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Forty-first Internet Marketing Podcast Dec. 8th 2009. Third page of Transcription

Paul: you know, you need — you’re in sales there. And if you’re in sales, you need to always track your leads and someone that comes to you and says, “Hey, give me a free website analysis” is a potential lead or “Hey, download my e-book.” That’ could be a potential lead that you could market to, send some information to, call “Hey, do you need our products and services?” I think that’s an awesome idea. So, you could track your …

Chris: The goal.

Paul: … goal.

Chris: Yeah. So …

Paul: A lead as a goal.

Chris: And if that’s your goal, you know, again, those are good things to track ’cause maybe in a particular week time period which Google analytics makes it really easy to look at goals on a week-by-week basis, maybe you’re getting 5, 10 goals a week and then all of a sudden they drop off. Again, maybe your web designer messed up the page or, you know, whatever it may be, you know. Keeping track of these goals really are the, you know, they’re the key functionality of your website and you want to keep track of them so that if something were to accidentally or, you know, happenstance made a break then you’re tracking them so it’s easy for you to fix it pretty quickly.

Paul: In that — just not to beat a dead horse but you got to be — when someone contacts you, that’s a lead for whatever, you know, for a free e-book, website analysis, I want a catalog, I want, you know, a blue one on widget. I mean, that’s someone that you could market to and if they contact you through your website, well, obviously they contact you through your website, you now have a name, a telephone number, and address and you can use that for other things. Hey, you know, I put them on your Christmas card list, send them special offers, discounts, whatever.

Chris: Absolutely.

Paul: So, people go to your website and they’re actually taking time filling out — filling out a form or doing something to contact you, you know. You got to hold onto that.

Chris: Are you done? (laughing)

Paul: I’m done. You can use my dead horse.

Chris: (laughing) All right, then that’s 00:19:08 time.

Paul: I’m working.

Chris: Are you saying leads are good?

Paul: Leads are good.

Chris: Okay.

Paul: Definitely.

Chris: The next one is track sales and, you know, this is all …

Paul: Duh! (laughing)

Chris: (laughing) It goes out without saying, right? Yeah.

Paul: I have to tell you that. I really have to tell you to track sales.

Chris: So, you know, say I don’t really know, I don’t really know why. Why would I want to track a sale?

Paul: You know how many people…(sneezing)

Chris: Bless you.

Paul: No. Oh, man. I’m just — I’m allergic to awesomeness today. Why would you want to track your sales?

Chris: I though it was unbelievable intelligence.


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: I mean, why don’t you want to track your sales? You always want to find out where your sale is coming from. Who are — I mean, are they coming from a particular country, region, city, or state? Do they come at a particular time of day? You know, is lunch time really big for your business at particular season? You always want to track that. Do they come from one customer who refers a lot of other customers to you? You always want to track that because then that can open up another avenue if — now, if your customers are always coming from Germany, 00:20:22 marketing …

Chris: Maybe you should do some ads in German. (laughing)

Paul: No, why is your website in German? There you go. I mean, you know, I always get nervous saying languages and countries and other — they speak German though.

Chris: Yeah, it’s German.

Paul: You know, some countries that’s like — like — I think I said once and this is bad. I — did I speak Amsterdamnion?


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: Like that’s so stupid. It’s like, “No, idiot.” So, okay.

Chris: No, it’s Damnish.


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: So that’s one example. You can track that lead. If it comes through …

Chris: Dutch by the way.

Paul: Okay.


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: If you’re getting one client that’s referring all of their friends and family to you, now you can mark it to that person. So, tracking your leads is — it helps — tracking your sales …

Chris: Sales.

Paul: … to help you open up in other avenues.

