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Sixty-third Internet Marketing Podcast June 4th 2010. Second page of Transcription

Chris: Intuit websites. I don’t know if you guys know but Intuit QuickBooks and whatever, they actually you can get a website through them, host it through them, you know, build it yourself. Apparently, all of them were down.

Paul: Oh, that sucks.

Chris: And they’re back up. And you know what? We’re getting we’re getting kind of an accolade if we’re going to stretch this one a little bit. Matt Cutts is taking a page out of our book, right?

Paul: Get your own content, fool.

Chris: Yeah, get your own process of analyzing content in front of an audience, right? Apparently, there is and not apparently. There is a really nice video. It’s on Google recently had their event I/O where they actually gave out EVOs. I didn’t get one there. I’m not that cutting edge. And one of the videos, one of the seminars, and there’s a video on the YouTube website for that event, is SEO’s site advice from the experts. And it’s pretty cool because what it does is and he starts it off as pretty funny. He starts off and says, “I ask people to submit a website. I figured I’d get like 20. I got 500.” So we’re going to all of them six seconds at a time (Laughing).

Paul: Okay (Laughing).

Chris: And he goes in, he starts it, and they actually analyze. Here’s the website. Here is why it’s not performing in terms of SEO. Here is what you could do to enhance its SEO, which is, you know, something we do here regularly. So so it’s very cool. Go check out that video. I’ll probably add a link to that when we post this on our blog website and everything else.

Paul: And everything else.

Chris: Everything else. So we had no we were supremely distracted by the World Cup.

Paul: World Cup. Trying to find something to give you some fresh content to give you guys, but hey, first things first, man. World Cup, soccer, sorry.

Chris: Yeah. Just because we’re Americans doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it.

Paul: We made it, okay? We made it. We’re happy about that so…

Chris: Unfortunately we tied. We’re ranked 14th in the world and we just the 24th place ranked country because we got ripped off.

Paul: I know what to make you feel better. The LA Lakers won the World Champ Basketball Championship and that’s the way it goes.

Chris: Don’t you love that? Don’t you love that? I once heard an announcer say that the World Cup is the World Series of soccer.

Paul: Yeah. It was like the World Series is only in the States.

Chris: And Canada, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: It’s only North America, right? That would be the north the World Series is the World Cup of baseball.

Paul: Yeah, there you go.

Chris: Potentially. It doesn’t have all the countries there anyway. It’s a little ridiculous. But I’m impressed with how many American fans there are this year and how well we’re doing.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: I played soccer for 25 years so I really love the sport and I’m happy to see it doing well. Anyway, we were distracted and distraught and frustrated and challenged. And so, we didn’t know exactly what we’re going to do. So what did we do?

Paul: I let you come up with the content.

Chris: Excellent.

Paul: And I ran with it.

Chris: Yes.

Paul: That’s what I did.

Chris: I Googled it.

Paul: There we go.

Chris: Let me find something to put up. So we got this. Actually, I don’t have the website. I’ll make sure to include it. It’s the top ten mistakes that you can make in search engine optimization.

Paul: That’s cool ’cause some of you out there might be making some of these unknowingly or didn’t know it was a mistake. So that’s always good to help.

Chris: I know.

Paul: Let me say this ’cause I think it’s something that we could that I something’s that kind of new in the news. Google Caffeine was just released on June 8th.

Chris: Okay.

Paul: And why this has an effect on you we’ll maybe talk about in another podcast but I just remembered this. So Google Caffeine was just released June 8th.

Chris: We talked about Google Caffeine probably ten podcasts ago or something.

Paul: We did. We did.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: And it’s going to have a significant impact on the way the speed of indexing, and that will have an effect on you as a user-business owner and we’ll talk about it later. I just wanted that was my that’s my news next time. I just remembered.

Chris: Yeah, that’s a teaser, man.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Oh, you got to call you got tune in.

Paul: That’s for next time.

