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This is a transcript from our 122nd Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Unknown Secrets of Website SEVO Analysis
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Unknown Secrets of Website SEVO Analysis

Chris: Hi, welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Oh, yeah.

Chuck: You got it right big time, big time.

Chris: It’s always good when you get a good start to the Podcast. We are actually broadcasting two days earlier, we just couldn’t wait, I mean, you know.

Chuck: Yeah, had nothing to do with the fact that I’ll be gone, Friday.

Chris: Are you leaving? Well, okay that’s the real reason. Let see…

Chuck: He’s Chris.

Chris: Oh, yeah, my name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis, Marketing Specialist.

Chris: I was just trying to stay ahead of the Geno time limit like if we couldn’t just introduce ourselves maybe we need cut out the title, turn the news a little bit.

Chuck: Cut the title out. Yeah, this is…

Chris: Last Podcast was 121 despite the post that I put on Twitter that this Podcast was number…

Chuck: Last Podcast was 120, today is 121.

Chris: Actually it turns out that the last Podcast was 121. Yeah, I think there was a quote on our Facebook page which says, we all know that Chris can’t count. And I misinformed Chuck and put the hours even a hundred off on.

Chuck: Yeah. Yeah.

Chris: All right, anyway last Podcast if you were recall you can go back and listen to that, in fact you can find our Podcast at e/Webstyle.com/seopodcast. You can follow us on Facebook, facebook.com/

Chuck: …ewebstyle

Chris: On Twitter, twitter.com/

Chuck: …ewebstyle

Chris: On YouTube, youtube.com/

Chuck: …ewebstyle. All one word.

Chris: It’s simple and then you can send us an e-mail at podcast@

Chuck: …e-webstyle.com

Chris: We have another Podcast, it’s actually a video-cast. It’s going to be live on i-Tunes soon, it’s actually our Unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis where we actually do analysis – analyses of websites that you submit on our websites.

Chuck: Analysi… It’s like a nasty vegetable…

Chris: Yes.

Chuck: Analysi.

Chris: It’s like, oh do I have to eat that? You can’t have dessert until you eat analysis.

Chuck: Your analysi.

Chris: In the Podcast we gave a tip, in every Podcast we give a tip in – in every Podcast we give tip from the previous Podcast. The tip from the previous Podcast is whatever amount of time you think it’s good for keyword research.

Chuck: Double it.

Chris: Double it.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, double down. And we actually, last Podcast didn’t read the tip from Podcast – the previous one which was 120.

Chuck: Oh, you found it.

Chris: I found it. It’s says, keep consumer intent and your goal in mind while defining your target keywords.

Chuck: Speaking another tip that we give, I’m going to give a punch in the face to all, SEO Stope – Stope SEO, sorry about that at SEO Stope follow him real cool cat. And he hears this and he was like, we should Twit out stopes.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So I’m going to Twit this and get caught off as soon as I get back to my desk.

Chris: That’s cool, yeah. That’s a great idea. Yeah, should be gone ongoing process. I know we’ve got a 120, we should start from…

Chuck: One.

Chris: But we started our tips probably around 50 or something I think. A little bit – just to remember I have to write it down because sometimes…

Chuck: That’s an awesome list to get somebody 120 keywords, that’s SEO tips.

Chris: Yeah. Linkbait, anyone, would that be Linkbait?

Do remember we are your friendly local neighborhood Top Position Snatchers, where our motto is…

Chuck: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Yeah, don’t be a douche. And we’ve got a Podcast that you could go to or blog, you just go to our website, click the blog bottom, that’s there reasonably prominent and do a search for douche, you’ll find out what that’s all about. You should know anyway ‘cause you should have listen to all of our Podcast by now.

Anyway, last time we mentioned Flash, I think I mentioned a little bit a news or yeah a Flash, gets a little bit lonelier ‘cause I think IOS or something wasn’t going to support it. I find an article, I thought this was interesting, so you know our general consistence last time, you know was where Flash going?

Because we think about Flash from the perspective of creating websites, which is an absolute no, no for SEOs. But, there’s some pretty impressive statistics 98% of browsers have Flash installed.

Chuck: Yup.

Chris: 98% and the real target is actually and you think about, this is make sense games, advance online video and then they are actually working on, you know data driven interfaces so the Flash can interact with a database pretty easily, pretty elegantly and a pretty user friendly ways.

So, they’re not going anywhere. I still predict that they’re going to come out with a HTML5 Creator tool app thing something going on there.

