Top Position Snatchers talk about Google losing people to Facebook

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Eighty-Fourth Internet Marketing Podcast November 12th 2010. Third page of Show Notes

Top Position Snatchers talk about Google losing people to Facebook

Chris:                          Yes, she is a friend like on Facebook. So what’s your kind of take? You’ve heard us talk a little bit about videos and you have some experience, and then you’ve got a video that has almost 800,000 views or something. So we’re pushing a million that’s three quarters of a million already, that’s awesome.

Chuck:                         Yeah, in total with all of the videos, I probably have cracked a million.

Chris:                          That’s awesome.

Chuck:                         But — yeah. Basically, you want to first off title it right.

Chris:                          Right.

Chuck:                         And the problem I see is a lot of people won’t — will not back up some and you make sure your filename is pretty cool.

Chris:                          Right.

Chuck:                         Kind of like an image, right?

Chris:                          Right.

Chuck:                         And what I see is people will upload to YouTube and they won’t change the video title.

Chris:                          Right.

Chuck:                         And so the title ends up being the filename.

Chris:                          Oh, yeah, like, 1, 2, 3, 4x and.MVG.

Chuck:                         .MVG, or quick, or NOV.

Paul:                            Oh, yeah, I see that. I see that on YouTube.

Chuck:                         They don’t even change the title.

Chris:                          Before you upload it, change the title, or you can change it after it’s up there, yeah.

Chuck:                         Oh, no, no. You can change it after you upload it.

Chris:                          Yeah.

Chuck:                         So I usually give it a keyword-rich filename,

Chris:                          Right.

Chuck:                         Upload that, change the title to search engine — I mean Social Media Marketing.

Chris:                          Right.

Chuck:                         And then I make sure I put my tags in there, Social Media Marketing, SEO rapper, internet marketing, E-webstyle, you know, tagging with all of these stuff and then upload it then YouTube it, Vimeo it, Google Video it all of them.

Chris:                          Right.

Chuck:                         You know blast it out there, Facebook it, Twitter it.

Chris:                          Do you put it — do you embed it on a page? I know you’ve got, and that’s got a lot of your old videos. Do you embed it in a page there or?

Chuck:                         Yes .

Chris:                          Yeah.

Chuck:                         Yes and no. On, yes, I embed them all there. You can go there and watch them directly, that just kind of helps increase your viewership, you get more views that way, the more places people can watch it without — let’s say, without going to YouTube. But then some places don’t allow embeds, so then they’ll get a link.

Chris:                          Oh, okay. All right, cool. Cool. Well, that is how you do videos. I think we’re actually running out of time, right?

Chuck:                         Yeah, we’re kind of close. We’re kind of close.

Chris:                          So I think you’ve got a little bit of news for us.

Chuck:                         I got some blank stare news.

Paul:                            Yeah, that’s good. Oh, blank.

Chuck:                         Yeah, blank stare news.

Chris:                          Plus I can’t see anybody ‘cause I forgot to turn on the light.


Chris:                          It’s really blank.

Paul:                            So I’m just a white shirt floating around.

Chris:                          Halloween is over guys. You can turn on the lights now.

Chuck:                         I got some comments on those pictures.

Chris:                          Oh, you did.

Chuck:                         Yeah. All right, but — now, we’re talking blank stare news and so apparently, a lot of people, engineers and people at high places at Google had been getting offers and romance to leave. Number one guy left back in September, went to Facebook.

Chris:                          A lot of them go to Facebook, right?

Chuck:                         And they offer them a whole bunch of money like 500k bonus and so they got another guy, he turned down — first he turned down a 15% raise and 500,000.

Chris:                          What?

Chuck:                         So Google turned around and gave him $3.5 million this time.

Paul:                            Wait, wait, wait. So he worked for Google, somebody was trying to get him, he said “no” and so —

Chris:                          To a 15% raise and the 500,000 signing bonus.

Paul:                            Wow.

Chris:                          And then Google turned around, even though as a reward for saying “no.”

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                          Wow.

Chuck:                         Here’s 3.5 million.

Paul:                            So here’s like six stocks?

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                          Yeah.


Chuck:                         Yeah, and of course he signed. As matter of fact, he says he quite wisely accepted Google’s offer.


Chuck:                         So, you know, a shout-out to you, whoever you are, you know.

Paul:                            Wow, that’s what’s —

Chuck:                         And Google — but what’s interesting to me is why are people even considering leaving?

Chris:                          Well, you know, in — I don’t know if you’ve got an answer. One answer that I saw is I think there’s like some 65,000 people work for Google, and some of the people leaving now are saying that if there’s a little more bureaucracy it’s a little bit harder to get things accomplished inside of Google. There’s like 3,000 employees at Facebook. I mean, it’s the number one site. It’s actually eclipsed —

Paul:                            They have eclipsed Google.

Chris:                          It had eclipsed Google, and they got what? A tenth of the employees, so there’s a lot of opportunity. I mean you can come in and then the next 61,000 people who get hired, they can get to the point of Google are under you, right?