Chris: Keep tuning into our podcast. You know where to find us. Also, if you have a question for us, we really appreciate questions and we will answer them and get back to you over the podcast. You can send those questions to Also, you can get a free website SEO review. All you need to do is go to Look for the link that says SEO across the top, click, and then at the bottom of that very first paragraph actually, we’re trying to encourage you to call us so go ahead and give us a call or at the bottom of that very first paragraph is a link to a form where you can submit it if you don’t feel like talking to, you know, superstars of SEO. We understand you’re a little intimidated or whatever. Yeah, right (Laughing).

Paul: (Laughing)

Chris: If you are, you have the wrong impression.

Paul: We don’t know how to do that. Oh, and I want to give a special shout-out over to Shane over in Ireland, who called me earlier this week and sent over I don’t have it, but Shane, I will give you some backlink love. I can’t remember it off the top of my head.

Chris: From Ireland, huh?

Paul: It was the Irish side of the world I think .com or something like that. Yes. Called from Ireland. That was very cool. Called on Monday. What’s up, Shane?

Chris: Cool, cool. All right. So, I don’t know if this was done intentionally that this list of top ten mistakes was ordered in the number of most important. Certainly number one is by far the most important without a doubt, no questions, no ifs, no ands, no buts. We always talk about it. It’s keywords. What keywords are you targeting? So the number one mistake that you could make. This is I mean, we could just do the whole podcast on this. Don’t make this mistake. And that is you’ve got to target your keywords properly. If you’re targeting the wrong keywords, you’re wasting your time, your money, and you should have called us from the beginning and let us go at it or let another SEO company do it or something ’cause keywords are paramount. How do you make sure that you don’t target the wrong keywords?

Paul: I would say make sure that your okay, think about your core business. What is your core business? What products and services do you provide? Those should be a part of your those should be a part of your the keywords that you’re going after as well as some here is where I’m getting at ’cause as soon as you said we’re on keywords, I’m thinking about an example that I had this week.

Okay. A guy sent in a review. I’m not going to say the name of his site ’cause he didn’t I didn’t ask and he didn’t give me permission. But it was about it was a site that was in, like, you know, he was working on it. It was under construction so I know it wasn’t 100% complete. But he asked for a review and he does paintball review. He reviews paintball material, markers, which I know now are guns. I didn’t know that paintball markers are called guns.

Chris: I wouldn’t call that real markers like hey, they are used for writing.

Paul: Yeah, masks, paint, all kinds of protective gear. He reviews all that stuff ’cause he’s got like 20 plus years of experience. And one of the things that I noticed, I said, “Listen, you might want to target the keyword phrase paintball marker review, paintball mask review.”

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Paul: Because he wasn’t targeting it.

Chris: Aim specific guns.

Paul: And he did.

Chris: I’m sorry, markers, excuse me.

Paul: Markers.

Chris: Specific markers like the XK1960-12, which is awesome by the way. Review of you know ’cause that’s what I searched. Like when you’re on a review of EVO, I knew I was going to order it for the next two weeks. I was like typing in EVO reviews or whatever. So, yeah, that was a great point.

Paul: So and it I wouldn’t say it was wrong. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He just wasn’t doing what I felt like was a right or he was skipping out. He was missing a very good keyword.

Chris: Yup.

Paul: But he was targeting, you know, specific manufacturers and I was like, “You might want to try this one.” But you definitely want to have the right keywords, and it can be so easy to go after these broad keywords and everybody wants to do it. And you got to really take into comparison, you know, what’s it going to take to go after Nike shoes? You know, who are you really competing with? So make sure you’re going after…

Chris: China?

Paul: Yeah. Well, I’d say that. Make sure you’re going after the right keywords. Make sure it pertains to your business. It pertains to your your current customer base, you know. A lot of people out there haven’t actually sat and thought about what is my customer base? Who are they?

Chris: And, you know, we actually ask two simple questions that really help us hone in for new businesses and new clients, and that is what do you sell the most and what makes you the most money?

Paul: There you go.

Chris: When you answer those two questions, you really have you start to get a very good idea of what your keywords are. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the review site as much, but you know, when you think of from the review site, you know, what it is that you’re selling? You’re selling reviews.

Paul: You’re selling information.

