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This is a transcript from our 127th Internet Marketing Podcast(3rd page).

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Video Search Engine Optimization Houston

Chuck: All of that, you know, definitely helps your site get indexed more. Let me see here. 47, videos that show up in Google blended search results don’t just come from YouTube. Be sure to submit your videos to other quality video sites like Metacafe, AOL, MSN and Yahoo to name a few.

Chris: Vimeo.

Chuck: Yeah, Vimeo.

Chris: Vimeo, yeah.

Chuck: Mm-hmm. Surround your video content with pages — surround your video content on your pages with keyword rich text. Some of it [00:22:33] [Inaudible]. Houston

Chris: Yup, right. And we would even submit that the transcript or the actual script for the video should have keyword rich content with keywords early and often in the actual body of the script because Google does transcribe those videos.

Chuck: For proper video search engine optimization, let’s see, use the words “image” or “picture” in your photo ALT descriptions and captions. A lot of searches are for a keyword plus one of those words. I concur somewhat, I mean, because these days, the more Google use the [00:23:09] [Inaudible] they want images, they’ll just click the images tab.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And they don’t necessarily tag it, you know, picture of Chuck is just, you know, they’re just not —

Chris: Chuck and then hit images, yeah.

Chuck: Exactly. Enable “Enhanced image search” in your Google Webmaster Central account. Well, Google Webmaster tools are huge back then.

Chris: Right, right.

Chuck: Who know you’ll use them was now.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Images are a big part of the new blended search results. 51, add viral components to your website or blog — reviews, sharing contents, ratings, visitor comments, etc. Definitely.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I mean, that’s pretty much, you know, sharing [00:23:47] [Inaudible] right?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: We’re tagging most of our sites with the WordPress plugin to make them social.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So these articles and posts can be shared.

Chris: Well, and that’s also kind of link baiting, right?

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: It’s — have content that people are interested in reviews. In fact, we’ll probably — we’re thinking about doing some reviewing of, you know, we use SEOquake as one of our tools. We’ll probably gonna do some reviews of those kinds of things and those are we believe will be powerful things that people are linked to.

Chuck: Yeah, definitely. 52, broaden your range of services to include video, podcasts, news, social content and so forth. SEO is not about 10 blue links anymore.

Chris: Yeah. Well, you know, I’d love — there’s one example — one description and it said that Facebook — imagine a conference with a billion attendees and Facebook is offering a free booth. You should take advantage of that free booth.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: So I think that’s just a really, really descriptive, you know, if there was a conference and there are a billion people going and you could get a free booth, you would probably be there. Well, it exists. It’s called Facebook and make a Facebook page.

Chuck: I agree. I like the concept. When considering a link purchase or exchange, check the cache date of the page where your link will be located in Google was suitable URL for the actual page. The newer the cache date, the better. If the page isn’t there or the cache date is more than an month old, the page isn’t worth much. Interesting concept because I get these e-mails all the time from people from never, never land who’ll e-mail me about link exchanges.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And always send them as spam and asked them to remove from their list.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And then I happen to look at the sites that they were offering the links from. Yeah, and these sites are — I mean, like they had e-mails that says PR site and they were — now the search site is SEOquake says some different —

Chris: Disagrees with the PR5 assessment. Yeah, consider you get — yeah, you want a link of PR5, yeah, that actually sounds pretty good if it actually were PR5.

Chuck: Exactly. Let’ see. If you have pages on your site that are very similar and you are concerned about duplicate content issues and you want to be sure the correct one is included in the search engines, place the URL of the preferred page in your sitemaps. Make sense but I think it’s kind of redundant. Sitemaps have all the [00:26:29] [Inaudible].

Chris: Right.

Chuck: They see it, you know, and so the URL will already be there.

Chris: Well, in Google now has a mechanism I think in terms of a meta tag where you can actually define which one is supposed to be the primary.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, and then you can just canonical to also reinforce that so it’s interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that was brought up because that becomes big in the last two years. I’m surprised that it was mentioned in this article in ’08.

