When Not to Post a Video On YouTube

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Twentieth E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast June 19th 2009.  Second page of Transcription

Paul: I love You Tube. I have an igoogle home page and one of the applications on it is You Tube. I’m there all the time. Remember that MC Hammer dance video?

Chris: Oh, Yeah.

Paul: That was hilarious. I love You Tube. I spend a lot of time on You Tube, so it’s….

Chris: What was that called? Hammer Pants or something…..

Paul: It was like…..Hammer Pants Dance video in LA. If you guys have like…two or three minutes to kill….look up Hammer Pants Dance in LA. It was a bunch of people who danced…….You remember the MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This video? They did the dance from that video and it must have been about forty people. It was hilarious.

Chris: And they did it in a store….like a regular clothing store.

Paul: Live, on Sunset I believe. The store is called Live and it’s on Sunset Boulevard, I think.

Chris: It’s actually a cool video.

Paul: I thought it was really cool.

Chris: So, yes, you find videos on You Tube. Actually, I’ve been a member of Stumble Upon for awhile. I’m not like….active in the community or anything. I just really appreciate the software and the value that it brings. So, typically while I’m eating lunch at my desk, if I don’t…..if I’m not out, I’ll just start clicking Stumble Upon and for those of you who don’t know, Stumble Upon is a really nice website. You create an account and you create…like a profile about videos, not videos, but web pages that you’d like to see. In my case, it’s going to be stuff on SEO, stuff on fun programming, stuff on human behavior or psychology. I like all of that stuff. And so I’m just clicking the Stumble Upon button and it just comes up to the next thing that’s in its database that’s relative to my profile that other people in Stumble Upon have liked. So, if a lot of people like it, I’m more likely to see it….it’s actually really good. Last night, I found Stumble Upon video. So you can just kind of randomly hit videos which is also pretty cool. And then you can put your comments. You can say you like it or forward it to a friend like I forwarded one to Rob, one of our business partners here, because he’s a big camper, hunter, fisherman guy. And they made a small little butane….it wasn’t actually butane….but a Coleman campfire stove out of a can. Like an aluminum can….it was pretty cool.

Paul: Oh, wow!

Chris: Anyway, so I had to send that to him. So yes, have your video on You Tube for that purpose. Now I’m going to make a couple points. I pulled up…..there’s actually a video by…….says it’s posted by Great Scott and then it says it’s Scott Willowby or Willowly.

Paul: That works for me.

Chris: He’s on SEO MAZ, and the video has some really good information. But one of the points that he makes that really makes a whole lot of sense to me. If your video is something that you’re using and you’re having ads around your video, right…….so not in your video…..but around your video, then you really want to host those videos on your own website. And why is that? Well, it’s because if people are watching them on You Tube and your ads are there and that’s how you’re making money, by the ads around the video and not in the video, then people watching it on You Tube….it has little or no effect….positive effect. And this is back to calls to action. You’re less able to control the calls to action if they’re watching the videos on You Tube. Another really good point that Scott made was that, if you’re looking at the video….so now, let’s say you’ve got good placement, you’ve got good placement for SEO video….to imbed or not to imbed. And you’ve got good terms and you’ve got good placement, so anybody who types in imbed or not imbed video, you’re coming up. Now, you’re like….okay….well I’d like to expand my viewership and I stick it out on You Tube, but you’ve already got good placement. You want to be careful, because You Tube carries a lot of weight. And so, if you put in the right titles and information on that video, you actually kind of optimize that video for imbed or not to imbed, then that could actually end up stealing some of your thunder if you will. So people might end up watching again, the You Tube video instead of your video.

Paul: So in essence, you could basically swap your listing with your listing for your video.

Chris: For your You Tube video.

Paul: So, if you have the number one spot and they click on it and they normally go to your website, now they go to your video….your You Tube video….and they completely miss your website and miss all the great information that’s on your website.

