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This is a transcript from our 113th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Website Analysis Podcast, Video
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Website Analysis Podcast, Video

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to the The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, The SEO Podcast.


Chuck:                         You got it right this time. I don’t know if you got it right.


Chris:                           I think I switched the SEO and the Internet Marketing. Welcome to the show. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Chuck:                         I am Charles Lewis, the internet marketing specialist.


Chris:                           All right. Let’s get started. You’re tuning in to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We’re starting a little bit late today.


Chuck:                         A lot of bit late, yeah.


Chris:                           So what?


Chuck:                         So we might just change our time.


Chris:                           You know what we — exactly. And there will be X like whenever it happens. Hey, in the news today and we could claim this is the reason we’re running late and that would be a lie. We are in Houston. We have to mention the final shuttle launch today.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           Yeah. It’s kind of a sad day for Houstonians. I don’t even know what’s going to happen to like NASA. Is NASA going to stay? It’s going to become a theme park, right? That’s —


Chuck:                         Yeah. And what’s funny is that they have the test shuttle at NASA here in Houston that they train at and they’re moving that too.


Chris:                           They’ve moving it?


Chuck:                         They’re taking it to California.


Chris:                           Why would — why would — like the Universal Studios or something?


Chuck:                         I don’t know.


Chris:                           That’s wrong. So it’s sad. We’re shitting it. As always, we want to mention in our last podcast we had a tip and the tip was: Don’t use vanity phone numbers. It sucks in general and sucks really bad for mobile devices.


Chuck:                         Exactly. The vanity phone number, you know, 1-800 call us, right?


Chris:                           It’s crazy. 1-800 call us. Yeah, because what we discussed in the last podcast, make sure you go back and listen to it is that on mobile devices, if it’s a regular phone number, you can actually highlight it and it will call right away. If it’s a vanity phone number, it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to work.


Chuck:                         Yeah, depending on your mobile device, you may not have the letters under the numbers.


Chris:                           Yeah. So even if you had it printed out, 1-800 call us, and you’re typing it in, you get to 800 and then you’re like “C, where is the C?”


Chuck:                         So yeah, don’t do that.


Chris:                           Not cool. Not cool. Let’s see, we’ve got some Facebook interaction. You guys can follow us. You can stalk us.,,, is an email address where you can send us information. A lot of people just seem to interact with us on — I’m a little depressed today.


Chuck:                         No reviews?


Chris:                           No reviews. I mean I dug up some stuff that was on Facebook and it almost counts as a review and it’s still not a review on iTunes.


Chuck:                         We need that iTunes reviews.


Chris:                           None of our listeners has gone out and — remember, I mean we’re just your friendly neighborhood top position snatchers, and we just want you to go onto iTunes, create an account, and submit a review, and then let us know about it so we can promote your website.


Chuck:                         Yeah, it takes like two minutes.


Chris:                           Isn’t that win-win? I’m sensing win-win there. Anyway, please do that. We did have some comments. I found one that ended up hidden on our Facebook. I’m sure it was like a fat finger click because when I unhid it, it said “It has been removed from spam.” I’m like, but I — it wasn’t — I don’t even — I don’t even know what that means. This is from Dave Gibbins. We are also doing a video website analysis podcast called The Unknown Secrets of Website Analysis Podcast. It’s really about SEVO, search engine visitor optimization, which we’re going to be talking about today. And if you go to our website, there’s a form on every page, fill that form out, give us your website, and if you’re a lucky chosen one, we’ll do a video review of your website.


Chuck:                         Personally, like I’ll do it. Me and Chris will do it. We’ll put your site up, we’ll tell you what’s right, we’ll tell you what’s wrong, we’ll tell you what you should improve on, and then we’ll send it to you, a video so you can use it, review it and post it.


Chris:                           Maybe use it for a presentation for a boss, you say like, “Look, we need to hire these guys. Look at them doing the analysis of the website. We need to get these things done and taken care of the right way.” There’s lots of uses for it.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           You could write us back and say, “Please take it down immediately,” which we did. I mean it wasn’t because they didn’t like it. It was just because it was a franchise and they wanted us.


Chuck:                         They had some issues.


Chris:                           Yeah. So we’re glad they did that. Dave Gibbins wrote, and his website is Clearly, he is over in England. “Hey, guys. Thanks for the free analysis. I just saw it on USTREAM. I designed and built And by the way, I’m a long-time podcast listener.” He is @Dave2511 so if you want to follow him @Dave2511.


Chuck:                         All right. Got you, Dave.


