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Thirty-six E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast Oct. 23rd 2009. Third page of Transcription

Charles: Because I mean ‘cause Twitter is, you know, twitter.com/chuck. But like I mean, you know, I’m a Twitter-holic. I use Tweet deck and I keep it open. And I find out half the news before CNN finds out, before, you know, it was already a trending topic on Twitter before the news comes on at 6.

Chris: Wow.

Charles: You know, and so, it did make sense for Google to rank that.

Chris: Yeah. It does.

Charles: Why not rank it?

Paul: Yeah, I mean ‘cause I mean that’s where people are going these days. When something happens in the news, Michael Jackson dies, Kanye West pissed somebody off, it’s on Twitter.

Charles: It’s immediately.

Chris: When you say ‘someone,’ you mean everyone?

Paul: Yeah. Immediately. So I guess it makes sense for searching, let’s say, let’s get some of that. It’s relevant—

Charles: It’s gross.

Paul: And it’s new and it’s changing constantly.

Chris: We talked about this in one of our podcasts. I didn’t really realize the value of, you know, we’re so busy trying to grow the company and we’re doing things for the company and for our clients that, you know, sometimes, we don’t have the opportunity to stay on top of things as on top of everything as much as we can. I didn’t realize how big Twitter was until Michael Jackson died and the vj’s on MTV were reading off the tweets from the other celebrities, you know, (23:12) and I was like, “Oh, wait a minute!” (23:17) big. I think it was about a week later we started our Twitter—

Charles: And this is crazy ‘cause, you know, being in the online marketing industry and social media, I try to stay abreast of every new thing that comes out. As soon as it comes out, I sign up for it.

Chris: Yeah, right.

Charles: (23:30) on that and try it out. I have my Twitter account literally like, you know, months after they launched it in beta, that’s—

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: I was able to get the name ‘Chuck.’

Chris: Chuck, yeah.

Paul: All right.

Chris: Chuck read Chuck and Chris—

Paul: Wow.

Chris: And Paul.

Charles: And then I kind of slept on it for a while, you know, I wasn’t using it and then, you know, I began using it some more. And I was crazy. I’m glad I got in early. There are some new things coming out, I’m waiting to get my hands on those and try those out. Google, wave, if you hear this, send me an invite.

Chris: Google wave.

Charles: I need a Google wave invite.

Chris: Okay, all right. I think I’ve heard about that. I think I read about it’s like an immigration of a lot of different—

Charles: Well, I’ve seen a couple of videos about it and heard some other people talking about who will, you know, fortunate enough to get an invite.

Chris: Hey, hey, Google.

Charles: I need an invite, man. Send me an invite, man.

Chris: Are you dishing Chuck here? Google, come on. Don’t let Paul come after you.

Paul: Don’t let make them do a video. He’ll do a video.

Charles: But that’s it, I want to do a video about that. I want to try it, I want to, you know.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: To replace my page rank video.

Chris: Be on the front of the wave, if you will. Yeah, that’s cool so you’re always trying to stay on top of these technologies and so—now, tweet, there are some in situations where I see like you’re talking about like, okay, whatever everyone is tweeting about is relevant. We did an example of somebody who, in California, a burrito company, had like 86 followers and they tweeted a free burrito and 1200 people showed up to their—

Paul: Twenty-five hundred.

Chris: Twenty-five hundred people showed up to their store. And, you know, there are some really great examples. I have a tweet account and frankly, I just don’t—I don’t use it. Maybe I need to get tweet deck or something ‘cause I just don’t end up using it very often.

Charles: Well, the key to it is using it mobile.

Chris: Right.

Charles: You have to use it mobile.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: I’m addicted to my Crack Berry right here. Black Berry—

Chris: It has a crack. Look at that.

Charles: Cracked it at a concert I was promoting. But anyway, Black Berry has an app called Twitter Berry. I’m on my Twitter Berry right now and I’m going to send out a tweet, shout to e-webstyle.

Chris: All right. Cool.

Charles: I know. In that way, you know, to be most effective, I want to use it mobile. And just kind of, you know, that way, my alerts come onto my phone that way, I can stay abreast of what’s going on.

Chris: So how would you recommend that a company utilize it? ‘Cause I can see it like I can have a Twitter account, Paul can have a Twitter account, we can kind of be tweeting about smaller things. But a company really shouldn’t be tweeting about, you know, the owner went to lunch.

Charles: That’s incorrect. Well, maybe not the owner went to lunch. But let’s say—

Chris: Maybe the owner’s always out to lunch.

