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Unknown Secrets of SEO

Seventeen E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast May 15th 2009. Second page of Transcription

Paul: yes, so it’s really not so bad.

Chris: It is still a great report.

Paul: twenty-four out of thirty is still a phenomenal ratio to be on the first page.

Chris: Exactly, and it’s got a lot of drops of one or two positions but it is still on the first page, and in fact I think that when I glanced at it I don’t think anything moved off of the first page.

Paul: I don’t think so either.

Chris: So we are actually in really good shape.

Paul: Your position is going to go up, and your position is going to go down, it’s just how SEO works, it is going to change, if you work with another company and your position drops one month, then it probably went up, or at least if you worked with us it went up months before that and we had to bump someone out of their spot. So you know, and there are also other companies that are doing SEO, I mean there are more reasons than I can explain as to why you go up or go down. But it will happen,It happens to everybody.

Chris: You know that

doesn’t even count that Google even changes their algorithm, and so you see a massive jump, like everybody on the first page goes to another page and goes to some other page and gets juxtaposed, {laughter} juxtapose, juxtaposition. And so then everyone is freaking out and that’s when you get a lot of blogs and then the forums, the SEO forums and you are like “hey, what happened, I was here yesterday and I’m not here today etc….” SO I wanted to make that point and if you are doing your own SEO and you do see a drop or maybe you were just naturally on the first page and you know you just have that karma kind of thing and you just happen to write your first website the right way and you were on the first page and all the sudden you are bumping down, don’t necessarily freak out about it but make sure you are still doing the fundamentals associated with the website. So make sure you are still tweaking your content, make sure your meta-tags are in correctly, make sure you are working on inbound links, maybe some article submissions. Make sure the linking in your website is powerful and useful and according to what we have discussed. So if all of this is sounding foreign or you haven’t listened, make sure you go back to our previous podcasts, they are available at ITunes, they are also available on our blog, and our blog is e-webstyle.com and then you can click bog…blog right there and one of our categories is podcast. Actually I have a couple of categories over there and you can hit podcast raw, we have all of our podcast transcribed, so those are available on our blog, but we break those podcast into three. Anyway, when you get there click on podcast raw and you only get one audio link to each of our podcast. Or you can go to ITunes also on our blog you can click a button and if you have iTunes software on your computer it will take you directly there and get you
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Paul: And what is the keyword that we put in for ITunes, is it just SEO?


Chris: So if you click ITunes and then go podcast and then go SEO, I am not sure if we are on the first page there yet, but if you click show all, then you will see all of the SEO podcasts, we are green logo, and if you visit our website you will see kind of our coloring and you will see that our little icon is there, I don’t even remember what our icon says anymore. It should say…

Both: Unknown secrets to SEO podcast

Chris: But that is a lot of words to go on a really small image, so it might say first page or something along those lines. So that is one of the things about fluctuations, make sure you are doing the consistent things. Maybe you were on the first page and you were getting some calls and now you are not, and you were so busy working on your business that you don’t have time to do your own SEO anymore. Hey give us a call, we will take care of it, we are actually very affordable, we are very good at what we do. We are actually world class experts at what we do and make sure you give us a call. That is a little bit about fluctuations, expect them, know that they are going to happen, don’t freak out about them. I really like these examples and you know if you guys have any comments out there, do you want more technical stuff, do you want more examples, cause we tend to give examples the way that we do business here, which is we give examples and not just technical nuances, about how to do SEO, but how to interface with a client, what to do with a client. And from on entrepreneurial perspective, which everyone here at e-webstyle we all have the entrepreneurial spirit so we really dive into a business and try to understand it and do the right thing for the customer. So I love giving these examples. If you like the examples or don’t like the examples or whatever please send us an email, you can send us an email to podcast@e-webstyle.com we will get those, if you have any questions we will be happy to answer. Thank you people for sending emails already. Great comments, dude in Florida, dude I just don’t care.

Paul: Don’t email us trying to pitch us SEO, cause that happens. Like dude did you actually listen to this podcast, like yeah. I love the real world examples of what we run into. I think this next one we could title it when, I guess when not to do SEO.

Chris: You know some people jump first, or look before you leap maybe, you know they don’t look before they leap.

Paul: yeah this is definitely a look first, she was just not quite ready.

Chris: Change your look before you leap, that’s what we will call it.

Paul: okay, there we go, I like that.

Chris: That’s what we will call it. Change your look before you leap.

Paul: We ran across a client who was a laser tattoo removal, a potential client, she ran a laser tattoo removal business and she was not familiar with SEO, but she was familiar with Google and said I want to be on the first page of Google. Took a look at her website and talked to her about it and when I finally got to the website.

Chris: What was your first impression of the website?

Paul: I didn’t know what to say, she had…

Chris: Who did this?

Paul: It looked kind of, it reminded me of a, I think you said dentist,

Chris: yeah

Paul: but she was a laser tattoo removal shop.

Chris: It was kind of dry.

Paul: Yeah it was nothing, it was some green color, a video of her.

Chris: A bad video.

Chris: Yeah a bad video, like a cell phone camera video, with a zero, actually like a negative twenty production quality, because everyone was tacoing, talking at the same…tacoin? I don’t know what that is, everyone was talking at the same time so it had no sound absorption, so there was echoing, and the laser thing, and the guy was screaming, well he wasn’t screaming.

Paul: Well actually I think there in the back where like oooh. But it was, she had a good business and she had a lot of word of mouth and she was well known in this business and all the tattoo shops knew about her. But her…

Chris: and a generous lady, very important I think.

Paul: Yeah a very nice lady, but her website did not support that, and she gave me tons of stories about the work she had done and how she had helped people, she had tons and tons of testimonials. She said I have over 800 testimonials, and she had a lot of them on her website, but that’s it. She had the video, she had 3 lines of content on her homepage, and content, three lines of content and her video, that was her whole website. There were three pages that said coming soon then she had a bunch of testimonials, then she had a contact us page, and I am not even sure what was on there. She had nothing, I mean absolutely nothing on this, and she was so concerned about “I want to be on the first page of Google,” “I want to be number one” she kept saying, “I want to be the number one person on Google, I want to beat this guy, I want to beat that guy.” The first thing I said was, “hey we would love to help you with that.”

Chris: And we will…

Paul: We will do all of that, but we need to look at first things first, and the first thing she needed to do was to change her website.

Chris: And it’s not just because her website wasn’t that good, it’s also because the competition on that first page, and the people who were ranked with her, their websites were significantly better. I don’t think they were actually that good, but they were significantly better than hers.

Paul: They were much more appealing, they had more content, they had just so much more information. And I think you are right, they weren’t that great, like the other one we saw looked like a doctor’s office or something.

Chris: Yeah also a dentist office

Paul: You brought up the great point, for that industry the website should be more creative, their website should be creative, because people who get tattoos are creative, expressive, and her tattoos should come and kind of cater to, her website should kind of cater to that industry. And I told her that if we did SEO on her website and we got you to the number one spot on Google.

Chris: Right up there with your competition actually.

Paul: Searchers are going to look at you, they are going to look at the next website and probably two or three more websites. When I search

Chris: On quality.

Paul: I am going to click on the first few websites I see and I am going to make my decision on the quality of the website and if it sucks I naturally going to assume you know that the service sucks….

Chris: That the service probably sucks

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