some of us were like a little surprised of how important some of these ratings, factors were and we’ll discuss why they are so important. We also want to talk a little bit about, you know, the other huge thing probably through ’09 starting in ’08 was social media.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And all the different forms and venues and access and stalking and everything that you can do with social media, why and how should you be doing it, what should you be doing and so we want to talk about that a little bit. So, you’ve got what? Top five ranking factors …

Paul: Here on my wall, you know, and we covered tons of topics. We probably covered 50 different SEO concepts or techniques and we want to break it down and to — hey, what should you be doing at the absolute minimum for your website ’cause we talked — I mean we talked about so many different things. You probably get confused. At the absolute minimum, here is what I say.

Chris: So, if you are going to do nothing else …

Paul: Yes.

Chris: … focus on these five things.

Paul: Exactly.

Chris: And by the way, we do have podcast, I think not all of them but one. This is a list of actually — of all our podcasts. This is podcast number 44.

Paul: Podcast 44. Wow!

Chris: Forty-four.

Paul: That’s awesome.

Chris: That’s really good.

Paul: So, at the minimum, of all the things that we talked about, here’s five things that everybody should be doing. We probably even get into a few more. Number one, keyword focused anchor text from your external links. I myself knew this was very — was important.

Chris: Wait, wait. Could you say that? That’s confusing.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: What was that again?

Paul: Keyword focused anchor text from your external links.

Chris: So, not internal?

Paul: Not — okay, not from your own pages, from — is going to give you a link. So, is going to give you a backlink from their website onto your website. The anchor texts are the actual words that places on their own website that will bring you back. So, for all of your Blue One Armed Widget needs, go to and then Blue One Armed Widgets would be in …

Chris: The anchor text.

Paul: … the anchor text.

Chris: It links to …

Paul: ‘Cause if you need a Blue One Armed Widget, you’re going to get it here at

Chris: And this is one of the ones that surprise you. There are going to …

Paul: I knew it was a good factor.

Chris: We talk about it all the time.

Paul: I didn’t know it was like one of the top five factors and this was listed as number one. So, even I was surprised about this so …

Chris: So, the example that we often use is if in relation to internal links you have the text — most people use the text “Home” to get you to the homepage. And remember that in this example, your homepage is not about home, right? It’s not about home, it’s not about the word “Home” so better anchor text — we’re not suggesting you don’t have “Home” because that’s actually kind of user-friendly.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: But a better anchor text back to your homepage would be Blue One Armed Widgets if that’s what you sell so that Google says, “Hey, at the end of this link is information about this text.” And it’s Blue One Armed Widgets — boom! So, that’s internal. When you go external, then Google sees more value in that because it’s an unbiased source, right?

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So, it’s a situation where, okay, again, John Doe has a website. He loves Blue One Armed Widgets. He’s maybe going to try the red one-armed widgets, but if you want a Blue One Armed Widgets, go here ’cause that’s where he got it. So, it’s an unbiased source. Google gives a lot more weight to that. In fact, we figure it’s the number one.

Paul: What about — let’s say you’re like our buddy, John Pavlakos, is out there — hey, John, that’s a nice plug for you — and you’re like, okay, how do I determine anchor text that goes somebody else’s website? ‘Cause that’s probably — that’s the first thing that comes into my mind. He’s going to put anchor text on his website, how do I influence that? Because he’s going to put up whatever he wants. What would you say to — John Doe I’m doing my own link building. I mean can you suggest it? Hey …

Chris: Yes.

Paul: … can you put me up on here?

Chris: So, here this really boils down to, you know, one of the jobs that we have as an SEO company which is you know, dig — because there’s so much value in external links, we want to make sure that those external links that we’re providing for your website have that value. So, you end up working on building relationships and you end up building new relationships. So, if it’s John Doe has done it, you know, make some sort of tit for tat arrangement. You know, maybe I can give you a link back if you just change that text or you know what, hey, I really appreciate that you appreciate my business. You could really help my business and you send this in an email or you make a phone call. You could really help my business if instead of just saying widgets and linking back that you actually superficially say Blue One Armed Widgets because that’s the only thing I sell and that’s going to have more relevancy for my business. The other thing is if your business was, you know, BOW and he said oh, fine blueonearmedwidgets@bow and bow was the actual link — I don’t know if that makes sense.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Then it’s better actually to have the Blue One Armed Widgets as the actual link. So, you can, you know, give him a call, send him an email, and say, “Look, I really appreciate your backlink. Could you, you know, make it a little more effective for me,” and, you know, maybe you offer him a discount or something.

Paul: Could you use keyword focused anchor text. (laughing)

Chris: On your external links.

Paul: That’s not spelling it out.

Chris: That’s a great question and that’s how you do it. I mean this is — you know, ironically in all of this electronic age, it’s about relationships.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: It’s about, you know, making that personal connection in that — the plead, the begging.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: (laughing) To make it happen.

Paul: All right.

Chris: So, that’s number one.

Paul: Number two, external link popularity. Explain external — everybody at this point, I want to explain external links. I don’t think everybody knows what they are.

Chris: So, external link popularity is just going to be about the population of external links that you have.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So, again that’s one of the big deals that we do. This is one of the reasons that we’re in business because building external link popularity is — it’s not rocket science, right? Sending an email to a guy or, you know, posting on certain forms, that’s not rocket science. It’s just incredibly time-consuming. And if you’re doing it and you’re doing it wrong, you’re wasting your time. So, spending a lot of time because it’s time-consuming and wasting all of that time is why you hire a company like e-webstyle or any other SEO company or just link building companies.

Paul: There you go. And also, you want to watch who you’re linking to and we talked about that before. You want to go after people with a high page rank or high search engine score. I mean different browsers or tools call it — Alexa calls it Alexa rank or whatever.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: You want to go after people with a quality search engine score.

Chris: Right.

Paul: ‘Cause that could — and, you know, it could harm you, how you link. Remember it could help you or it could harm you. So, make sure you’re doing that — doing that properly.

Chris: And so, what that really means is kind of like as opposed to getting a nice link on John Doe’s website, you’d like it on MSN.

Paul: There you go — oh, there you go.

Chris: MSN homepage, linking to Blue One Armed Widgets to your website significantly more valuable to Google than John Doe linking back so …

Paul: And if you get a link from MSN, I need a phone call.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: ASAP.

Chris: You got that hooked up.

Paul: Seriously though.

Chris: We need to talk.

Paul: This kind of goes into the next topic which would be diversity of link sources. You know, where you get — are all of your links coming from the same …

Chris: Domain.

Paul: There you go. (laughing)

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: The same domain?

Chris: And this kind of make sense because, you know, how — if we know that external links are valuable, how hard or easy to set up a new website designed to have some sort of information on it and its main goal to link back to your website. And Google recognizes this.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So, if you’ve only got, you know, one or two websites that are linking back to you, then there’s not much value in that.

Paul: Exactly. And then why — we talked about this before — watch out for link farms and you should know this by now. You know, you don’t want to get involved with a link farm, a website which is link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link. They’re not related. Stay away from it. That can definitely hurt you.

Chris: It’s annoying to customers and it’s annoying to Google.

Paul: I don’t see them too much but I ever so often I will see one. They used to be just prevalent all across the Internet.

Chris: I had a good quote for what SEO’s responsibility is and I think it was the last time and as an SEO — the efforts that you’re making for SEO, your responsibility is to provide a good experience to the Google user.

Paul: Okay.

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