Charles: Maybe the owner went to lunch with—

Chris: With somebody.

Charles: With such-and-such. Okay and we met about this. Twitter is a good way to manage your brand online.

Chris: Right.

Charles: I use for example, for a company, I normally charge companies for this, so this is some freebie, take some notes.

Chris: Let me get my pen, hold on! I got to write this down.

Charles: Twitter, Facebook and Google Alerts.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Set up Google Alerts for your company name, for your product so that way, anytime something is posted on the web, you’ll get that email with what exactly it was said. If the person who posted it has a Twitter account, respond immediately.

Paul: Is this Google Alerts about your—if someone posts a comment about your particular company?

Charles: Well, for example, I set up Google Alerts for Charles Lewis, for SEO Rapper, for Mo Serious Entertainment, for Poetic Prophet, what is my holy hip-hop name, some totally different and so any time someone post anything about any of those topics, Google, you know, takes time out of their busy schedules to send me an email and tell me someone posted this with the link to it.

Paul: That’s cool. That’s very cool.

Chris: So did you get when we posted I think we’ve already posted one of the podcasts that we’ve done that we talked about you. We transcribe all of our podcasts so you—there should be—

Charles: Yes.

Chris: So you got to—

Charles: I was able to read it, I just couldn’t find the audio.

Chris: The actual link to the audio. Interesting, interesting. Well, yeah. So there we go! Free tip. Free tip from Mo Serious, from Chuck, from Poetic Prophet, from—

Charles: Everything, man.

Chris: Google Alerts, sign up for that. I’ll be doing that today. That’s some great advice. So, a company should be talking about, you know, we meet with this client or meeting with that client?

Charles: And, plus, you know, I’ll give you a great example of why companies use it. I use Com Cast service at home, right.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Phone-Internet-cable and did you know, sorry, Com Cast but I hate it. (28:14), right? But, anyway, I Twitter about my frustration, you know, of my cable going off and on and so Com Cast Bonnie, shout out to Com Cast Bonnie ‘cause she did help me out.

Chris: Right.

Charles: She hit me back immediately on Twitter.

Chris: Wow.

Charles: Chuck, I got—I saw your message, how can I help you, da-da-da-da, what’s your account number. Oh, man, she went in, made some stuff, before I knew it, you know a rep came to my house, they fixed the problem. And then, you know, and that was through Twitter. I just vented my frustration on Twitter. She—

Chris: Followed it up and, yeah.

Charles: Exactly.

Chris: So did you re-tweet a shout out to her—

Charles: Yeah, I thanked Com Cast, Bonnie got me straight, you know.

Chris: That is very cool. Yeah.

Paul: Com Cast is on Twitter like that?

Charles: Com Cast, the airlines, everybody.

Paul: Wow!

Chris: Interesting.

Paul: So, okay, I’m going to go. I was holding off, I didn’t want to join Twitter ‘cause I was like I don’t think it’s going to last. But I think apparently, I’m wrong. I need to go—I’m going to go set up a Twitter account.

Chris: So, and that’s a great example for a company that services the retail market like the end-users. So a company that’s just B2B, business-to-business, what, you know, other than, you know, so I can be tweeting about, “Oh, I met with XYZ client.” And we do—we keep updates of when the latest podcast is out. So honestly, we average about one a week and I know you’re going to—you probably want to kick me in the butt for that—

Paul: What do you tweet about?

Chris: As a company?

Paul: For your business purposes?

Charles: Well, I do—

Chris: You got it all inter-mixed, right? Personal, business or do you keep a separate Twitter account?

Charles: No, I do everything under me, under Chuck.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Because I started to do—one mistake I made was not starting too early on.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Everyone knows me whether I’m doing Gospel hiphop, whether I’m promoting the Zero concert.

Chris: right.

Charles: Or whether I optimize somebody’s site, they still know me as Chuck.

Chris: Right.

Paul: How can I get tickets? So you got to be from Houston to understand what just happened. But I am trying to get tickets to that concert he’s promoting.

Charles: Well, that one was, you know, back in July. But, you know, I do concert promotion.

Chris: Right.

Charles: So I’m always tweeting, you know—

Chris: I can see there, again, you’re after the retail market so a tweet is anybody’s—

Charles: Oh, for business-to-business to answer your question, it would work best obviously the other—to keep your name out there.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: You know, to keep your name out there, to be aware of what competitors are doing.

Chris: Right.

Charles: To be aware of what affiliates and/or partners in the business industry are doing. And even though it was business-to-business, somewhere down the line, you still need clients.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Charles: And, so, to keep them abreast on what’s going on with your businesses.