Chuck: The last one, No. 55, check your server headers. Search for “check server header” to find free online tools for this. You want to be sure your URLs report a “200 OK” status or “301 Moved Permanently ” for redirects. If the status shows anything else, check to be sure your URLs are set up properly and used consistently throughout your site.

Chris: General error checking.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Good idea.

Chuck: Great idea. You should do that along with [00:27:22] [Inaudible] checking and everything else that should be included there.

Chris: Absolutely.

Chuck: So that’s it for that list. That was a great list. Oh, that list was about — Richard Burckhardt posted on Search Engine Journal three years ago. So basically, out of 55 things that he listed, I would say, 75% of this is probably still relevant.

Chris: Yeah. And I would say he was maybe even a little ahead of the game.

Chuck: Ahead of the game [00:27:46] [Inaudible].

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I will concur to that. It’s pretty good. I got blank stare.

Chris: All right.

Chuck: Come on.

Chris: Yeah. I’ve got a photographer in here and we’re blank staring and blank staring and blank —

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: I haven’t heard the click yet.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: All right.

Chuck: Blank stare and blank stare is at Google. So Google, they released the Gmail app for iPhone.

Chris: Okay, yeah.

Chuck: And it didn’t work.

Chris: Oh, no. No.

Chuck: They released it in the app store that whole bunch of downloads and then they yanked it after complaints from everybody that it wasn’t working.

Chris: Everybody that it wasn’t working.

Chuck: Yeah, everybody.

Chris: Wow.

Chuck: So they yanked it. They’re improving it and then they’ll put it back when they fixed it.

Chris: And by improving it, they mean, making it work.

Chuck: So when I first read it I read it on TechCrunch, I was like, whose job was that?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I mean, you know, who check [00:28:53] [Inaudible] say that it worked?

Chris: It worked. Well, they tested it out in the Android, it worked. You know, it also brings another kind of phone related especially iPhone. The iPhone 4S is having all sorts of battery problems apparently.

Chuck: Yeah, I read that people [00:29:14] [Inaudible].

Chris: Yeah. So iPhone — Apple’s come out and said that there’s a new — it’s actually operating system based and so it’s probably requesting updates too frequently or something like that and so they’re gonna have that fixed out pretty soon but —

Chuck: Yeah. So, what’s up, Apple? You know —

Chris: And, yeah, Google Gmail.

Chuck: Google.

Chris: Gmail not working. It reminds me of a conversation we had yesterday where somebody was saying that Gmail is not secure enough.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And they’re on Yahoo. They’re using Yahoo Mail. And we’re like, we’re gonna switch to the Gmail even if it’s not secure.

Chuck: It’s better than Yahoo.

Chris: It actually works. Maybe not on an iPhone app and it actually works. So great, that’s the end of our podcast, Podcast 127. You’ve been listening to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. We, today, we’ll actually be doing a few website analyses. We have the Unknown Secrets of Website SEVO Analysis or SEVO Website Analysis I think that’s how it goes. SEVO stands for Search Engine Visitor Optimization.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And basically what you can do is go to our website, You’ll see a form on the right. Submit your website and if you’re one of the lucky names chosen out of the hat, we’ll do a video — a 10-minute video analysis from a Search Engine Visitor Optimization perspective of your website. Our feedback from that is just been phenomenal, thanks to those people who have given us feedback. They really appreciate it. We’re not out to, you know, slam your site.

Chuck: Bash or — bashing your site. If it’s wrong, we’ll tell you that but, you know, we try to be nice. I have no clue what that is.

Chris: I don’t know. What is that noise?

Chuck: And it’s very productive and it has some value there. So if you want to — questions about your site, you’re not sure about which direction to go, why it’s not working, submit one and then I’ll do it personally.

Chris: Yeah, excellent. You’ve been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.

Chuck: Because of you.

Chris: Punch in the face to all of you. Oh, I didn’t tell you. Go on to iTunes, create an account.

Chuck: Yes.

Chris: Make a review.

Chuck: Yes. And let us know you did it.

Chris: Let us know you did it.

Chuck: Yeah, three steps, three minutes.

Chris: It’s awesome. Thank you guys very much. Until the next podcast. Bye-bye for now.


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