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This is a transcript from our 99th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Website Mobile version SEO
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Website Mobile version SEO

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to the SEO podcast, Internet Secrets of Unknown Marketing.


Paul:                            That’s right, of unknown content.




Chris:                           Content unavailable and unaware of its presence.


Paul:                            What’s up everybody?


Chris:                           My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-webstyle.


Paul:                            Paul Hanson, sales manager at E-webstyle. Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday.


Chris:                           This is podcast number 99. We actually have a tradition here where we talk briefly about the previous podcast. There were two tips from the previous podcast. One of them is “Make a mobile version of your website,” and then the other one is a tip that is not in my paper or hands right now. So, we’ll say there’s —


Paul:                            But I thought it was good. [Laughs]


Chris:                           — one tip from the last podcast and go back and listen to that podcast. We talked pretty much all things mobile, right, on that last podcast?


Paul:                            Yeah, pretty much mobile. Creating a mobile site using a handheld .css style sheet, tips to avoid certain pieces of software that give you shortcuts and filenames. So, it was about mobile and everything has gone mobile, and so go back and listen to 98, podcast 98.


Chris:                           98, yeah. This is the podcast number 99, the next one will be — Whoo Hoo! 100!


Paul:                            100!


Chris:                           We’re pretty excited today. Well, first we just — I don’t mean — it’s not a shoutout, kind of our condolences, our thoughts and prayers with Japan who just had a massive earthquake this morning.


Paul:                            Yeah, man. That is — I know we have some listeners out there in Japan who probably decided not to listen to this today.


Chris:                           Listen today. Yeah, probably.


Paul:                            Because of pressing prior engagements. But man, I woke up this morning and I got up, I jumped on my Facebook, “Let me see what’s going on Facebook” and I’m just seeing “Japan, Japan, Japan.” I’m like “Oh, shit.” Man, something happened and I was thinking that Japan decided to go to war with us and I was like —


Chris:                           Yeah, not again.


Paul:                            I feel sorry for you all there.


Chris:                           Hey, look what happened.


Paul:                            Yeah, but that’s crazy. There’s heart really goes out to those people.


Chris:                           What was it? A 9.8 or something?


Paul:                            8.9.


Chris:                           8.9, oh that’s crazy.


Paul:                            So that is crazy, and definitely I thought of some prayers go out to all of our listeners and non-listeners in Japan.


Chris:                           In Japan. Yeah, absolutely. Again, we are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. I do want to put this teaser out. We’ve gotten some notes and we have a tradition of talking about, you know kind of our Facebook listeners answering some questions, covering some current news and any new listeners. Yes, there is going to be SEO content and today it’s going to actually be about the changes to the Google search algorithm that happened about a week and a half ago.


Paul:                            Yes, very recently.


Chris:                           So, there will be content, just bare with us. We have some kind of housekeeping that we’ve got to take care of. And one of the first things is, you know I don’t think I had a review. I do have this. This is on Facebook. Matt Edwards left a note. He said, “Hey guys! I love the podcast. I rated you on iTunes a few months back but haven’t heard you mention it.” I went back and check and I didn’t see one from him.


So, Matt Edwards if you’re out there, if you’re listening and we know you are, go ahead and resubmit that iTunes podcast or at least tell me which one it is. Anyway, I thought this might be interesting. Google — and we actually had a link to a video by Matt Cutts. Google announced they are dialing down the importance of keywords and domain names.


Paul:                            Oh, okay.


Chris:                           And all I got say —


Paul:                            I just saw — I did see that on the —


Chris:                           About time, right?


Paul:                            Yeah, thank you.


Chris:                           Because — and let’s be honest if the difference between Bing in the first page and not in the first page is the fact that I had decided to go — you know, my company name is XYZ and another company decided to call their company really —


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           I mean should that have any value? Hmm? No. [Laughs]


Paul:                            Not really. I mean they just — because they are first because they bought the name first. Yeah, that kind of sucks.


Chris:                           Yeah, anyway Matt Edwards is from Melbourne so we got another listener from Melbourne and he is with Emptyhead Designs or I like the name “Emptyhead” ‘cause it’s — you know.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up. It’s pretty cool.


Chris:                           It’s seems empty — open.


Paul:                            Empty headed and I’m open-minded.