Chris: And let’s say — let’s say you’re spending — let’s say you’re spreading your efforts. Let’s say you’re doing like Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, and England, right, and you’re spending equal dollars in effort on each of those countries and you’re not tracking your sales. And then one day you decided, hey, let’s see what happens. I’ll track my sales. And you realized that all your sales come from France and Belgium. Well, guess what, guess where you need to cut your spending and guess where you need to start spending more. It’s kind of a no-brainer once you have that information. And this doesn’t just track, okay, I got a sale. This actually tracks I got a sale for $1,000 or a got a sale for $10 or whatever it may be. So, it really helps you, you know, to narrow in and focus on those things that are bringing the most value to your business.

Paul: And even in analytics, you can track it further till like, okay, well, this keyword in this country tends to bring this much business and that’s going very, very deep into it. And once you’re getting that deep, I probably say, you want to contact an SEO company just because there’s so many — unless you have, you know …

Chris: Unless that’s your job at the company, if that’s the only thing you do.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: And if you’re a business owner, you know, you should be focused on a lot of everything so…

Paul: And if it is your job, you call me anyway and I will tell them that you’re using me.

Chris: That’s good. That’ll work.

Paul: I’m a win-win situation kind of guy here.

Chris: We can all win. There’s plenty of room in the web.

Paul: As long as I win first.


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: I’m all for it.

Chris: And losing less. We can all win.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: And the last one here and this actually listed as a bonus. Track website user reviews, right. So, in this case, there’s a whole lot of things that that could mean, right? One of them could be just responses on a blog.

Paul: A blog.

Chris: Another thing, it could be actually reviews people write about your products or services if there’s a way to do that. And if there isn’t a way to do that, you probably want to make a way to do that ’cause, you know, anytime your website is partially, at least partially supported by user-generated content, then your, you know, what’s king?

Paul: Content.

Chris: Content is king. And so, if you’re not having to produce it yourself, that’s just, you know, a little bit of effort that you don’t’ have to make or it’s just a way that your effort is multiplied and you always want to do that anytime you can.

Paul: And then — just not to mention like the, hey, you got people coming to your website and they like what you have, enough to actually make a comment on it, you know. That’s pretty big. You should always try — I mean, that’s — and again, you can always talk to that person, market to them if you want, or whatever.

Chris: All right, for those of you out there watching or looking at our video and now holding up a map …

Paul: Yes.

Chris: … that’s a map.

Paul: What is this map? What do we do with the map.

Chris: So all the little dashes on here, all the little marks, if you can see that, all of those represent where people are listening to our podcast. So, you can ….

Paul: That’s awesome.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Look at this. Look at this.

Chris: South America.

Paul: South America.

Chris: How about that?

Paul: That’s Rio.

Chris: That’s ’cause you’ve been there.

Paul: That’s right. And they’re saying come back and then you leave.

Chris: Do they speak Brazilian?


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: Yes.

Chris: We got a little bit of Columbia, looks like Costa Rica’s listening ’cause we got some Costa Rica dots down there.

Paul: That’s right. That’s right.

Chris: Look at Australia. They’re all over the place, Middle East, look at that. We got …

Paul: That’s a good one, actually.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: That’s a good one.

Chris: We track them down. He’s number one on here actually. He likes — he wants his website out.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: And we got lots of talents.

Paul: Actually, no, they do want their websites optimized ’cause I read this, another piece of technology news. Al Qaeda, they have 200 websites in English to promote their message in English.

Chris: Wow!

Paul: I just saw that.

Chris: Wow!

Paul: I certainly hope that …

Chris: I think their message is illegal on most ISPs, isn’t it? (laughing)

Paul: I would probably say and I hope that there is no one out there listening that’s like, “I’m going to kill that dude.”

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: They found us out.

Paul: He’s like, I want to find that dude and — oh, all right.

Chris: Look at all — I mean, this is awesome. We’re doing really great. Thank you guys so much for listening. This is kind of wind down our podcast. I like this because I’m a coder by practice. “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: I like that.

Chris: And that is our podcast number 41. Again, we love your emails. Send your emails to Visit our website at Give us a call at …

Paul: 713-592-6724.

Chris: That is our podcast number 41. thank you for listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.

Paul: That’s right.

Chris: Until next time. I’m Chris Burres.

Paul: And I’m Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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