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Unknown Secrets of SEO

Seventeen SEO Podcast May 15th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Hi welcome to the e webstyle podcast the inside secrets of SEO podcast. I think its unknown secrets but we’re gonna go with it thats awesome(laugh) I should know this by now, I’m thinking I was about to redo it because I didn’t say it right.


Chris: My name is Chris Burris, I’m the owner of e webstyle

Paul: and this is Paul Hanson the sales manager at e webstyle.


Chris: We’re glad you joined us today, today is gonna be a great fun filled and very informative podcast. Normally at the beginning of each podcast we cover what we did last time then frankly I have no idea. .


Paul: Yeah it was (laughing) like a week, week and a half ago we recorded that

Chris: Yeah well Paul was Paul was actually suppose to be in Costa Rico ahhh last class


Paul: Ready for our (58.3) (laughing) which turned into Chicago some people didn’t realize Costa Rico was so close to Chicago.


Chris: (laughing) don’t miss your flight

Paul: We’ll call it a passport issue.

Chris: Yeah alright yeah. Exactly

Paul: We’d like to cover a little bit of news just for some relevancy for what date if you’re listening to this and you know a couple weeks or months or years from now ummmm you know what I gotta be honest.

Paul: This is the first season I don’t even know what season it is, but this is American Idol season xyz I don’t know and I’ve watched almost every episode.

Chris: (laughing) that’s good?

Paul: aaah it’s good really good. There’s this guy on there Adam who just rocks. He’s like a rock star from day one. He’s done great we’re down to the final two. It’s Chris and Adam. I don’t know Chris’s last name and it’s Adam Lambert and I’ve actually downloaded some of Adam’s songs. You know I’m not super huge into music, but I love like passionate music and passionate renditions and Adam just knows how to turn it on so go Adam Lambert

We’re rooting for ya. Other things in the news, this is gonna be really important to about 1 % of the country.

Chris: (laughing) I’d say yeah really important to about 5 million people out of however many million million people live in the country. The rockets

Paul: Yes yes

Chris: The Rockets whooped up on the Lakers

Paul: Go Hakeem Olajuwon

Chris: Oh no, oh gosh

Paul: laughing

Chris: Oh God he needed that (2.27-2.28)

Chris: This is your department Paul. The Rockets won game 6 of the Western Conference Semi-finals. They’re playing game 7 in LA against the Lakers this Sunday. This was supposed to be a sweep, a 4-0 series. The Lakers were supposed to kill the Rockets. And we are at game, we won game six going to game seven. Very exciting for Houston and everyone who loves Houston, and if you live in L.A.

Paul: HA (laughter) you know, let’s be honest. You know Houston is the 4th largest city in the country and we get about 80th largest city credit.

Chris: Yeah tell me about it.

Paul: Let’s be honest. People are like you know Houston you have got longhorns wondering around down town, tumbleweeds and people ride horses.

Chris: It’s not so bad, it’s not so bad. It’s all true, we are not saying that it is not true, but we are saying cut us some slack and give us some credit. We are a big city here and we have a lot to offer, and are happy to offer it, so come visit us. We are a little more friendly than the New Yorkers and a little more grounded than the vegetarian esoteric meditative, although we were talking about meditation the other day.

Paul: tell me about it

Chris: Californians. So come visit Houston, there’s lots to do here. We are going to talk about, we are going to talk about real world SEO, and what happens in a real world SEO company and what we are experiencing here through this week. And Paul’s got a great story and we have put our heads together and we are still working on a particular client coming up with an exact right campaign for her. And so we are going to talk about how important it is sometimes when they approach us for SEO. So the bottom line is ROI, the bottom line is web traffic. The bottom line to that is actually increasing business.

Paul: Yes

Chris: So when somebody calls us up. I am sure that this is a call that you made.

Paul: mhmm

Chris: And they are interested in SEO, how do I get my website on the front page of Google. Sometimes that is not what they need to do first, so we will talk about that in just a minute. Another thing that I want to talk about is that we just sent out a report today and I actually had a pow-wow with Paul. That is a meeting (laughter) I don’t know, pow-wow, whatever. Because our reports, we send out reports on a monthly basis that are full color reports that go to our clients with the invoice for SEO, we know that a lot of SEO companies out there don’t do that. You know, they are trying to automate and send automated reports etc… Two things happen when you actually send a report. First thing is that I look at it, if it is just an email that goes out directly from some piece of software I don’t look at it so I don’t have an exact feel unless I am personally dealing with that case on a regular basis. I like to go in and highlight things that I think are important. The other thing that happens is that you look at it. If you are a client and you get you know an email is easy to dismiss frankly, so if paper, but paper is a lot harder to dismiss. You get a lot of junk emails, and you get a lot more information emails that you may or may not have time to handle, but you don’t get that many pieces of paper.


Paul: Mailings, yes

Chris: Across your desk that you need to deal with. Plus at a minimum they have to pull out the invoice to pay it, so they are at least glancing at that report. Anyway on that particular report we were working on two separate campaigns, we were working fifteen keyword campaigns so each campaign is fifteen keywords. We are doing two campaigns for this particular company. And they have got thirty keywords. And they have two domains actually, two totally separate websites. And when you look at the first board I said Paul, hey look at this, and his reaction was WOW, WHOAH that doesn’t WHOA what’s going on there. That’s not looking so good. And out of those thirty pages there were about fifty-four drops in position overall. And on our full color reports a drop in position is a red and an increase in position is a green. So there is a lot of red in this particular column and so I wanted to see what Paul’s response was. I looked at it, I immediately looked and pulled up previous reports and I looked and compared the current month to when they started, current month to two months ago, all of those things to make sure that we are performing properly right? And in the grand scheme of things, cause I imagine that if this customer looks at the reports then we probably should get a call, and that’s fine. We also sat down and made sure that our SEO team is aware, you know that this is somebody that we need to stay focused on and we need to be specifically working with this client so that next month we don’t see so much red and in fact we are going to be seeing some green. And I wanted to talk about that because there is this, I think for people who understand the process of getting on the first page of Google search engine optimization, they understand that there is a lot of other people who aren’t doing it intentionally, but they are actually changing their website on a regular basis or there’s new websites popping up, and so there’s always the information that Google is drawing on to determine page rank is in constant flux. It is constantly changing and so your position is actually going to change fairly regularly. And I know that is probably the first report that you saw with all the red. And I have seen that before and I know that that is kind of a one-off. And I kind of wanted to express to everyon out there, that you know if you are dealing with an SEO company or you are doing your own SEO work and you see this report out of thirty keywords, by the way twenty-four of those keywords are on the first page,

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