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Video Branding SEO
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Video Branding SEO

Chuck: Tip four was “Take advantage of videos branding opportunities” which is something I’m gonna start doing moving forward.


Chris: Right.


Chuck: You know, it might as well — just like TV, if you’re watching your TV show, usually lower right corner, upper left corner, there’s a logo and it’s there throughout the entire —


Chris: The whole time, yeah.


Chuck: Who knows they’re branding.


Chris: Yeah.


Chuck: So take advantage of doing that as one of the reason of using video.


Chris: Well, and you pointed that out with our podcast. I kind of like to shift it around so that when you look at the whole screen, of all our podcast, it’s not the same background and I’d like to change. And now we’re actually doing at least every other podcast in front of the logo. So that’s a great point, the branding.


Chuck: He said the next one is “Always provide an HTML link.” And I think this is referring to the video descriptions. You know, I can add a description. Usually, it’s a textbox and you can include HTML there. And so the first tip should be a link usually to a place where that video is embedded at, you know. So for example, on my video I should go back and put a link to the page —


Chris: Which you’ll see at up the site — the list, the should list that may or may not get done over the next —


Chuck: No, this is the should-list that we’ll get done just not little toxin.


Chris: And it may be a random data that I just go, you know, let me do that right now.


Chuck: Yeah.


Chris: That’s a good list to be on ’cause it’s actually the list that’s never gonna get done.


Chuck: Eventually, you know, we’ll see. If someone would think they had on here was tell a story, you know, keep people engaged with the videos ex- questions and answer them which is one I like.


Chris: Yeah.


Chuck: Because usually people searchings based on YouTube, they’re looking for how to do stuff and so usually if you ask that questions and is indexed then they may be searching for that question.


Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So that help them find it and they miss your answer then you gain a new friend, a follower, a new sharing opportunity. So definitely —

Chris: We believe that Google is probably transcribing and indexing the video to some degree, maybe the first little bit. So instead of having say the title of your video be the question and then the video be the answer, you really should ask the question that follow Matt Cutts’ guideline. If you watch Matt Cutts’ videos, he always asks the question in the beginning and then proceeds to answer it. So there’s a lot of value in doing that.

Chuck: One of the last two additional video opportunities. And so it’s not necessarily always, you know, getting in front of the camera film yourself but you know, you can also do screen captures, things like that, you know, and create video using different desktop presentations and include those, you know, with filming yourself.

Chris: Yeah, there’s a lot of software out there and a couple of ways that we’ll use that software is for instance, if I got a remote programmer and I’m having a hard time explaining to the programmer exactly what the issue is, I’ll actually take, you know, set up a mike and do a screen capture of the area and say, look, when I do this, this happens; when I do this, this happens. It’s supposed to be the other way around or whatever and I send that video it’s very easy. You can use that same software to actually, you know, maybe even something dumb like teach people how to navigate — I mean, literally, if you don’t have a video on your homepage which we don’t and it’s, you know, shame on us for that. Then make a video of your homepage saying you can find this here, you can find this here. You know, welcome to — and you don’t say welcome to E-Webstyle, you welcome to internet marketing specialist heaven or whatever it is.

Chuck: Right here it’s just angels.

Chris: You have found the divine source of internet marketing.

Chuck: Some things in everything.

Chris: So again, the start of your video should be the keyword and they open up. And then you can like show either competitor in the purgatory of internet marketing. This is just going way — I don’t even — yeah. That’s what’s up. Afraid you want to go — he hasn’t had a drink in a while.

Chuck: Yeah, this calls for a drink.

Chris: So you know, that’s a good video actually to put on your website. Some people may watch it. It may be useful and it may actually explain, you know, maybe somebody’s — if you have a poorly designed website, it actually would be really valuable ’cause you’d be telling them where things were.

Chuck: Especially if this is an e-com site. You know, you got tons of categories, tons of products. It’s kind of like our new client, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Maybe there’ve been visits of them just to show people how to navigate through the site and found they’re looking for.

Chris: And you know, here’s the search button, you know. Something simple — a video doesn’t have to be a big production. Don’t get hung up and not make a video because you’re thinking of a big production, you know. Put together a webcam. A lot of you have seen the video on USTREAM. It’s not HD in case you’re wondering. It’s not your computer, it’s actually our camera. So have a video and understand that you can put together a video pretty easily in a number of different ways.

Chuck: So that’s it.

Chris: That’s it.

Chuck: Oh, I got some blank stare.

Chris: All right. Blank stare. That was good, yeah. It’s worth a drink. That’s what’s up.

Chuck: So blank stare at HP.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And so they won a stick by $1.2 billion and bought the Palm Company and software and everything for the different web oasis. And then they lost TouchPad, not even a full two months. They follow back, scratch everything. I wanna said —

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: And so yeah, blank stare HP like, come on. As a matter of fact, 49 days just go back to day 1.

Chris: Wow. Man, that’s just horrible performance.

Chuck: I think it was that. I think Google’s acquisition of Motorola had a lot to do with it and you know, I read an article earlier today. They talked about how 4 out of 5 computers on max, 4 to 5 tablets of iPads. And so HP is probably like, you know what, Apple, you won.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. We don’t wanna go —

Chuck: Just try to cash up.

Chris: 4 out of 5, wow.

Chuck: It doesn’t make sense. I mean —

Chris: Yeah, I mean they’re killing it. They’re like 3.5 million iPads sales a quarter and you know, android tabs are selling 400,000. It’s crazy. Good stuff. Anything else? Is there anything else?

Chuck: Yeah, that’s it. I have the SEO — read the news.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Chuck: CMS video coming soon, a shout out to my boy Sal who just did the coding back remix last night and so yeah, that’s what we missed when we did a video for that.

Chris: That’s been a long time coming, right?

Chuck: It’s like 3 years, boo, we’ve got the lyrics like, wow, we said — they had to remix the song.

Chris: That’s changed, that’s changed.

Chuck: Yeah. I mean, he literally had a verse [00:27:16] [Inaudible].

Chris: You’re right, right?

Chuck: And so I need that now, all right. So we had to change that. I’ll be in Chicago in September, Mobile Marketing University. So yeah, tag me. I’ll check in and then see if you’re there.

Chris: You’re doing a performance there?

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Any training? I know sometimes you do training or —

Chuck: No, I won’t be doing any training. We’re speaking this time but I’ll be writing something custom for Mobile Marketing.

Chris: Oh, cool.

Chuck: So the new song coming, close out to your heart.

Chris: Cool, cool. Work on it. Excellent. Well, we like it when you stalk us. You guys have made us the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. The way you stalk us is,

Chuck: YouTube.

Chris: —

Chuck: — ewebstyle.

Chris: And you can send us an e-mail at And do not forget we do have a SEVO Website Analysis podcast. There should be some title —

Chuck: SEVO works, yeah.

Chris: And so you can find those on our YouTube channel and also on our USTREAM whatever USTREAM channel. So you just kind of poke around and you’ll find those.

Chuck: Yes, it’s a dropdown to the left that says you can choose the channel.

Chris: Oh, okay.

Chuck: And you just choose SEVO.

Chris: Cool. Until the next podcast which will be at 9:15 Central Standard Time next Friday.

Chuck: Yeah, maybe. 9:15-ish.

Chris: We enjoy having you guys. We’ll see you next time. Until then, my name is Chris Burres.

Chuck: Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.


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