Chuck: To help manage players. Yeah, I mean because when I look at Flash I doubt, immediately think social gaming.


Chris: Right, yup.

Chuck: You know and videos. I mean because most videos that you watch include YouTube videos, that I mean that are some version of Flash has been converted to Flash video and so yeah there will be some sort of converter just because of, it’s still necessary at this point.

Chris: Yup. And if they’ve got a really powerful tool from doing really good graphics in HTLM5 that’s really, they should have been going to that direction quite a while ago because, you know, even though Google can index Flash files is doesn’t index them well, it doesn’t break them down as well as it does in a particular individual page or whatever it maybe.

Hey, Google Plus is in to Beta. I hope I’m not stealing your…

Chuck: No, no that’s all good. It’s all good. You know, I mean, I knew when I saw the error come up in to my Google Homestead.

Chris: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Chuck: And so, but since it’s in Beta, since you bought it out I was going to give it a pass.

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: Because they haven’t work out my whole, you know, Google apps situation yet.

Chris: So you like last year app for a while every now and then, and then it came back.

Chuck: Then it came back, like what’s up with that Google like, come on if you’re going to put it in Beta, let’s fix the Google apps use the first because everyone who uses Google apps is not necessarily using it for a business. I think that’s the problem.

Chris: Yeah. They think it’s a…

Chuck: It’s all business, you know I just like Google apps and I didn’t want to use Gmail, already use it more serious.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Yeah, so yeah. So they need to fix that.

Chris: What is that mean that’s in Beta, it means that you don’t have to have an invite, invites were so available it should have not been any problem for you to get one so that’s probably doesn’t change much. I saw it this is pretty cool. They’re going actually soon if they are not doing it already ‘cause I thought they might have been.

But they’re going soon put Hangouts on air. So you can – so you can have 10 people interacting in a Hangouts, but that Hangouts can be broadcast, right?

Chuck: It can be streamed.

Chris: So, I’m thinking we may not be on Ustream…

Chuck: Yeah, we may be do a Hangout.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah, you know I figured that was coming because they recently opened up the API to developers.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: The Hangouts APIs so it’s just a matter of time before we’ll be hanging out in Facebook.

Chris: In fact they’re going to do…

Chuck: Which would be awesome, by the way.

Chris: Well and then like you’re going to be in Chicago on Friday we can just GPlus and do our Podcast and turn it on to Hangouts.

Chuck: Crazy.

Chris: Yeah, it’s kind of crazy, right?

They are going to, Google kind of an announcement of this Hangouts on air, they’re having a Hangout on air with the Black Eyed Peas tomorrow night.

Chuck: Oh, that’s cool.

Chris: You could check that out. Google is in court today, this our last piece of news. They are in court today, Yelp is going to be probably going to testifying and of course Tripp advisers, that’s where, Google is actually showing the Yelp results. And then Yelp was saying, no we want you to remove them from our Google – from your Google local places and Google said, if we remove them from there we want to remove them from our index, all or nothing.

So it really kind of bent the Yelp over if you will.

Chuck: Yeah, yelp.

Chris: Yelp.

Chuck: I mean literally, you know.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. I know you’re yelping. Yelp, yelp, yelp. You’re like being whoop. It’s a symbol for yelp. Yelp, yelp, yelp.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. You’re probably going to lose this one. Good luck with that though.

Chris: And I think and these are the charges against Google. So it’s just going to be. I don’t know how I feel like, so the fact that they are – I don’t think Google should have ever and I think that they were at one point, they were showing Yelp reviews and if they were Google reviews. They weren’t properly – they didn’t have proper citations and you know and links back to Yelp.

Chuck: Oh, I don’t know. That’s had the Click. The Click First and once you got in to the place page then it was clear.

Chris: Ah, okay. Yeah.

Chuck: That the review came from Yelp or City Search or whoever it came from.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: On the homepage, on the search engine results page.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: They just had to review that.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And so.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Some on Yelp. It’s in the list.

Chris: Yeah. That’s what I would think. Dude last time we did a Podcast we had reviews, they disappeared, frankly they’re not there now. Why, I caught it on the screen.

Chuck: They’re gone again.

Chris: Yeah, they’re gone again. And somebody hit us on Facebook.

Chuck: And on iTunes, man. Really.

Chris: It’s crazy. By the way I figure it out if you’re in iTunes and you search SEO Podcast we’re number 2. If you search SEO…

Chuck: I figured who number is.

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