Chris: And the calls to action that you can control on your website.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Again, you know, at the end of the day, what’s really important about what we do is the calls to action. So, again, great process….post videos….don’t post audio….do all your search engines optimization. Get traffic to your website, one way or another, come hell or high water. Get traffic there….well, now you have to do something with that traffic, and so those calls to action are really important. Just keep those in mind when you make that decision. So John, when you’re making that decision, there’s really no reason to……those are the kinds of reasons that you want to be mindful of as you’re deciding; do I want to host it locally or do I want to host it on You Tube? In general, I think it’s going to be best to host it on You Tube. You want to make sure the end of your video has….well; your whole profile on You Tube can have links back to your website. Another…and I only found this one place…. And I wasn’t able to confirm this, so if anybody out there knows the answer to this…I read one blog entry which stated that when you imbed a video, a You Tube video on your website, that You Tube automatically creates a back link to your website. That sounds incredibly valuable.

Paul: Okay, that sounds really interesting.

Chris: Incredibly valuable because it’s again, SEO back links, inbound links and You Tube having so much creditability. There’s two things that I first think of. One; I don’t know that that’s true. We don’t have any imbedded video here so I wasn’t able to actually play around and test this myself. So again, I’m going to call on you guys out there….send us an email, post a comment on our podcast, on our blog, something. Get us some information. Call us, our phone number is on the website…something is this is something that you know the answer to. Does You Tube give you a back link? The other point that I thought of was, you already have control of your profile and information about your videos. Typically, you can put a link on a video and you can make that link back to your website. Is there a difference between the automatic that You Tube may or may not make back to your imbedded video and the link that you create? So, is there any difference between those, and if there is, what’s the value of it? I would think that there is, and I don’t know……

Paul: My question is, where are those back links? Because I spend a lot of time on….I love You Tube and I’m like…..I see a lot of…..

Chris: You don’t remember seeing any back links, right?

Paul: I just don’t remember seeing any, but maybe I’m just too focused on Hammer Pants.

Chris: Well yeah, and you think of….you know that’s the same with us. So, I’ve got Patrick videos on there, and the first thing, you know, I’m like….oh, I’m going to figure this out. I go right onto Patrick’s and I realize…wait a minute….I don’t have any imbedded videos.


Chris: All of our videos are hosted live, so my brilliant way to figure this out wasn’t effective at all. Same with Hammer Pants….they probably may or may not have that imbedded somewhere. And then that also begs the question, if you end up imbedding in a whole lot of….you know….twenty different sites, is Google going to give a back link to each of those twenty sites…I mean, You Tube. And how is You Tube going to balance which one or all of them, or whatever?

Paul: I see.

Chris: So, that’s why I said, I found that link and then I spent the next couple of days trying to find some confirmation of that, but I did not. So, my gut feeling on that is that it is not true. However, you can in fact, have a link inside when you post your video. So have that link back to your website. And then again, make that decision. In Patrick’s case, it would be very easy for us to put all of our videos…..I wouldn’t tend to on pages that were already doing well on SEO…..I wouldn’t want to optimize the video on You Tube. And when I say optimize, I mean of course, the content. One of the questions and one of the things that Scott covered was…you know….how do you optimize a You Tube video? Well you’ve got limited space. You’ve got a title….you’ve got a short description. So, you gotta have your key words in there. And so, in the case of Patrick, you know, he’s doing really well for quit smoking. He’s got a little audio file. I could probably post an audio file with some PDF or some kind of PowerPoint presentation about smoking, for terms like “quit smoking” or a “quit smoking” CD. But if I did that, I wouldn’t really want to optimize the title and the description, because I don’t want You Tube taking away from traffic. Because of course, I have a call to action on Patrick’s quit smoking page which is by his quit smoking CD. So, that’s just an example of where Scott makes a very valid point and I certainly wouldn’t want to optimize You Tube because You Tube has more creditability than Patrick, so it’s possible that could show up above Patrick’s.

Paul: And that makes sense. So, you know…. if you can only right now… if you have a title and a description….

Chris: Oh, I’m going to interrupt you real quick for one second. Hold that thought. In just moments, we’re going to give away the “Unknown Secret to SEO”.

Paul: Oh, I forgot. We said we were going to give that secret away. That will put us out of business….like….I mean if we’re giving away the secret, what are we here for?

Chris: You know….we’re here to give back, and we’re just going to give it all back.

Paul: We’re just giving away the farm here. Okay, when you’re imbedding videos, you can manipulate your title and you can manipulate your description. So, I mean, there’s got to be more to it than that to optimize them. I mean what else….okay….if I can put “Quit Smoking Video” as my title and put “quit smoking” in my description…I meant that’s…..there’s got to be more to it than that. What else can somebody do to optimize that particular video?

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