Chris: Right. And it may be it even comes down to credibility, you know. We’ve gone through such an evolution of technology where, you know, early on, hey, you probably should have a website. Now we understand, you NEED a website.

Charles: Yeah, that’s a must.

Chris: And I still have clients, I had a really bizarre phone call this morning from a potential client. And one things is that she said, I actually wrote this down, she said, “I am just saying, you know what I’m saying?”

Paul: No.

Chris: But you do though, you know, I’m just saying. You know what I’m saying? But you didn’t. I don’t know. Yeah, and to her my recommendation actually, “Look, you know, keep your business straight,” you know, she was talking about transporting elderly. And I’m like, ‘You know what? You don’t need a website to start with. I’d love to sell you one, really you should start with, ‘Hey, if you as a person, can’t grow your own business at all, don’t bother.’ Right, if you can’t hand a card to somebody and say, ‘Look, trust me with your grandmother and I’ll take her to the hospital,’ well, you’re not going to go anywhere because you have a website.’ Don’t waste the money now. Also ‘cause she didn’t have money. If she had money, then it’s going to give her credibility but that was my recommendation. So we’ve kind of evolved, okay, now you have to have a website.

Now, maybe we’re saying, you have to have a Twitter account just for credibility. Hey, are you guys—

Charles: Or let me—not just a Twitter account. I would say it’s definitely worth your time and investment on this to get on social media.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Twitter is—

Chris: And BE social.

Charles: And be social, yeah. Exactly. Because if you don’t then you’re losing, you know, half the game.

Chris: You’re missing the opportunity.

Charles: This is why—I mean which goes back to why Google is indexing tweets. They’re basically using, you know, user-generated content.

Chris: Right.

Charles: I.e. Twitter, blogs and so on to populate search results

Chris: Right.

Charles: That’s what they’re doing. And so, as a company, if your website can’t get on that first page, maybe your blog post can.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Maybe your tweet can. You see what I’m saying?

Paul: Ahh…

Charles: That’s why you do that. Then you link that blog post to your website. Now point number 2, I hope you are writing this down.

Chris: You look right here. Google Alerts.

Paul: Wow man. Charles has given free tips. Free tips, we’ll charge you for it later.

Chris: All right. So we’ve come to the end of our podcast here. Ran 33 minutes. We’d love to do another one but we’ll talk about that off-air. We don’t want to put him in a corner. But thank you, guys, for listening. You can find us on Twitter – twitter.com/ewebstyle. You can get to our Facebook page, we actually have a Facebook page, the easiest way to get to it is to go to e-webstyle.com/facebook, that’ll take you directly to our Facebook page. If you’ve got a comment, if you’ve got a comment for Chuck here, go ahead and send it to us, we’ll make sure that he gets it and you can contact us at podcast@e-webstyle.com.

Chuck, thanks so much for coming in for this interview.

Charles: I appreciate it, I appreciate it.

Paul: Want to plug your site?

Charles: Okay, yeah, you can check me out, man. That’s right, I’m all over the web, www.moserious.com. That’s M-O serious.com. Check that out, you’ll find everything from myspace to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to Verb on the Net. So go there. If you end up rapping, you know, into Gospel, go to Poetic Prophet.com, new album kind of favorite coming soon. You can go to—what else I’ve got—Facebook.com/MoSerious, find me there, friend me up, I’ll friend with you, become a fan, you know, and we’ll do it big.

Paul: And theseorapper.com.

Charles: theseorapper.com.

Chris: Theseorapper.com.

Paul: All the videos.

Charles: Yeah, go to www.theseorapper.com, check the videos out, post a comment and you’ll know how to back at you.

Chris: Excellent. And is there any place somebody can see you rap here, if they’re in Houston?

Charles: Right now, the only rapping I’m doing locally is all Gospel. It’s all dedicated to the Lord and so my couple of shows coming up continue Praise Cathedral, that’s on Halloween. Church and Soul, that’s actually on Halloween as well. I’ve been doing a lot of crazy promotional Net because they’re always coming up.

Chris: Okay, cool.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: And they can find information about where you’ll be at—

Charles: moserious.com.

Chris: Moserious.com.

Charles: Come to this page, you’ll find it all.

Chris: Excellent, well, Chuck, again, thank you so much for coming in. And this is the end of our podcast. It’s actually podcast 36. We’re going to have another fun-filled podcast next time. Thank you guys for tuning in. Until next time, I’m Chris.

Paul: And this is Paul.

Charles: SEO Rapper.

Chris: Thank you so much. Bye-bye for now.

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