What does keyword density mean?

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Twenty-Seven E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast Sept. 4th 2009. Third page of Transcription

Chris: Make the checks out to Chris. Well let’s go ahead and do an analysis. We just picked up; well we’ve been doing their website and their IT work here in Houston for quite some time. The company is www.APM-USA.com, it’s APM metals – American Precious Metals – and so we used this same www.Metatags.org keyword meta tag analyzer tool on their website, which is www.APM-USA.com – I think I said that already.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: Alright, so we won’t repeat that again, you know? Okay and what you’ll

notice is there are no meta tags.


Paul: Ohhh…


Chris: Because the…


Paul: There’s a lot of red on that page.


Chris: Our web design and development division focuses exclusively on – and

here’s how we like to phrase that. We like to provide a website that represents the quality of service that our customers give to their customers, right? So we focus on that. We focus on the graphics; we focus on the text; we focus on the ease of use, and we create these beautiful, very useful and customized websites for our clients. Then, when our clients are interested in search engine optimization, we re-work the details of the behind-the-scenes details of the website. Sometimes the text on the front page, but we re-work the behind-the-scene details and obviously, the inbound links. Those are very important. So you look at www.APM-USA.com, there’s no meta tag; there’s no keywords; there’s no – well it says that the title relevance to the page content is horrible because the title says ‘APMUSA American Precious Metals’ and probably there’s none of that text on the homepage.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: So, none of this is surprising because we haven’t started doing SEO for them yet. Here’s what Paul was talking about. This is the red one that you were like…


Paul: Ah, here we go.


Chris: …’what?’


Paul: After the title, description, keyword robots and author tags, it gives you the webpage analysis and the first thing that comes up it says, ‘Found webpage with a redirect’ and when I first saw this a while back I was like, so? I’m like, alright, what’s the problem? And we went over this, last podcast, certain redirects aren’t good in this website – had to redirect that, they didn’t want to see. So we had to go in and change it.


Chris: So we will be changing it. Clearly, we haven’t changed it yet…


Paul: Oh.


Chris: …because it just came up, but we will be changing that for sure. Yeah, because the default page is ‘default.htm’, I’m sure that’s redirecting to like ‘default@asp’ or something along those lines.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: That’s just how we used to do it. As soon as we start doing SEO we get those things fixed up. Let’s see, what else do we have here? And that’s kind of it that I see here. It does say how well your website appear in the search engines; although it doesn’t seem to really have any good information there, at least for APM-USA and that’s probably a reflection of the fact that there’s no description.


Paul: Okay.


Chris: So it’s going to appear. In fact, let’s look at how E-Webstyle would appear. Yeah, there we go. So for E-Webstyle, it does look right. It says, ‘Web design development and SEO for your website, IT professionals for your business’. So that’s how we would show up on the search engine when we show up on the first page.


Paul: There you go and it comes directly from our description tag, correct?


Chris: Yep, exactly.


Paul: That’s awesome.


Chris: Exactly.


Paul: You should, everybody if you don’t do anything, go back and write your description tag to – that’s your first pitch.


Chris: Most important, make sure your title tag is relevant to the keywords that you want to find there and that your description is your first opportunity to sell.


Paul: Yes.


Chris: So make sure that your meta tag description tag is – it’s a nice little, short sales pitch.


Paul: There you go. So go – everybody go get your meta tag on.


Chris: Alright, on that note.


Paul: You can’t have my – you can’t let me have my one corny joke? I mean, come one let me have it man. I need that.


Chris: You got it. I’m just going to leave and have to dry on it. I don’t got your back on that one.


Paul: Alright now let’s get our keyword density on.


Chris: Oh no, please make it stop. Please do not include this in your indoctrination. Alright so, yeah – so now we’re going to look at this keyword analyzer tool, alright? And this one is www.KeywordDensity.com, it’s a nice little tool. It’s actually a really good way – so, can you think of any reason why you would want to compare the keyword density of one site to another?


Paul: I can think of an excellent reason. The first thing that comes to my mind is okay, I am Joe the plumber and I’m not on the first page of Google, but John the plumber is on the first page of Google, first position. Let me see what he’s doing right to get on that first page and let me figure that out. So that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Let me just look at John the plumber and let me see what he’s got going on because obviously, everybody knows that keywords are very, very important in terms of your search engine positioning. So that’s what I would think of. Okay, maybe I don’t have enough keywords. Let me take a look at that.


Chris: Anything else?


Paul: Another reason why I would want to look at one keyword – one URLs keywords over another.


Chris: That’s a trick question.


Paul: Uhhh, yes – but I’m going to save my answer. I’m going to wait until you give yours and see if yours matches mine.


Chris: I don’t have any other answer. Your first one was perfect.


Paul: Hey, and I was just – and I was just…


Chris: Making sure you were done.


Paul: …I was just going to say, yeah, what you said.


Chris: That’s exactly what I was going to say. Yeah, that is the reason. If you’re not on the first page, it is about keyword information and keyword density analysis. Now, what is keyword density? Like, that seems logical but how would you describe keyword density?


Paul: I’d say maybe like, how – I hate to use the same word, but how dense. Take your text. How dense are the keywords and that’s what I’m getting. How many keywords are in your text?