Chris:                           There’s no crap stuffed in there. The other Facebook thing that I printed out here that I thought was worth mentioning is from our South by South West correspondent, Deal Calhoun.


Paul:                            Oh! What’s up Dean?


Chris:                           All right, Dean, hopefully you’re enjoying South by South West. He sent us a private message. Apparently, Apple has a popup store at the South by South West Convention — the event.


Paul:                            Event. [Laughs]


Chris:                           We’ll call it the event. And basically the popup store, like my mind went immediately to like popup books and like “What? Wow! How are they doing that?” It’s like a whole new technology and they’re announcing it on South by South West. No, it’s just like insta-store so that they can sell their iPad 2s which are coming out today.


Paul:                            Oh, okay. Like a booth?


Chris:                           Yeah, like a booth. Like an insta-store.


Paul:                            Okay. I was thinking like a new iPad store or whatever.


Chris:                           See, you’re like me too. Like there’s something new about it or whatever. Yeah, when you press button the door pops up or something, you know. We come to expect so much from Apple now. Like a popup store doesn’t mean just a store that popped up.


Paul:                            Yeah, like if you push a button and it’s like a store.


Chris:                           And the dude walks out. So, yeah — Dean Calhoun, his note was — this is interesting. The beauty of controversy — so yeah, he’s on a — he participates on a list server. Yeah, it’s old school. Anyway, he ranted about — he was talking about how Facebook was — the old guard that’s on the list server was saying that Facebook is not professional enough. And then he started talking about generation wires and then there’s also the controversy and he actually — similar to the post we put where our customer Patrick Wan has got on — had an article on the first page on MSN. He’s got this huge spike —


Paul:                            And traffic.


Chris:                           — because the Generation Y created all these traffic and controversy and everything so…


Paul:                            Oh, that was Dean’s?


Chris:                           That’s Dean’s, yes.


Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           So, congrats Dean for all the traffic.


Paul:                            And you know — and Dean I’ve said this many times, Dean is really good about keeping up with changes in technology for his site with — I think they have a — they have a mobile version of their site, they’ve got a mobile app I believe. The Affy Track app for Affygility, so they do a wonderful job of keeping up with the trends that are happening.


Chris:                           Yeah, I think I would say ahead of the game especially for that industry, right?


Paul:                            So definitely ahead of the game.


Chris:                           Yeah. And here we go. I thought this was really interesting, this piece of news. Amazon ends affiliate program in Illinois.


Paul:                            Why? Transformation.


Chris:                           Because the Governor passed a tax saying that the affiliates must collect sales tax on purchases in Illinois. So, if I’m an Illinois affiliate and an Illinois person purchases I’m going to get some scratch from Amazon. Now, the Governor of Illinois has decided, “Hey! I got a great idea. Let’s make some scratch of it.” By the way, the money maybe — I guess they’re going to make the sales tax on the whole thing or something. Anyway, I think it’s retarded, right? ‘Cause it’s too complicated and look what happened so…


Paul:                            And you’re being a douche.


Chris:                           What do we think the odds of that getting yanked?


Paul:                            Of the tax?


Chris:                           Yanked the lot so that all of the Illinois affiliates who are making money from Amazon.


Paul:                            Yeah, it’s really cool.


Chris:                           It goes to anyone who ever was making money as an affiliate from Amazon in Illinois. Eeeiii, stop. Dumb.


Paul:                            Yeah, for real.


Chris:                           Absolutely dumb.


Paul:                            If Rob Morgan doesn’t make money, nobody makes money.




Chris:                           He was on that show, Celebrity Apprentice.


Paul:                            Oh, he was?


Chris:                           He did pretty good.


Paul:                            A douchebag.


Chris:                           Yeah, he didn’t know how to work a computer though, at all. So, you’re right, he is a douche. So, I got this one other note. This was a really cool article. It’s actually — if you guys are familiar with SEO and the Google Golden Triangle, if you’re not you need to go out and Google the “Google Golden Triangle.”


Paul:                            Google Golden Triangle.


Chris:                           And get catch up on that. Anyway, there was a new survey and a new kind of Google Golden Triangle study and it was really interesting. The thing — one of things that really stood out for me is 22% — okay, people and basically what happens is they strap on this equipment on people’s eyes, and so they’re monitoring what they’re looking at and then they’re asking them to do searches.


