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Unknown Secrets of SEO

Sixteen E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast May 1st 2009.  Third page of Transcription

Chris: When you’re searching online, even any more, you’re searching almost directly for the property. So if there’s any way with per pay click or with proper management of banner ads or whatever to get them in front of people exactly when they’re looking at houses, then that’s what you need to do. Again, I’m with you Paul. If you’re looking for a rental apartment or a house, you’re online. This next generation is online. They’re not picking up the newspaper. Maybe his market is, and this is just a theory, maybe his market is kind of the higher end homes which is using people who are older, which is using people who are less internet-savvy. So those people are still hitting the newspaper and you’re exactly right. If he doesn’t start transitioning to web-based, then he’s going to miss the next wave of affluent people who don’t use the newspaper.


Paul: Yes, of course. I was trying to explain to him, there’s so much you can do with showing a home with a web site. You can take pictures, put them in a newspaper but then you can’t put 12, 15, 25 pictures in a newspaper unless you’re going to have a full page ad which is going to cost you a lot, a significant amount of money. You can actually market this home or you can have videos of the home. There is so much more you can do by marketing it through your website and a lot of real estate companies are taking advantage of that. I’m sure everyone has been … a virtual home tour, someone has seen that before online. I tried to help him understand that. But, you know, hey newspaper works for him.


Chris: Keep doing it.


Paul: Congratulations.


Chris: It’s the same as the cold calling question. It also goes back, in newspaper in general, it also goes back to yellow pages, right. I mean, Paul, you came from the yellow pages environment. On our phone call, we then started our partnership, you talked about yellow pages being a dying business while you are at the yellow pages.


Paul: I think it was like 5:30 or 6:00 everybody was gone because they got fired.


Chris: But we still advertise in the yellow pages and we’re going to do it again next year because we get some phone calls from it. It returns the money that we spend on it. So we’ll keep doing that.


Paul: You know what, I think that there’s a lot of different ways to market. Search engine marketing is definitely one of those ways. But if there’s anything … I always hear that XYZ marketing method is dying. Search engine marketing is growing exponentially. I think everyone understands that television, radio, newspaper … just open up the newspaper, you can read articles. All these different mediums are dying. Well, a newspaper will not print an article that a newspaper medium is dying but you can read it … everything else seems to be kind of dying out and everyone is taking that money and transferring it to the internet, to their website because people recognize, people shop for goods and services online and that’s where you should be.


Chris: One of the beauties of the internet, I mean, you can put together a nice ad and that’s good. That gives some kind of indication how much money can you spend on an ad in a newspaper, but you can come to a company like ours and you can get a five-page brochure type website. It’s not tied to a database and you’re not dynamically creating images and text and everything but it’s a powerful five-page piece. There are people who we are partners in another company called SES Research. It is a small company and we go to different symposiums for carbon nanomaterials. That’s what they manufacture. People understand that that company is 10, 15, 20 maybe even 50-man company, and it’s not. Why is it? It’s because the quality of the website. For a reasonable investment, you can create the appearance. This is what I would like to say, I think when I’m talking with people or pitching people, I like to say, your website should reflect the value and quality of the products and services that you give to your customers. In fact, your should reflect better quality than better services and the products you give, so that people have the impression when they see your website that you provide an incredibly valuable product and service. You can do that. It doesn’t cost that much to do it. So you need to do it. Once you do it, you need to be on the first page. You need people to see it.


Paul: The SES example is perfect. As a matter of fact, the realtor that I was speaking with, we were going to the Google listings and he’s saying, I know that guy, I know that guy, he’s a one-man show, she’s a one-man show, he’s real small, she’s real small and these were his competitors. They were on the first page for keywords related to him. I said, the great thing about that is, no one knows that. No one knows how big or small they are. They have a great listing. They have a great positioning for their listing which provide to me instant credibility. They had awesome websites. I said, hey, on the internet, you can be anybody you can be. Big or small was you want to be. You could be the leader of your industry. When people see a professionally designed website, they instantly give you credibility. They instantly feel safe about doing business with you. When I see a terrible website, I lose some credibility in that company. I think, they didn’t really take the time to invest in their website, what kind of work do they do. That is a prejudgment on my part but that is how a lot of people operate.


Chris: That could be the company you should be working with. I mean, they could be the guys who care the most about their customers. They could be the guys who are focused on world-class customer service and haven’t spent time on their website, but the reality is … somebody once told me this and I love this statement, the perception is the reality.


Paul: Yes. I’ve heard that. That was a like a big thing in the marketing class when I was in college. Perception is reality. If I perceive your business…


Chris: To be small or dysfunctional…


Paul: Then it is to me and you can’t change that. No one is going be to be able to change that.


Chris: Unless you change your website.


Paul: They first impressions, what is that, I don’t know, mean a lot.


Chris: You only get one chance for a first impression.


Paul: Because they’re so important and these days your website is probably the first thing that anybody sees about your company. When I’m on the phone or talk to someone calls and pitches, what’s your website, I’m typing in their website and I’m immediately going there and that is the first impression that I have of them. I’m going to at least make a decision of whether I am even willing to listen to someone or move forward by looking at their website.


Chris: Or pitch them a website.


Paul: Yeah. Before we anywhere, let me help you fix this website because it sucks.


Chris: It’s in desperate need.


Paul: Invest in your website. It’s one of the first things that anyone will ever see about it. Don’t be afraid to invest in it and make it good.


Chris: It needs to be rock solid.


Paul: If you do a job right, your investment can last a year. We recommend you change on a regular basis. But if you’re just not in that position …


Chris: Here’s a great example. We all been driving down the freeway and we see this huge signs. These signs cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You see the parking lot of that little business. They probably live in the back of that business and the business is rocking. Those guys made that investment in their business to grow their business and it paid off substantially. If you are a company out there that feels like your website maybe lacking, feels like your search engine optimization may not be exactly what it should be. Your search engine placement, you’re not on the first page of Google for some of your terms or any of your terms or even your own name. We bump into people like that all the time. Give us a call. Make that investment. Make that big sign investment that converts your business and is the thing that three months, six months from now, you’re looking back and thinking, wow I’m really glad I invested in that because people have this amazing perception of my business right now. That is the end of our podcast. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Paul: And this Paul Hanson, Sales Manager.


Chris: Catch us next time. Thanks for joining us. Bye-bye.

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