Chris: As in relationship to the quantity of text.


Paul: Of wor-, of text, yes. Keyword dense…


Chris: That’s keyword density, exactly.


Paul: …is your text.


Chris: So we’re on www.KeywordDensity.com. We’ve typed in our search engine marketing page into URL 1 – there’s actually three fields – we typed in www.MarketingTips.com because they show up real well for internet marketing; and we typed in keyword and keyphrase of ‘internet marketing’ and we clicked ‘Analyze Keyword Density’. And this lightning-fast website returned some really, really good information so it actually breaks it down. If you look right in the middle, if you’re doing two of them you’ll have the results – in our case, www.MarketingTips.com is on the left; our website is on the right. Right down the middle you’ve got HTML, title, meta description, meta keywords, visible text. So we’re going to look at E-Webstyle’s here for a second and so the title – it says that there’s one keyword, there’s seven total words. So that’s a keyword density of 28.57%.


Paul: Okay.


Chris: For Marketing Tips, there’s actually no keyword in the title.


Paul: Ohhh.


Chris: That’s very interesting.


Paul: Oh ho ho.


Chris: For meta description, on us we’ve got zero keywords and we’ve got eight total words so that’s obviously a keyword density of 0% and that’s one place where we want to improve. And the reason you know, probably the words just got juxtapositioned so maybe we’ve got marketing internet or internet marketing and we just left out internet marketing as one of the – in the description it’s not in there. In fact, we were just talking – well that’s another page. We were talking about what our description was. The description is going to be different on this page. Meta keywords – so this is your meta tag, your keyword description tag and we’ve got the keyword once out of seven keywords. So that’s again, 28.57% visible text; and this goes on and on. So for us, our visible text, we have 734 total words and of those, five of them are our keyword set. That gives us a density of 1.36%.


Paul: Well five of them are that particular one keyword, right?


Chris: Yes.


Paul: The search engine market.


Chris: Yes.


Paul: Okay.


Chris: So we could, in this case, it’s actually internet marketing, yeah.


Paul: Internet marketing, excuse me.


Chris: So this is interesting because you’ll notice that – well, what we’re seeing here is for www.MarketingTips.com there’s not – and I know this getting a little dry and we’re really sorry about this. We wanted to go over a little bit of it. Kind of fundamentally what it’s saying is for each of the pieces of information in the middle; title, meta description, meta keywords, visible text, it tells you how many times does that keyword appear; and then it tells you the total number of words, and then it tells you the keyword density. So this is probably not a great example. I would imagine that www.MarketingTips.com has really strong inbound links…


Paul: Links.


Chris: …because they’re actually not very strong for internet marketing. They don’t have keywords in the title, they don’t have keywords in the description, they don’t have keywords in their keywords.


Paul: What is their problem?


Chris: It was and it’s specifically the internet marketing keywords. So the reason that they’re probably doing really well is because they’ve had lots of links out in the web somewhere that say ‘Internet Marketing’ and link back to www.MarketingTips.com.


Paul: Or they could have – they could be going after a different keyword.


Chris: Yes.


Paul: They could be going after…


Chris: They use it, but they do show up in like, position two…


Paul: For internet marketing?


Chris: …link for internet marketing.


Paul: Oh wow.


Chris: Yeah.


Paul: The…


Chris: Yeah, so it is a little odd and the other explanation potential, I’m not trying to

throw them under the bus or anything – it is also possible that they’re doing

what’s called ‘cloaking’ which means for a search engine – I’m not saying

they are. This is just maybe a little kind of a diversion into cloaking. We don’t

have much time here but, cloaking is when you have code on your website,

on your server, that understands when Google is looking for the webpage.

And when it sees that Google or one of the other search engines is looking

for the webpage, it gives one version of the webpage. And when it knows

that Google isn’t looking, it gives you another version of the webpage. Obviously, we’re not Google so it’s going to be giving us the version that Google wouldn’t see if they were cloaking. I’m not saying that they are cloaking. So that’s something. By the way, don’t go looking for cloaking services.


Paul: Don’t look for cloaking.


Chris: If you get caught cloaking, Google will ban your website.


Paul: You will get banned and from my understanding, we’ve never had a client get banned. To my understanding, it is not easy to get unbanned.


Chris: Correct.


Paul: Or to get out of whatever box they put you in.


Chris: Yeah, so don’t do that.


Paul: Yeah, don’t do that.


Chris: Bad plan.


Paul: Yeah.


Chris: Well, we’ve actually covered all our time. We’ve covered both the keyword

analyzer tool and the meta tag analyzer tool. Remember to send us emails at podcast@E-Webstyle.com. Start following us on Twitter, that’s where we keep people up-to-date. We’ll post new clients. You can see you know, what the websites were before and after. You can also, when we do a new podcast, we post it on Twitter now. Visit our facebook page. You can get there either by searching on facebook for E-Webstyle.com or you can just go to our homepage. Actually, go to this page www.E-Webstyle.com/facebook and that will be a non-301 forward to our facebook page. So until next time, thank you guys for listening. We’ll see you next time for this great interview with Joe Orsak. Until then, bye-bye for now.

Author: eweb-admin