Using Facebook pages for SEO

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Seventy-First Internet Marketing Podcast July 29nd  2010. First page of Show Notes

Using Facebook pages for SEO

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to the most popular podcast in the world.

Chris: We’re just going to throw it out there. Just in the world.

Paul: This is the best. We do a bang up job for you every week.

Chris: Of course I’m still in the process of trying to contact iTunes and let them know that the six podcasts that are ahead of us either no longer actually submit any episodes or…

Paul: Suck.

Chris: Or suck. Or just have unbelievably bad reviews, reviews like “This sucks. I can’t believe this is on iTunes,” and from the EVO video, “I’m going to kill myself. I no longer want to live.” WC8EMKKW2QVT

Paul: “I’m dead now. My cat is homeless.”

Chris: “My cat is homeless. Thank you, my cat is homeless.” This is podcast number 71. You know, we always say we’re going to mention what we talked about last time and normally we struggle.

Paul: Did you actually look it up?

Chris: So last time, immediately after the podcast, I ran over to my desk and I went, “What the hell did we just talk about?” [Laughter]

Paul: I thought you were going to say something like “We always talk about what we talked about last time, but now you just need to go back and listen to it.”

Chris: Yeah. Just go back. Yeah. We’re going to have — no. Literally, I was like “What? Wait. We just finished.”

Paul: We talked about SEO.

Chris: And unknown secrets.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: And internet marketing.

Paul: That is now known.

Chris: That are now known. Yeah. Google Places.

Paul: For real?

Chris: Google Places reviews and the whole reviews process and that was it.

Paul: Was that here? [Laughter]

Chris: I’m glad you’re not keeping the notes. Imagine how hard that would be if you were keeping the notes.

Paul: Was I out of town or something?

Chris: Are you doing like the podcast on Wednesday and not telling me about it? ‘Cause you don’t check the podcast, right? I could do an extra one.

Paul: I haven’t been. I haven’t in a long time. Wow! Google Places, that’s what’s up, you all.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Do you get on Google? Oh, hey, Darren, Darren Booy. Yeah, What’s up, man? I asked you for something and you sent it to me. I had an issue you all with the way that if you have two businesses right out on the same location or using the same telephone number, ooh, I got some issues with that. Darren sent me a fix. I’m going to put it out there for everybody or Chris is going to put it out there for everybody. I got it, Darren. I kind of skimmed through it. I haven’t read all of it. Thank you very much for it. I really do appreciate that.

Chris: Cool. Wow. That’s awesome because we need that.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So there is some sort of trick there.

Paul: Yeah. He told me how he did it. Unfortunately, I had already submitted both businesses on that one address and now Google is holding it hostage, saying it’s under review and I can’t touch it. So I’m waiting for them to kind of release it, let me go back into it, and then I’m going to do the trick.

Chris: Okay. Wow. Cool. Well, we’ll have that — we’re going to mention that in the next podcast, that trick?

Paul: Yes. Yes.

Chris: Okay. Cool.

Paul: ‘Cause I haven’t printed that out. Sure.

Chris: So make sure you — you turned it in and haven’t really looked at it?

Paul: Darren, you’re my man, Darren. I’m going to look at it.

Chris: Well, since we’re giving tasks to listeners, I’ve got an interesting task. I actually have some interests in finding a lot of websites that have been made by a certain vendor. So what I’d like to do is get into the source code and find where the source code mentions a specific logo. And I’m sure that it’s out there. I did a little bit of research. You can — there’s actually a software out there which is pretty cool, which allows you to upload a picture and it will make a profile based on that picture and search the internet to see if there’s any other pictures out there like that. Of course I uploaded my picture and it said, “Oh, this picture is too small.”

Paul: Oh, okay. [Laughter]

Chris: So you couldn’t search. Yeah, thanks. But there’s probably a way to search the source code. Google usually just searches and presents in their results, just the actual content of the website that’s displayed, not the actual source code. So like if I know the name of an image that’s unique enough, it’s probably not ubiquitous across the net. If anybody knows about it at all, that’s what I’m looking for.

Paul: I know so. We have educated listeners so somebody that’s listening knows how to…

Chris: I love that expectation.

Paul: They are.

Chris: Somebody is going to give us that answer.

Paul: Somebody knows how to do this. You know, if anybody in this world can do it…

Chris: It’s the Unknown Secrets.

Paul: It’s Scott Bonner.

Chris: Scott Bonner.

Paul: At GODBIZ.

Chris: Oh! Oh!

Paul: I’m calling you out, Scott Bonner.

Chris: Oh, early.

Paul: He sent me this email. Oh, I’m going to get you on the next podcast.

Chris: So it’s a bite to the death.

Paul: We’re going to have a celebrity death match.

Chris: And apparently it’s for the — to finally resolve the Michigan and Ohio, is it football or hockey?

Paul: Yeah, yeah, something like that.

Chris: It’s funny because both the participants of this ultimate battle don’t really get cracked.

Paul: Yeah. I’m going to war with Scott Bonner.

Chris: We have suggested the sumo outfits and then Scott came back with the NerfedButtons with the pit of alligators below so.

Paul: Yeah. But you know what I like? His first battle was…

Chris: Let me turn this on [Laughter].

Paul: That’s us. We had to — all right. We have technical difficulties kind of as a delay so we’re not hearing ourselves from like the first two seconds of the podcast.

Chris: Welcome back.

Paul: But Scott introduced something. He was like “Hey, since we’re like some gigi nerds we could play a network game of like Doom or something.” It sounds like “Hell yeah, Scott.” I was like “That’s awesome.”

Chris: That’s true.

Paul: But I am game actually for that though [Laughter]. I guess I would do that.

Chris: [Laughter] That sounds like fun. Well, you know, I was thinking we need to start using our Facebook page for like maybe some questions of the month because we probably won’t get through it that often and be like the random month, and we could say, you know, what’s the place of the day? How should they fight to their death? So we may end up doing that. So yeah, Darren. I mean, Scott, thanks for staying in contact, keeping it real.

Paul: You’re going down.

Chris: Apparently, you’re going down.

Paul: You are going down!

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