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Seventy-First Internet Marketing Podcast July 29nd  2010. Third page of Show Notes


Universal Search and Internet Marketing / SEO

Chris:This clearly was not organized. I got the plan. This is what we’re going to do. You’re going to bring up the subject. I’m going to give all of the details away right up front and then we’re going to have an unbelievingly boring podcast afterwards.

Paul:The article says that 45% of users on Facebook like at least one page. The other 55% don’t like anything. So, let’s say it’s 50-50. Half of the people on Facebook like something. I probably have liked about 10 different things on Facebook.

Chris:Things being like brands or companies or…

Paul:Yeah, it’s typically small businesses or even some TV shows that I like. And so half of the Facebook users.

Chris:By the way, we can help change that statistic. Everyone out there listening to us, we do have a Facebook page. Go out there and like us.

Paul:Oh, that’s what’s up.

Chris:Hopefully you’re not liking anyone yet and we can maybe adjust those statistics.

Paul:Yeah. Maybe we can.

Chris:So we can make sure the volume of our podcast will have some sort of — maybe not.

Paul:That’s what’s up, man. I didn’t think about that. So then I did some research as to why somebody becomes a fan on Facebook and there’s a couple of different numbers I want to share. Basically 25% of it, which was the largest — which is the majority vote, 25% of the people signed up, liked a page because they like to receive discounts and promotions.

Chris:Like me and the iPad.

Paul:There you go. Okay. So let’s say if you’re going to create a Facebook fan page or whatever it’s called, what should you do? Give a discount or promotion. I had to read that.

Chris:Give just something and give the name.

Paul:There’s a name for it. Give people what they want. So if you don’t have a Facebook fan page, create one, you know. We created one and we did give away discount and promotion, which no one has taken advantage of.

Chris:No, no, not yet.

Paul:Somebody has been…

Chris:If you’ve got raked over the coals by a previous SEO company, give us your story and show us some invoice and we’re going to — I think it’s a $250 discount off of our starting fee ’cause we just don’t like to see that people have gotten…

Paul:In this industry.

Chris:We had somebody — yeah, this week in the office and I was pitching to him both pay-per-click and SEO which we really believe need to go together for a lot of reasons, and he was so hesitant on SEO ’cause he had gotten burned before. And it was funny. At one point, he was like “Man, do I really need to do SEO?” And this is business and I said, “Dude, you know the answer. The answer is no. You don’t really have to. Like I’m not going to not take your check and your account because you’re not doing SEO, but you really need to do SEO and pay-per-click together.” Then actually Paul did a great job of coming in and bringing up the base as I did it together. That’s how we treat our customers here. So Scott, you better watch out. We’ve been training.

Paul:That’s right. Right after I’ve optimized your website, I will punch you in the face. [Laughter]

Chris:[Laughter] Just do it, Paul. He might warm up to you, Paul. Just treat him like a customer.

Paul:That’s right. [Laughter]


Paul:Can I have a check, please? Oh, take that sucker. But yes, it was a great article. You can find it on WebProNews. It was written by a gentleman by the name of Chris Crum. He has been writing for WebProNews for a long time. But basically, he says, “Get on Facebook.” Okay. Google is watching Facebook. That’s important for you guys.


Paul:Get on Facebook. Create a fan page. Why do you need to create a fan page? Because people like fan pages. Half of the people that use Facebook will like at least one thing. Why do they like that? Because they want to receive some sort of discount or promotion. There’s other reasons they do which…

Chris:They are here.

Paul:Okay. [Laughter]

Chris:I’ve got one. The next biggest reason that people will actually like a brand is to show others that they support the brand, which kind of goes — I mean, that’s when you know you got a solid brand.


Chris:I just want all my friends to know that I support — I always think of Doublemint Gum which is like the brand.

Paul:I don’t know if they even have a Facebook page.

Chris:They probably do.

Paul:But I’d say about half of the things that I like or just because I like them, I want to share “Hey, I do that.” The other half are probably like, “Hey, I want a discount. Hook me up.”

Chris:And the other half is actually I hit a button and don’t know how to undo it. [Laughter]

Paul:What else?

Chris:It’s fun and entertaining is one, like 10%.

Paul:Oh, I’m like these numbers are right in my face. I can’t even focus on it.

Chris:We printed different sizes so you can’t cheat. It would get confusing. Yeah. It’s fun and entertaining. I want to find out which ones are — I mean, whoever this 10% is, let me know ’cause honestly, I’ve never really seen a fun and entertaining Facebook page.

Paul:I never liked anything because it was fun and entertaining.

Chris:Although, you know, if you do like the Gillette commercials or the…

Paul:Old Spice?

Chris:Old Spice commercials, that would be — but that’s kind of like…

Paul:The tickets are now diamonds.

Chris:Yeah. [Laughter]

Paul:If you haven’t seen that, you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m on hilarious, yes.

Chris:You know what? They’re advertising the crap out of it on YouTube. So you go on YouTube and the sponsor who promoted the video is that, and anyway, what a great advertising campaign. They are getting — that’s a billion-dollar campaign.

Paul:I wonder if they have a Facebook page. Oh, perfect example. Oh, man. I need to go check that out. I bet you they do have a Facebook page and I wonder if they give out promotions on it. If they don’t, they need to holler at you boy.

Chris:Yes, sure.

Paul:They need to learn a little more about social media strategies.

Chris:They need to come in here. We’ll beat them up and then get their money and then do some work.

Paul:Yes. And this is a lot of — I love this line. It says, “So when developing your social media strategy, keep in mind that customers are looking primarily to receive promotions with secondary goals of learning new information first and being entertained.” So that says Heidi Spector of the Google Retail Team. So Google is kind of giving you advice on how to set up your Facebook page. Kind of. Guess what’s going to happen. I bet you Google Buzz follow suit.


Paul:I think that Google is definitely threatened by Facebook and so they’re watching Facebook. You should be…

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