Chris: Information.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: And specifically reviews. So if reviews aren’t in almost all of the keywords you’re targeting, then you’re targeting the wrong keywords. You are in fact making mistake number one.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: The number one mistake. So, make sure that you don’t do that. The other thing is also use keyword tools, keyword selector tools.

Paul: Your keyword selector tools. Google has got one that I use like just over, overused, way, way too much. There’s other ones out there. Wordtracker has one. I don’t know. I’m not I use Google so that’s what that’s what I use.

Chris: All right. So what do we have here next? And I’m not sure that this is in any particular order other than that t
he first one is correct. It is the most important. The next one is ignoring the title tag.

Paul: I like that one and after that, let’s get to number six because I think it’s a very good point.

Chris: Okay.

Paul: I was telling people in our reviews, you know, you need to get your meta tags in order, title tags, description tags. If you want to use the keywords in that, go ahead. Search engines don’t read them. But ignoring the if you ignore your title tag, it’s like come on, dude.

Chris: Yeah. Well and not only that. So there’s ignoring the title tag, which kind of implies that you haven’t put anything in the title tag.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So that we’ll call that mistake 2, mistake 2A. Mistake 2B is putting just your company name in the title tag, right?

Paul: You’re putting the same thing on every title tag…

Chris: On every page, yeah.

Paul: …which is typically the company name.

Chris: Yup.

Paul: On every title.

Chris: That’s when you know they’re doing absolutely no search engine optimization is when, you know, their title tag or they may be doing they’re doing no good search engine optimization because the title tag is something that you got to go right after. I mean, if you think about it from the Google monster pers I mean, robot perspective. Arrghhh! (Laughing)

Paul: (Laughing)

Chris: That was terrible (Laughing). Woo-hoo! What game? Oh, yeah. I mentioned the game again. All right. Anyway, from the Google robot perspective, you know, the title is pretty freaking important.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: This is the title of the article. It’s like a newspaper article. Say you write a newspaper article about Sandra Bullock and Jessie James get into a fistfight, right? And you title it New York Times.

Paul: Yeah. I mean, come on seriously.

Chris: That doesn’t make any sense. The title is like the most important thing. Do not call it New York Times. Call it Sandra Bullock Kicks Jessie James’s Ass or something like that.

Paul: There you go. I’d read that one.

Chris: I would watch that. That would be that would be viral all over the place.

Paul: I really would.

Chris: Better than that cop punching that chick.

Paul: Yeah, I know. That was no bueno.

Chris: Yeah, it was. That was foolish across the board. You shove a cop. I mean really?

Paul: I mean, you expect to be. If I shoved a cop, I would expect to get punched. But seriously, you know, to punch chicks, that’s just not cool.

Chris: Yeah. It would have been nice to choose some either thing. I’m not saying he was wrong. I’m just saying you just don’t punch a chick, you know, like dang!

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And don’t shove a cop.

Paul: I know. Yeah. Definitely don’t shove a cop. So good luck in the date now.

Chris: Yeah. All right. So…

Paul: Let’s skip to six ’cause…

Chris: Six. All right, here we go to six.

Paul: I think it’s so important. Number six is now number three. It’s concentrating too much on meta tags. I wanted to take target about this right after. You should really work on your meta tags, title description, keyword, robots. There’s a million of this, hundreds of tags out there. But don’t focus too much on them. I want you to think that hey, if you have a keyword in your meta tag and the right keyword, just because you have that in your description and title, that it’s going to get you on the first page. It’s a whole lot more complicated than that.

Chris: In fact, that video that I mentioned of Matt Cutts, the very first, I only showed the first two websites that they were reviewing. The very first one was all images, which is a huge mistake. I think that’s that kind of goes in under three. Yeah. Yeah, it goes in under three. It was all images. No tags. And then in the meta tag, it had all sorts of keywords. And Matt specifically said what we know is is that people will stuff keywords in the meta tag that are unrelated to the information on the page. So we don’t even bother to look at the meta tag keywords because if we can discern what you’re talking about in the text, in the body of your page, why would you even bother going to keywords?

Paul: There you go.

Chris: ‘Cause if they conflict, we’re still going to take the text anyway. So we ignore it. And that’s what they do. They ignore it.

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