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Universal Search and SEO
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Universal Search and SEO

Chris: And is also a very unnatural dance because it’s an asymmetric dance. I don’t really hook up. All right, here it is. Definitely worth listening to. This is Brastow.

Chuck: Brastow.

Chris: July 23, 2011, he says, “All right, everyone. If you are listening to this podcast which E-Webstyle is providing for free –”

Chuck: Free.

Chris: I think that’s what the emphasis he intended when he wrote it.

Chuck: Free, free.

Chris: “– the least you can do is give them a review. They are fun to listen to and clearly enjoyed the topic. Well, perhaps they would have fun talking about anything, maybe they should have their own radio show.” You know, if there’s anyone out there who’s interested in hiring us to do a radio show —

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. Just give us, you know, an hour of your station.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And yeah, WebmasterRadio.FM, I know you’re probably listening.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: We will fill in a slot for you.

Chris: We’ll take care of that. They’re knowledge of — and pretty much any subject, we would, you know, we could brush up on no region politics.

Chuck: Yeah, absolutely.

Chris: “Their knowledge of SEO has increased as the show has progressed as would our knowledge of no region politics.”

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: “And as listeners keep sending them difficult questions to answer.” We appreciate those questions. By the way, you can send questions to podcast@e-webstyle.com.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: “I’m going to knock them down by one star but only because the show runs a bit long. Perhaps they can shave five minutes off the front end. They come across as representing an extremely honest and upfront SEO shop.” I’m glad that comes across.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: “If I ever decide to use anyone for my SEO needs, it would probably be them. I have to stop now. I might be exceeding my Geno time limit, check earlier episodes to find out what that is if you don’t know.” And I think that’s really interesting, four stars, right? I respect that.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: What’s amazing is and it makes me think immediately. When my wife was about to give birth to our twins and the nurse — this is in between contractions. The nurse was like what pain level are you at? I think it was zero to ten, right?

Chuck: Zero to ten, mm-hmm.

Chris: And she was like 8 1/2, and this is between contractions. And I’m like so what is a contraction, oh, a ten?

Chuck: Forty? Yeah.

Chris: Do you realize that 10 on the scale usually means you pass out and need morphine, right?

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: So people just have different, you know, they’re bent on a scale. It was totally different.

Chuck: Yeah, everybody has their own opinion of what one star to five star is.

Chris: What’s the value of that star that he ducked us?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: We appreciate the review.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely.

Chuck: Brastow, we appreciate it.

Chris: Hey, hit us up and you know, give us your website and let us know so we can give you some link love. We’d love to do that.

Chuck: Yeah. Give us what you got.

Chris: Yeah, I think that’s — I’m just excited we got a review. By the way, to make a review, go to iTunes, create an account and then find our podcast which is pretty easy to do and submit a review. Make sure that we know – –

Chuck: Four steps.

Chris: Yeah, simple steps. Make sure that we know so we can give you some link love.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: While you’re at it, you might as well follow us on Twitter, twitter.com/ —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Like us on Facebook, facebook.com/ —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: We have a YouTube page, youtube.com/ —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: Surprise, surprise. And I think that’s it. You can always, again, one last time podcast@e-webstyle.com is an e-mail address where we will — and do not forget, we do a SEVO analysis podcast fairly regularly. It’s where users submit on our website their website and if the lucky ones who are chosen we actually do a video analysis, SEVO, Search Engine Visitor Optimization analysis of that website.

Chuck: Yeah, you go to E-Webstyle.com, fill out the form on the right side, submit for the web anal, that’s what we call it, submit for the web anal and either I or Chris will actually review it and record this video and we’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, what’s right with it, what you should change, here’s our recommendations and it’s really an honest, nonbiased analysis of your website.

Chris: You know, I think there’s some people out there who do analysis as an outside —

Chuck: No, if it’s good ’cause we’re good.

Chris: Yeah, exactly.

Chuck: I’m not gonna smash your site for the sake of trying to gain your business. As a matter of fact, we don’t even pitch on a web analysis.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: There’s no sales pitch. You just fill out the form, we’ll submit it to you and then if you want more information, you know, you can reach us.

Chris: And that will be converted to a video podcast sometime in the near future and we should put a length. We need to put a length on our podcast page.

Chuck: Yeah, it’s on the list.

Chris: Oh, yeah. Which list is that?

Chuck: The list of things that we need to get done, should get done, or what we’ve done right now.

