Tips and Suggestions for Small Businesses

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Hello and welcome to this week’s E-Webstyle newsletter! This week’s newsletter marks a very special occasion for us! It’s going to be the last newsletter of the 2012 year! From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to take this time to thank you for being a part of our organization, whether being fans, friends, listeners to our podcast, or our valued business partners, you’re all equally important to us. On this week’s newsletter, we’re going to be going over a few simple tips for you intrepid entrepreneurs that, while may seem straightforward – are essential building blocks for any small business market.

For any of you small business out there that DON’T already have a website, there is one key thing to remember about this day and age – The number of people on the internet and the amount of time that they’re spending on the internet is increasing at a steady rate day by day. This means that, for every day that you don’t have a website up, you’re losing potential business leads and customers. Having a website for your small business is integral to your future success and expansion. Since the technology and its associated availability is being developed and pushed forward at an exponential rate, it’s up to you to stay relevant with the different business mediums that manifest themselves through time in order to maximize your profits.

Going back to a tip we’ve had in one of our previous podcasts, be sure to use social media to give yourself an edge in terms of marketing. Once you have an online business page set up, you’re going to want to use social media to give yourself another leg up in whatever market you choose to do business in. Constantly maintaining and updating a high traffic social media page through facebook, twitter or youtube will give your business an incredible advantage when it comes to staying connected with your clientele.

Re-visiting the subject of technology and how tech can affect your business, there is one important piece of technology that we should all be familiar with – the Smart Phone. Smartphones, while considered extremely pricy and high tech a while back, are considered commonplace in this day and age. Smartphones are incredibly widespread and find themselves into the hands of just about anyone who’s willing to sign a 1 to 2 year contract with an affiliated wireless provider. Take advantage of the fact that smartphones, while incredibly useful to the one whose using it, is even more useful to you as a marketing tool. People use smartphones for just about everything these days. Smartphones act as an on the go computer that pushes itself as the epitome of convenience – and they are. More and more people use smartphones to shop for things online and to visit their favorite websites online. Most businesses however, do not think about optimizing a page for a smart phone. If you want to get yourself a head and a shoulder above your competitor, make, optimize and regularly maintain a mobile site made especially for smartphones.

Continuing on with the topic of smartphones, when you make a smarphone accessible version of your website, make sure never to skim off any content in that page. Nowadays, most phone browsers are more than capable of rendering and properly displaying everything on a webpage, with the exception of flash player objects if you’re using an iphone. There is no reason not to include pages/content on a mobile site unless the pages are impossible to convert on the mobile device. When you optimize for a mobile site, you’re doing just that – maintaining your website for a mobile device. Treat it as you would your main website. Skimming off content and certain pages will only end up hurting the customer and yourself in the long run.

Keeping the above information in mind, if you don’t yet have a website for your business up and running, if you don’t have a social media outreach for your business, or if you don’t have a mobile website set up for smartphone browsers, now is a great time to start making plans for the new year to get these things up and running. If you need any help with these things, remember, E-Webstyle offers many of these services and more. As the year draws to an end, be sure to make those news year’s resolutions to rocket your business to new heights. From all of us here at E-Webstyle, I would like to wish you first page results, but more importantly, a happy new year.

Author: eweb-admin