And as they’re searching, they’re monitoring where they’re eyes are going and they’re actually plotting in kind of a — how much time people spend on certain areas of that image, of that search result. And what they found was that participants spent 22% more time viewing Google ads, so that’s of course a Google search, then they did on a Bing sponsored site, which is of course on a Bing search.


Paul:                            Okay. So why like why? Other than the fact that Bing sucks, why?




Paul:                            Let’s just take that out of the picture. I mean Bing doesn’t suck, you know?


Chris:                           Later in this podcast Bing is going to die, so whatever.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           We’ll leave you with that teaser.




Chris:                           And the other reason would be?


Paul:                            I would say — what I read when I read that article was that Bing — excuse me, Google gives more content in their ads than Bing does. Bing restricts their content to one line of text, Google give you two lines of text.


Chris:                           And we always talk about you know —


Paul:                            Content is King.


Chris:                           Content is King and that fact that if I search for again, “Houston Plumber” and I don’t see Houston Plumber in the ad, I’ll just not going to go if you got two lines of text. You know some people use that ad text and they’re trying to put other stuff trying to you know maybe put an offer or whatever, not a bad idea. And first what you need to do is make sure you’ve got the keywords that they use to get to you. So, you’ve got to make sure that that’s in there. And that’s probably their difference or at least some of it.


Paul:                            I think this is a pretty big factor if you are big on PPC. What’s up to Aaron Goldman. I tend to say that ‘cause Chuck said it like that in his rap. So, if you’re doing PPC and you know — okay, everybody knows that Google is — you know, controls a line share of the market and they also charge the highest prices for PPC because they can, because they get most of the traffic. So, a lot of you are probably saying “Hey! Let me go to Bing and Yahoo.” They don’t get as nearly as much traffic but the price is cheaper. So, if you’re one of those people that fact is for you.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Yes, the price is cheaper but yes —


Chris:                           But you know it’s going to take longer and yeah.


Paul:                            So, it’s definitely going to take longer. What I say, “not do Bing?” No, I’m not saying that but just know that going in you’re going to get less visitors and there’s a lower conversation ratio — a lower clickthrough ratio but it is cheaper so… But you got to way your options.


Chris:                           And the cheapest of all I think right now is actually Facebook. So certainly consider that as they can really highly target what ads are being seen so…


Paul:                            Yes. But what I’ve heard they have the cheapest — they have great prices, however, they give you less data. I have not — I have very little experience. I have zero experience actually going into Facebook ad so… But I will — you know, I will put up an ad just to —


Chris:                           I did a really long time ago and did a bid so low, that I don’t think it ever showed so… And that was just for a hobby anyway. All right, so let’s get into a little bit of the meat here. We’ve got a lot to cover. We’re going to bring Charles out a little bit earlier today ‘cause we want to talk about, you know what’s going on in the —


Paul:                            There’s a lot going on.


Chris:                           — in the rap world and in the SEO world, and then the PPC world.


Paul:                            Yes, and then the battle, the world of head to head battles.


Chris:                           The contest. So let’s — we’re going to cover like one or two of these and then we’ll bring Chuck out. And this is search algorithm updates that occurred about a week and a half ago with Google. This was posted by Suzette Gardner. She posted it March 9th and the website is


Paul:                            Some of you may have heard of this. I heard this term the “Valentine’s Day Massacre by Google.” I thought it was pretty cool.


Chris:                           That’s funny.


Paul:                            Apparently, there was a massacre that happened. I did not know this, the massacre that happened on Valentine’s Day somewhere in some country.


Chris:                           Oh, yeah. I know that was in Chicago.


Paul:                            Oh, ah-ha, in my own country.


Chris:                           Yeah.




Chris:                           Ever on top of geography Paul.


Paul:                            Oh, yes. Okay, if everybody is listening in Oslo, Oslo is in Norway. And I have to give a shoutout to Home Girl last week ‘cause she called me out and corrected me. And she was like, “Yeah, by the way genius, Oslo is in Norway.” It’s not in Sweden or Switzerland, sorry. Sorry.


Chris:                           We actually had a lady in from Denmark yesterday looking for a website being put together —


Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           — an internet marketing campaign so that was pretty cool.


Paul:                            Ah, that’s probably not in Norway.


Chris:                           No.


Paul:                            Okay, it sounds like a country.



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