Chris: Right now. And also we can put on Facebook, we can actually put a length to our USTREAM.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That actually pays.

Chuck: Yeah, it is live.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. We do it live every, well, whenever we get a chance. All right. So let’s get into the meat. We’re gonna talk about Google Places, we’re gonna talk about —

Chuck: The Universal Search.

Chris: — Google Universal Search, yeah.

Chuck: We’re gonna do Universal Search first.

Chris: And by the way, what is Universal Search?

Chuck: The last time you search the universe.

Chris: And since Google has indexed the universe. They consider it if you show up in Shopping results or in Places for or in Images for or News for. So those little special areas that Google has.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: And I think actually like Google Local Places is probably included in that too.

Chuck: In the Universal Search.

Chris: And so this is really talking about what works better in Universal Search. And it’s a pretty comprehensive study. I found the article on search engine land.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: And the article is by Barry Schwartz and again the title so that you guys can find it and we’ll put a length on our podcast — I mean, our Facebook page. What wins in Google Universal Search — Videos, Images, and Google. And so what will your thought be first?

Chuck: Video. My first thought would be video I mean because Google’s whole thing is providing the best content for their users. And right now, video is the best content. I mean, it’s an easier way to research something. You know, it’s entertainment if you’re watching it usually. And right now with the biggest video platform, I mean, owned by Google which is YouTube, I would think that video would be the most being searched when people search on for anything on Google.

Chris: Yup, and that’s true. Basically, they broke this down into Top 10 Video, Top 10 Maps, Top 10 News, Top 10 Shopping, and Top 10 Images.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Google Products took four of those five slots. They missed on the News. There’s the Wall Street Journal, it was there first on the news and then Google was a little bit further down. You know, it’s one of the things that we’ve talked in our podcast. When you’re putting your Google Local Places page together, we tend to wanna use Picasa to store the images and then linked into your Google Local Places. We also tend to wanna use YouTube to put up your videos and embed those.

Chuck: Google Products.

Chris: Yeah, Google Products. There’s one other Google Product that either we were using or we’re gonna use and linked to. I can’t remember exactly what it is. We do actually link from our website, two are Google Local Places listing. So we think there’s a lot of value. Of course, it makes sense if, you know, if I’m Google, hey, you’re using my products, I’m gonna give you, in fact, we have an example here coming up soon —

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: — of how if you’re gonna use Google Products through interfaces then we’re gonna give you a little bit more credit, a little more value to whatever it is that you’re doing.

Chuck: Yeah, I think that marketing take away from this would be when you’re optimizing your pages. If you have video, you know, I would use YouTube. I recommend that. And this is some sort of exclusive video that they only need to feature on your site and even then you can make it private but you choose one or two, you know, using sort of custom player or something like that but if not, use YouTube. I think if you’re embedding some sort of, you know, content this or directions page, embed to Google Maps. I mean, with the things that they’re listing that are sort of high in the rank make sure you use all appropriately on your website. It helps increase your link.

Chris: Absolutely, absolutely. I don’t even know that there’s much to say. They did make a comment about — let me see if I can find that, about why the Wall Street Journal was up before them. Tu,tu,tu — same file. And it says that the — let’s see, it says that “URLs for News are URLs to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other news sites. Very rarely does Google have a link to a news article on their own domain.” So there’s no Google reporter out reporting on Google.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Well, he’ll be a robot, right, that’s just gonna — they’ll be information. He’s gonna get it out of our mail using the Gmail Man. News is Charles has just bought an iPad.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That will be like the 100th iPad. Oh, this is interesting. Google, I was reading — no, it was Apple — oh, that’s part of your — we’ll bring that up. Yeah, all right.


Chuck: On Wednesday, yeah.

Chris: All right. What’s next?

Chuck: Let’s talk about Google Places for a minute.

Chris: This is almost blank stare. I mean, this is —

Chuck: Yeah, it’s kind of the blank stare here is a Yelp.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: If I’m gonna pull a blank stare from this article —

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Chuck: — it would be a Yelp. I mean, ’cause basically what happen is last week, about a week and a half ago, Google stopped showing third party review sites like Citysearch, Yelp, interestingly and so on on their Google Local Places pages and pull them out and they’re only showing Google Review. To compensate it, what they did ’cause they removed a lot of content —

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: — there’s a big, red button that says add your own review.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Now, Yelp who was crying about this — and let me tell you what’s ironic about the whole thing.

Chris: There’s like two ironies here, right? I think, yeah.

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