Chris:                           Definitely a few pointers on there. Plus I noticed one of your toolbars on Firefox, SeoQuake I think broke the design slightly which I never knew happened. The gradient on the main logo was pushed down and stuck out like a sore thumb. Hopefully, we brilliantly noticed —


Chuck:                         That well.


Chris:                           I don’t recall noticing it. We’ll just pretend we did and so he’s going to get that straightened out. And then he wanted to make an important point. He said, “Let’s get this straight. Football is called football because you use your foot and control a ball. We are not just going to start calling it soccer because you want to steal the name fro a sport where you pick the ball up with your hands and then run around.”


Chuck:                         Low blow. I understand.


Chris:                           Which, by the way, is just rugby with safety equipment. No, no, no, no, no, that is not true. Rugby is much faster than football.


Chuck:                         Yeah, the personal side. My bad. And regards to your American clients, people who may be visiting your site over here like we found it. We called it soccer.


Chris:                           Yeah. I know you’re not targeting Americans to send their children over there. Maybe you do because I think they could actually learn a lot about soccer. By the way, I played soccer for 25 years. It’s a great sport. So I know where you’re coming from.


And then we got this comment. This was from Michael Michael DiLuzio. I think you actually put some responses out here. He said he’s got — Michael is actually what it is. She’s got two questions. “With an e-commerce or any site for that matter, are there any SEO benefits or drawbacks to having an alternate version of the page in a different language, Spanish, for instance?


And two, in regards to URL naming for SEO, do you think it’s better to go with all lowercase or can you have uppercases?” And her example was about_us, one with a lowercase, the A and the U being uppercase. “I’ve always preferred all lowercase but I’ve seen the other way too and always wondered.” And Chuck, you wrote back. You want to kind of on air?


Chuck:                         My response was basically — let’s see if I can say the same thing I told her without reading it. My response was basically, first off, in regards to the languages, that’s fine. If you choose to do that, make sure they’re in a separate folder. Keep it organized. Or an easier route would be to use Google Translator. It works okay, but it does translate the words enough to get the message across.


Chris:                           And I think if you are targeting a Spanish market, I mean if there is some amount of value you can get from the Spanish market, then — I mean —


Chuck:                         Yeah, then you do it.


Chris:                           — you have to. There’s nothing —


Chuck:                         Yeah, you have to do it. Exactly. If that’s your market, then cater to your market. And in regards to the URLs, lowercase letters work best for me. Just kind of keep everything the same. And instead of the underscores, use hyphens.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         Use hyphens instead of underscores.


Chris:                           And she wrote back and said, “Thanks for the reply.” We generally use hyphens. They’ve got a large number of products or sometimes the capital letters sneak in. By the way, the caps don’t really matter.


Chuck:                         Yeah, don’t matter. It’s not case-sensitive.


Chris:                           Yeah. And I’ve never seen Google say that the same page with different cases in it is considered a different page. So you know how many issues with Google link juice like you might have with an indexed page and just the domain name being considered two different pages, which is for obvious reasons.


This is kind of in the news. It’s kind of my last little point here. I thought it was hilarious. This is on CNN Tech. “When it comes to presentation, Mark Zuckerberg is no Steve Jobs.” So during Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation of the video chat feature, which should be pretty exciting, right? Apparently, some of the Facebook messages that were put out were “OMG!” That’s “Oh, my God!” if you guys don’t know. “I’ll just read about it later. This is like water torture. I’m going to play solitaire if he doesn’t get on with it. Someone needs to bump him to get him to stop saying UM After this, I need an UM detox program.”


Chuck:                         Wow!


Chris:                           “Logarithmic graphs? Jesus Christ!” I mean —


Chuck:                         He was that bad?


Chris:                           Yeah, apparently, yeah.


Chuck:                         Wow!


Chris:                           Yeah. So apparently, he’s not so good on the presentations.


Chuck:                         Well, you heard about his kind of discreet blow at Google+?


Chris:                           Uh-uh.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So Google+ includes the Google HangOut, Social Circles, and everything. And so he said, “Usually, a circle includes people you know, not you don’t know.”


Chris:                           Oh. That’s not true in a drum circle. And that’s how you meet people too. I mean that’s — I don’t know.


Chuck:                         Well, and then I read a comment that made — a list of comments say, well, that’s usually not how regular people communicate because you can have — you can admire somebody and they don’t even know you exist, right?


Chris:                           Right, right.


Chuck:                         Or I can think of you as a friend then you think of me as an acquaintance, right?


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         And so the comment was saying that the circles is more close to how people actually communicate.


Chris:                           Instead of just friends.


Chuck:                         Instead of just friends.


Chris:                           Yeah, because you debate like you get these offers, “You want to be a friend?” and you’re like —


Chuck:                         “I don’t know you.”

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