Paul:                            Yeah, uh-hmm.

Chris:                          So there’s a lot of opportunity in that plus they just have so much money to just throw at people, you know, a $500,000 — it’s interesting because you hear a 15% increase and then a $500,000 signing bonus and you’re like thinking in terms of what we earn and what the average guy earn. It’s like well —

Chuck:                         That was my earnings —

Chris:                          Yeah.

Paul:                            Yeah. His 15% increase could be like a hundred grand.

Chris:                          Yeah, exactly. I’m like — for us like it’s like, you know, I don’t even care about the 15%. Just give me the $500,000. I’ll stick it in the bank and increase my salary at 3%.


Chuck:                         But then when you see $3.5 million, it’s not like —

Chris:                          Then you start —

Paul:                            Yeah, and you do the happy dance.


Paul:                            Yeah, for real though. So I’m taking the day week off.

Chris:                          I’m just taking off, yeah. And I’ll be back.


Paul:                            I’ll be back…

Chris:                          But yeah, there have been a couple of big defections there so — and I almost thought that we need to like come up with the song, you know, Janet Jackson’s “What have you done for me lately?”

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                          It’s Google’s “What have you changed for me lately?” ‘Cause I mean every 3 weeks, every week, we got like 2 or 3 — can you sing it, please?

Paul:                            Changes.


Chris:                          Break out the Janet Jackson dance.

Paul:                            The rhythm nation dance?

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                           The rhythm nation dance.

Chuck:                         It was like a march?

Paul:                            Yeah, it was like a march.


Chris:                           Oh, I’d looked like an Umpa Lumpa doing a march.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Paul:                            You know, Google changes that stuff.

Chris:                          And I think that’s great, it’s a testament to their — I think, you know, it would be very easy to rest on their Laurels. By the way, wasn’t there a Laurels who just left them? Anyway, it’d be easier for them to rest on their Laurels and they’re not doing it.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                          You know, they’re staying on top of things and that’s great that makes our job as top position snatchers, you know, all the more fun.

Paul:                            But even Rome fell.

Chris:                          Yup.

Paul:                            So that’s why I think, you know, Google would not to be on top forever.

Chris:                          Yeah, I agree.

Paul:                            Just like AOL and, you know, Netscape was the number one browser. I don’t see them —

Chris:                          Yes. And Yahoo.

Paul:                            — I don’t — yeah, there you go. I don’t see anyone competing with them for a while but every empire must fall.

Chris:                          It’s certainly possible.

Chuck:                         It’s going to be tough ‘cause they are the type of empire who will buy you before we fall.

Chris:                          Yeah, that’s true. We’ll buy you and shut that down.

Chuck:                         Or we’ll buy you and make it better.

Chris:                          Yeah. [Laughs]

Paul:                            That is true. The competitor they will buy it, now we’re home boys.

Chris:                          So once again we have avoided back to basics. So we appreciate your patience as we are getting to basics. We can make this recommendation and go back and listen to podcast 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 probably.

Chuck:                         Yes. We do have somebody said they were watching one way or the other.

Chris:                          Either.

Paul:                            I cannot remember. I just looked. Everybody knows. I’m about to give them a call here in a second, I called them, I’m about to give him an analysis. He was like “Hey, I’m listening to your podcast. I’m on number three.” And I was like “Oh, wow.”

Chris:                          Wow.


Chris:                          Could you remind me what did I say and what did I sound like back then?

Paul:                            Yeah. And I was like “Wow. You got ways to go.”

Chris:                          We have a listener in Norway who has downloaded 72. I’m assuming it’s 72 podcast recently. So, he probably went back and listened to all of them ‘cause this is podcast number 84. We’ve actually come to the end of this podcast. We thank you so much. Hey, we didn’t really cover. You can follow us on Twitter. You know what? They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. So I don’t want you to go onto iTunes.


Chris:                          I don’t want you to actually create an account and I don’t want you to give us a review because I’ve got to try something different.

Chuck:                         Yes, let me know.


Paul:                            Go to our homepage. Also, you could find out how to get in touch with us on our homepage.

Chris:                          Yup. There’s a quick little forum over there. It actually has a caption now I hear. And fill out that form and we’ll give you free analysis of your website.

Chuck:                         Yeah, I’ll do it myself and then I’ll call you and talk about it with you for free.

Chris:                          How’s that? The SEO rapper is going to call you, that’s pretty awesome. You can also e-mail us as — e-mail us —

Chuck:                         E-mail us as —


Chris:                          — at

Chuck:                         Us-es, that’s the plural of us.


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Paul:                            Yeah.

Chuck:                         I think that’s it.

Chris:                          That’s it. That’s all the ways you can find us, stalk us and tell some nerdy, genius, comes up with another one, that’s all there is going to be for right now. You have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We are your friendly local top position snatchers. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul:                            I’m Paul Hanson.

Chuck:                         Charles Lewis.

Chris:                          Bye-bye for now.

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